Newspaper Editor Hospitalized After Motorcycle Crash


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6 Responses

  1. bendo says:

    This shows again how the road accident in ethiopia still not solved that takes so many of our brothers and sisters life.

    a lot need to be done about this.

    also W/C to see awramba times kicks the first news from ethiopia.

    This been missed by a lot as we are been tired of Aiga’s all good in in ethiopia news and G7/ESAT all negative in the world happening in ethiopia news.
    We want to see the balanced both side of story and Awramaba is the solution for now

  2. Zenebe says:

    Dawit Back to his best! Bravo Dawit.

    Please keep informing us from inside Ethiopia.

  3. HENA says:

    what liberation front’s or party owns ETHIO MEHIDAR TABLOID . It is full of smear compaign aginst EPRDF .

  4. tola kebede says:

    Good job david.

  5. Ash says:

    My dearest Ephrem Beyene, Editor of Ethio-Mehedar newspaper, I do u feel if I say u staged the accident to avoid court in Hawassa..and I submit my evidence ur resisting to appear in Hawassa court saying to should be transferred to Addis this thing work u think the Hawassa accuser to come to Addis Ababa and incurred cost while u avoiding cost…that doesn’t work plus u r the one u committed the mistake not them…but saying this if u win in the court u must get back ur cost including the hospital cost as while..even in America u come to where u committed ur crime..the court doesn’t move for u..but u could also fight ur case represented by lawyer u don’t have to be present if u send a lawyer why this option didn’t used I don’t know…I am glad seeming the news reporter paying their due…u r not above the law…u should not disrespect the Hawassa court do u think they r small court for u, u r to big for them…if u report about Hawassa, this good time to report life from Hawassa…instead of reporting rumor ..Saying this I still want wish seedy recovery.. I really mean it u seems good person and I wish u good success in ur news reporting

  6. Woldai says:

    Good job Dawit!
    My advice to you is, be truthful! Show your support to our goverment for their good job, & criticize them for their failure! So far you have been siding more of to the opposition, now you have seen that there are no opposition, But haters! Please be journalist by not siding with any political entities ! Follow the truth that everybody can see or have to see!

    Good luck Dawit!

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