Package found near Ethiopian Embassy in Moscow turns out to be homemade bomb


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5 Responses

  1. Korma says:

    The religion of “peace” is striking again; terrorizing all over the world on daily basis.

    This is nothing but the wahabi Sunni Terrorism act weather it is in Russia, China, USA, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mali, all over Europe, Africa including Somalia and Kenya, Asia and elsewhere is the doctrine and support comes from Saud Arabia and gulf nations. The world has to buy their oil and Gas with high price in order they could finance terrorism against the world. This is how things are working in reality.

    In order to stop or at least minimize and control the wahabi Sunni Islamic terrorism against the world, the world needs to deal where it is coming from and that are Gulf nations started from Saud.

    The west starting to have good relation with Iran is the biggest blow to the wahabi Sunni Terrorists and their backers that will defeat them badly unlike the war and effort in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere making them more barbaric and reaching the Globe with Terrorism crimes.

    The west and international community have to have good relation with Iran which is a great nation in order to defeat wahabi Sunni Islamic terrorism and its backers against the world including in Moscow for sure the target were the kindergarten to hurt the innocent God Children. This is how the wahabi evils are targeting to commit the crimes in the name of their satanic wahabi cult.
    Saudi Spy chief have told to President Putin in Moscow that Saudis are controlling the Chechen, caucus and other Islamic terrorists. They are the one making them on or off not the terrorist by themselves. So, if Russia let USA and the west bombing Syria for the Saudi interest, Saudi will tell the terrorist not to attack Russia including during winter Olympic.
    But Putin laughed at him and said to go to hell; Little head, functioning only with oil money that is coming they doing nothing but slave labors that are treated very badly by the Saudi.

    There is no doubt the target were the Children and the innocents in the street. Russia must hunt and expel the alShebab Arabic youth slave Somalis if there is any of them in the country. West Europe especially England, Norway and Sweden and North America including Canada are facilitating them to breed like ants and termites with goad to export them to the world as Sunni/wahabi Islamic terrorists as it was happened against Kenya, too.

  2. Mess says:

    Guess what dr.merara will say about this.

  3. teshome says:

    Thank you for Ethiopian police and security forces shielding our beloved country from terrorism attack. Till now The security umbrella of was mesmerizing.
    But the recent news from Russia, really sucks. This is another ‘aha’ moment for Ethiopian government and Ethiopians, that Ethiopian oppositions are still playing a blood and thunder game against their own citizens.
    ESAT and their fellow Fantasists are gonna tell us… “This is the usual set up of Ethiopian government”…
    By the way which electronic or print media out let report ‘Adargachew Tsige assassination attempt other than ESAT. I think this is simple the other version of Abebe Gelaws’ assassination plot. I am eager to listen, how ESAT is gonna report the recent Russian news….
    Despite the endless and unyielding doomsayers, we urge Ethiopian government to tight security surveillance in every region of the country and abroad

  4. Gebez says:

    ይሄ የወያኔ ድራማ ነው:: ወያኔ ከቺቺንያ ኣሸባሪዎች ጋር እንደሚሰራ ተደርሶበታል::lol.

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