Three Eritrean military officers defect to Saudi Arabia


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5 Responses

  1. Chala says:

    Eritrea the country all her citizen want to leave while few extremist diaspora begging shabia to change a gov. in ethiopia.

    I wonder what will happen if war started now with ethiopia we need to built the biggest camp in the world to accommodate those defect Eritrea soldiers.

    Ten times more people leave a day Eritrea now after independent than in the times of war with ethiopia. So this all people die a country the citizen doesn’t want to leave on it.


  2. bb says:

    It is sad to hear all about the people of Eritrean, living their home country b/c of one man called Esias. I believe the people of Eritrea who live inside the country and outside the country has to come up together and do the right thing for their own country instead of arguing each other. Please do the right thing for the next generation now. I also like to comment on Mr. Dawit, who interviewed the so called journalist Abebe. I belive the question you asked him was not professional b/c you looked too scary to ask Abebe all the question you suppose to ask also you showed yourself all part of Abebe opinion is also yours. Not only that it seems to me, you were not who you are, you were just a person acting to be loved by Abebe when you interviewed him. Here is my advice for you Mr. Dawit BE WHO YOU ARE! don’t do your journalism to the sake of to be loved by others, just do your job based on the true story not the lie. By now you have a good experience when you were in US and see the desperate opposition looks like, how the end up in the middle of no where and do nothing other than talking lies. Please
    Please Please when you interviewed any one ask the question that should be asked don’t scare of anyone, don’t act like them, Be who you are.
    Good luck Dawit!

    • Gudu, says:

      The Eriterians are leaving their country for the same reason Ethiopians are leaving. The difference is their embassy is there whenever they are in need, we call it respect for ue citizen is respect for urself

  3. Hena says:

    Why do they all choose saudiarabia ?
    Proximity ?
    Religious affiliation?
    Animosity bn the two states?
    Others ?

  4. Mekdes says:

    It is amazing G7 is getting a camp in Eritrea, we know which is false. As Andargachew Tsige told us his galant troops will march in Addis soon. He told even for his friend Bereket, infront if his few supporters of his army in Sheraton,Arlington. You know, my dear friends in this forum, what will happen to Andargachew if that stupid guy, Issayas make silly mistake and start a war with Ethiopia, definitely the respond will be severe and the Ethiopian soldiers seize Asmara? He can not go to Ethiopia, and he can not go to Sudan. I wish that day comes and see Andargachew Tsige. I am sure every body heard about ZEMECHA O WEYANE MILLENIUM to assasin Andargachew. By the way why is it ESAT kept quite about these defectors? It is amazing. When they say Arkebe Equbay defected why they became silent when the real defection happened. I am glad we have great govt who make them laughing stock. I am sure they would destroyed the countrywith cheap talk. Let them run their mouth with their fiction stories.

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