Anna Gomez is coming to Ethiopia


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33 Responses

  1. Ahadu says:

    The spoiler is coming!

    She will be embarrassed for sure.

  2. Embasoleda says:

    Anna Gomez, should never step her feet on Ethiopia’s soul, because she was one of the Ethiopian enemies’ agant that she mislead and fooled the kikinjts not to take the seats they had won in 2005. Because of her and other snek that they enraged the Kinigit fools to protest or to creat public unrest. So, I’m so disappointed on the Ethiopian emabcy for granting her a visa to visit Ethiopia.

  3. Sisay A says:

    Please make her sleep in Sheraton with Shimales Kemal and she will start supporting EPRDF.
    If a night in sheraton with Birhanue make her opposition then do the same now to make her to change her mind.

    I remember what Meles wrote in Herald newspaper about Ana and choose a song for her WHAT LOVE TO DO WITH IT by Tina Turner

  4. Haile B says:

    Anna Gomez’s coming to Ethiopia is great for Ethiopia. She may see for herself Ethiopia’s transformation economically and socially. I would also encourage her to come back when the City Train is operational. We are becoming somebody not anybody.

  5. juhar ahmed says:

    watch out yo she look crazy

  6. mahlet asefa says:

    Anna Gomez ANCHI MUUTI SETYO. You have always been mad that Meles Zenawi was taking Ethiopia forward unlike what you and your like have been saying. but for me its not clear whether this womans passion of freeing our journalists and siding with incompetent opposition comes from truly believing their innocence or a devious secret mission to help bring about a distraction in our country. Either way she is No body. this is not the SLAVE AGE. So now we decide for our selves. Not a delusional and highly emotional for her post crazy lady. And how dare she mention our Beloved leaders name with that dirty mouth. And why are we allowing her to come to our country, why doesn’t she party with Birhanu and G7 and leave us alone. B***h.

  7. Freethinker says:

    በዚች ሰዉ ምክንያት ዜጎቻችን ሞተዋል፤ የድሀዋ ሀገራችንና የገለሰቦች ንብረት ወድሟል። ለሰራቸዉ ጥፋት የአለም ህብረተሰብ እና ኢህአዴግ ተጠያቂ እንድትሆን ማድረግ ነበረባቸዉ። ግን ከኢህአዴግ ቤት ባብዛኛዉ አቅመ-ቢስ አድርባይ እንጅ ነብስ ያለዉ ሰዉ ብዙም ስሌለለ፤ ሰትዮዋ እንደፈለገቺዉ ትፏልላለች። ለማንኟዉም አሁን ኢትዮጵያ ስትሄድ ብቻዋን ማደሯ ነዉ! ሞላጫዉ ብርሃኑ የለም ፡)፡)

  8. ibrahim s says:

    i am so happy she is going to ethiopia i am prod of her

  9. Mekdes says:

    I am really proud of EPRDF, giving her entry visa, shows how this govt is confident. This confidence, didn’t come recently, EPRDF used this confidence when it was fighting Derg it was releasing the war prisoners to be free. But, they will tell him if we capture you again fighting us we will blow your head off so this old Portugese Slut she should watch her act. I am sure EPRDF will not organize harrassing demonstration like the thugs which she was supporting, the G7 ex-kinigit supporters.

    It would have been different if she campaigned against them her fate would have been harrassment. In the first place they will not give her entry visa. This was inherited from theirmentor and hero Mengistu Hailemariam. I am glad Ethiopia is in the hand of the nations nationalities heroEPRDF.

  10. roman says:

    So nice to see her again. I wonder what will she say after all?

  11. alemayehu says:

    she is rely a mad Dog!!

  12. kidus says:

    ms.anna gomez she is the latest female leader with honesty to the people of ethiopia and she has tried a lot as she can do but tplf leaders lie the truth so i expect she will be the winne to the people!!!!

  13. mulugeta says:

    One of the “warmongering idiot” arrived in Addis to disclose the objectives of Ginbot 7 at the 26th session of the Africa Caribbean Pacific – European Union (ACP-EU) Joint Parliamentary Assembly; this is the first political achievement for G7 popular force over EPRDF as he send one of his leader Ms. Anna Gomez, but her commitments to political parties has been varied with sexual gratification and I would like to advise the government to do more on her sexual gratification rather than arguing on ideas and points.

  14. mebratu says:

    lairs disgraced by their evil deeds. she will regret by the wrong she had done on us when witnessing the change. concerned body should follow her closely up

  15. Dawit says:

    She is not afraid to speak the truth and stand for the underdogs unlike many politicians, who care less about anything except fattening their pocket or building their power base with dictators or anyone with money.

    She is an exception to the rule. She deserves respect and admiration.

  16. I think this demonstrates the diplomatic wisdom of the Ethiopians, particularly leaders of EPRDF,are diplomatically because Ana Gomez might have thought that Ethiopia will not grant her entry visa,for she might have the feeling to her self very important and could inflict damage to Ethiopia in international politics. So now let her learn that she is nothing in the face of Ethiopians. At least she will learn that the Ethiopians do not any important enemy other than poverty and backwardness therefore Gomez is nothing in this context.

  17. reza says:

    madam GOMEZ you are not a rapresentative of a human rihgt like you think you are.but you are a frastrated and depressed woman. after all the late pm of ethiopia is not a dictatore yes he used to be a repreesive progressist this yuo will see by your own eyes when you will be in ethiopia.but before you talk too much abaut other countries problems try to see your PORTUGALS human rihgt a

  18. WONDINET says:


  19. Name (required) says:


    Lets us forgive and forget. WE should welcome her warmly. This time around she will see for herself how far we have come in combating backwardness and poverty. I hope the respected Ana, will be a helping hand in this regard in the future. I wish her a good time during her stay in Addis.

  20. mama says:

    I see clearly that the visitors of this website are EPDRF supporters or members. Anagomez is very clear, genuine and courageous woman. She has spoken what a mind of true and righteous man can speak. She tried to tell the world that Meles Zenawi was dictator, authocrat and evil.

    She may say something to the foolish and evil followers of Meles.

    • mamush says:

      I am writing this comment on behalf of myself not on behalf of the political party whether you believe or not; but my objective is not to see any political turmoil, displacement, death etc in Ethiopia, I don’t mean that this situations are currently at zero occurrence; the situations are still existing particularly during the two regimes (Derg and EPRDF). Rather than seeing Ethiopia having the fate of Syria or Somalia I would prefer to pay any sacrifice. All of us should refrain from killing each other to seize power in this contemporary world if we don’t have any solidarity approach. If we were persistently supporting or opposing the political parties to the extreme end, we should have lost the concept of modern politics in advanced world. Let me ask you one question, why we are unable to create a scientific community who can believe in logic, reasonable, arguing ideas with better ideas in world of common sense rather than killing each other and persistent incitement to hatred? In my perception this is a long years problem which we couldn’t solve it.

    • Jhonny says:

      Mama, what the hell are you doing here then? Your opposition groups will not let anybody except their members If you have constructive ideas other than criticizung lets hear it. If you realy want to enagage. Is it appropriate action taken by the govt.or not. You have to give a reason.

      • mamush says:

        Let us away from emotional when we are dealing with ideas, challenge the issue with alternative ideas. It doesn’t matter we may have divergent perspectives on the same reality and the country belongs to all citizens of different perspectives and solutions. The current situation demands to build national consensus, narrowing our differences, respecting each other and practicing politeness in our interactions as long as all the website visitors are our brothers and sisters of the same citizens having different political anatomy.

    • Tasew says:

      And you are??? A cyber General!? An asylum seeker!?

  21. Z-ETHIOPIAN says:

    This BIG TIME WHORE better not show-up in our nation. One of the most disgraceful politician I have never seen in my life time. I cannot stand this bitch. Please someone tell her Brihanu Nega is no longer in ETHIOPIA.

  22. ash says:

    once she touched Ethiopia she will be a damaged goods she cant say Ethiopian government is evil and aresseting people… because she will be TPLF proof they dont

  23. angereb says:

    I like Anna Gomez.
    She is the iron lady.
    I never forget what she had done for ethiopian people. The truth is comming soon

  24. yoyo says:

    @z-Ethiopian please change your nick name. you are not Ethiopian.
    what nation ur clam !! WEYANNEYE nation?? you are so stupid ignorant. why u guy’s don’t accept the truth what she (anna gomze) just speak the truth. i don’t understand weyanne supporter

  25. tola kebede says:

    Who cares about this lady.

  26. tola kebede says:

    Medre doma ras you have to belove your own people or poletican dont be A….h.le.

  27. rqywuwy says:

    what the fuck firest dhe should be fucked with her ass aroge dedeb

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