‘Ethio-Mihdar’ Editors Released on Bail


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7 Responses

  1. HENA says:

    sorry , but he looks a ” durye ” than a professional journalist

    • Alem says:

      Currently in Ethiopia the professionals are living in more poverty than what a homeless person live in the developed worlds. In Ethiopia Water is scarce , food is scarce , life is expensive , majority of Ethiopians professional do not have enough food . The severe malnutrition in Ethiopia does not skip professionals.

  2. bendo says:

    There are three types of ethiopian journalist.

    1. the developmental journalist who are like a cadre and only working as a propaganda machine to the gov. and they don’t hesitate to put ethiopia is number one in the world in all aspect.
    aiga, walta, tigraionline and ethiopiafirst

    2.the extremist diaspora journalist they make there leaving by creating and wishing bad about Ethiopia. they pray every morning bad to happen to ethiopia. as there money collection is only based on how many bad news they create. for them ethiopia is worst than hell and nothing good is happening in ethiopia.
    ESAT/G7, Ethiopianreview, ethio media, ecdaf

    3. the third and the few once are the one who put both side of the story in ethiopia the bad and the good. those once always been blamed from both side of extremist supporter. both the opposition and the gov. doesn’t like them but they always stand for the truth and report all the news.
    Reporter, awramba times and nazret, and sendek

  3. teshome says:

    Concerning the diverse print and electronic outlets home and abroad, the news of ‘Ethio-mehidar’ journalists arrest and release didn’t get much coverage. The leading hate-infected internate-Tv, ESAT didn’t even report this issue for a single time
    There is heave uneasiness about Awramaba Times why it is inviting too much stress on reporting about the sega of ‘Ethio-mehidr’ journalists.
    I can’t get the answer why Awramba Times is getting busy, while others are lazy on the issue…Just Curious

  4. Tasew says:

    CPJ and HRW,
    You better prepare another prize for this durye guy too.

  5. gedle says:

    Honestly speaking, he is very articulate and sounds like a knowledgeable person. Of course he may not be very well dressed but your comment says a lot about your view of the world. If he looks duriye then you sound like a duriye + ignorant.

  6. Adane says:

    Do you realize you are commenting about someone who just got released from prison where he was sleeping on the floor for days?

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