UDJ Report: More than 150 members illegally detained and abducted between July and September 2013


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8 Responses

  1. eden says:

    Another round of lies…
    There must be a different Ethiopia, this chuvinistic party lives with.
    Dawit, we need to read sorced materials because unsourced ones are easily challanged

  2. teshome says:

    This must be God finest Joke. You’ve got to be kidding me, In the first place, does UDJ has 150 party members??
    When the toxic Diasporas were becoming adviser of UDJ, It seems that the party is kissing the political struggle good bye..
    The information about this party is no more becoming news, please Dawit next time if you like to report about this party should be either its division or death which ever comes first.

  3. Dawa says:


    Mr. Gedada is an example of anopportunistic elite. Why now? That means he never wittnesed such an act when he was part of the ruling elite. I don’t think so, Now he is telling us with his forked tongue a reality that can be misleading. So with all due respect let us tell this guy stop it and vanish from our eyes.

  4. juhar ahmed says:

    I we never see lie and deceiver idea take place in this world I am advise you opposition part please stand for some thing has meaning value not for lie

  5. F1 says:

    Dave pls change the flag on your website ,it doesn’t represent ethiopia ,no more.it may be enough reason for the gov’t of ethiopia to ban you website.

  6. Gezaeee says:

    Dear Dawit:

    Kemey Ethiopia? hope are having a good reception.

    Please Dawit do not post things like this. This is not good for anyone.

    Any credible news must be supported with evidence. It is hard to know who is truthful and not.

    You must have the evidences/

    1. Where these people detained?
    2. When?
    3. Who detained them?
    4. Who are those who are detained? post the list of the names
    5. Go and interview live those who are beaten, illegally imprisoned and gives the real stories.

    Anything less than this is not beneficial to anyone. It is also wasting time dwelling on alubalta or werie.Why this common in Ethiopia? Reason: time is cheap in Ethiopia. They are wasting our time.

    Please make your journalism more interactive and real life, not gossips or hearsays or she said and he said stories, not good. I have seen this article everywhere, but there is no any evidence at all. Shame all

    • Gudu, says:

      It is not Dawit’s news but reuter’s. They have seen the 39 page report. Dawit can attach the report of UDJ. If you suspect the report is a lie go and investigate it and that is what exactlly UDJ is asking you and your government to do. Investigate and tske action!!

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