Africa Media Leadership Forum: Benefits and Adversities (Interview with CPJ’s Tom Rhodes)


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13 Responses

  1. Kibrom says:

    I can simply say your stand on this issue is delusional, you think journalists are only those who oppose the government. I don’t know from which planet you come from but in the planet we live in journalists are those who report the truth, not just those stand against the government. Those journalists you are making heroes of free speech are just opposition figure in a journalist pretext.

    There are a lot of really journalists who dare to speak the truth no matter what, till you are able to find those individuals not only the opposition journalists, your role will be meaningless in the struggle for free speech in Ethiopia.

    I believe there is a lot which needs to improve in Ethiopia, in regard to freedom in general and free speech in particular, but the solution cannot be found only in one end (Either the opposition nor the government side). The likes of CPJ need to widen their scope and look beyond the noise of vocal diaspora, if their interest is free speech rather than regime change in Ethiopia.


  2. eden says:

    Tom Rhodes
    You said ” you are an Esat African Representative”..You got be kidding me.
    Why in the first place Esat Aficans are malrepresented by people like you? Don’t tell me you are an African. ..You see the credibilty of your information started from there. If I were you, I wound’t take this postion, let alone to comment on an issue you are wrongly placed..It is completely a painful shame for Africans and it simple invite the interest the long time speculations that whites have unfinished business in Africa
    Sir, I am not at all interested to listen your interview

  3. juhar ahmed says:

    He is other evil whit man because we see him how he try to spread he is evil idea on thiopia the last ten years with he is friend esat radio we do not need any talk with them because their never try to found out where is true in ethiopia their know all one thing blame gov days and night

  4. @Kibrom n eden
    Are you on medication? Think out of the box!!! For how long you defend the undefendable? In todays Ethiopia, there are arbitrary arrest and extrajudicial murder of citizens , journalists and political dissents. That would be enough for rational person.

  5. hena says:

    Whites still consider Africa as its play ground .

  6. Mehret says:

    Mr. Rohdes, we hv three kinds of journalists in Ethiopia Government, Opposition and Free journalists. Both the Government and Opposition are killing the Free journalists. But the most damage to free journalism comes from the opposition. First thing they give themselves the name “free journalist” as you also wish to call them, robing all the virtues of free journalism. Given your history you are always for the opposition and never for free journalism, if not against.

    • gudu says:

      I don’t need to listen because I can tell from the above progovernment commentors. I enjoy their reaction when somebody touch their nerve. Thanks CPJ East. Africa representative. When are we going to stop this race and ethnic mentality. Should we pick this thing every time to reject others idea? Try to develope other tactic this one is really out dated

  7. Zebra says:

    What I can say is, dawit you are getting to the roots and bring some light. Bravo! As to CPJ, I think they have loads of work to do if they want to realy understand and grasp what is going on in Ethiopia.While lobbying for the safety and interest of their colleagues they should respect that Ethiopia is a sovereign country and the rules of the game for every one in that country is the laws of the country. Forget your “master” mentality you tend to show while dealing with post colonized Africa. Remember things are changed since when few “white gangsters” ruled Africa.And remember you are in Ethiopia! (This does’t mean you can treat other African countries in disrespectively). Sorry this is note to play the “race” and “blame” game, but the overall noise of your blackmailing critics of the Ethiopian government has that bad test, which left most people wondering from where you got all that legitimacy and arrogance.

  8. Sintayehu says:

    CPJ: please teach your colleagues how to be really free, faire, and independent. Thank you

  9. chane says:


    Wheather some body is a free journalist or anoposition journalist or government journalists,all of them should have equal right in the country respecting the rule of law. You are who labling the professionals.

  10. Gudu says:

    Dave nice try to soften CPJ. Were they wrong when they stand beside you? You are trying to play CPJ as if you are neutral and once victim of government crack down. This guy was struggling to understand how twisty you are.

  11. D. Moses Wantu says:

    Media Center for policy evaluation & Research (MECEPER) Inc. is a conglomeration of editors and veteran journalist who have seen the need of shifting the focus of journalists from mere reporting of events to evaluation of public policies and performance of policy makers.

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