Two leading international media organisations call for release of jailed journalists in Ethiopia


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8 Responses

  1. Abebe says:

    Hailmemariam Desalegn is not the right person to appeal too,but Getachew Assefa or Sebhat Nega.

  2. teshome says:

    There is a big Correction here, one should certainly emphasize.
    As every one of us knows, Journalism by its very nature demands professionalism and Independence. Esikinder and his colleagues were not either or they weren’t both. Ethiopia suffers from the ills of fake and petty journalists all over the world.
    Esikender and his colleagues, anyway weren’t jailed for practicing wrong ethnics of journalism, but rather red handed in involving themselves in plane crime. Ethiopia is a sovereign country and bid rues and regulations. Any citizen for that matter any body living in the country surpass the law of land, irrespective of his or her profession will be accounted for. Being a ‘journalist’, won’t exempt for the rule of law to be implemented upon him. This was what happened to Esikinder and his colleagues. This is a teachable moment for any body, there is no an easy pass without respecting laws of the country…The case of the two Swedish journalists is a good example to mention here….

    It is interestingly interesting to hear a demand of “Two leading international media organizations”…for unconditional release of criminals from Ethiopia. That sounds dirty. We knew very well this media organization has a joint ownership with toxic Ethiopian oppositions in the Diasporas. Even they went a great length to lobby against the sanction of developmental aid to Ethiopia. We knew this is rather a day dream, however in the remote possibility if they are successful, Ethiopians and Ethiopians government won’t be gripped with all kinds of fear and pain. It is simply because Ethiopia had become a different country, a country which can live and successful without any foreign aid. This was something dirty political game, westerns used to arm twist developing countries in the era of cold war but it is no more will workout in this contemporary world….
    By the way these so called “Two leading international media organizations” didn’t utter a single world when the Ethiopians were barbarically handle in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. Nowadays, Ethiopians are discriminated against across the board in middle East. Arab countries jail are packed like sardines with Ethiopian citizens….It is a good question to ask, why these useless organization had lost an ink of pen to herald the world for slavery didn’t end in the land Saudi Arabia when people are busy to talk about democracy and free pres…
    Anyway, I had unwavering stance about these jailed ‘journalists’….they are plain criminals and their case should be treated as such.
    Rather than seeing Esikinder breathing fresh air in Addis, I would prefer Ethiopia to have a fate of Syria. I would like to underscore, Ethiopian government moving an inch closer to release this criminal, would simple invite unintended political consequence EPRDF couldn’t bear with.

  3. Ali says:

    No way.NO NO eskender nega is he is not a journalist
    What kind of journalst he is?
    When I herd this I’m so mad.
    I have big Qution to those international media
    Is he different from those people in jail. Why onley to him.
    If that ok one journalst to call to the hole people cancer?
    If this government free eskender we have a Milion Qution.
    Respect the low otherwise free all those on jail and close the jail.
    To awramatimes ther is no news to you you talk about eskender the racist man every single day.
    Respect the countery law pls pls pls……

  4. Woldai says:

    Ethiopia should take its time to develop & democratize itself! Since anything takes a process,Ethiopia is just doing so! These international organizations should mind their own business! Trying to monopolize institutions far away! These so called journalists in prison are politicians hiding under journalism! They were caught red handed calculating a destructive with their foreign sponsors! Monopoly capitalists , leave Ethiopia alone!

  5. Lemlem says:

    Does this means Journalists are above the law as long as they serve as agents to neoliberals? Eskinder is a criminal who deserves not only prison but he deserves capital punishment.

  6. Zenawi says:

    The rich mans war, the poor mans fight. Funny!! TPLF cadres has all the same language . Kkk, look all the comments ; “red handed,” , ” capital punishment ” etc!!

  7. Emana says:

    I think what the government of Ethiopia should do is put a very strict rules and regulations for those who wish to become a journalist in Ethiopia, those who claim that they are journalists then preach the doomsday of interhamoy against one tribe, even try to involve in a practical warfare and act of terrorism are those who are blind enough not to understand the strict neutrality and ethics that the career demands which they probably would get only through education and further exams to get the licence to join this respected profession.

    What we saw in Ethiopia was totally different indeed, most consider becoming a journalist as having a diplomatic immunity to write every ill and unbalanced false statements that would havoc instability and civil war in the country, and most of these targeted a tribe who done nothing but fought and gave their blood for the betterment of Ethiopia, not understanding the freedom to write those dirty things on their so called newspapers without prior censorship came from the blood those gave on the ferocious fight with the big time dictatorial regime who eat and drink the flesh and blood of so many Ethiopians for a very simple expression of different idea in a small gathering, forgetting the presence of free press at the time (a day dream comparing with the current situation of free press in Ethiopia)

    As far as I understood, the so called exotic media agents should keep their distance and be wise enough not to interfere in the internal laws of another sovereign country. They know nothing about Ethiopia and they should keep their mouth shut rather than splashing on things that they don’t have a single idea of what they are talking about. These people would get an unbreakable punishment simply for what they wrote referring a single tribe as an enemy of Ethiopia preaching the need for some kind of ethnic cleansing had they been in any other democratic country; but the government of Ethiopia was wise not to punish for that, rather letting them join the jail for what they practically tried to plot a terrorist attack in collaboration with foreign extremist political organizations like ginbot 7, day dreaming to bring the situation of the Arab spring in Ethiopia, dumb enough not to understand the geo political situation that the country presently is found.

  8. Cherkos says:

    Both gentle men don’t have what it takes to be a journalist. They are typical haters. Eskender always whishes and works for the wipeout of the Tigrai people from the map of Ethiopia. Every Tigraian knows his motives. Wubishet is also known for his ‘Oromia Republic’ fantasy. So, he is pro-Oromo Liberation Front. Now they are behind the bars due to their ill intentions. The Ethiopian people abandoned them long time ago. Nobody is really concerned about them except Dawit Kebede, off course for obvious reasons. Although Dawit is not any different in his political out look to them, he has never been against any ethnic group in Ethiopia. If we have to label an individual as ‘journalist’ in contemporary Ethiopian field of journalism, it is only and only Dawit, and no other one. He deserves it for he is so clean from the hate politics of a certain ethnic group in Ethiopia.

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