Egypt-Ethiopia Nile talks end on sour note


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18 Responses

  1. HornofAfrica says:

    “All options are open before Egypt, if Ethiopia does not acquiesce to our conditions”.
    Can you imagine the audacity and arrogance of these Egyptian idiots? They went to the negotiation table with the aim to impose their conditions on Ethiopia and not to discuss to reach a win-win solution. This is an outright insult to our people and our country. Their plan is not to negotiate in good faith, but to find a way to stop the construction of the dam. Egypt is Ethiopia’s archenemy and she should be seen as such; with no trust and a great deal of vigilance.
    Egyptians know very well that the dam is not going to affect Egypt in any significant way as per the panel of international study group, and yet they are demanding for a renewed study of the dam’s impact. This shows that they are bigoted, arrogant, insincere and not trustworthy in any bilateral negotiations.
    We can work with Sudan, which happens to know where her national interest lies. The era of Pan-Arabism and Pan-Islamism is over, and Sudan is going to be not on the side of Egypt for religious reasons, but on the side of Ethiopia for the sake of her economic and national interests. Egypt cannot deceive Sudan or anybody else anymore.
    Remember, Egypt does not see herself as an African country. She sees Africans with condescension; and that is the main reason she behaves in such an outrageous way towards Ethiopia, denying her natural and international rights over her own rivers.

    • Gezaee says:


      You do not know this people. I know them. I can assure here they will never agree on anything be it good or bad. It is their nature; If Ethiopians does not tell them go to hell, they will keep on repeating themselves forever. They are the dumbest people on the planet. They believe they own the water and they believe they are better than others in evertything but in reality, they are the lowest human being. I honestly do not understand why Ethiopians government is sucking up insults? We are being insulted all the time.”All options are open before Egypt, if Ethiopia does not acquiesce to our conditions.”

      Let them come; leave alone this cowards and leave alone today armed with modern weapon, we even won European with no figheters jets and with no guns. The Ethiopians government must be ready and standby in the event of any single incident, destroy all the dam in their country and cut off the Nile. We won 2 million European ground force and 600 aerial space jets. Just tell them to go to hell.

      • Feven says:

        Gezaee, here is why direct war will not happen. Unlike before when Eritreans were gorilla with no accountability there is no neighbor unless suicidal that can allow Egypt a base to wage a ground war against Ethiopia..Any neighbor to allow a base or even politically support Egypt will risk being failed like Somalia before..As for air strike God forbid we will not get to that, but trust even if Ethiopia can not stop those US donated fighter jets, I am 100 percent certain she has an air-force capable of randomly destroying Aswan friend let alone dirrect attack what the Egyptian see as the next best opption which is destabilization though proxy is no longer as easy as before since it needs a hostile neighbor to cooperate and it is only Eritrea that can do that at a risk of their own demise. It is a country trapped in it’s independence hence their support for Egypt can not go beyond being a mouth peace, in a form of OLF, ONLF and so on..even the day Eritrea sets a camp for any of these groups they risk taking a deadly attack from Ethiopia like it happened recently when Ethiopian forces entered Eritrea and destroyed 3 my friend things are no longer the same so NO WORRIES!

      • We Ethiopians are not attempting to harm Egyptians. Our culture and religion does not allowed this. We are hospitable culture for any one comes in hostile or peace. Egyptian should remember the time of 1875 and 1876 battle of Gundet and Gura respectively.

  2. Alula Aba Nega says:

    As I have stated many times, the only solution for Ethiopia is to be militarily stronger than ever. There will never be agreement with Egyptians. I am saying this because I know their mindset 100%. Believe me if we continue to give them more attention, they will shit on us.

    There are two things Ethiopia must stick to:
    1. Ask them to sign the Entebe agreement which I am sure they will never sign. This leaves Ethiopia with the no deal the best deal option until Jesus comes.
    2. Secondly, if they ever try to use force or attack Ethiopia? we have to be ready to destroy all their dams in Egypt and also if they ever attack Ethiopia, to cut off the water 100% and give half of the water to Sudan. We can actually do a communal large integrated irrigation scheme with Sudan. We can change the border between Sudan and Ethiopia into large farms for the benefit Sudan and Ethiopia.

    Ethiopians leaders must come out their fear shell and to tell them to go to hell after now. You may not believe me, you will believe me later, they will agree on anything. It is their nature. You can not help them. It is like Israel and Palestine. Ethiopians mindset and Arab mindset is diametrically opposite. We are kind people and civilized one; they are not like us; they are selfish, ignorant, arrogant who have the wrong image of themselves. Leave alone Ethiopia, even the world can not change them. If they have power, they would not mind wiping out the entire humanity, leave alone Ethiopian. It is waste of time; this win win bla bla from woyane corner has no place at all. They do believe they own the water and do believe the 1959 and 1929 their colonial paper is valid still? kkk, you can not change this reality. It is Egyptian mindset. You can not do anything about it. you can talk talk, whatever, leave alone this generation of Egypt, even the unborn generation will not be easy to change. As such all Ethiopia needs to tell them to go to hell and be ready for any aggression and if they ever try to attack Ethiopian, then take the opportunity and destroy all the dams in Egypt and poison the water and cut off 100% the water by cutting of the 44 tributaries across Ethiopia then it will be the end of it. No deal is the best deal for Ethiopia. They have no right. They say they have historical right. They are immigrants to Egypt. Ethiopia ruled Egypt until the 6th century AD.They settled only in the 7th century AD. Egypt was ruled by Ethiopians until the 6th AD. The Pharaos were Ethiopians, not arab. So , leave alone to have right on our water, they have no right to be in Egypt. We need to chase them from our continent because they do not belong to this continent. They are the most racist race on our planet. African do not need them. We do not need them. The world does not need them. They are trouble makers. They do not believe in mutual respect, mutual coexistence. You can not change them because they are still primitive. You can see how they are treating our people in Saudi Arabia. Ethiopians need to kick the Arabs from Ethiopia and work with the Europe, USA, China,…. no matter what they did in the past. They white race is our partner forever. Not this ones. Ethiopia must strengthen its alliance with USA and Israel and get ready all the necessary defense system. Americans not gamble with these animals anymore. If Americans have brain, they have to help Ethiopia from their heart and with honesty. Because we love the Americans and we do love and even appreciate the white races civilization. It is time Europeans to open their brain and help Ethiopia. If they continue to empower Arabs, then it will be suicide to their existence.

    • Solomon says:

      Egyptians are thinking way back behind the time in uncivilized way. Ethiopia must ignore them and do its own job until they come to their sense and ready to discuss for a win win solution. we Ethiopians must not forget that Egyptians will never be happy of any peace and development taking place in Ethiopia. The GRD is the only key for Ethiopia to get out of poverty.

  3. ttt says:

    Ethiopia needs to have a clear message to Egypt about the things that they can bring to the discussion table; such as things like stopping the dam construction, about the integration of the construction, about controlling and supervising of any construction inside Ethiopia. On the other hand Ethiopia should bring some important issues like; how Egypt should stop interfering in Ethiopian internal affairs, stopping how Egypt should not undermine Ethiopia’s effort to overcome poverty, the Egyptians need to stop complaining around the globe to counter Ethiopia effort to get financial support for it’s projects

  4. Gezaee says:

    Please please, no panel of experts after now; No international committee stuff. They can buy any expert by billions of dollars. Do not create for them loopholes and hiding place.
    1. No new panel or no returning of the past panel.
    2. No ownership in the dam.
    3. No negotiation on the construction
    4. Repeat what Meles said, the construction will not stop for a second please. Stopping shitting on your pants to this shirtam.

  5. Alimitu says:

    Read this: They are sinister ; they are not even honest to themselves leave alone to other people. They do not even stand on their own stand; they talk different things at different times, very inconsistent and random which indicates they do not think and study what to do. They talk they feel.

    This is their latest from the miliray ISIS office. Never trust this idiots even 0.000000001%.

    • Solomon says:

      Dear Alemitu; you correct, this people change their face every time. But, never mind… that is their nature…the main thing is understanding their “hidden agenda”, which is disrupting the construction of our dam by any possible way. so, we need to work against their hidden agenda.

  6. HornofAfrica says:

    At the end of the day, these idiots will accept the dam, because it is an accomplished fact, and there is nothing they can do about it. The war rhetoric is an empty word, mere barking without the power to bite. They will never dare.
    The things I am worried about most are the points you have mentioned. Allowing them to have a say over the dam is equivalent to opening the door of your house to a thief and letting him in. You do not know the consequences of their sinister actions, because nothing good is to be expected of Arabs and especially Egyptians. I hope that Ethiopian officials will be very diligent in protecting the interest of their country. They have done so upto now and I hope that they will continue on the same path.

  7. juhar ahmed says:


  8. mark says:

    Egyptian should know one truth. if they try to stop the construction of the dam and succeeded in doing so which is of course unlikely , Ethiopian has a capacity to do same very easily. God forbid damping plenty of radioactive substances period . if win-win can’t work lose – lose can.

  9. Z-ETHIOPIAN says:

    I agree with most of the comments above. Given the history of Egyptians, their dishonesty, anti-Ethiopian behavior, delusional and antagonistic nature is totally unacceptable and therefore we Ethiopians must stand right next to our government in this matter, and face up to our national interest and say no to the Egyptian audacity and aggression in their hopes of hampering down our progressive development program.

    ETHIOPIA forever!

  10. To be honest: if they were nice, there is no problem talking to them. But the truth is their mindset is diametrically opposite to Ethiopian people. We Ethiopians kind people. We have no bad intention against any human. But these are evil human being who do not believe in coexistence with other fellow humans. They believe their religion is better than all religion.They hate all race; they hate white or black or Asians. They love no one. They have the wrong image of themselves. They believe they own our own water that springs from our own land? can you imagine that? They think they own the Ethiopia? The country has resisted their invasion, Europeans,… how the hell do they dare? But at the same time, we have to understand their mindset. It is not because they are not human. It is their culture, their tradition and their religion that made them who they are. You saw them how they killed their own people for just camping outside? do you kill 1000s of people because slept outside in an open air? Anyway, trust me, we will not agree with them. If we continue to baby sit them, they will be like Palestine to us. The only solution is to tell them go to hell and we are ready to speak the language you wanted to use. They do not believe in mutual existence. If they have power, they would not even mind wiping out the entire humanity. It is very sad; but that is the objective reality. Look, the water flows from our own soil and they tell us it belongs to them? haha, it is dumb of dumb.

    Anyway, we need to unite now than ever. The Ethiopians government need to change attitude and must reach out and listen to our citizens now. We can not afford to continue like this. Our people hanging themselves everyday in the middle east. The reasons they killing Ethiopians themselves is because they find themselves in the wrong environment. Arabs primitive, they do not even allow women to drive cars now; women are no allowed to study computer science.

    Here my advise the woyane regime which is really corrupted:
    1. Stop the type of politics you have been running and listen to the citizen.
    2. FM Theodroes must organize all Ethiopians meeting across the globe and talk to them. There must not be enemies in Ethiopia if we have to develop. The diaspora has many legitimate questions, but one is willing to listen. FM TA needs to change attitude and listen to the diaspora.
    3. The attitude of Tigraionline and Aiga is wrong and suicidal and anti Ethiopia. For instance Tigraionline never post anything about Ethiopian people, except about tigrai and Ethiopians companies? The Ethiopian companies like Ethiopians airlines is an Ethiopian, not a Tigrean. He posts only about the achievement of the companies? he must understand those companies to all Ethiopians. He did not post a single story covering the suffering of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia? why? he only love the land in South? not the people? shame on him; he is the ignorant and he playing negative role by making his website to deal with narrow agenda that is non-inclusive. There are a lot of medias better than him. But the government must not follow such destructive and backward attitude of only us attitude? How would an Ethiopians feel when a man who claim to be an Ethiopians never post anything about the suffering of Ethiopian? Someone has to advise him to correct what he does? He is against Ethiopia; he only love its resources and land, not the people. If that was not the case, he would not have become like that.

    FM TA has to do reach out to the diaspora if he is a good person. Ethiopians does not belong to Tigreans only. It belongs to all the people. You can tell me success stories of Ethiopian companies, but you keep quiet while the people suffering.

  11. Hayelom says:

    If Egypt wants a war, we welcome it. We will wipe their dirty noses with their jellebia. These dirty Arabs are treating our people in Saudi in terrible way. Why do we even want to talk with dirty Arabs? If they want war, let them come.

  12. bobby says:

    I have a little note to say regarding the current Egypt and Russian relationship. We Ethiopians have to know this relationship will have a very huge impact to our future both domestically as well as foreign.We have to be very careful as things may fever to Egypt as a result.

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