Editors of Awramba Times website visit jailed Ethiopian journalists (Video)


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11 Responses

  1. Sol says:

    Great job, Dawit!

    I love the sound track. Can anyone please tell me the title of oromiffa song? A link would be appreciated :). Many thanks!

  2. ABC says:

    So good you visited your colleague.

  3. Gezaee says:

    Good job Dawit; I felt I was travelling with you. Also reminded me some home nostalgia;

    I hope you will do more of this. Some part of the audio has a lot of noise and difficult hear.

    Keep up the good job; I hope you will do more than ever.

  4. Tesfaye says:

    Well done Awramba Times editors’. I am glad that Webshet is doing fine even under difficult circumstances. The regime that claims to be democratic must allow the press to visit other prisoners as well.

  5. Amazing says:

    Dawit and co. greate job! Now you are walking the walk and showing it to us in the diaspora who have lost hope. You look so alive so vital like a fish which is back to water from land. Keep it up and push it a bit further.We all need it.Ethiopia and the world needs it.

  6. juhar ahmed says:

    Hi dawit kebad I hope your friend their will be free good lucke

  7. Woldai says:

    It’s all lie! We didn’t see journalists teaching the people on transition to democracy! What CCN is doing is trying to monopolize by stooging journalists from the third world! What Ethiopian need at this moment is journalist who can do his share on the fight against poverty! There are not many journalists who are ethical! Woubshet is like every criminal in jail, not a big deal!

  8. Garo says:

    Can somebody tell us how Dawit was able to go back without any fear to be able to report these things? I think the whole thing very interesting. I thought the very reason he came to the united States was because he safety or his life was in danger.That was my understanding. How did this change come about?

  9. Tatek says:

    Very nice job Awramba Times team IN GENERAL AND Dawit in particular. Nice to hear that amazing Oromo music, it elevates ones spirit, and more so when one is quite far away from home. Now in my view you are doing a nice job and at the same time, you are walking a fine line. I respect your decision to go home and keep doing what you love to do in your life, and I think that is all that matters. If I have one thing to tell you though Dawit, I think you need to just strike an accurate balance between credible reporting and trying to confine yourself within a boundary set up by the regime as far as the job of Journalism is concerned. Just recently I visited Aksum and Mekelle and I had to visit a young Military Family, who insisted that I stay one night at their place. Though my mother was reluctant to the issue for reasons that she wanted me to stay my entire time in the country with her, I convinced her and stayed at this Military Family’s place for one night. They treated me like a king and we had a lot of open discussions, perhaps because our family is so close. We laughed and enjoyed the day but I had to cry at night because this young Military couple and tens of thousands of their fellow co-workers had to swear their allegiance to the TPLF and their power gained at gun point and not to a People written Ethiopian Constitution and the Ethiopian Flag. When I left in the morning, I just asked the Military wife one final question: ‘’I see a lot of tall buildings underway and it seems that the country is growing, what is your opinion on this?’’ Her answer was amazing. She said, ‘’ I am very confused’’. So are Millions of Ethiopians and I myself that are confused as to which way the nation is going. So are Hailemariam Desalegn and his TPLF bosses who have no clue which way the plane they are flying is heading. From Julian Assange to Edward Snowden, Eskinder Nega, Reyot Alemu, woubshet Taye and many others, credible press people who believed in accurate media reporting have made a lot of people around the globe sleepless and that’s for sure why these guys are behind bars. If I have learnt one good message from the I have a dream speech message of Martin Luther King, it is that I should live for my conscience and not my belly for at the end of the day I will be judged from the point of the truth,— and as theirs is a life lived for conscience, Woubshet Taye and other prisoners of conscience you visited in Zeway Military Prison and many other detention facilities in the nation will surely remain a very sharp object deep in the throat of tyranny, marginalization, inequality and exclusion and they will be remembered for ever when Ethiopia is freed from the shackles of these curses.

  10. axumawe says:

    Dear Dawit what can i say !!! well done ,good job. you are doing what your people,your profession and your country is expecting from you .
    i hope those garbeges good for nothing diaspora politicians,journalists well learn some thing from you .
    be safe Dawit.

  11. From GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    Good job Dawit Kebede;
    The editor of the Habesha the young boy by the name “Henok Alemayohu” was making fun on you last time on his website for your return to Ethiopia. What you will do in Ethiopia upon your return is your business and your right what you will do- bad or good. On our side, before we jump on you without seeing any negative evidence is expected patience. In other words, what we can do is wait and see the purpose of your return.

    Having said this, I like to say something about the editor of the Habesha (Henok Alemayohu). As I stated it above, he made a headline on his website-“what did Ze-Habesha wrote about Dawit Kebede of Awramaba Times two years back and what is going on now with Dawit after two years since then.”He was making fun on you as if going to Ethiopia is experienced only by you, not by him.

    The fact the matter is Henok himself went back to Ethiopia for his sister’s funeral. The issue here is this: when he came from Ethiopia, he claimed on INS (Immigration office) he claimed his life was threaten by TPLF. If that was true, why went back to Ethiopia and came safe without seeing any threat from TPLF? Who is lying here? Are these opposition media (some of them) for real ‘opposition’ media?

    So, why is that now seen as a crime for Dawit to go back to Ethiopia by Ze-Habesha boy? Why are some Ethiopians and media owners want to make themselves as hero on someone’s expense? How can you trust such media boys when they themselves are lying to us?
    Ze-Habesha website itself gives you a energetic rush when you see the title of the website due to the colours used because of the green, yellow and red Ethiopian flag combined with the name Ze- Habesha. Unfortunately, the fellow is serving EPLF (Amanuel Baedemarim, Sofia Habetmariam), OLF, ONLF and similar destructive and anti Ethiopia organizations and their companies hiding behind that media. Some say, thogh, he wear Ethiopian flag, he had soft heart for OLF, because he is an Oromo by ethnic . some say, he is a die hard Ginbot 7. I do not care what he is. To me he is the subversive agent running for his website publicity to get more readers regardless their message insults our mother Ethiopia or our fathers or parents or our flags. He is a trader next to Ethiomedia, ECADF. As much as they make money by getting more readers- nothing matters to them any more. That is why you see them talking about how many visitors they record.

    Who are those visitors- OLF,ONLF,EPLF and “few Ethiopians” (Ethiopians do not visit too much of the internet- they dumb they do not read) who wants to read news copied from Ethiopian papers back home that he copy and paste.

    The above are his readers. Readers are people who consume the media. And he is feeding Ethiopian readers all kind of poison by. Fat Grease, poison- do not matter to him as long as his paper gets more readers from all anti Ethiopian groups to make money.

    Some calling themselves opposition are building homes and business in Ethiopia or went back to Ethiopia and came safe and yet they act as if they are threaten by TPLF system. Now, we know these opposition are lying to us. Poor me, I am here stranded for years and years. I hate fake opposition and fake media. So, Dawit good luck for your return to Ethiopia. I wish you best luck. We wait and see before we blame you without seeing negative contribution from you. For now- I like to wish you best brother. Bye! Getachew Reda getachre@aol.com (Ethiopian Semay Editor)

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