Ethiopia: 240 Ethiopians From Saudi Arrive in Addis


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11 Responses

  1. welayta says:

    One day ye Washington dc tagayooochhh and arboghoochhh. Like esat and g7 who lives in mansion house. And driving limousine and drinking wiskiy. Will deported from Washington dc for good. We will look after you well then.

  2. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Thanks Dawit: Good job and bring them all and as some diasporas suggested, the Ethiopians people set up elders who will become treasurers and start a campaign to raise money across the globe. The Government can kick start a youth development project, may be a farming scheme that can employ the people. I think diaspora can raise money for one large farm. We can raise seed money for farm that can cost millions and that seed money can be rotated helping Ethiopians to do commercial farm.

    1. The government has to completely ban any agency in the country, be it a child adoption or a human trafficking agency. Please outlaw them. Development does not come like that. It is the government who exposed the people to bad things. There are human predators, paedophiles, human traffickers, drug dealers. The government did many mistakes exposed the nation to everything. Everything from outside is not good. Every culture is not good from outside as you can see killing is okay in Arabs countries. Ethiopians are not fit to integrate even in the good countries leave alone in Arab countries; the culture is completely different. We live in communal life and we do not get that when we are out. That is hard to live as Ethiopians. Development must be driven from inside and by citizens only. You can bring development by promoting human trafficking, destructive social behaviors that is not part of the Ethiopian psyche. Development is not only money, house, electricity, …. there is one people are missing. There is spiritual development. Whether you believe me or not, civilization has been driven by theological philosophy and natural philosophy. Sex or human trafficking has never been a source of development but slavery. All those people contributed to civilization were theological and natural philosophers like Aristotle, Archimedes, Plato, George Hegel, Emmanuel Kant, Copernicus, Keplter, Galileo,… man not leave by bread alone. Our soul and spirit needs more than food.

    I know the leaders are aethiests but that is not good. Uphold the values of the people. Help the people to help themselves, not subject them to slavery or barbaric human business. The English saying; Teach people how to fish one time and they will fish for their entire life. This is in Europe begging is not acceptable. Stop begging and stop promoting begging and dependency on things which are not worthy.

    Anyway, the government is paying the price for its bad policies of exposing the citizens to human exploitation. If you do not respect yourself, no one is going to respect you.

    May be they are killing our people to stop the damming of the dam. I do not see any other reasons for doing that. they could round the illegal Ethiopians and deport them without killing them. It seems the killing might have been motivated to stop the dam by sending shock wave to Ethiopia and Ethiopians can kill each other. Like the way they did in Tunisia. The Arab spring was started by the killing of one person ; may be they wanted to induce to Ethiopia from Saudi Arabia. To export a packaged Saudi Arabia spring to Ethiopia by killing Ethiopians. I hope the will ever learn if they do ever learn. What we tell you on this forum is not a joke; we share you our experience so that you can learn. We have hand on experience of the world. Take us seriously please. The problem is not the Arab people in general. It is not the people. It is the Islamic system that is making the people behave as animals. It is the teaching their Wahabism. It is the teaching of only us that is making people. If we were to grow up there as muslims, we will definitely do the same. They believe they are better than others. Their religion is better than all religion. Their race is better than all race. They hate white; they hate the black; they hate everybody. This is the teaching of their religion because they believe their religion is the only right religion and they would not tolerate other religion. We know they have been putting in prison Ethiopians who were found praying. Other religion are not allowed in that Kingdom of hell. Only Islam is allowed there. If they had power, they would not mind wiping out all what they call Kafires.

    What took me by surprise, where did these all human rights go? I can not believe it? they all disappeared? no single European or North American write anything on the crime on Ethiopian? why? why was then they were telling us about democracy or human right bla bla,… where are they now? They have exposed themselves they have nothing to do with human being. All the human rights and western journalists are on mission of business. If they were not they would have been the first to condemn the crime against Ethiopian. But Arab oil sealed their mouth and Arab oil dried their pen. All turned out lies, hypocracy.

  3. በለው! says:

    “በሰው ሀገር የሸጣችሁትን ከስራችሁ መለሳችሁ ለመሆኑ የሀገሩ ብሀየር ብሄረሰብ በከተማው መዘዋወር የመሥራት የመሰለሰፍ መብት እነዲኖረው ዜግነት ይሰጠው!!ለመሆኑ ከ፴፻፭፻ ተመላሽ ውሰጥ ስንት ሻቢአና ህወአት የክልል ልጆች አሉ!?የዲና ሙፍቲ የሽመልስ ከማልና የሬዲዋን ብሔር ልጆችስ?የስብሃት ነጋ፣ በረከት ስምአን፣ደብረጺዮን ገብረሚካኤል፣ ቴዎድሮስ አድሃኖም፣አባይ ውልዱ፣አያሌው ጎበዜ፣ሽፈራሁ ተክለማርያም፣አዜብ መስፍንና የአድርባይ ምሁራንና አርቲስቶች ዘመዶችና ቤተሰቦችስ በደህና ተመለሱ?!!እባካችሁ ጠይቁልን በአረብ እነዳይደበደቡና እንዳይደፈሩ እነሱስ ማን አላቸው።በ

  4. Africa says:

    Saud Arabia is created on September 20, 1932 and named after the person called al Saud who became king because of during the English war against ottoman he was a backward Bedouin shifta allying with the English. During that time there were other three big groups took the ottoman side fighting against the English. The country called Saudi Arabia never existed before that man declared king by the English and he was declared king in 1905 administrating only small part of what is today Saudi Arabia created 1932.

    During the ottoman 500 years colonization the entire canan, what is today Saudi Arabia was divided in many pieces in a way there are more than 200 Ethnic groups, 1000s clans, Shias, many other Muslim sects in the place what is today Saudi Arabia which is created since 1932.

    97% Saudi oil and Gas is located in Easter provinces and that are shias and became part of Saudi by force in 1932. Google the treatment Saudi Arabia shaias are suffering from despite oil and gas is coming from them. Shias in Saudi Arabia are not allowed in the military, high position jobs or anything. There is no a single Shia school principal at Shia schools. It has to be always a wahabis Sunni to control them.

    People it is the worst crimes against humanity going on there because of the wahabi Saudi regime. What is going on against Ethiopians is a temporary one and we will overcome it. But there are millions in Saudi suffering from Including the Shias and other Ethnic groups and Islam sects including in the south and North Saudi Arabia. It is a barbaric regime which is there without any foundation or legal reason but until it disappears is committing crimes against the innocents.

    Google: The history of al Saudi family. The creation of Saud Arabia. Saud Arabia during ottoman colonization. Shias in Saudi Arabia. More than 200 Tribes in Saudi Arabia. War against Ottoman. Islam sects in Saudi Arabia. Wahabism and so on.

    Wahabism means:

    The enemy of humanity and Nature

    If anyone thinks Wahabism that is created by al Wahabi (1811-1880) and the al Saud Family is using this evil sect to control more than 200 Ethnic groups in Saudi Arabia which is created in 1932 naming after the Al Saud Family, you need to get another brain, heart and soul.

    Saudi Arabia is the only country on earth named after one person that was a Shifta fought alongside the English against the ottoman Turk that was colonizing the Arabs for more than 500 years including what is today Saudi, Egypt and Syria.

    Wahabism is not a religion but a barbaric cult the al Saud family is using it to control the Arabian tribes and clans that are many. Al-Qaida, Taliban, Al Shebab, Boko Haram and the likes are the direct creation of wahabism where the al Saud family is responsible for.
    This and many more you can read if you Google or get a book. It is everywhere. Be informed.

    So, if you are exercising Islam as a religion, free yourself from the Wahabi Satanic cult that is terrorizing the whole world and committing countless crimes against the world.

    Stop wearing the wahabi dirty and dark tent look like dress that is intended to degraded women and make her dead while alive. It is like she is morning with that Arab wahabi dirty dress for the sad life she is having because of Arab religion that is affecting the entire female population.

    Lets learn the truth about Saudi wahabism that is created in the 19 century by one person called al wahabi. It is like some cults in other religions but the al Saudi family sect wahabism is a very violent and terrorism breathing which human being never ever have been witness this kind. It is a satanic cult you can Judge it with its satanic crimes all over the world.

    Stop importing or having anything to do with the backward Arab culture in Ethiopia. It must be rejected and condemned. Ethiopia, Africa and the world hates the Arab backward and divisive culture including the dark Tent look like dress Muslim women are carrying not dressing. Because it is not looking like a dress to enjoy but to hide in it.

    Burn it like the Malians women did after they liberated by the French from the al-Qaida Arabs supported by the wahabi Saudis. 1000s Malian women and girls were coming together and celebrated along side with men dancing around while burning the wahabis Arab dress they were forced to dress against their will and it is not a Malian or African culture dressing.

    Reject the Arabs culture started from that depressed, degraded, backward and shapeless dark cloth and head cover. It is not a Muslim dress but a wahabi sect dress. Reject wahabi sect that has nothing to do with Islam but created since the 19 century. Read about Al wahabi

    To learn more Google or read books. Wahabism is not a religion but the way we are witnessing its inhuman and satanic crimes all over the world including 9/11. No Arabic backward culture in Ethiopia. Ethiopians are not Arabs. So, stop dressing the way the hateful, racist, barbaric and with countless bad names Arab are dressing. You need to distance yourself from them starting from rejecting the way they dress and talk.

    If you think that dress has to do with the Arab religion, them don’t wear it in public places, work places, schools and so on. Religion is personal while the country is for all. After all you are not barbaric Arab but human. Who wants to be like them including dressing the Arab culture, if they call that a culture.

  5. Mekdes says:

    This will be good lesson for my brithers and sisters not to go to somebidy’s country illegaly. Those human traffickers will make beautifull stories to make their money they don’t care. But , the Saudi givernment act is barbaric. Whether, these people legal or illegal, they should have been dealt with respect and diginity. Every body knows the Saudis have their right to enfoece their law, but this act shouldn’t be given to hooligans and street gangs.

    The Ethiopian government really showed its respect for its citizens eventhoug, thos migrants crossed the biarder illegaly. This is the quality of governance. Ignoring those diaspora oppositions is good thing in the part of the govt because, these ipposition groups always thinking to score their goal. For example G7 Birhanu Nega went out on ESAT and said they will facilitate, and help these people to join them, to help them topple the govt. Isn’t this rediculous? Even, their host Isaayas army is defecting to Saudi. Good luck Birhanu and Andargachew.

    I want to say for the returnees, I wish them goid luck and succes in their ciuntry.

  6. teshome says:

    A report of such kind displeased ESAT ‘journalists’ and they are telling us no Ethiopians were returned home form Saudi Arabia.
    This time now ‘ESAT’ is having a short hand in resources and they are going heaven and earth to find money..
    ESAT (hatred lord media) had a long dream to use the Ethiopian Diasporas as an ATM machine but now it looks that toxic Diasporas and few innocent and confused Ethiopians got completely fatigued.
    ESAT looks to be ‘war on Money’, it is trying to exploited the recent Ethiopian tragedy as a good source of money and as we speak it has opened bank account and started to collect money. By the way putting aside for the moment whether this would effective or not, which party of the free media mandate allows to do that…It is so wired. Let’s put the question one step further, which part of ESAT institutional mechanism allows Ethiopians to be helped inside Saudi Arabia. ESAT, won’t be afraid to tell us they had opened an Embassy long time ago….
    Recently, as recently as last week, insiders reveled that ESAT is on the verge of closing for lack of financial support..
    Can any body imagine, ESAT has nearly one million dollar expense annually. It is a deadly true fact. Unlike the other few years, ESAT journey is gonna be tough. That is why ESAT is found every where it sees reflection of coins. It went Egypt and Eritrea for the same reason….The current devotion of collection of money in the name of Saudi Arabia Ethiopian immigrants is not different….What do we need more than this, ESAT is in a deadly war on Money

    • none of ... says:

      hey man, losing trying as far as sky-high and as low as oceans-deep, you better tell yourself that you’re a “gracious” loser. Stop tuning yourself up to the media (ESAT) that belongs to others and live own life.

  7. Lula says:

    From 23,000 Ethiopians people 240 TPLF arrive in Ethiopia i hope Woyane you can burn in hell with you ass holes Arabs.

  8. Teddy says:

    Welcome home fellas. If you work hard as much as you did in Saudi , you will make a difference in your life and most of all you will be a living witness to tell the story. Establish some kind of association and borrow money from the bank. The govt has to play the leading role on this. I hope it will.

  9. ahmed says:

    we have to look in different direction
    our developement angered egyptians so they are in problem now they are creating onother nile problem in our people in soudi arabia this is long planed.

    at the same time there are so many muslim ethiopian arested in ethiopia that also creat some sort of anger.

    so we should’t be surprise whats happening in soudi arabia.

    what our goverment should do is the safe returen of its citizen.

    our developement will carry on hedase gedeb will never stop.

    and our deplomacy with saudi should’t be derail.

    few extrimist in saudi arabia supported by egyptian and killing inocent ethiopian thats the creat our good relation with the rest of arab countries.

    thank you

  10. ጃሌው says:

    ከዚህ ብሔራዊ ውርደት ኣንድ በጎ ነገር ይወጣል ብዬ የማምነው የኢትዮጵያውያን በይበልጥ ኣንድ መሆን ነው።

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