Must-Watch: The Ungrateful Saudis – In memory of those killed in the lawless land


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17 Responses

  1. dani says:

    deporting illegal immigrant is every country right and no one is complains about that.

    But killing, raping, torchering , and robbing is completely unacceptable and in is un human.

    Also long term solution is to fight as one poverty and then we can stop our brothers and sisters leaving the country.

    other wise sitting in DC and being against any developlent in ethiopia more than 22 years won’t change any thing unless make in it worst.

    lets say and wish of ESAT happened and war started in ethiopia the next thing will happen is millions die and 10 th of millions will be refugee. how come that will help ethiopia to be better

  2. Oz. says:

    All religions are the same ! They all want you to belive their story. And all you Sand niggers out there, stop trying to convince Ethiopians as the chosen people by mohammed or all your profits, black people have no God or profits Ihey where born free from all this stupid superstations ! We dont belong to Allar nor Jesus we belong to mother Africa, One Love !

  3. Christianity is Love says:

    Ethiopian Muslims must stop believing In Islam as if it is a good religion. You need to become Christians or believe nothing that would make you human and gives you life than remaining trapped by demons and devils and being continuing as monster Muslims as the original and first class Muslims Arabs are (they are calling themselves this way while the rest are the last class Muslims especially blacks).

    Seen is believing. The truth and realities are facts making the believers believing in them. What we are seen, the truth and facts about Islam in the Arab desert where it is originated and the people saying are the true Muslims is telling that Islam is not a religion but an Arab cult they are using as a weapon to spread the Arab damaging culture and interest all over the world mainly poor and weak nations using oil money and violence.

    Islam is an Arab religion as they call it. They are telling Muslims all over the world learning the Arabic language, reading Quran only in Arabic, wearing the Arabic dress, talking as Arabs, behaving as Arabs, praying towards Saud Arabia; a country named after a person who is ruling the nation under …..And so on using Islam as a religion.

    Yet, the world knows how the Arabs are treating humanity including those in their country going there for help and better life with hard work. They see these people as best target to cause crimes against them because they are innocent, weak and poor have nobody to stand for them and they are under their authority in their county and homes.

    So, is there any Muslim including Ethiopian Muslims still think Arabic Islam is a good religion where its direct responsible people are behaving humanely and are the example of other with Good? No. The direct descendents and owner of Islam that are Arabs are monsters and devils not believers and no humanity in them.

    So, the Ethiopian Muslims need to wake up from the deep sleep the devil is in their head lies about it and become Christians. If really they are not badly damaged by Arabic religion called Islam, they need to stop being monster Muslims for the sake of monster Arabs that are known with it worldwide, instead they need to become lovely, happy, easy, trustworthy, respectful and with limitless good behaviors Christians.

    Ethiopian Muslims need to open their eyes and mind that is totally shuttered and became blind because of the Arabs religion lies while in reality it is a hateful, violent and anti humanity cult. We don’t need to be told about it but we are witnessing what they are doing every day all over teh world including in their own desert.
    So Ethiopian Muslims need to stop believing the Arabs cult the Arabs are using to spread their monster culture this way but become Christians that would lead you to live a happy and respectful person.

    If Islam was a religion back then when it started before over taken by devil and monster Arabs that are breathing and living being totally dependent on oil,
    If Islam was a religion back then when it started before the wahabi Terrorists based in Saud Arabia over taken to commit gruesome crimes against humanity human being never ever seen before this kind evilness in human history,
    If Islam was a religion back then when it started and Muhammad was really a prophet and his words and messages have to be respected,
    If Islam was a religion back then when it started and Mohamed was the messenger of allah as they call it,
    If Islam was a peaceful religion when it started before it tuned to be the worse violence cult human being never ever became face to face this kind with this magnitude,
    If Islam was a religion back then and it is still a religion where Muhamad as a prophet and allah is their god,

    Then not latter or not after one hour but now it has to severely punish the monsters and devils that are committing gruesome and countless crimes against humanity in the name of Islam. The source of the devils and monsters in the name of Islam is in Saud Arabia where the wahabi Islam that is since the 19 century and it is the Royal family sect is the first has to be eliminated.

    If not, Islam must be a violent cult from teh start the demons and evils are using it to spread the Arab culture with crimes against humanity.
    If the wahab Saudi are allowed to exist with the evil behavior they have against the poor, innocent, girls, women and the world, then Muhammad being a prophet must be a total lie and myths.

    People have to believe in Islam and accept as a religion only when the Saudi wahabism is eliminated from the surface of the earth including all its followers. Or else, Islam must not seen as a religion while witnessing the crimes happening all over the world in the name of wahabi/Sunni Islam the Arabs are responsible for.

    Let’s show us severely punishing and destroying the demons and monsters started from the source which is Saud Arabia and its royal families. Let show us these monsters being in the situation worse than what happened to Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt and the likes in combined that Saud and Gulf family owned rulers are responsible for.

    Arabs are not human but demons and monsters need to be hated, isolated and avoid from the rest of humanity. They have no humanity in them at all. They are damaged beyond recovery which is eliminating them is the only solution rather than trying to make them human they are not interested about and capable to become.

    • Oz. says:

      Look… First of all Christianity Is not love! Its all about taking orders and worshipping, Christianity denies you life even though you are born to live;) so shut a fuck up and let the wise talk, second of all why the hell are you writting three pages of comment dude?? make your point and stop that shit!

  4. Tewodros Gebeyehu says:

    Interesting, who make them to realize this story to those …..

  5. juhar ahmed says:

    we ethiopia we need say thank saudis arab because most of investment shaka alamudin money come from saudis arab not from america or iseale we need say thank for their kinds also not acceptable to treat with killing and insulting flow ethiopia brother who went look for job their need respect the first higira abesha land also more than half of people ethiopia is musilms their need know that peace be on you

    • kebraraw says:

      juhar …. they don’t have any right to kill our brothers because the made investment you must be ignorant of the millenium you stupid garbegg

    • sol says:

      I just do not understand what you are talking about, it is their interest that he come and his duties us all of us ethiopians since his mother is ethiopian, so ther is no thanks or apolegy for their investment, but what our government to think is what are they coming with? Arebs are not trustworthy, backward and criminals. Finaliy i thought you are the extirime who is advicating the burning of churches, killing of christians now what after all you are also second class muslim.

  6. Aradom says:

    ምንም አንኳን ጉዳዩ አሳዛኝ ቢሆንም፣ አውነቱን እናውራ ከተባለ ዋናው ገዳያችዕን ድህነት አንጂ ሳውዲዎች አደሉም። ሚበላ እና መድሃኒት አጥቶ ሚሞተው ወገናችን ስንት ነው? አዲስ አበባን ያላየ-ዉጭ የተውለደ- ሰው ካልሆነ በስተቀር ሜክሲኮ አደባባይ ላይ ያሉትን ወገኖች ያየ ሰው ሚክደው ነገር አደለም።

    የ facebook እና የተመሳሳይ ሶሻል ኔትዎርክ ጀግኖች ከምንሆን ይልቅ ብንሰራ: ማውራት ሆድ አይሞላምና! ተቃውሞ ሰልፍ መውጣቱ ሳውዲዎቺን መሳደቡ፣ FB ፕሮፋይል ፎቶ መቀየሩ ትርጉም የለዉም:: ይህ የወገኖቻቺን እንግልት በቁጭት ለምሰራት እና በበለጠ ፍጥነት ለማደግ ብሎም Ethiopiaን ወደ Utopia ለመቀየር ያስቺለን ዘንድ ምንነቃበት ጊዜ ይሁን! (ላልነቃነው )

  7. mulugeta says:

    All Ethiopians living outside their homeland must learn and get ready for the future, there no pledge to stay out of homeland whether you are legal or illegal it is imprudent not to pay a serious attention that similar fate will not happen in other countries as the population number and unemployment of the indigenous people are increasing. Forget the globalization the western crying for under their world economic forum that is self serving and deceiving mechanism they have been employing since the establishment of the forum. Whatever problems we face either political or financial we have to struggle in our homeland.

  8. Bezuayehu teklay says:

    very agree to punish them ruther to teach…

  9. ethiopian says:

    Christianity is Love. I do not think you love christianity weather you like or not the religion of is Islam the best religion
    there are not religion compare to Islam try to learn about it. You are so idiot.

  10. Visitor says:

    Very important,

    The Ethiopian government and especially securities and the people must keep close eyes on some of the returnees. They could be the wahabi terrorist and Jihadists among them sent by the wahabi Saudi to cause troubles in Ethiopia including against the government supported by some western the Ethiopia government should know who is working for them, Not USA, Germany, Italy and so on if you think that way but….

    what are doing the English Medias and journalists in Ethiopia? Do really we want them or at that matter any foreign journalist especially the English type that has long history intentionally damaging the Ethiopian image?
    No other foreign media but the English Medias and journalists are the one and first started and still now doing intentionally damaging the Ethiopian image. Others are following them. So, stop the western media but the English Medias are at war against Ethiopia and Africa damaging Images and undermined Africans. Always be careful with this people, too. They are working together against nations like Ethiopia. They have the same history towards the world including with slavery and colonization and they deserve each other.

    So, keep always eyes on the English that are having many faces you don’t know them before they destroy you including being servants to others with oil money exchange.

    Not at all. Why are they in Ethiopia the country has no any special relation with their country? We don’t see journalists from Germany, Russia, and Italy and so on Ethiopia is like to have close relation and we know they are behaving as journalists and they have no the history of intentionally damaging the Ethiopian image but the English are others may follow them but never started to damage the Ethiopian image.
    So what is the justification having the English Medias and journalists in Ethiopia and allowing them freely moving all over the country and writing any garbage stories they like as usual to damage the Ethiopian image and undermined the people.

    As we have seen on TV, some of them seem are mentally sick, observing them carrying that dark wahabi dress and covering from head to toes as if they are terrorist and hiding from the world under that degrading so called dress.

    The Ethiopian government, people and the family need to give them mental support more than anything and make them free from the wahabi Islam as we know especially some dark dressing women looking like are mentally unstable and could be danger to our society.

    Make them free from being hiding inside that dark Arab culture dressing. It is not really closing but a kind of sad tent makes angry, depressed and fighting back when it is seen in Ethiopia. It must be there as it is an Arab dress and culture not in Ethiopia.

    Again, be careful, the wahabi Saudis could send the slave and brainwashed Terrorists and Jihadists to cause troubles in our country. They are the Nr. 1 terrorist exporter nation on earth the whole world is suffering from. You have to know who is who and keep eyes on those you are not certain about them.

  11. ademe says:

    now you become sensationalize the clips and picture which is not related story, don not be desperate to the web news to get reader

  12. Kiros says:

    Thank you Tigre Liberation Front for reducing Ethiopians to the lowest level — to be hunted and killed like wild animals.

    This is a turning point in the Tigrian rule of Ethiopia. Shame on you TPLF

  13. islam says:

    mr oz oz oz oi oi oi you get it wrong again my friend .you talking about the ethiopian have some respect my friend.

    if you are christian .when jesus born there were three people visted him two of them they are some history mate.they travel long to jerusalem with their gift.

    when our prophet send all the followers
    they never chose a singel land in the face of this earth thats ethiopia.

    ethiopia is the land of God.(phroan king of egypt)
    a prophet moses wife she is ethiopian.

    and the ten comandemen which given to moses by Almighty God its stil in ethiopia not in any where in the world.

    you go to all the encient city you hear all the story about ethiopia.from Roma to greec from persia to asia.’

    for more information vist ethiopian web
    and history.

    you say nigger it doesn’t sound nothing
    for us may be its color of skin.
    we ethiopian never be colonized by any one so every one is the same to us when it comes to the color of your skin.

    thank you.

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