Great Ethiopian Run 2013 (In pictures)


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7 Responses

  1. Wedi Zana says:

    Thank you for sharing this spectacular and colorful event .

  2. Chala says:

    I thought the underground G7/shabia soulders going to use this and change the gov.

    Aha the last 6 years money collection can’t even turn this the biggest demonstration in the world against the gov.

    Is this means they didn’t even have a couple of hundreds who are ready to say something?

    Birhanue need to change his remot control might be need battery changing as it is not working from 8000 miles.

    May be pass it to Andargachew and if he tried it from Asmera’s five star hotel service by shabia to addis.

    • Bubu says:

      Chala, ps wake up and stop tellig us your stupidity that we already know. Trust me, some day (given that you are alive), you will wake up with Addis in the hands of the people that all Ethiopians love. When this happens, awramba will report from the Diaspora again!

  3. yohannes says:

    nice pic !!!

  4. Abere says:

    Ohhh my God, where and what can we do alone without the interference of terrorist police and army of addis?!! Is there something that we can do without their merciless beating, terrorizing, abuse? they are there when we wanted to demonstrate on SA for our killed people, they are there when we want to run, they are there when we want to check our e-mail, they are there when we want to eat—are we sure they may not be there when we sleep with our wife???!!! serious!

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