The Dawit Kebede saga: A journo flees the opposition (Daniel Berhane)


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10 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Daniel Berhane
    When the decision of Dawit kebede to go back home was posted in AWT, Several of my dear and near friends sent me emails yet another long line of lies that are being spread in cyber space about the saga of Dawit. Thank you very much Daniel for summarizing those email messages. I was wondering, are we using the same e-mail account.
    Many of the people in the toxic Diasporas camp,completely forgot Dawit has a citizenry right going and coming in his own country. The Ethiopian government has an wavering stance that any citizen that includes Dawit are please to come and go from their own country.
    Some people considered that Dawit doesn’t need to support or negotiate with state apparatus to come to Ethiopia. It is not either or it is not both.
    Abe Tokechaw’s opinion was rather stink, that might be parallel to the illusionary life he is into. By the way recently, this guy called satirist is playing extremely foul politics. He is completely engaging spreading hate politics worse than radioactive.
    Even Abey Tekelmariam’s opinion is not that much different. Abey, in many of his writings known for persuasively reasoned idea, completely failed in Dawit case.
    This simply showed me Ethiopia is suffering from ills of fake and petty Diasporas politicians. I guess you have the right call them whatever they want but for me the profession journalism won’t the least match with them.
    ….I have no words to express the walking dead organization..CPJ

  2. Bety says:

    I liked your first post from back home Dawit. Daniel presented it perfectly.
    Thank you for sharing it!

  3. keyo says:

    What do you expect from Abe tockichaw?

    He is getting paid by G7/ESAT for leaving so he never say any bad about them or Eritrea as the money is coming from shabia and he will write anything he been told on the phone by G7 propaganda chief.

    Abe tockichaw is a slave now who just get order and do as his welfare in UK is not enough to leave with out work.

    His hero is Lemagne beyene who choose to raise 3 children with begging money with out working one day and teaches them begging as work for leaving.

  4. Adane says:

    Abe Tokechaw said:

    “..This is not unprecedented, for instance artist Solomon Tekalegne and Niway Debebe did the same thing…”

    This coming from someone who claims to have worked with Dawit.

    Minu weshela new gin yihe Abebe!

  5. Abegaz says:

    I still believe that Dawit stands for justice, rule of law and democracy in Ethiopia. But he made critical error in summing the opposition and the government in same catagory. Crtiizing a non-power holding opposition is baseless and unhelpful. The government with all resources and wealth is literally to blame for narrowing the political space. It did not give the people of Ethiopia to choose their leaders. Ethiopian have the capaity and personal charcter to elect their best would-be leaders. If opposition misbehaves, it won’t be elected, dead on arrival. So it is not for Dawit to say the opposition is bad. Let the people get the chance to speak about. Lableing ESAT and G7 as no good to Ethiopia is not where Dawit has to start criticism. Ethiopians have literally been excluded in decision making about btheir life. Few have become more equals than others. Does it matter whether G7 wants to remove the EPRDF with the help of Eritrea in the face of disrespect and contempt for the Ethiopian people by the TPLF? If I am in a ditch, does it matter who throws the first rope to pull me out? Ethiopians are now in a deep deep ditch.

    • eden says:

      It is only you and ESAT knew Ethiopians are in ditich…
      What is reflex attitude not enriched with logic and failed to compare and contrast the reality on the ground!!!
      …If at all in the worst scenario you feel Ethiopians are in ditich, then Shabia is a wrong rope to pull out Ethiopians from the ditich we are traped to…simply because ‘shabia will proloned our suffering by cutting at last the rope you were hoping.
      Please brother, know that G 7 is a badly programed party commited to work with, al shebab, al Quida and you name it any terrrorist organization on the planet Earth….
      You must have rocks in your mind to think Dawit should work with oppositions.
      Dawit is a gunine journalist who is commited to report both sides of the story. At least as a sensible man you would have applaude Dawit for not willing to be slave or master for both oppostion and the government…

  6. Mehret says:

    You have been already missed. Good to see you back on air AwrambaTimes.

  7. juhar ahmed says:

    Nice to hair back from you one of most proudement journalist we have in our country i wish every body have fair mind like you BRO you my best favour journalist I HAVE SEE IN ETHIOPIA KEEP UP GOOD JOB YOU DOING NOW

  8. AleQa Biru says:

    My opinion is: Lets see first and then believe later. Forget the conspiracy theories and focus on what Dawit is going to report from Ethiopia.

    Further, I agree with Dawit that both government and opposition are the same when it comes to freedom of speech and expression. Both are not good for journalists.

    >> I agree with CPJ’s response to Daniel.
    >> I agree with Abiye’s response to Daniel.
    >> I do not agree with opinion of the anonymous government official about CPJ.
    >> I think Abe Tokichaw made a quick and unwise judgement on his former colleague.

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