Ethiopia condemns Saudi Arabia for its brutal crackdown


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12 Responses

  1. bendo says:

    When did Arab understand dignity. They are like animal with money. they are cruel and embarrassment to islam. No people with religion would treat human being like that.

    The west is right to treat the arabs like dog with out there fuel they are less than dog. if they were human and religious there wouldn’t have been any muslim dying with starvation in somalia or Afghanistan.

    they were trying to kill Mohammed and ethiopia saved him and his followers to save islam religion to exist.

    so they are a killer of muslims what can you expect to others.

  2. Although this is too late. It is better to say something than to keep quiet as if they are not your people.

    I was asking myself what a government mean in Ethiopia? You really to put young people in the embassies and change the way your embassies work. The embassies are not functioning. I do not think they know their job. Their job is not just to go and there and sit. They must provide services to the community. Ethiopians embassies never pick their phone. They put you into answering machine and then no one responds until Jesus comes. You can call or do whatever, you will never get a response. It does not matter where you go, Ethiopians are useless. This regime must understand it is not a government only to sell the land in Ethiopia. If you have any ear, you need to change your attitude and engage positively with the diaspora and Ethiopians across the globe.

    Theodroes must make arrangement to meet all Ethiopians across the world. We can afford to continue like this spending decades fighting each other over nothing. The regime has to listen to us and must reach out to citizens outside Ethiopia and listen to what they say and work with citizens regardless who they are. Wearing suits and tie ties will not make you big people unless you serve the nation with high fidelity.

    I call upon TA to change attitude and convene all Ethiopians meeting across the globe. If we unite all of us we can help our people easily. We can do the thing we want without begging and taking collateral loans and debts which will put our country in a problem. We must solve our problem ourselves, there is no other short cut solution. The country is rich and full of resources, the problem is lack of leadership and corrupted mindset outside is greener than home.

    The approach of tigraionline, Aiga website is not good for Ethiopia. You can post only good things, but this is an internet age, there is no way you can hide atrocities. Tigraionline and Aiga never post bad things that happen in Ethiopia? this is suicidal because of ignorance. I have not interest what they post and even to visit their website because they are one side and blind supporters. Your citizens must not be considered your enemies. It is time to change narrow attitude.

    • Wondu says:

      @GEzaee, I agree with most of what you said. Many of the victims of the violence left their native land, Ethiopia because of the Brutal, corrupt dictatorship in Ethiopia. Embassy workers are posted based on their Party affiliation and not qualification — and bring with themselves corruption and EPRDF’s “Kiray Sebsabi” practice — and when poor expats go to the Ethiopian embassy they are pressured to pay bribes, and forced to buy bonds for the Abay dam.

      And when the Saudi government gave the 7 months grace period to get illegal workers get their papers sorted out, the Embassy told Ethiopians to stay low during the search for illegal workers, and things will be back to normal, as usual. This is how they administer the country of about 90 million people.

      Ethiopians are victims of state terror in their own country is the elephant in the room which must always remember. Tedros Adhanom condemning Saudi is no more than tongue-n-cheek – shameless TPLF/EPRDF mischief.

  3. Abegaz says:

    When Ethiopians had a goernment of national pride (during Selassie time or even the fascist Derg, When such things happen from the Saudis, the return action was to chase out Saudi business people from Addis.

    TPLF is a disgrace to national pride. They are sale out, of no good and have no descency to represent Ethiopia at any capacity.

  4. Mario says:

    Top government official, Tewedros Adahnom: what you said in public regarding those Ethiopians suffering in Saudi Arabia is diametrically opposite to what you were/are saying/doing behind the scenes. The current situation is the direct reflection of the policy of your government and the undemocratic rule of the nation.

    The only way the right and dignity of those Ethiopians will be restored is not by what you said, but by what those courageous protesters did against the brutality they encounter day in and day out. I suggest, you leave them to their fate!!!

    Thousands and thousands perished, languish in prisons and abused brutally in front of your eyes and the world. Please do not act as if you are the savior of those poor men and women while you and your likes were/are the real instigator of the problem in the first place.

  5. mulugeta m says:

    I was deeply saddened to hear of our people’s death in Saudi, I would like express my most sincere sympathy and condolence and I truly hope that their family can gather the strength and courage to endure during this difficult time.
    The Ethiopian government should take all the necessary measures what the situation demands to rescue our people working in all Arab countries. It is the time to evaluate our diplomatic strength during this difficult time.

  6. Negasi says:

    All Ethiopians everywhere need to demonstrate condemning the illegal actions the Saudi police is taking against all Ethiopians residing in Saudi Arabia. They are attacking whether the Ethiopians are legal or illegally in the country . The legal immigrants from other countries don’t be killed, tortured , raped or imprisoned only those that are from Ethiopia get beaten up regardless of their immigration status.The tortures, rape and killing are posted on various social media sites. We need to organize protest in front of Saudi Arabia’s emabassies worldwide quickly.

  7. Genet S. says:

    Yes, if human right is said to be respected, our voice needs to be heard by the International Community! Yes, we have to call for gatherings, specially in Addis at the Saudi Embassy. The Saudi Police and Gov’t have to be held responsible for their inhuman acts!

  8. elias says:

    what does our gov’t do?

  9. Guest says:

    Mengistu was bad like a bad family member but patriotic and always protecting his people and country from any foreign enemy.
    Meles was brave, smart, wise and fire fears no one and takes no time when it comes to Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

    But the current PM has none of it. His government is just punch of young so called educated members for nothing. They are not feat to be in politics and be leaders. It is questionable what kind educated they have attended because of they don’t know what is good and best or bad and worse. They think sending young Ethiopians with mass to hell (Arab desert where the Devils are) would benefit the country without understanding the history and nature of Ethiopians when it comes to be servants or treated as slaves or nobody the way Arabs do to servants and foreign workers especially from Africa and Asia. .

    Ethiopians never ever have been in such situation in their long history. They are treating human being with dignity and respect no matter he or she is or poor or rich are. That means they are looking to get back the same thing from others, too. Ethiopians are not like others accepting and allowing the oil and gas devil Arabs treating them the way they do to other servants and workers. Ethiopians are giving more values to humanity that money, especially the Arabs money they are getting doing nothing but digging sand and using with brain and behavior look like from another hell planet.
    So, the government must not send Ethiopians to the devils and injustice Arabs the first place knowing they will not submit to any devil no matter how he or she is rich.

    Ethiopians must punish the 400 so called agencies that put young Ethiopians in such situation. Because the weak and stupid government is the one allowed those agencies to commit crimes in legal ways and they are now free and living lavish life they got it through human smuggling.

    Ethiopia needs a tough and strong leader, not this one. Period.

    What are the point talking about the devils that are the punishments humanity and nature are facing and the whole world is against them.

    Ethiopians must wake up and act as human. They must stop going to hell part of earth which is the biggest desert on earth where the sins are living with behavior looks like from another planet.

    Ethiopians must stop associating with Arab culture including that sad, depressed and backward dark tent look like clothing and anything has to do with the devils. They are not exercising a religion of good but evil they are using to spread the Arab culture which is good for them to control especially the last class Muslims that are blacks including Ethiopians Muslims (they call them abed and ignorant good to be enslaved, used, raped and killed)

    Islam is not a religion but an Arab cult making the Arabs the way they are. Do you anything from them has to do with any religion coming from God? Stop praying towards the desert where the devils are while giving your back to your place…

    Ethiopians must stop going to any Arab desert. The government must have a policy to stop the citizens to go there. It is a shame and weakness, the Government allowing more than 400 so called agencies where 96% of them were engaging with criminal activities including Human smuggling and going all over Ethiopia and telling the parents and children to go to the Arab desert with false promises. Everything is there documented. But the weak and stupid government is doing nothing to punish these criminals responsible about what is going on in the Arab desert where the devils are.

    It is now stopped after so many cries and damages. But the weak and stupid government may lift the ban and will allow the organized criminals with human smuggling to do their criminal job in legal ways. Ethiopians must stop relaying on the government in this regard.

    The government must abolish indefinitely all 400 so called agencies that are engaging with human trafficking, lies, false promises and the likes and punish those responsible for the situation Ethiopians are facing today in all devil Arab deserts.

    The Ethiopian government is and will be responsible about the whole situation going on against Ethiopians in the Arab desert. Even an Islamic country Indonesia stopped sending its citizens to the Arab devils. Morocco and many other nations did the same.

    But not the Ethiopian weak and ignorant punch of childish government. Ethiopia is not a small country like Philippines, Sir Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, India (huge population), Pakistan the same thing. Or Sudan, Egypt or other Africans, Ethiopia is not desert. More than that Ethiopians never been enslaved, colonized or undermined by any human being in their long history. That is why, they became the only domestic workers responding back towards the fat, ugly and ignorant Arab women and men when they have been badly and unjustly treated and The Arabs don’t like that. The Arabs like to dominate and put others under pressure where the Philippines, Indians, sir lankas and the rest are behaving submission but not Ethiopians. It is not in their history and blood to be undermined and badly treated by another human being. Because they are not doing towards any human being no matter who is he or she everyone is equal as human being by nature. .

    So, the Ethiopian government needs to stop sending its young people to hell thinking that would benefit the nation. It is damaging the nation and the people forever, Arabs are good for nothing.
    Ethiopia is Highland, green, water rich, fertile soil and nice weather. Ethiopians must stay in the country and work hard to make Ethiopia the best place rather than running to the Arab hell where the devils are because of for the time being oil is there.

    Believe me, soon rather than later, the Arab devils will pay the price when oil officially becomes the very dangerous substances against nature by the young generation and no one will buy it but keep it buried under the worthless desert where it is done by nature but the Arabs are digging it to pollute the earth and to commit crimes against humanity including 9/11.

    The Ethiopian government must stop sending Ethiopians to hell where the Arabs are and their place is the hell part of earth. Ethiopia needs more people to build her not to lose them. Ethiopians must wake up and be patriotic and build the country where all jobs in all directions have to be done.

    I blame the government for it allowing 400 criminals working legally as agencies sending innocent Ethiopians to hell with false promise, lies, and human smuggling stile for huge money exchange. The suffer, death and everything those Ethiopians have been through will be on the government shoulder.
    They lost everything after paying thousands for agencies to go there and lost their jobs and now they have to start again with lost mind and damaged spirit.

    This cost the country dearly. But the stupid government doesn’t get it. They are like young animals talking too much but doing nothing in brave, smart, wise, educated, patriotic and quick ways.

    Ethiopia needs a new government that is standing for its citizens and a patriotic never ever gives in to the devils i.e. Arabs. Don’t go there and they must stop coming to our beloved country. They are devils good always for bad things.

  10. Guest says:

    I am not quite sure what to say. I am full of anger, nervous and …Diplomacy is for the people and nothing else. Quite the diplomacy with Saudi Arabia. This is the dark history that this generation to pass to the next. We should be counted as useless and inept to the Generation to come if still hesitating to pursue ‘diplomatic’ relations with them. Even the sky has a limit.

  11. Guest says:

    I am not quite sure what to say. I am full of anger, nervous and …Diplomacy is for the people and nothing else. Quit the diplomacy with Saudi Arabia. This is the dark history that this generation to pass to the next. We should be counted as useless and inept to the Generation to come if still hesitating to pursue ‘diplomatic’ relations with them. Even the sky has a limit.No margin of Error on live and belittling of our nation.

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