Dr. Tewodros: Saudi Arabia says they are “illegals”, we don’t mind, they have home to come


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27 Responses

  1. Tekle M. says:

    He went to school-but still he is in dark-
    age, unqualified to his post. sorry for the
    ethiopians, even in war times you can not
    rob civilians, this is the mind of the
    weyane, they sit in the city of the african-union. but they don’t understand,
    they sold the country-it is in the foreign

    • Aderob says:

      unfortunately you are an influenced person with narrow mind, if not how you attack the minister instead of responding to the main case?

  2. Asmayt says:

    I feel very sorry for the victims of Ethiopian brothers and sisters but I don not agree with Dr. Tewodros excuses about the deportation of illegals during war time or the like. Eritreans were not illegal immigrants in Ethiopia when were deported during the Ethio Eritrea war.

  3. ilula lemma says:

    what is the problem with Dr.Thewodros. Is he scared of condemning Saudi arabia. He need to condemned in black and white the barbarian act of Saudi Arabia officially. Not going around the bush.If He did not I will say it for him.

    We Ethiopians at home and around the world condemned the Barbaric act and crime on humanity and killing of innocent people due to there race In Saudi Arabia. We urge the UN and ICC to see this urgent issue.On the mean time we urge International community to express with Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia.

  4. Africa says:

    The biggest problem the world is making including Ethiopia is that they still don’t get the truth and the truth is not getting through in their head and mind that Saudi Arabia being an evil kingdom breeding evil societies that are behaving evils and making this world the very dangerous place including they are responsible for al-Qaida, Taliban, Boko Haram, Alshebab, all Sunni terrorists and terrorist attacks including 9/11.

    So, there is no news or wonder way this desert creatures are behaving the way they do not only against Ethiopians but also against the world on daily basis.

    Who is responsible for the war against Afghanistan during the 1970s and 1980s? Saudi Arabia was financing while USA and Paki were planning and training the Mujahidin which most of them were Arabs including Bin Laden. Saudi created Mujahidin against the soviet Afghanistan are split and the Arabs created al-Qaida and the rest created Taliban.
    Saudis are responsible what is going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan including financing the mad rassas and the terrorist acts against the Pakistani shias that are killed with thousands for the last 10 years.
    During Iraq and Iran war Saudi were financing Sunni Sadam. Today Saudis are financing al-Qaida in Iraq against the Shia government.
    Saudis are occupying Bahrain for the last two years protecting the minority Sunni rulers against the Shias people.
    Saudis are bombing time to time shias in North West Yemen despite huge territory in south Saudi Arabia is historically belongs to Yemen and the dispute is not yet solved but will be the biggest problem between the two.
    Saudis are financing alshabab. Everyone knows that. The Arabs are behind alshabab as the name itself says Youth in Arabic which is not a Somali or African name.
    As the Nigerians are saying Saudis are financing Boko haram.
    As the document including bank statements from Saudi showed, Saudis are financing al Qaida in Mali.
    Saudis are responsible what is going on in Yemen, Libya and Tunisia too as the wahabi Sunnis are taking the nations under sharia with failed state system.

    What is going on in Syria including the dearth of more than 120.000, more than 2.5 million left the county, 6 million internal displacement, the destruction, terrorism and all hell going on in Syria is 100% because of Saudi and other Gulf nations.

    What is going on in Egypt including the unrest today as it is going on the past two years is directly conducted by petro dollar? They gave Egypt Military coup 12 billion dollar just like that. But what these creatures don’t get it is that Egypt will need Always 10 times more than this every year and we will see they will keep on throwing billions towards Egypt just to stop away the change beyond Saudi and other gulf nation boundaries which is a none the unstoppable task but buying few times. .
    But it is a lost money for nothing. It will not keep them safe for ever. It is about time and the time is approaching them to become in chaos and destruction worse than the way they did to the world as far as to USA-9/11.

    So, what Theodros says about the evil Arabs reaches to nowhere but it is business as usual with this desert creatures. They don’t know better and they cannot better. This is who they are and how they behave. Humanity is not in them.

    Just keep yourself away from them. They are the source of all suffering in this world directly as well as indirectly in the name of wahabi Islam. The Iranians embassy terrorist act in Lebanon today is part of it.

    Stop having any relation or closeness with them. They are evil creatures nothing good is coming with/from them but pure evilness. We don’t want them in Ethiopia and all Africans must do the same. Chinese, Japan, Koreans, Russians, USA, Iranians, Europeans and the likes are million times welcome and better to us than the Arabs. Keep them away from our country. The same times stop going there. Desert is not the place to invite normal human beings.

    After all these are creatures:

    -treating women legally as minors; not equal to man with anything including being witness or human right.
    -are punishing the victims including when a woman is raped blaming her while allowing the criminals go free.
    -are not allowing women to vote if there is any vote or democracy at all. Because there is no democracy even by word as they are accusing democracy, rule of law, free press and human right the enemy of sharia.
    -they are not allowing women to ride a car.
    -they are not allowing woman to walk alone including in her own street and city.
    -they are not allowing man and women to study, work and associate together. It is always separation/segregation between them.
    -They don’t allow women to dress the dress she wants and fell comfortable.
    -they are allowing man to force his wife for having sex.

    It is countless these desert creatures are with war and fight against including the basic and natural human rights human being elsewhere enjoys as free human being and citizen

    So, how anyone expects them to do anything right including the crimes they have done against Ethiopians in their country while the whole world knows they are the cause of each and every chaos, war, destruction and terrorism all over the world and all sort of human right violations against own citizens mainly women?

    Just avoid them completely. When they come they come always with evilness that would cause damages in the country in many ways. The rest of Africa need to do the same thing knowing Arabs are the worst racist, colonizers and slave traders against Africans for millennia back thousands years before the Europeans slave trade. Sudan was the centre of their slave trade base for many years even before Mohamed till 1962 where slavery abolished officially in Saudi Arabia. They were trading slaves legally from Sudan, south Egypt, Somalia and the rest of Africa except Ethiopia till 1962.

    But this is the first time ever, they are challenging Ethiopia this way thinking oil is there to do the fight for them against the green, water rich, highland and nice weather Ethiopia no one in history managed to defeat her, let along this time where Ethiopia is in the best position by herself and having many powerful and friendly nations as allies and partners.
    They started, and we will finished it at the end that may take sometimes and we have enough times and patient.

  5. Jhonny says:

    Dr Tewodros Adhanom. I will simply say thumbs up. You are such good heart human being like most of EPRDF offficials. I am realy touched by this mishaps which happened to our fellow citizens whether they are Muslims or christians. Well, those peiple are in the country illegaly, but they are humanbeing. As you said at one time their ancestots were hosting, those evil doers ancestors when they were chased away by their enemies. At that time, those people were not educated but they accpted them and gave them shelter until they arr returned safely. That should be remembered by the Saudis.

    My fellow Ethiopians you must convince yourself that u can chaange yourself and your country if u work hard like u did for the Saudi Sheiks. They are the ones who loose not u.Don’t give an ear for toxic diasporas . Their aim is to make money using your misery.

    Great Job Dr. Tewodros and allDiplomatic community who worked hard fir the safe return of the returnees. Thank you for beliving and make relity that these people have home called Ethiopia.

  6. Zuhayyan says:

    The labor policy is to correct the status of illegal workers, who smuggled into the country, rather than deporting legal, legitimate, documented foreign workers. This is a big difference. Those illegal workers have proved to be imminent danger to the society.

    For years, Ethiopians have been engaging in criminal acts, ranging from slaughtering infants and the elderly, to sexual harassment and molestation of women and children, rape, kidnapping, to armed robberies and other heinous crimes. By doing so, they are showing contempt to the authority and the people of Saudi Arabia, in addition to threatening the safety of the physical being of locals and legal foreigners alike. People do not feel safe anymore, and something has to be done.

    The government gave that illegal seven-month amnesty period to rectify their residency status without fines or penalty. Those who did are welcomed, and those who did not must leave, as they insisted on living in the dark to continue with their crimes without the possibility of being apprehended.

    • Chala says:


      No ethiopian said this people should live in saudi with out being legal. every one is angry the way saudi treating them.
      don’t forget the first rufgee in the world are saudi came to ethiopia and ethiopia saved your life and the religion islam.

      Now you are become embarrassment to Islam by doing a work of saitan killing raping and robbing.

      you should have to be ashamed the richest country in the world become like this.

      As you hear from the FM we are ready to welcome our citizens just stop the killing, toruring and rapping our womens.

    • ash says:


      you say “Ethiopians have been engaging in criminal acts, ranging from slaughtering infants and the elderly, to sexual harassment and molestation of women and children, rape, kidnapping, to armed robberies and other heinous crimes”

      fine, my question is does this law apply to Saudi equal if the Saudi commited rape, killing and looting and refusing to pay wage… is the same law apply and did ever pushed even one saudi for killing an immgrant…

      if you want prove why not watch the video that the Saudi rob the Ethiopian and beating the Ethiopians yes Saudi have the right to deport all Ethiopain but you have no right to beat or rob Ethiopia those Ethiopian work all their life and you kick them out with in 15 days. come on…

      There are saudi investment in Ethiopian engaged in billion dollars Saudi can be benfiting working with Ethiopian… Ethiopa is the closest country that Saudi has for all kind of investment and food supply…those Ethiopian are not poor I am very glad you kick them out Ethiopan need them you are giving us a great gift…. no hard feeling I more them happy those Ethiopian back in Ethiopia therefore for sack of Saudi fix your own law

    • Abe says:

      Dear Zuhayyan,

      The Saudi government has the exclusive right to enforce its labor policy and nobody argues on its immigration law implementation either.

      But what we oppose is the inhuman way of handling and treating the immigrants.

      Your saying that the Ethiopians were engaged in the criminal activities you mentioned as slaughtering children and elderly, rape, sexual harassment, etc for years are complete allegations and lacks truth.Unless somebody has a critical mental problem or else he/she has been very much abused to the extent of helplessness, how can one does this horrible thing? I doubt. Judging all Ethiopians as perpetrators of this act is wrong and insult to us as society.

      Look at your deeds on videos posted on social media and compare what you allegated on Ethiopians. Are the true slauthers, killers,rapists are the Saudis or the Ethiopians?Do you think and believe helpless refugees should be treated this way?I am not saying that all Saudis were engaged in this horrible activity, but the government and the police allowed for such barbaric deeds to go on.

  7. Mageid says:

    The Saudi Arabians robbed the money the migrants saved, their only option after they got to Ethiopia is living life under the bridge in Addis Ababa as a homeless person. I don’t know why Theodros said the migrants have homes because as we hear many are residing under the bridge and begging for money inside church compounds after they returned to Ethiopia. Even the Ethiopian orthodox Tewahdo Church have declared a two months emergency fasting period to make sure the public is aware of the severity of the danger they are facing.

  8. Joe says:

    Go Sir. Great work. Need to stick together for your blood. Hope other countries do the same for their citizens.

  9. Nebil A. Oumer says:

    Shame on those Ethiopian illegal immigrants in Saudi Arabia that dragged the name of Ethiopia to the lowest in the eyes of the world The Ethiopian’s protests held worldwide against Saudi Arabia’s campaign of enforcing immigration laws shows the Ethiopian diaspora communities lack of respect to the immigration laws of other countries .

    Police have rounded up tens of thousands of people for deportation since an amnesty for foreign workers to regularize their status expired on November 4, somehow only the Ethiopian illegal migrants still to this date have not realized it has been 15 days since the amnesty expired. These proves Ethiopians complete complete disregard to the laws of the nation of Saudi Arabia. All Ethiopians worldwide need to realize the fact it has been 15 days since the amnesty expired giving Saudi Arabia to continue the campaign which is no longer limited to a time frame . Ethiopian need to stop the protests in front of Saudi Arabia’s embassies at once before the whole world starts thinking twice about the Ethiopians mentality when it comes to immigration laws of other countries.

    Nearly a million migrants — Bangladeshis, Filipinos, Indians, Nepalis, Pakistanis and Yemenis among them took advantage of the amnesty voluntarily .

    Another four million were able to find employers to sponsor them, a legal requirement in Saudi Arabia as in several other Gulf states.

    Only the Ethiopians have failed to comply.The Ethiopians even tried to start clashes of violence which put the Saudi Arabians patience to the test.

    • ash says:

      Nebil A. Oumer


      “Bangladeshis, Filipinos, Indians, Nepalis, Pakistanis and Yemenis among them took advantage of the amnesty voluntarily .”

      I dont care if Bangladeshis or Filipnos take advtage of your amnesty…

      to start with your law must be improved this is like aparthid you are runing Saudi why in hell i need some one to sponsor me to work you your country… that means that sponsor own me as slave owner cant work anywhere that is not fare..

      there are many thing unfare with your law i am not saying you change your law Iam saying your law work against muslim law..

      let me say one thing a maid work for two years and the boss refused to pay her or refused to give her passport..

      now tell me why in hell the boss can hold someone passport..this is slavery…
      second all maid salery must be paid in bank and with all money in closed account where no one can take out the money for number of years this way the maid can get 20% for expnise the rest saved in bank

      another law must be no one should keep illigal maid in there house anyone found to be hireing illigal maid then should be punshed 100,000 saudi dollars

      if any maid died in the boss house must be investgeted for sexual abuse and payment and the boss must buy insrance and if any one died in his house not to rehire anykind of maid for next ten years.. if the boss doesnt have insurance then the boss must pay fine regdless of who kill the maid because we will never know who kill the maid therfore if the boss killed the maid he will cost him money therefore he will not kill her.

      Now any under age girl for any reason must not be hire or keept in Saudi house for any kind of reason… if found again big fine.

      you see saudi you can just pass law that affect the immgrant and not you… the law must protect both the immgrant and the Saudi

      another law to protect the maid or worker is if you fire any immgrant under you then you must wait another five year to hire another worker this way the sponsor CAN not abouse the immigrant yes you can hire more but you cant fire one and hire anther one…

      all maid must get vistion right to their Ebbassy evey year once so if they dont like it they can stop working …this way every one will be happy

    • Gudu says:

      You are not Nebil (a muslim). What you are trying to do is a muslim defending the undefendable barbaric act of the islamic state. Then we (christians) pissed off and start cursing muslims and islam. You are a weyane cadre. It doesn’t matter whether u r a muslim or christian. My friend know that we no more go back to the religious and ethnic bla bla. We are tired of it. Everything comes to HUMANITY, the greatest common factor.

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Nebil,

      The criminals are not Ethiopians. It is the Saudis. But I do not mean all Saudis. The human traffickers who take Ethiopians from Ethiopia promising job for and asking Ethiopians to 2000 US dollars for trafficking them to your country are Saudi. Saudis do that and they dump Ethiopians on the streets of your country. Saudi then employ them illegally either to use them as slaves or at minimal pay. If your people were not employing illegal immigrants regardless from where illegal immigrants come, illegal immigrants would not come to your country. According to me, the illegal immigrants victims twice or three times. You trafficking them by charging 2000 dollars for each and you dump them without the promised job? then you employ them illegally with no pay or with little pay? and now you turned against them? If I was a Saudi Arabians, I would not apply the law on my Saudi citizens who employ and trafficking poor people from across the globe than killing the poorest of the poor.

      You are really barbaric you killed people because they are illegally in your country? every country has the same burden of illegal immigrants, but no country kills illegal immigrants the way you do. You are slaughtering poor people and this is done in the so called holy land? where your peaceful, caring and loving religion?

      No one is saying your country has to be filled with illegal immigrants. What has pissed all Ethiopians across the globe is your are slaughtering our people on the streets of your country? and only Ethiopians? why? I think Saudi are killing Ethiopians to provoke war with us? otherwise, how would a country that is millions of arable land to do farming in Ethiopia end up slaughtering our people like goats? Anyway, do not blame Ethiopians; you are treating our people badly and we see Ethiopians maids hanging themselves everyday across the middle east? you have a problem they way you see other non-arab humans. I think it is just racism based on ignorance like apartheid. What you are doing is genocidal. It is not the number of victim that is angering Ethiopians; it is the way you are slaughtering our people on the streets of your country. You need to change people and develop and civilize and respect other humans. You are human like any human; do not uphold yourself as better. There are Arab everywhere in Ethiopia but no one cares where they came from. I do not think even anyone asks them to have papers or permits. Ethiopia and Ethiopians are colour and race blind. You are the most racist on the planet. You do not like the white, you do not like black? This has to do with ignorance. You need to travel, and learn from other humans than behaving like wild beasts slaughtering people like animals. I can not remove from my mind the blood of Ethiopians you have shed on the streets of your country. Oh, my God, what a savage nation on earth. Interacting with other human and respect lives like your life. Terrorist come from Saudi Arabia, slaughtering like this happens in your country? do not blame us. We see the picture and they things you are doing to humanity. I honestly used to love Arabs before I knew them. Arabs all over Africa, Tanzania, Mombsa, Mallawi, Ethiopia,… if we have to follow what you are doing? we have to search for arabs and kill them? shame on you and you do this in the 21 century? Shame on you.

  10. Ash says:

    Now Saudi give us great gift of human capital… Start business zone which is tax free and free land…which self finance by selling share to public…for example why export peanut raw when u can export peanut butter and peanut oil to Saudi make ur revenge by making them pay

  11. yohannes says:

    good job Dr teddy !!”

  12. abeba says:

    It is amazing speech we need this kind of leader ship very talented,and gifted political leader he has addressed good speech and uses appropriate word I can say nothing he addressed amazing speech at all God keep in safe our fellow ethiopian @ living the areb kingdom.

  13. Chala says:

    First i am really angry about what saudi is doing right now. i know they are not educated and are like animal but in 21st century i didn’t expect this.
    second about the gov. for not allowing people in ethiopia to express there feeling . if the FM is allowed to speak his disappointment on saudi why not the ordinary Ethiopian given the chance.
    Third about the G7 buchilas they always try to make profit on ethiopian seafaring. look Lemagne beyena who never worked for the last 22 years see this opportunity to collect money.
    We are a shame.

  14. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Saudi Arabia, its is your God given right to kick illegal people from your cities and dry farmlands. BUT for each person you cut their necks before even investigating the crimes, for each woman that was made to feel she is nothing but a child producing machine, for each foreign person you took lives for each migrant you took body parts and threw their bodies in the desert like a piece of meat. For all that have to suffer your deeply disturbing inhuman way of thinking which is sick sick sick!!! YOU WILL PAY! If Jesus or Allah are truily there in the skies watching what you are doing. YOU WILL PAY!!!

  15. Visitor says:

    “The US-based advocacy group Human Rights Watch (HRW) has accused Iran of violating its legal obligations towards refugees from Afghanistan and failing to protect them from abuse.
    In a report published on Wednesday, HRW says thousands of Afghans have been summarily deported from Iran without a hearing of their right to remain.
    Thousands of Afghans enter Iran illegally every year.
    About 2.4 million Afghans are resident in the country.”

    Did you read that?

    This is how so called human rights are working based on the one who are hiring and finance them. Of course they cannot say anything against their employees and financiers Petro kings and emirs unless it is a propaganda job to make the Inhuman Arabs to be seen as human which is not their nature throughout history that gets worse since the 1970 where the wahab Saud is started to finance and spread its hateful and terrorism doctrine, wahabism, all over the world.

    If it is about human right, why is they are not accusing the Saudis that are killing and treating Ethiopian emigrants the way Hitler did in concentration camp. The Saudis are killing, raping and abusing Ethiopians while putting more than 23.000 of them in a concentration camp.

    Yet, the so called HRW is criticizing Iran that is deporting illegal afghan immigrants(2.4 million of them in the country) where some Taliban’s and Saudi al-Qaida are part of it and are danger to Iran which is seen the worse enemy to Sunni Arabs/wahab Saud. But not the Wahabi Saudi crimes against the Ethiopian immigrants that are small in number, peaceful and most of them are Christians.

    Down so called Human right watch where most of its members are the English, it doesn’t matter its office is in USA or elsewhere. It is a collection of individuals making a living this way using the so called HRW as private industry where criminals like Arabs are financing to silent them when they commit crimes against humanity as they do towards Ethiopians or to use them against other nations like Iran.

  16. Alem says:

    Nebil A. Oumer,

    This is how things are working in your world.

    When women rapped, you are blaming, accusing and punishing her while admiring and rewarding the criminals/rapists.

    So, blaming the Victims by Arabs in this case Ethiopians is the way how things are working in that naturally curst and the world biggest dead desert the Arabs are living as sins living in hell while alive.

    One thing is certain which is what the Saudis did/are doing against Ethiopians is the best thing to happen to Ethiopia to get benefit from in many ways including protecting her from the evil Arabs. what happened to Ethiopians and what is happening against Ethiopia by Arabs is the best awaking call that make Ethiopians to keep the Arabs away from the country.
    Ethiopians will never ever respect, trust or fear them but avoid them completely from our country and Generally from Africa and treat them in our green country the way they treat us in their desert.

    The desert creatures crimes today against Ethiopians will play very vital roles keeping Ethiopia safe from the Arab crimes that is coming in different ways and prosper the nation without having them around which is free from demons and monsters where the Arab are known causing troubles all over the world they are coming in.

    Therefore, Ethiopians must take this situation as one of the best opportunities in order to keep Ethiopia free and safe from the Arab atrocities and troubles we know who they are and how they do when they come to any country.

    No one expects anything good or right from them anymore but all lies, bad, negative, grousome crimes, racism and other countless bad behaviors including blaming the victims they are responsible for committing the crimes. They are not really part of the human society in anywhere but locked up in the hell part of the biggest desert on earth that gives them poison/dirty oil to pollute the earth environment and making them out of humanity by all standards.

  17. Visitor says:

    I read not long ago, Sudan imports 2 million tons of wheat cost more than $900 million. 2 million tons is equal to 20 million quintals.

    Ethiopia is offering more than 4 million hectare very fertile, water rich and nice weather land to foreign investors including Arabs. This is the biggest mistake the Ethiopian government is doing. Instead of giving the best land to foreign investors including the enemies such as Arabs that are pretending as investors while we are witnessing how they are treating us in their country, the Ethiopian government needs to have a very huge state owned commercial farming plan.
    Using those 4 million fertile lands under state owned modern and export market oriented farming is the best and biggest thing Ethiopians have to do for short as well as long term job guarantee, food security and hard currency earnings alongside having good nations as friends to get their food, drink and clothing securities from the green Ethiopian soil.

    4 million hectare in Ethiopia could produce more than 300 million quintals wheat, rice, barely or the likes at one season. Ethiopian weather and landscape is the best place to harvest anything all seasons meaning at least 4 times the year. Therefore, Ethiopia can earn hundreds of billions foreign currency every year from exporting the items the Ethiopian land is suitable to grow anything and everything can grow and this way it can give a long term job guarantee to millions of its citizens.

    So, stop leasing lands to foreign investors especially Arabs but hire foreign experts in the field, research and international marketing for knowledge transfer and gradually Ethiopians will take over.

    If you give them a 25 or more years food security Guarantee to countries like China, Korea, Japan, Iran, India, those in Africa, Israel and the likes, for sure, they will lend you money today as much as you want for this purpose and will assist you with technology in order the 4 million government owned farm land becomes the best place for agriculture productions they intended to get them for years to come.

    Just have a new plan and strategy including selecting good nations to have them around while avoiding the bad ones we know them who they are. Stop having any economic as well as political link with the Arabs. You already know how they are treating us in their country. So what is the reason and justification to treat them differently in our country and worse than that allowing them to own farm land or any property in Ethiopia?

    Sate owned commercial farm land its production are totally export oriented is the best answer and solutions Ethiopians have to do including to create millions of jobs for its young and energetic youth and earn hard currency.

    Always remember: the biggest problem the world is facing and will face badly always will be food and drink securities which Ethiopia can give a long term guarantee for many nations if she owns her farm land under her own ownership and its own citizen’s responsibilities.

  18. islam says:

    drea Saudi reader.

    since I have been in Europe as one police officer said about a problem might find with Ethiopian ethnic group in his country they are hard working people but at the weakend you might find some of them drink and drive.

    in Saudi Arabia if any Ethiopia act some sort of crime I will say its just self defence or beyond human capapelity of handling a torch and mental trauma by their employer.

  19. Alemay says:

    21 November 2013

    “Saudi men arrested for offering free hugs in Riyadh”

    These are look like human but creatures seem are from another planet the world are dealing them with crimes against humanity and nature.

    They are committing countless crimes including gruesome ones including raping any woman they like and any time they want and marring more women at ones and causing lots of destructions.

    Yet, they are jailing and punishing when people hugs for love, respect and closeness.

    What kind desert creatures are these evils this world is facing very badly?

    Can we expect anything good from them now and in the future? No. Just don’t go there and don allow them to come or do anything bad against our country including indirectly we know they are doing it in the name of wahabism using the oil money they are getting without doing any job but using slave labors to dig the sand in order to get the dangerous oil that nature berried it deep in the ground in the worthless desert knowing it is dangerous. But they are digging it and affecting the environment with pollution and using the money wrongly to affect the world as bad as we know them.

    Let something powerful punish them in a way they disappear from the surface of the earth. They are the one and only making this world the place of war, lies, destruction, hate and crimes against nature and humanity including their own innocent citizens that have no right as free and normal human being of the 21-century.

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