“Wore Negari”: Book review by Wase Alemayehu


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3 Responses

  1. ademe says:

    wore negarie rivewer

    you are not reviewing the book as independent book reviewer opinion except you try to humanize your friend Mohamed, who thinks he was in charge of the struggle and lot of blood on his hand which he have never tell us the truth, what he did or where was he at the time of most of his frainds killed before him ? being said that your book reviewing was just to get frifari ether from woyane or from your masters ; your opinion on bellow suggestions are fluid
    “If you’ve been touched by the EPRP movement (who amongst us was not), if you have been part of the struggle regardless of scale (that is a large group of people), this book is for you. If you are interested to learn how a political party that emerged out of a decades-long struggle of the masses could win the political and social arguments but yet loses the major battle, then this book is also for you.
    “Wore Negari,” by any stretch of imagination, is not and cannot be the story of EPRP. This book is designedneither to assign blame nor to glorify party leaders. It is a bold, audaciously frank journey of the author from his childhood to his arrival in the Sate. Those who live in a stark black and white world where rights and wrongs can be and are neatly categorized, those who live in a world of us against them would have trouble understanding the authors’ practical and emotional journey. While I might understand that point of view, I personally found his internal conflictagonizing, at times unbearable, but irresistiblyappealing..”
    mr Alemayeu this is not book reviewing what page was this quotation let’s assume you are the first read and reviewer of the book is fluid suggestion nor opinion, because it is full of biased against the generation here you try to justify “what comes through clearly and unambiguously is the seeming authenticity of the author both in style and tone”.
    To me there is no authenticity of tone and style coming from your opinion ether, Mr.Alemayehu I have seen a lot of book reviewer independent ,commercialized , seals man opinion you are none of them only spreading old style infection to those who are wounded.
    just recently i read about berhanemeskel confession Mohamed and friends how the struggle took place thanks to mohammed and alike who betrayed mony of his friends don’t think he protected them? mohamed would answer those questions? People who died to protect him and others, he survives in jail and escape without hiccup?

  2. Daniel bizuneh says:

    were negare yes un truth fullof story told by the author.sorrryi canot call you an author i can see in yor hand full of blood .pls confess the truth and the truth set you fee. Mr reveewer what is your involvement on this book are you one of those gys exposed yor friends .

  3. getu hammid says:

    I Think the title “Feri Le Enatu” fits the content of the Book. Mr Mohammed from the start to the end was Coward who lacked determination and devotion of characteristics of that generation. From reading the book ,I concluded that he betrayed many of his friends. Only God Knows that he didn’t snitch on his friends and was allowed to escape from Haji’s prison. I am going to stick with calling the book “FERI LE ENATU”

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