Ethiopia Destroys Eritrea-Backed Rebel groups, Reports say


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17 Responses

  1. Kalid says:

    Are there any diaspora paltalk talker b/n them or as always the poor is sent to die and the hero once people like Lemagne beyane and Abeba gelaw enjoying in five star hotel with begged money.
    Some times you have to admire them thou. it is not easy to live luxury life with out working one day only opposing every thing and begging money from five star hotel meetings.

    I heared that people like Lemagne beyane pray every morning to hear any bad news about Ethiopian then they can collect money on there name.

    What a life he and his friends had? It is embarrassment to there children but confy life for them.

  2. Zeray says:

    Wow! I proud by Ethio difence force, they are protecting this great country from those tyrants Pocate of Shaebia elements, hope they I’ll distroy Shaebia ones’s for all!!!!!

  3. juhar ahmed says:

    our enemy never sleep for ethiopia we have to keep this greet nation in horn of africa please brother and sister big love for our security force

  4. Gebez says:

    Every time Eritrea sends such armed groups to Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Defence Forces have to occupy one Eritrean village. This way, Eritrea would either retreat from such criminal acts or would face a total occupation by EDF. This is what I would consider the right definition of a “proportional measure”.

    • Yobi says:

      How about Ethiopia return Badme and we call it even? Don’t be naive people, Ethiopia house and support all Eritrean opposition parties. You can’t condone Eritrea while Ethiopia is doing the exact same thing!

  5. በለው! says:

    ለመሆኑ ይህ ኤርትራ ሚባል ሀገር ስንት ነው? “ከትጥቅ ትግል ጀምሮ አሁንም በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ከፍተኛውን ሥልጣን ይዘው እየመሩ ያሉ ኤርትራውያንና ትውልደ ኤርትራውያን አሉ እኔም ኤርትራዊ ነኝ”አቦይ ስብሃት ነጋ በሀገር ፍቅር ሬዲዮ ዋሽንግተን ዲሲ ከተናገሩት እንደወረደ የተፃፈ። አሁንጠላታችን አቶ ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ ብቻ ናቸው ማለት ነው።?ሻቢያ በአፈወርቂ እየተማራ አደለምን ይህንን ሁሉ ህወአት/ኦነግ/ኦብነግ እየገረፉ አሠልጥነው አደለም ለሥልጣንና ለሙስና ባለሀብትነት ያበቁት? ለምን ይዋሻል? አሁን ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ተቀምጦ የቁራ ጩኽት የሚያሰማው የአዞ እንባ የሚያነባው ማነው? ህወአት ከውሸትም አልፎ ማሸበርን ለቀጠናው ያስተማረ የወሮባላ ቡድን ነው። አሁን ሕዝቡን በተለይ(ወጣቱን)ማስፈጀት ሲያምራቸው ጦርነት ያውጃሉ!።ሥራ የለም! ምግብ የለም! ትምህርት የለም!ጤና የለም! ሠላም የለም እአሉ ጭራሽ ለአረብ የሸጧቸው ከስረው ተመለሱ::

    * አሁን የቀረው እንደምንም በአካባቢው ጦርነት መፍጠርና መፍጅት/ማስፈጀት ታቅዳል በለው!።ኢህአዴግ ከስህተቱ ይማራል የሚለው ሀገር ውስጥ ተቀናቃኝ ከመፈጠሩ በፊት የደረሰውን ወጣት መቅጠፍ ማለት ነው። ሕዝብ እራስህን ጠብቅ ይህ ቡድን ለከፍተኛ ጥፋት ተዘጋጅቷል።

    *የውጭ ጠላት የለም እርስ በእርስ በሜንጫ የማጫረሱ ራዕይ ግን ሊተገበር ዝግጅቱ በገንዘብም ከውጭም ከኢህአዴግም አባላት ውስጥ ጥናቱና ዝግጅቱ አልቋል ጃዋር በሚዲያ ተስፋዬ በመፅሐፍ ነግረውሃል።
    *አባይ የሱዳን የህወአትና የግብፅ ነው ይህንን መንግስት ማጣት የህልውና ጉዳይ ነውና ቢቻል ይዘው ቢያቅት ገድለው እሬሳ ያቀርባሉ አባኢ ይገደባል ብለህ የተቆላህ ሁሉ የማን ለምን እነደሆን ጠይቅ!?
    *ግብጽ አትገድቡ አላለለችም ቦንድ ልግዛ የባለቤትነት ሠርተፍኬት ይሰጠኝ ነው ያለችው እንግሊዝ እነዲሁ መሐል ቆሞ ችራውን ቆላ? አይ ሞኝ ሠፈር!”ሰጥቶ መቀበል ማለት ይህ አደለምን!
    *ግን ኢህአዴግ ተቃውሞ ያሰሙ ንጹሕ የራሳቸውን ወታደር ገድለው አሸባሪ ብለው ቀብረውስ ቢሆን ተንኮልን ለህወአት ማን ብሎት? ጠርጥር!!ነገ ነገር አለ>>>>>>

    • Yeabsera Temesgen says:

      Kotetam seltan endehone yezare 100 amet atagegnum yenafekachehuwal amarochena dergoch errrrrrrrrr enqulelecho alubaltahen eyezerah nur.

  6. mekeret says:

    Can we see any proof?

  7. hamas says:

    lairs and chit there is no terror group in there you stupid brailess sheet have some thing to tell your child a true one not this people like are nowadays making trouble to yourself and the media so get out

  8. Girma says:

    Why are we always playing defense? We have to attack eritrea and remove isaias. His cousin meles is not here anymore so who is stopping us? Siya has to get inside tplf to remove the half eritreans debretsion and tedros adnahom so we can be free! Otherwise playing defense forever will cause the end of ethiopia soon!! With the wannabe talibans from somalia rising, we can’t afford enemy from the north. Only when asmara and addis become two allied nations we can have peace! Remove isaias by all means!

  9. Gezaee says:

    Dear Dawit:

    Why you delete my comment? is it because you did not like it? Trust me you can not like every comment. Some comments more advanced and will not fit the Ethiopians mindset. You can not post comments that you like and delete those you do not like? like Tigraionline.

    Anyway, take care man

  10. Cherkos says:

    When will the mad man, brainless Isaias Afwerki learn that Ethiopia is simply too big for him to mess with?

  11. tn. says:

    they must have been caught by surprise while busy working on making minor amendments to Haile Sellasie’s constitution as the future document by which ethiopia is to be lead by. they should keep alert.

    on a different note, a prophet told me that TPLF’s contempt on restricting command of the military and the dissolving EFFORT has been well noted in the higher realms. accordingly, horsemen from the air have cascaded to impart 10 times the havoc, as has been seen a few years back with the demise of meles and the pope in a week. picture list has been already passed on and soon, luxury coffins are going to be of high demand.

  12. nebro says:

    woyanne will die day to day repeatedly.

  13. AA says:


    • Yeabsera Temesgen says:

      qiqiqiqiq ere FUCK enkuwan bedenb metsaf atchelem silu semteh new aydel enante freedom fighteroch yemen lay becha shentachehun eyelekekachehu aschegerachehu enji bewere ateshenefum bado neger menkuwakuwat yabezal qiqiqiqi

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