Ethiopia: ZTE and the network failure dilemma


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4 Responses

  1. Girma says:

    This is the biggest Shame and disaster.
    If it was in China, first of, all this mess, rubbish and disaster caused by this worthless company would never happen. If it was happened, for sure, the responsible would be jailed for life or killed.

    But in Ethiopia under the so called Doctor Debretsihon, it looks both are having secret agreements to do nothing but benefit together secretly and quietly.

    What is Debretsion doing when the net work is getting from bad to worse? Why is he still there? He cannot deliver anything but he is there to worsen the situation.

    There are many qualified and hard working Ethiopians to take over his place. Let him go to in the garbage. He is rubbish. This is the result of any education title when someone gets it with money, not attending education and gets only based on results. He is less than illiterates, let alone to be seen as a Doctor. hahahaha. Where is his doctor equivalent job and also his ministerial contrition to cover at the salary he is getting from the public?

    Can’t he feel shame and less than others when he know the Ministry of agriculture, Transport and the likes are doing their best while his job is getting from bad to worse and still he is there?

    Ethiopia must adopt firing the underperformance officials including ministers like Debretsion? Why is he still there despite the situation is getting from bad to worse every day? Or is this his job, being obstacles and the breeding ground of corruption related to telecom and net works? Who knows what is his secret agenda.

    If not he would leave the office knowing he cannot deliver and the qualified one would take his place. But he didn’t do that, yet. This is the time he must leave? Be sure, he can’t deliver the result Ethiopians are waiting and deserves.

  2. MULGEGE says:


  3. Ayeeeee says:

    Debretsion can read it? Or is he only a typist sitting with laptop (making a pathetic reclaim) on important meetings pretending as if the nation network and telecom is working? hahahahaha.
    If really he is a doctor, can he think, behave and deliver that way? Why is the network getting from bad to worse? One million network connections with working and quality connection is better than 28 million connection none of it is working? We need quality, not quantity that has no value at all.

    Very big tank and appreciation to Mesfin Abera. He is a professional and competent journalist doing the real journalism work serving his people the best way exposing the public enemies including the foreign criminals like this China Company is.

    Ethiopian journalists including those in abroad that are sick with Gossip journalism and their job is not journalism but subjective and personal interest, need to learn from Mesfin Abera and the likes and become professional and the 21-century journalists doing investigation and fact finding journalism the Ethiopian people needs the most to protect the country from internal as well as external economic corruption and sabotage damping bad quality and health risky products.

    This is not an incident or a one man show, but there is no doubt the Chinese telecom company knows about and it is doing like own a secret policy in Ethiopia to damage the competitive companies fearing if they do better, it would be expose and lose reputation and market. Instead of doing its job the best way using quality machines and systems, it is engaging with crimes against those working the job it cannot do or for some reason will not do.

    Chinese or other companies must know clearly that Ethiopian telecomm will never ever be given to foreign hand as private company. It will always remain in The Ethiopians hand. So, they must stop intentionally making the situation complicated thinking the Ethiopian government would say “I cannot do it, and please take it as private property and do it for us” meaning colonize us including our mental and physical movement and our network security is no longer in our hand including telephone conversation.

    It is better not to have any rather than giving the nation network system including Telephone and internet as private ownership in foreign hands. That means they would have anything and everything Ethiopians are speaking through telephone are any internet access they are using. Good leader and competent society would never do this kind damaging situation against itself in the name of privatization that would badly affect the nation in the long run. It is the same with banks and other financial and none financial service sectors.

    What the Ethiopian people must understand is that there are thousands people in China killed and life imprisoned or getting to labor camp every year because of criminal activities including those in highest level. Chinese government is the best but not all the citizens. There are Chinese in the name of company coming in the country for criminal activities including this one.

    So, the Ethiopian people must watch out and protect the nation from these kind criminals. When it comes to the people, Japanese are much better to us than some among the Chinese. This must be understood by the Ethiopian people. The Ethiopian government must work very closely with Chinese Government to solve these kind criminal activities by Chinese in Ethiopia. Or else china relation with Ethiopia and the rest of Africa will be damaged.

    This telecom company was in the news 6 weeks ago with corruption in Ethiopia amounted more than 13 million Dollar which is more than 200 million Birr that is a lot. They imported goods and materials without paying proper custom tax using corruption. And now, again they are engaging with criminal activities targeting those competing them with the best work which is very bad for Ethiopia.
    Ethiopia needs to have relationship with other countries too including Japan, Korea, Eastern Europe (PM move in Poland is the best need to continue with other nations in the region, too), Germany, Italy, France and the likes with development agreements rather than relaying only on China. This is a very dangerous trend in the long run if things are not stopped from right now.

    This is what can happen when a country allows foreign companies and investors to take charge with service sectors such as banks, Telecom, Insurance, energy, water supply, infrastructure and the likes. They can easily and quietly manipulate the situation for their advantage while damaging the nation.

    That is why we said again and again, Ethiopia must not allow foreign private ownership in Banks, telecom, Insurance, Energy, water supply, Infrastructure and the likes. If it happens, then the nation must be seen as a colony and in prison. It is better not to have those things rather than having them but with foreign hands. It will be like giving them legal rights and chances to kill and eat the nation till the bon.

    China must take this kind situation by her citizens and companies very seriously that would damage her reputation. The doing nothing Ethio- Telecom needs to be dissolved right now and start again. Because it is rotten for its head beyond repair. .

  4. Mario says:

    No problem! Chinese government or ZTE will advise Ethiopian government or Ethio-telecom to dump what was built so far and install a new one.

    Debretsion and his associates will be more than happy to put the bill on Ethiopians or on generations to come. That is the only way forward for secretive deals made by corrupt Ethiopian government officials like Debretsion and corrupting Chinese company CEOs.

    It is great to read news that expose the works of officials like Debretsion. That could help greatly to bring them to justice sooner or later.

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