Shimeles Kemal on current political events and fate of jailed journalists (Video)


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11 Responses

  1. Tazabi says:

    You need to work on the quality of the recording equipment and the camera. It is hard to hear what he is saying since the macrophone is far away from him. That was also the problem with your video on the trip to Ziway. Quality is very important–invest in it


  2. Dan says:

    Dear Dawit, you have raised good questions but at the end I feel like you are working for ETV because you let him only preaching.

    the last 20 minutes, you even din’t ask him anyhting except listening.

    Remeber how Dereje recently interviewed Ato Sebaht Nega in America. Qzestions that should be like that but for preaching the whole hours, he has ETV

  3. teshome says:

    Thank you for posting this interview. But I would rather say you were extremely soft and short handed in resource to challenge Shimeles who was well prepared and full of reason.
    I was having a descent conversation with my friend after watching this interview and we had a common understanding that the interview between Dawit and shimeles brought an impression to take, it was intricately choreographed than ever disclosed interview Dawit had with any public figure….
    Anyway, Dawit take this comment as a compliment to the many positives and blessings you have.
    Actually I have unwavering stance about Esikinder Nega, I seriously believe that staying in jail for him is a luxury….

    • mulugeta says:

      I was surprised and feel inconvenience at the contents of your comment, particularly at the suggestion that “staying in jail for him (Eskinder Nega) is a luxury…”
      I think you are the one dumb enough to write such comments. I don’t think that you the person who enjoys the tyrannically imprisoned of your brothers and sisters. You are nothing more than a blind parrot that does not have the ability to form any coherent thought on his own. Your lack of positive attitude towards free press and incitement to hatred has a heavy price you are going to pay. You will get your day.

      • Sedetegnaw says:


        teshome is entitled to his opinion, and I for one agrees with him.

        Eskinder Nega is no journalist but warmongering idiot!

  4. ayalew says:

    Dawit KEBEDE,i think you are enjoying your jornalism freedom at home than in america.i belive your websight will be the most trusted.we are tyered of all hate midias from toxic diaspora

  5. kebede says:

    good job Dawit…keep it up!!! thumbs up

  6. Tigist says:

    በእዉነቱ በጣም ደስ የሚል ቃለመጠይቅ ነው።
    በመንግስትም ሆነ በጋዜጠኛው የተነሱት መልካም ነገሮች ናቸው ሁሉም ነገር በቅንነት መልካም ይሆናል ለራስ ሲባል እግዚአብሄርን የምንፈራ እንኳን ለ አገራችን ሲባል ቅን እንሁን።
    ዳዊት በርታ አቶ ሽመልስም ፍቃደኛ መሆናቸው የሚመሰገን ነው ።
    ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር።

  7. yohannes says:

    good job dawit keep it u at any time at any place you have do your job !!!

  8. Hibistu says:

    Dawit, that was one great interview. Shimellis has successfully portrayed the good intentions of his government. There is so much one can debate based on his many inputs. As a journalst, Dawit you were a little bit shy to push back when he was aggressively coming at you. The audio was good, but the video stinks. You need to use more light, the images were too dark. Dawit, in journalism editing is everything. You could have edited the whole thing down to 15 minutes without losing any substance. I hope you will get a chance to have a debate face to face between the two free thinkers in the land, Prof. Mesfin and Aboy Sebhat. That will be an interesting debate like the one you did between Dr Messay and Prof.Tecola.

  9. Woldai says:

    The reality about Eskinder is: he is not a journalist, but hater hiding behind journalism! All of these journalists in prison are haters who used journalism to promote their hate politics against Tigrian!

    They are the continuation of Minilik, Haileselassie & Mengistu to destroy the people of Tigrai! Remember Haileselassie used British air forces & stopped Tigrian up rising in the II world war killing tens of thousands of innocent Tigrian!
    I’m my opinion, the EPRDF government is giving too much credit to a person who have never accomplished anything in his life except hate!

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