Four killed in bomb blast as Ethiopia raises security alert


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15 Responses

  1. Orion says:

    Time to move in and remove Isayass Afeworki for good…

  2. Aster says:

    This work looks and smiles like Eritrean’ work.

  3. Mahlet Asefa says:

    I have no doubt our government has done its best in protecting us from Al Shebab. But now its the responsibility of each and everyone of us to stay alert in public areas and report any suspicious individual or item to protect ourselves from a disaster like Kenyas. I’m personally gonna pay special attention to certain individuals and report their ass if I suspect they are plotting something.
    Don’t be afraid to report people. Its the life of you and your family.
    God protect or great nation.!!!

    • teshome says:

      You are seriously stupid, if this is the right word here…
      For human sake, Why in the first place a credible government like Ethiopia has to create such a dirty political game???
      The governemnt has all the privillage to arrest every one including you, if found involved or had a link what so ever with Ginbote 7 or ONLF with out creating any political drama…
      Until now the terrorist deadly attack by Al shebab is more than suffice for people of the world to understand who, why, how and where this ognization is and upto. A state or a political orgination who had strong affilations with Al shebab are well identified.
      Sir, if you have any unrestrained affilations with this organizaion, is gonna invite a heave price more than you could bear. It doesn’t matter which plante you are living, don’t think that as a protective shield.

  4. Tatek says:

    So sad that innocent lives are lost again as a result of terror. My heartfelt condolences to those who lost their loved ones. How much does the public know about this imminent threat before it was too late? What information did the regime know and was that information shared with the public to avoid any loss of life or public property? Were Ethiopians consulted in the first place when our troops were sent to Somalia or was this just decided by the ones who are in charge of everything? These are questions that EPRDF propaganda mouth piece, Shemelis Kemal, needed to tell Ethiopians. In my opinion, sending our troops to the most violent place on earth in the first place was the most reckless policy decision made by the regime to protect its hegemony on power. Somalia is a nation at war with itself and it was obvious from the dawn that no amount of international involvement was going to arrest their problem until Somalis themselves decided to settle their differences and make a bold move to heal their nation. EPRDF decision to send our troops there was to make sure that Somalia remains as unstable and weak as possible so that any threat coming from a boldened ONLF or other separatist forces supported by Somalia could be significantly minimized. This is not in the interest of Ethiopia but surely in the interest of the EPRDF whose lifeline depended on Somalia remaining unstable and weak and Sudan remaining a strong and reliable ally so that any possibility of the two nations providing military bases inside their borders to EPRDF opposition to delete EPRDF from power is checked. Combating terrorism has never been an easy task, and often it is as complicated as what caused the motive itself. But if we as a nation needed to better protect our people and public property from future acts of terror, we may need some serious talk that involves all stakeholders and all Ethiopians, and in my opinion, that time has come. I don’t care if you call me an adherent of the opposition, but if you tell me our troops have to again be sent to Somalia and die EN MASSE to safeguard EPRDF power interests and Ethiopians should pay a huge price both in life and treasure to keep Hailemariam Desalegn and his entourage in power for ever, I would just plainly say Mr. Desalegn is not Nelson Mandela and EPRDF are not ANC.

  5. tola kebede says:

    Entire your life you call drama bwcuse your life is drama

  6. juhar ahmed says:

    HI my country people watch those disporal because most of them be brain wash by esat radio and eritrea gov

  7. Hamdi says:

    The west Ethiopia is going to be in turmoil because of the renaissance dam that is being built in western Ethiopia. Ethiopia is not qualified to build a dam of such magnitude safely. This dam cannot hold the water it is built to hold forever.Sooner or later it is guaranteed to collapse.The consequences will be tragic with numerous lives and communities being wiped out along the way starting from the sestern Ethiopia part where the dam is being built. The genocidal Ethiopian regime knows very well the risks associated with building a dam but do not care about the lives in the horn in general. The international community the west know it too but they wait until it happens so they can take over Africa.From Egypt’s perspective when the dam collapses it will wash many fertile soil towards Egypt so that’s the upside. All the debris including those that washed out Khartoum completely is not something Egypt wants to deal with, but Egypt has to take the good with the bad.

    Either way if this dam is built which has a very good chance of collapsing sooner or later due to the foundation being not up to code, Egypt is ready to build the necessary irrigation to turn the Sinai desert into a fertile farm land using the fertile soil bound towards Egypt. It is a matter of time before this so called dam collapses washing all the fertile soil to change Egypt’s desert into fertile farm land.

    • Amado says:

      Ethiopia is capable of building the Renaissance Dam, that will not collapse for ever. Don’t worry for that!! I’ve several reasons to say so. First, Ethiopian soil not sand soil like that of Egypt or other Arab countries. Second, Ethiopians were among pioneers in introducing building technology to the world. Third, Ethiopians came to understand that water has more value than oil in the wells of Arab countries so that they give maximum attention. Forth, Sudan is closely watching and supporting the building to secure maximum possible safety. Fifth, Ethiopia is work in line with technological frontier and talent of the world to safely care its ‘oil’. So, you need not worry for the safety. Above all it is not a mere dam for electricity/ irrigation. It is about being denied all possible opportunity to ‘grow’ by Arab countries.

  8. Habtamu S says:

    Dr. Merara Gudina still doesn’t trust the news for he hides himself from the fact that is happening in our land. He can live with the enmity sentiment to individuals in power, but at least he would use a words with an ‘intellectual guesses’ for he is a ‘political scientist’. Thank you

  9. Higu says:

    The regime in Ethiopia has been doing some terrorist operations through its secret agents for the last two decades and blame it to its political opponents. This is a known fact in Ethiopia and no body believes what the regime talks about explosions. This fact is also proven by western intelligence apparatus. Fox example Wikileaks, the leaked US diplomatic documents, revealed that the US government is aware of the fact the Ethiopian government plants bombs to attribute it to some opposition parties ( see This was also reported by various media (e.g.

    The Ethiopian government plays political games at the expense of the lives and properties of its citizens simply to extend it grip on power. The ruling minority regime of Ethiopia now badly needs to create some artificial incident as it is very much hated by the people. It is hated by all ethnic groups now both at home and in diaspora. These days Ethiopians in diaspora are also mounting their opposition to the racist policies of the regime and the regime cadres are being confronted by opponents whenever their try to gather people. The regime also wants to create some fictitious story of terrorist attack to renew its subscription to the ‘war on terror’ and thus ensure continuation of western financial and political aid, which it badly needs. The regime performs the attacks itself and takes some of its surrogates who play the drama on state media for interview. Those deliberately prepared surrogates then falsely confess claiming association with some oppositions groups.

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