Ethiopia: ‘Ethio-Mehedar’ and Its Defiant Editors


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5 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    ወሰንሰገድ ገብረኪዳን
    In your commentary you talked about ጌታቸው ማሩ but the picture posted is Getachew Worku.
    Are you this much far from the information you are talking about?? I think the reliability of the information about Ethio-Mehidar ‘Journalists’ started from there…
    We don’t like such misinformation and disinformation, we are overwhelmed as it is in the Diaspora let alone Awramba times comes into the mix.
    We need urgent suggestion or correction about these two ‘Getachews’ from Awramba Times editor or ወሰንሰገድ ገብረኪዳን

  2. Minyahil says:

    Mahider is not the only one writing on corruption. Unless the law exepmpts certain ethinc groups from arrest.
    (Admin: Thank you for the correction)

  3. tola kebede says:

    Betam yegermal this descesti thing why this goverment watching it any way thank u aweramb.

  4. hena says:

    no one should be above the law !

    • Gudu says:

      That is a general truth and people like you use it to legitimize their unlawful arrest of those who expose evil. Funy that now weyany is attacking journalists through killils. Now the oromos and sidamas are doing their dirty job.

      Dawit you or the government are trying to direct the corruption flame oromia and south.

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