Gov. Source Refutes Ethiopia’s Deputy PM was Involved in Car Accident


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21 Responses

  1. Sisay A says:

    So our G7/ESAT is lying about the ambush happened in the airport? So this is another bad dream from the king size bed in DC hotel?
    Woy gud ale those people in ESAT just wake up every morning and there first pray of the day is to hear bad news from ethiopia.
    if nothing happen just create one.
    Last time i heard Lemagne beyene and ESAT journalist was complaining the 360 people died in Italy cost should have been ethioian we would have copy/edit the film and tour the world with it and make money from that. and they looks disappointed that the people who died are Eritrean.

    They only see things if that will help them collect money or not and they don’t care about any thing else. they wouldn’t mind if millions die in ethiopia as far as they full fill there money and power trust

    • konjit says:

      Sisay You said in king size bed in the hotel. It is from the bazement of a rented house in virginia. These are lumpens who are making things to get money. They were interviewing the ONLF chat chewer in coppenhagen when he was deminstrating on the street. They are blatant liers.WHEN DID YOU ESAT TALKUNG THE TRUTH?

      • Lemagne Beyene says:

        I command all oil exploring in ethiopia to be halt until our special people come to power in ethiopia. We have so many educated people in DC so when we get the power it only take 6 month to make ethiopia the same as saudi or qatar.
        If every body contribute money to G7/ESAT we will change the gov with in months and ethiopia will be the wealthiest people in the world with in months.
        Our leader Dr. Birhanue is economist so he knows the problem and the solution and will make ethiopia second to america with in years.
        just only trust and give dollar no question asking is necessary in this toughest time. believe with the help of the best leader in the world Isayass we will be in addis with in months.
        So those who are not contributing dollar you will regret it later as you won’t get a penny once we have the power.
        We are recording the true ethiopians who are given money and the false one who just tlak.
        so if you want to become the true ethiopian and to get the certificate just give dollar.
        Believe and no question ask is the moto for our struggle.

        • yohannes says:

          your dream is only dream, and when you walkup you will see nothing except dream. You are a friend of Isayas who promised Eritreans to change it to Singapore in one year, but you can see what is happening. You want to bring the taxi drivers and house boys of New York to run Ethiopia. please remain in America to clean the dishes , that is the only thing you know. Mr Lemanyi Beyene those you mention educated people in DC, they have used Ethiopians poor
          money to go to school, look how they are reduced to beggers and taxi drivers in DC and America, instead to work for mamma Ethiopia, and they are shouting there like a Dog, because they are so jealous of the Ethiopian peoples achievement

  2. Keo says:

    This is not motor bike accident don’t lie.
    Our G7 commandos are the one who killed the man and shot on the dupty PM but purposely missed him just to send the message to his bosses we can strike high.
    Soon our special forces led by our military leader Andargachew march to wards addis and attack 4 kilo and destroy woyanne.
    We give you only two day to surrender.

    Birhanue is now negotiating with Eritria to get the permission of go head to attack

  3. Alemu says:


  4. teshome says:

    I am wondering when is the GLF ( Gondere Liberation front) are going out from the DC jungle and face the fight what ONLF striving for. These collection of Cab drivers for the last twenty plus years were talking the talk but were unable to walk the talk..
    I knew it depends on how we all view political struggle but there was no struggle ever heard or known in the planet earth conducted from 13,000 kms.
    Many of the Gonderas in the Diasporas will tell you…they are in active duty for their party (GLF), that is plane talking, on paltalk rooms, weekends radios and in meeting held in four or five stars. That is it.
    Even If you ask one of the patriots of GLF( Gonder Liberation front) Tamagne Beyene, he will tell you that their party is scarier than Halloween for the ruling party. How are these Gonderas are heavily victimized by their own deception, is a good question to ask.
    Please, I had a good advice for you, there is no magic pill to overthrow the Ruling party but pull your sucks, roll up your sleeves and tighten your belt fight for the really fight. We tell you DC is too far for the fight…But the truth is the Toxic Gonderas in the Diasporas talk too much but Ethiopians aren’t listening.
    I acknowledge the ONLF struggle, but the fate won’t be different from OLF. I recognize, Unlike the GLF, both parties had bile. But the bile was wasted unnecessarily OLF and ONLG while GLF had no bile in the first place.
    But I’m sorry that, this is an unfortunate necessity, but ONLF is now finishing its life cycle…death will be next.

    • Mekdes says:

      Well said Teshome, this ignorant Derg remnants , they think no one is better than them. Let them worship their Tamagne and Abebes. They are talking bs on their ESAT RADIO AND TV , THEIRRepeated lies and fairy tales. Now may be they will try to collect money for Hidase Gidib . It is not lemegenbat lemafres. Somebody has told me when Ethiopia was fighting Eritrea they organized fundraising for the war and the money which was collected was taken by them. There are some people who are associated with them to get the money from Diasporas. Some of them are Eritreans.

    • azeb says:

      Merone. I don’t agree why Teshome is always calling you a little loser boy. Is that because you are writing with empty stomach while Teshome in his full? Next time you will show him that you rather had full mind but now he looks to be a better position

  5. meron says:

    As to this issues—now we shall wait until the 3rd info sources come and tell us what ups right.

    hmmmm Many sources are becoming now etv.

    I like this word of the editor—to celebrating nation, nationalities—

    Mr editor can you tell us what dose that colorful celebration means and why woyane is complicatedly doing it??

    By the way, i heard several times that tplf was blaming dereg for fighting with somlai. But Derg fought because somali had invaded us, until hara as i read from various recent books. If woyane blame dereg for fighting with somali why tplf is now fighting with with ONLF? or anything is right when done by woyane, but wrong when done by others?

    • teshome says:

      at meron
      I have no idea of your political Anatomy..
      you don’t ashamed to speak on both sides of your forked tongue …On one hand you stand for the unity of the country and on the other hand you were in the middle of something backing a separatist organization. You seem to be unable to resolve both sides of the equation…
      Secondly, concerning my political stand, you were not even an inch closer to guess let alone to know my political stand…I wholeheartedly support the concept of self determination which is one of the reasons these organization fighting for.
      Sir you see. Knaves like you and fools divide the world…who in the first place say ONLF’s for that matter OLF fight is wrong??
      We rather ask you to think more seriously when you heartily support their struggle to prepare for the occasional night mare.
      Remember ONLF and OLF were born on Friday but not last Friday, then whom you gonna blame for the persistent weakness of their struggle. It is only their leadership and supporters like you.
      The ormomo and somalia people had lost faith on these organization, had it not been for this fact, we wouldn’t have seen Woyane in this strength in the last two decayed. This is a reality a sane people couldn’t shy away from.
      Here is the something I would like to say about these useless organization, if 40 years took for OLF and 20 years took for ONLF to reach a current level of political struggle, then it would have been simple to create the universe than to see these organization to overthrow a strong woyane government.

  6. azeb says:

    @teshome ..though i often disagree with your opionion,i wasn’t expecting you as people who are fond of “He says,she says mentality”,completely atypical of the self ascribed DC political gurus who neither help nor helped! If you are just walking to the mud, please make a quick U-turn, but if you have been already there and campflage as nutral citizen,try to come to the world of common sense where a real reason is the only cause to argue!

    • teshome says:

      Concerning the palatable argument your are talking about, I have got more than you could ever need but when you argue with small brain holders like forum participant ‘Meron’, you may need to bring yourself to a mental institution camp where common senses are dead.
      I acknowledge your points but at same time we need you to put the way forward how we communicate with machines in this forum…like merone before we lost our sense of human being

  7. ash says:

    i am not smart person but what is the deal here… if i am ONLF, I want oil company, i want investemnt… pls someone tell me what is the problem of oil company opretion in ogaden … if the oil discover it still belong to the ogaden people even after indpendent therefore what is the point interpeting the investment in oil and in investment is beyound me.

    my second point:

    Why ONLF making deal with GLF ( Gondere Liberation front) what is going on here do you think GLF will give u freedom once u manage to oust TPLF… ONCE ONLF did all the dying the GLF will say thanks we will take it from this and they will start behaving just like all time to own u just like old time so what is the point of even talking with GLF AS ONLF because no FLF in his right mind respect the wish of ogaden independnt

    my 3rd point

    is ONLF is claming that they are killing Ethiopian army this and that and ESAT seems happy with the out come …my point is if killing is good for ONLF then dont cry when TPLF start killing u…because u are admiting u r using force and killing

  8. yoni says:

    who cares if this so called -yes-man died or not! He is a yes man. The so called Amhara horse of meles. You know the oromo horse of meles, guess who if you donot have idea?

    Demeke is one of the big enemy of Ethiopia who dealt on behalf of Sudan over Ethiopian territory, when meles dealt on behalf of Eritrea on the land of Ethiopia. Both are same!!

    But no worries we will bring our land one day!! We know Eritreans and Sudanese. We know them very well. We would have brought our port during the last war with Eritrea, but due to meles.

    the current PM is not horse, but meles’ mule. Segar bekelo. The srpit of meles is still raiding him. He can’t make single sentence without calling the name of meles. But Aboy is now changing that trend—actually he started long time ago, when eh said meles meta meles hede, fatima metache, hedech and so on.

  9. meron says:

    at teshome
    after all, who cares about your political stand. Speculation and blackmailing is your job not min. for that matter any person passing AWTs can guess who you are your political stand after reading a single line from what you are dumping.

    You were asked legitimate questions several times on just based on the words you are vomiting, but you never tried to answer them. Woyane and woyane cadres are so simple, collection of simple minded people. No need to guess your political stand, that is known—go and talk for the amount you were paid.

    if i have forked tongue, i am sure woyane and hot cadres like you have not only 2, but several branches of tongues—-but all are for lay!, all are for fooling some. You have no idea of logic, if you think you can learn about it, go and read again my message above. It is clear.

    But simple minded people like you rather prefer insult—pushing the discussion out of its context. Maskeyes, that is where your political wisdom stands, nothing more than.

    Man, i am writing my mind, but you, you are writing your belly–so can’t agree anyway—-i will wait and give you sometimes until you start to talk your mind, not your stomach. That day you will start to argue on ideas and points, you will stop jogging around the bush—that day you will become full human being, but know—

    • teshome says:

      አሁን ይሄ የድህነት ዘበኛ የነበረ መንግስት ለምን ፈረሰ ብሎ ክርክር ምን ይባላል
      እስቲ እነዚህ ኤርትሪያ ፍየል በመጠበቅ ላይ ያሉ ወታደሮች መና ያወርዱ እንደሆን አብረን የምናየው ይሆናል
      ያንተ ዘመዶች ሲተርቱ….ዶሮን ሲያታልላት ውሃ የምናፈላው ገላሽን ላማጠብ ነው አላት
      Sir, It seems that you are living a burdened life inexplicable to contemplate, I suggest you can come to EPRDF camp and collect your monthly allotment check… there is no shame, no foul about it

  10. Magnit says:

    Most Meles zenawi’s supporters found it offensive when Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen said that “the late “Prime Minster Meles Zenawi saying Zenawi was carrying more work load than he can handle which resulted in inefficiency in the whole government structure.” political observers predict that he might suffer more consequences in the hands of Meles Zenawi’s families and supporters unless he publicly appologizes soon like they requested him to do so in a private meeting.

  11. Tatek says:

    It makes one sick when public officials go to the point of even killing innocent people and offer to pay for the suffering they caused to their victims’ loved ones through public money. I am not sure this EPRDF guy is that rich to pay this 300,000 Br from his own pocket or he has to go to public coffers, as has been a norm in Ethiopia, to cleanse his sins. They (the EPRDF) kill, expel, arrest, disappear and silence and the Ethiopian public pays for it. That’s a story that has become a way of life in Ethiopia. TPLF worshippers may tell us that is a typical nature of ‘Revolutionary Democracy’, but I am sure the Ethiopian masses reject this. After all, though disagreement is Freedom’s privilege and deserves to be celebrated, politics is a game of numbers and if the numbers beat you, you just graciously admit defeat and surrender the points and not go and punch the referee. TPLF and/ or their shaky and unholy Coalition, EPRDF, may say that the reason for Mr. Demeke’s presence in the volatile Somali region was to pave way for the celebration of Ethiopian diversity, but public opinion on the issue is that diversity is better celebrated through the collective will of the masses, and that may include a significant autonomy of the Somali Region and, may be, many others from the Federal Government. TPLF understands this means the end of their hard won hegemony on power and the absolute demise of the establishment that has been sucking the nation’s blood for the last two decades. The regime’s game of trying to hide between those who are hardline Nationalists who want to elevate their ethnic DNA well above their own country and those who want issues of inequality and repression answered through the nation’s adhering to democracy is doomed to fail as the public becomes well aware that its interests are best served through unifying its sons and daughters in all regions. I remember when I was a small high school boy and I refused to eat lunch because I got one’ X’ in school. As I still remember that answer, it was ‘D’ none of the above. Politicians either have personalities deep rooted in honor, grace, respect, righteousness, meekness and humility like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and MARTIN Luther King or walk a fine line between being very nice and trusted and at times crooked, but use their power to do some good stuff to perfect their imperfections—but as theirs is only about power, personal gain, accumulation of wealth and belly service at the expense of public suffering, EPRDF surely fit in None of the above.

  12. Fukeraw says:

    Most of you have no idea what you are talking about. I`m not referring to the allegations of the latest incident. I`m talking the general situation of the region in terms of politico, economic and developmental issues.

    I tell you what! The Somali awrajas in the so-called Somali Kill ethnic is ruled by the most rude, corrupted, criminal, tribalist and ignorant individuals ever seen drawn from one tribe– the Ogadens. The current one called Omar is high school level crook with no background at all except his tribal affiliation and working once as a small-time informer for woyane against some rivals of his own ONLFs. Although ogadens who inhabit the far east, least populated and most remote area and who is a single tribe among dozen of tribes ,they are the ones who held roughshod on the politics of the region by both blackmailing and milking the the system the same time. Rest of the citizens in the Jijiga awraja, Deridewa and other areas are shocked and wonder what the future hold for them. Ogaden group devised dangerous extortion scheme against the EPLF by cooperating the regime on the one hand and by supporting the ONLF terror group on the other to keep pressure on Tigrian regime and to cut off other main somali groups from the discussion. The said scheme is unabated in the last 15 years. The scheme is working and paid well for them so far. That is why you hear all the bogus news about peace venues and fighters` ambush and so on, which are nothing but smokescreen of the said status quo. It is a despicable situation and the Woyane regime is exasperated by using such ignorant and dark past individuals.

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