“…it was not easy for a non Tigrian PM to assert his role as PM ” Ana Gomez


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71 Responses

  1. mamo says:

    Ana Gomez is Birhanu’s mistress and we should not expect anything positive from her. As our late prime minister used to say..”what’s love got to do with it”, She should just focus in marrying Birrish, move to Bahamas and live happily ever after. She has zero chance of becoming Ethiopian first lady.

    • mahaba says:

      Every body knows that who Ana Gomez is. She tried many times to destabilize Ethiopia. Our late prime minister gave her a lesson for her life and she knew that.

    • BIRHANU says:

      I seriously think i would slap her if i met her.
      She refers to MELES as if he was a dude she met in piassa.

      The INTERVIEWER should have reminded her that she is talking about “Meles” the greatest and most intelligent leader that Ethiopia has ever seen.
      And what is wrong with her? “Eskindir nega must be released immediately.”
      This is A man who called for genocide against an ethnic group, in his newspaper.
      The question shouldn’t be on weather he is a journalist or not.
      the question should be on weather he is a terrorist turned journalist or a journalist turned terrorist.

    • Name (required) says:

      I seriously think i would slap her if i met her.
      She refers to MELES as if he was a dude she met in piassa.

      The INTERVIEWER should have reminded her that she is talking about “Meles” the greatest and most intelligent leader that Ethiopia has ever seen.
      And what is wrong with her? “Eskindir nega must be released immediately.”
      This is A man who called for genocide against an ethnic group, in his newspaper.
      The question shouldn’t be on weather he is a journalist or not.
      the question should be on weather he is a terrorist turned journalist or a journalist turned terrorist.

    • abba says:

      you shouldn’t expect anything from her cuz she tells the truth and you hate it.

    • Alemu says:

      Dear all china trained Woyane Recruited and woyane feed hacker members, mamo,Birhanu kebraraw. I read all your comment. You use the similar words with your master minders ( Debretsion and others… all of you shout when things are serious when you find good persons like Anna gomez or Eskender nega who advocate about poor and marginalized people (excluding TPLF Juntas. Ana Gomez is one of the Respected MP in Europe wither you bark or not in front of your feeders. You are so rude enough to call one MP ass hole . shame on you!!
      Let you bark for the piece of meat you got the true shall prevail

      • JIG-JIGAWI NIMAAN says:

        Dear Alemu,we don’t want to listen to those forces like her who want to reinstate the old remnants of past repressive regimes..we have created our own Ethiopia where nations,nationalities and people have the sovereign power.where we all keep our Ethiopian identity without losing our ethnic identities…VIVA FDRE.under you we were given second class citizen.we shrugged your suppression off our shoulders and recommitted ourselves to the dev’t of our Ethiopia..your dream of coming back has died a natural death..HONK IF YOU HATE FDRE…ASSHOLES!!!

        • Tatu says:

          All TPLF member your leaders dead for ever and ever, You spark for nothing he does not hearing you. Pls learn from her good things what you say she MP in EU…..(edited by admin)

          • ageazi says:

            @ Tatu doma, yes meles is not alive but he did all more than what is expected of him. so He is dead living but u r living dead. and i did not expect any thing from Anna Gomiz Brhanus wife.
            She speaks the mind of Ethiopian opposition parties. her speech clearly shows again the Attitude of those arrogant towards the people of Tigray.

  2. Woldai says:

    Ana Gomez

    You have wrong perception in the political process of Ethiopia! You don’t understand it because you are not from Ethiopia ! The only thing you know is, these extremists in the diaspora filled you with a wrong propaganda & that wrong lie & fabricated propaganda is still coined in you!

    Ana Gomez, what did they do for you to call these arrested terrorists very educated? What did they accomplish? You have no idea what you are talking about! AS, asked you questions , but you don’t know & have no answer! You you know is about your colored revolution that failed to matter in 2005! We saw you salivating in Ethiopian politics every time revolution breaks out somewhere!

    These you said write a letter to you from somewhere in Africa are just looking for a better life, but not because of politics!

    Ethiopia is for Ethiopian, but not for these who abandon it during its bad times!

    Ana, stay away from our politics!

    • kebraraw says:

      dear ass hole gomez we never asked help from europe if you just go to your country and leave us alone and all europe and the west keep their hands away from our country we self sufficient the speech you making now and your interference in our countries is the main reason for our current situation we never asked where were you when we were being fought by the italians where where you when our nile river was given to egyptians by the BRITISH is the issue you talking now bigger than that you stinky ass hole we were the first people to have a kingdom and we too are the first in humman history but thanks to your greedy and to our fathers kindness here we are now the list while before your europe was eating shooes due to hunger our fathers were full stomach and with ability to help then your fathers came and destroyed every thing and took the wealth of africa now don’t you get ashemid of your self to speak like this when there is no real democracy in your country no body in ethiopia sensores our conversation what about in europe and us isn\t the obama man watching me while i am a sleep when i go to bath when i take break fast is this the freedom you wish to our ethiopia for your surprise there is no place at the moment as safe as ethiopia and as democratic as ethiopia i konw that ethiopia is a new country for democracy but people have atleast basic rights not like in here and europe every one watches you even when you are in the toilet correct your problem before you run to africa gomez :

  3. Chala says:

    She missed a big chance to become a First lady if Dr Birhanue become PM.

    So she have to wait for a miracle now that to happen b/c instead of fightin until the end Birhanue chose to get down in his knee and begg meles to forgive him and run away to USA and now he is looking for big remot control that will work from 8000 miles away to change the gov. he named it G7/ESAT and funded by shabia he is dreaming a miracle to happen in addis and he can go to as PM until that day do meeting in 5star hotel and collect money using The 22 years experiance lemagne callled Lemagne beyane

  4. Ali says:

    I hate this old ladey.
    To me this ladey she is not represent the respectfull EU.
    She represent the G7 terrestrial group.

    • Gebez says:

      EU is respectful????????????? Come on Ali!! They are responsible for every mess in this world. They are liars, thieves, killers, fags, pigs, backwards, uncivilized( with no culture to be proud of)godless walking criminals. Thanks be to God, their nasty empire is fast dwindling.

  5. Mussie G says:

    “…They told me that ‘Gobez’ means brave.”.

    Madam Hana,

    How about Dr Negede Gobeze, whom you were named as his daughter after he authored the road map for election 2005 for Kinjit? You don’t know him? Certainly, your are being smart here by deliberately skipping mentioning him. Good luck with your fight which will cost all your life.

  6. gud semon says:

    woyane and alike do not understand opinion and suggestion, unless agree with their ideology, come on people grow up and listen the people and be open mind or come out of the box this is 21st century, woyane is going out by any means stay tuned

  7. Kebede says:

    Kik this old bitch out of the country….the government of Ethiopia shouldn’t let her come to our country from the beginning…Long Live Ethiopia..

  8. mulugeta says:

    i red that your interview she say meles zenawi dictator but she dose not know what is dictator is mean i know meles is great leader who is very democratic and developmental so she is not ann \’gobze\’ but she is ana \’senafe\’ ok stop toking on meles b/c she can not have a right on our countary than our selfe ok suped fara dedeb besbes

    • dawit says:

      Mr. Mulugeta, please open your eyes.I cant belive to here you saying melese is great, democratic etc. You must be paid

  9. Gebeyehu says:

    I have never seen such an angry and uncultivated woman. She seems to satisfy her sexual urge by rubbish talks. Even a child can tell the personal hate she has for Meles. She is so angry & hateful that she even wants to raise the ethnic card. EPRDF was wrong to grant her visa. It better reconsider next time she applies. This woman isn’t constructive at all.

  10. Tatek says:

    Fellow Ethiopians, let’s give the lady the respect she deserves. Not only is that so fair, it is just the Ethiopian way—we respect anyone in our own soil as a guest of the nation. I am happy that the new Administration granted her a visa after all; it was weird that colonel Zenawi decided that she wouldn’t have a footprint in Ethiopia again because she said the EPRDF lost the 2005 General Elections. EPRDF and the late Zenawi knew very well that their party (EPRDF) can’t win a truly contested election against any party, and the 2005 Election was a transparent testament to that. They clearly lost in Addis Ababa and as there was no way they could rig the votes for reasons of massive International media presence, they accepted the fact that they lost all but 2 seats in Addis Ababa. Credible reports by the EU Election Observation Mission stated at the time that EPRDF might have lost in Oromia and Amhara regions as well. If you lose in Oromia and Amhara, you just pack and go and don’t go around and blame people, as the numbers wouldn’t just add up to put you in office even if you had to win all other seats. Among those who lost in Oromia at the time was former Cabinet Minister, Junedin Saddo, who lost to an outsider from the South—- A testament that people in Oromia lost any faith in OPDO (Govt puppet Oromo Party). That she called Mr. Zenawi a dictator shouldn’t be offensive to anyone as that was who he was. So are Hailemariam Desalegn and his shaky Coalition. TPLF and Colonel Zenawi fought the Dergue on an ideology emanating from Tigrean Victimhood — but truth be told Tigray is still a victim of TPLF led regime’s excesses in the form of oppression, marginalization, corruption, repression and brutalization—just like the rest of the nation. Ethiopias’ ills could only be best treated NOT by treating the lung, the kidneys, the breasts or the tongue but by treating the whole nation and curing it from chronic ailments in corruption, marginalization, greed, repression, authoritarianism and oppression.

    • Woldai says:


      We don’t respect this kind of person in our culture! She is an empty European politician who couldn’t see the emptiness of the then kinijit! She doesn’t deserve any respect at all! She is a messenger of a Neo liberal fanatics who didn’t know what to do after the collapse of the Soviet Union!

      Ana Gomez is an European trying to dictate in African political affairs! They (the European said The gov’t lost in Oromia,Amhara…. Is just a bullshit! It was just a pretext to put their own puppet by removing the EPRDF!
      Tatek, you know you are not Ethiopian & I don’t know why you are interfering in our affairs!

      Whatever you say about TPLF, we know you hate it, but you can only hate it wasting your time! Once you mess around woyane , then you are done! You can see all these who messed around woyane for yourself , including your Issias!

  11. yohannes says:

    yes , she is confused lady from the Amhara elite, she don’t know Ethiopia where it start and where it go.
    Since 500 years ago we have never understand the Portuguese. Ethiopia have kick out the Portuguese Jesuits, because their nan senses like here.
    See what change has been achieved after your blab blab words.
    as you see Ethiopia will proceed even with out your suggestion and European help.
    Sleep and Enjoy Ethiopian weather changed by the tigrians.
    the only people sensible for this country are only the Tigrians remember this for ever.

  12. Gebez says:

    Every white shit must take their hands off Ethiopia. This filthy communist better deal with her dying empire(Europe) than trying to interfere in the internal affairs of proud African countries like Ethiopia. No one wants Wwestern money( if they have any). Long live the Chino-African friendship. Europes crime over africans will never be forgotten!! These criminal bastards!!!

  13. Sierra Gulf says:

    Thank you so much Hana Gobez, you said it all. This is the truth and the whole truth. My fellow cadres who rushed to oppose Anna, you need to know that you can’t kill the truth by just barking against it. The more you are lying, the more it gets flourished.
    Let me remind you, some 20 years ago, you were fighting for freedom and democracy; even though you were branded as a terrorist (wenbede) group by the then government. It puzzles me that you repeated the same mistake – an indication that you are not wise. As the saying goes, wise men take a lesson from others but only foolish people learn from their own failure.

  14. thomas says:

    Lies warps the mind. Please, accept the facts and the truth before you have deranged minds without conscience and morals. Stop your insults against this woman. She is standing for justice and truth.

  15. Bihon says:

    Only Africans will give a format such a miss guided and miss informed outsider to meddle in their internal affairs.

  16. kebraraw says:

    gomez and her alikes always come to africa to disteblize any nation that try to develope they never criticise any dictator but any one who doesn’t obey them as his/her masters what gomez is trying to tell us is that we ethiopians are divided but i want to tell her that we will never be divided and we may have some opression from the government but we can’t consider all tigray people as enemy as gomez (the stupid) is telling us to do why she didn’t say a word while our brothers and sisters in saudi and all over the middle east are being slaughtered opressed and killed as well as raped now she is coming here and telling us it is difficult for non tigrian to be a PM and you gomez why don’t you see the protests in europe against you and your alike due to your stupidity and for your energy have been strongly in disteblizing africa now see what happened to europe instead of investing huge amount of money to destroy africas development you better invest in your so called europe where the life standard is in now way better that africans at the moment and that is not because we interfered in your issue but you interfered to our issue forgeting your own home work now my message to you gomez and your european and us masters is do your homework we will do ours

  17. gud semon says:

    Ato Dawit
    now you just mouth peace of woyane a single opinion hearts your filling kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  18. Michael says:

    This old lady got no attention in the EU, and the US because they know the ethiopian politics more than her. She is fanatic for the extremist diaspora. She spoke the same racial profiling and self scholar attitude. Pls get out of our internal political arena.

  19. angereb says:

    Anna Gomez is talking to the point. She has a strong personality. I like her character.

  20. Faysal says:

    It is just precious to see that this lady seems to blame Meles Zenawi even for global evils like Islamic fundamentalism.
    She seems to have the unique ability to know who is guilty and who is innocent. The imprisoned activists have repeatedly broke the law. They dreamt of inciting violence to get rid of the government by force. They tried to copy cat Arab revolutions and failed big time. We know now what Arab revolutions have led only to chaos, military rule and religious fundamentalism.

  21. kebraraw says:

    this nasty old prostitute doesn’t have any clue what she is talking about she is just spiting out what she wished and what the anti african people filled her i think she swallowed some negative perspective with the sperm when she sucked her male servants ass hole

  22. Jemal says:

    Dear Awramba, why do you disgrace yourself from Ethical journalism. Most comments here are one sided. And you choose the word from the article”Hailmriam is non Tigrian…” Dear Awramba, What does it mean? As journalist you should have left this for readers.

    • Mekdes says:

      Jemal by the way I am not Tigre, but I assure u your coments if he is biased will not appear on tthis web. Think if I coment all their lies on ESAT, which I tried and stop comenting on that because it is wasting my time. If you don’t like AT don’t visit this website and get lost. If you credible evidences rather than rumors, this is the place to rebuttle.

      Your Dimtsachin Yisema Tagay Sadik Ahmed also has a placeon this website. Do I have to critisize Dawit for post that article? No. Get matured man and try to throw your insult and get lost. Dawit is the best journalist to report by not siding anyone. You oppositions are always afraid of debates, becausr u don’t have anything to deliver. Instead what ylou are trying to do is disrupt any meeting which is not yours. This lady is nit more than that. She must be worried about her country youths leaving Portugal/Ana Gomez country/ due to deteriorating economic situation in her country, to their ex-colonized country like Angola and Brazil to find a job.

  23. me says:

    disgrace of EU !

    what does she know about the people of tigrai and their huge sacrfice since time immimorable ! simply naive communist lady !

  24. Habtamu S says:

    I am sorry to say but gays read carefully what she said and you know you can see the similarity what she said and what the extremist shout on the late PM Meles Zenawi and Ethiopian government except her confirmation of Ethiopia’s greet and tangible attack from terrorist, which is a fabricated news for the Extremists “ oppositions ‘ even to Dr. Merera Gudena political ‘ scientist’ . Thank you

  25. abay says:

    i am glad that this lady with her hate for meles could do nothing to stop ethiopia’s progress. she will never admit to her mistake of the 2005 electons.

  26. tn. says:

    EFFORT/Tyrants create the inefficiency and corrupution, the white boys use it as a justification to curtail money&very good investments from happening in africa. the 100 year old duo of tyrant scratching the back of lazy and stupid white boys goes on. (But not for Long)!
    EFFORT is beyond anyone’s definition. one has to invent a term to describe the absurdity of this structure Sibhat Nega (90) was bold enough to give his middle finger to the minimum amount of accounting book audit. not even god has the power of these men.
    like ghadafi, the only way to resolve the EFFORT issue is to assassinate its leadership and perhaps a few of their kids. EU owes the 90 million that it is committing genocide ala marginalization, not by curtailing funds but by simply organizing the assassination of EFFORT’s leadership and their kids. the choice is really clear…that the “WORLD LEADERSHP” censores itself or the generation that is being murdered through marginalization will violently overtake it.
    the other issue is financial racism that is holding back proper money allocation and pumping new york phantom/air called DOW beyond its capacity.

  27. S says:

    Bullshit women first think about yr nation imigrant to Angola and brazil

  28. Orion says:

    Gilgel Gibe II was the one in which the tunnel caved in NOT Gilgel Gibe III …. WOW what a fu@#d up story. These people do not have a clue what they are talking about.

  29. Abel says:

    I don’t like a woman with no neck, sorry!

  30. mamush says:

    Most of my compatriots had written about her on AWT when her (Ms. Anna Gomez) arrival was disclosed; on time I felt inconvenience on my compatriots’ comments (latter I proved the right comment) as most of the comments are based on her past arrogance actions and out of diplomatic communications which intended to provoke inadvertent political consequences that we couldn’t bear with. Currently I can see her opinions reflecting one-sided manner and copied idea of Ginbot7. I don’t know the exact time when she comes out of this racist ideas, she may pass away without confessing her racist ideas or the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ may rescue her from this evil actions.
    I hope she knows very well the history of her country Portugal and other European countries how long it took to complete the process of democratization. If she doesn’t know, she may ask her party member Social Democratic Party (PSD, Partido Social Democrata) member, PSD leader José Manuel Durão Barroso. It took Britain five centuries to complete the process of democratization. It was a violent history. During the past century and half, nearly all successions in Ethiopia were marked by wars; how can we complete the process of democratization within two decades?
    It was my big mistake to consider her as an intellectual that she can’t deserve; ‘the dialectics of intellectual life and the dialectics of democracy are one and the same life-giving force. Without it human thoughts slides into complancey and political life into an oppressive sameness.’ On her interview she said… “that context; indeed bold decisions should be taken to liberate these people, because some of these people are icons of the younger generation. Very educated, qualified generation which Ethiopia needs to develop…” anybody living in the country should abide by the law of land, regardless of his or her profession will be accounted for. Ms. Anna Gomez in your country Portugal being a qualified professional will exempt for the rule of law to be implemented upon him? Please go and refer your country’s law.
    Your great hatred to late PM is turned to Tigirans; that is you’re enthusiastic to see genocide, political turmoil etc as you did in 2005 in Ethiopia, don’t dream this will never happen.
    “Hatred is never ended by hatred but by love,” and a misunderstanding is never ended by an argument but by tact, diplomacy, conciliation and a sympathetic desire to see the other person’s viewpoint.

  31. JALATA says:

    I am really confused about you guys, Do you guys believe in GOd? do you have religion?

  32. Tesfa says:

    …Her ultimate interest was to become first lady in the ancient civilized country, Ethiopia. Meles is greatest leader and intelligent one who can not described by old and lesbian women. There is no room for you and Berhanu Nega.

  33. Cherkos says:

    I think the government was right in granting her an entry Visa. She is an ordinary European lady and has not a say whatsoever in the contemporary Ethiopian politics. We also know that she is a mistress of the delusional Berhanu Nega. Her support to the vocal Diaspora, albeit it makes no difference, is expected though. Nine years back, Meles the great told her to behave as per her responsibilities, pointing out her dating with Berhanu as an immoral act in his piece printed on the Ethiopian Herald. Ever since then, her ‘influence’ went down to an all-time low. So, from where her hatred to Meles emanates is obvious. She is now reduced to a very talkative, mentally sick one. Lastly, it is regrettable to see an Ethiopian ‘journalist’ portraying as if Ana is a darling lady to us all. Thanks

  34. obalony says:

    i was really digressed by blind woyane cadres. Is that really what you know all about—insult! I am really ashamed of you. How comes?! how i miss a single cadre who argue her and down her opinion by presenting his or her opinion? AWTs has given you the chance to do so. You donot have word limit to write,after all if your language is too poor to do so—but you can still use the language you better know.

    How 100 cadres can be similar like this? like that of the blue taxis in addis? OMG. Or is it one person writting in different names???

    Enanten yezo new yehe menegest 22 amet hager yastedadrew—i sware, if woyane fail, it fail just because of you its cadres who knew nothing than insult.

    i know dawit has declining my opinions. I am not sure what happen to him. This wasn’t his behavior sometimes ago.

    • Tasew says:

      Dear fake person,

      She admitted that she does not know Ethiopia. Her remarks are not hers, rather she explicitly put that all she knows is based info from friends. So she does not have an opinion worth arguing. The rest of your comments are not of a matured person.


      Do you think you will deceive nations,nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia with the words of this female portugese pig?…we will not allow this old pig to dictate our affairs

    • Woldai says:

      Hey man , you have better to go to school so to help yourself to write proper English! You don’t even know how to write Amharic! Go to school bro!

    • mamush says:

      Let us stop generalizing and let us away from emotional when we are dealing with ideas/peoples, challenge the issue with alternative ideas. Let us not be very certain of what we know, understand and believe only as the ultimate solution, particularly on national issues of our country. It doesn’t matter we may have divergent perspectives even on the same reality and the country belongs to all citizens of different perspectives and solutions. The contemporary situation demands to build national consensus, narrowing our differences, respecting each other and practicing civility in our interactions, clearing a barrier that stands in the way of fruitful intellectual discourse, staying away of ethnicity, racist, prejudice and the access thereto …etc because of its evil consequences as long as all the website visitors are our brothers and sisters of the same citizens having diverse political and ideological perspectives.
      Whether you believe or not, I am not a party member, I have disclosed my objectives on this website earlier; that is not to see: any political turmoil, displacement, genocide, intervention of foreigners in national issues of our country etc in Ethiopia.
      I don’t think that most of this website visitors and commentators income depends upon their political loyalty of the political part they are standing for rather than professional quality or on the magnitude of the derogatory views they are writing.
      The same idea will appear whenever you write the negative perspectives of either party (opposition or ruling).

    • Yeha says:

      Abalony. It is easy to understand what she said. Read the article yourself again if you do not understand what she said. I think you like this mad lady. Do you?????????.

  35. juhar ahmed says:

    there is all of country help ethiopia development program include eu and america thanks them but this nest women she has issue regard to ethiopia development goal please ignore her because she has negative look for ethiopia people

  36. Kelemu says:

    At first I thought you (Awramba editor) was the interviewer and bewildered by the questions asked. Good to know that it was not you.
    First, my disappointment at the interviewer: is he asking Gomez to ask the EU to stop giving aid/ loans to Ethiopia? How did he/she know that Gibe III collapsed partially and stopped generating power? I thougt that project is still in progress.
    Why did he/she not ask Gomez aouther relationship with Berhanu?…. lots to ponder about.

    Second, Gomez should not be worthy of any attention to Ethiopians. She does not worth it.

    Lastly good luck Awramba editor. Good that you are back in your country; try to be relevant and followers will flock o your site.

  37. Tatek says:

    With due respect to your argument that Ana Gomes doesn’t deserve any respect; I would just love to add some points. As I am not Ana’s spokesperson, I don’t have much more to say about her remarks. But maybe she shouldn’t have said ‘’a non-Tigrean PM’’— as Tigreans as any Ethiopians have a right to hold public office, including the PM’s one, as long as they retain public trust. Furthermore, the notion that because colonel Zenawi was a very powerful Prime Minister born in Adwa who ruled the nation with an Iron fist, all Tigreans should be considered oppressive is wrong. This is because first, Mr. Zenawi didn’t represent Tigray—he represented his class interest and that constitutes TPLF business Empire and his shaky Coalition’s interest. Second, whatever Mr. Zenawi and his Coalition associates had done when holding public office was never done with the consent of the Tigreans and other Ethiopians—it all happened at gun point and Tigreans just like other Ethiopians had no choice but to give in to the power of the gun. And if the Europeans and the Americans had any slight intention of deleting your TPLF and its Unholy Coalition out of office and put someone else in office, IN MY VIEW, it was as easy as ABC my friend. They are the people who brought your TPLF and its entourage to office by removing the Dergue and I am taken aback that you seem to break the same plate that you once ate from. Finally, please draw a big line between an innocent difference of opinion and hate. I don’t hate anyone—-not you, not colonel Zenawi, not Hailemariam Desalegn, Not Abadula Gemeda not anyone. You are my brother—I can’t change that and you can’t either. As for Mr. Esayas and Eritrea, I don’t hate them too. Esayas wanted his nation to cede and go with the consent of Colonel Zenawi and a good number of his TPLF friends when the two were deeply in love in bed. Whether it was Esayas or TPLF that want Ethiopia to enter a door of no return is only up to God to judge but I only have this left to say, change is the only thing constant in politics and when the current bad wind that flows towards Eritrea is gone, Eritreans will ask you this: why did you hate us?

    • Woldai says:

      I can see you have a lot of hate inside you from your writing! Your writing exhibits a lot of denial! A comment based on a hate! Denial of the facts of TPLF crushed the brutal Derg! Who could have stopped TPLF from destroying the Mengistu? Colonel Tatek, You couldn’t even be a man enough to call our hero , Pm Meles in his proper name!

      Tatek, all I can advise you is, free yourself from denial! The problem of Woyane’s enemies, EPRP, ELF, EPLF,kinijit,G7…is they live in a denial of the strength of TPLF & they all lost to the dust bin! Look at shabiya? Once it tastes the stick of woyane , it couldn’t stand in its legs! Take it easy Tatek!

      I just came from back home renewed by all out transformation that my lovely country is in, filled with a hope & dignity!
      I’m sorry that I’m chatting with individual based on denial & hate!

  38. sewit says:

    This old lady better shut her mouth instead of talking about anything she doesn’t know or understand. I think she better give time to herself to learn about Ethiopian politics. It seems she is still remained to be Birhanu Negas “vuvuzela” and secret-lady, as it is remembered that she has allow him to pass the night with her at her Sheraton hotel room.

  39. dawit says:

    Thank you Mrs Gomez, you are truley friends of Ethiopians.
    Please dont get disappointed with some of the comments from bros and siters. Obviously, they have lack of information as we do have the only gov’t run channel, ETV


  41. Belachew says:

    So all the advice and guidance giben by the US to the EPRDF government doesn’t
    take into account the strength of the labor movements and parties in european
    and world politics since the end of the
    second world war. In this aftermath of WWII era many changes has occured to the world political development which the US was unable to read correctly about due to
    its isolationist and conservative policies and strong adherence to puritan capitalism by decimating labor movements
    entirely from the US soil.
    Whereas in countries like GERMANY,UK,ITALY,FRANCE,SWEEDEN AND SO ON
    it is entirely a different political picture……..that has big influence to the world

  42. Amen says:

    Dear Dawit: This site is totally infested. Better clean up yourself before it is too late

  43. Yeha says:

    Hi. all readers of this artikle, in my opinion, This mad lady (Ann Gomez) is still in a dirty, dark and narrow tunnel brain of the opposition parties. Her brain is still bleeding by the Ethiopian Herald newspaper. For the record, please respect this mad lady because she is going to be firstlady of Ethiopia next year when Ginbot 7 take over mililk palace.

  44. Adwa says:

    Jalata. We do not need religion to protect owr country from Ann Gomez and Birhanu Nega.

  45. Mike says:


    I was laughing loudly when I hear Dr. Birhanu (and his team at ESAT) despairing attempt to look important and powerful: “EPRDF calls on us to negotiate”. Such a naive claim by G7 and ESAT clearly indicate their level of desperation and the juvenile nature of their political analysis and planning. Anyone who has a working brain understands that G7 is in a deep political crisis. It has already lost its key members and a significant number of supporters in diaspora because of its collaboration with Shabia (Eritrean Government). Most importantly, G7 is hated by all Ethiopians for receiving $500,000 every 6 months from Ethiopia’s historic enemy – the Egyptian government to destabilize the country through ESAT and Semayawi party, and obstruct the major development initiatives in the country. Annoyingly, G7 spends a large share of the money it receives from the Egyptian government and diaspora Ethiopians on salary (for ESAT journalists). G7 is also mocked by many national and international analysts as “DO NOTING G7”. Why G7 and ESAT claim a negotiation request from EPRDF? The answer is very clear and simple. It is a despairing attempt to keep their diaspora supporters so that they milk them for one more year. How they keep their their diaspora supporters? Here is the way: “Practically, we (G7 and ESAT) have done noting. We have a lot problems from inside and outside. We are also weak to hell. But EPRDF thinks we are strong. You see, EPRDF requests us for negotiation. This implies we might not be weak, as you imagine. You see! we might be weak, but EPRDF thinks we are strong. If EPRDF thinks we are strong enough and requests us for negotiation, then we can be perceived by our supporters as strong and ‘DO SOMETHING GROUP’. If our supporters believe we are strong, then they keep sending their money. If our supporters give us their money, we keep our job and get paid. Finally, we all are good!! wooooooow! Stupid diaspora! woooow”. That is a very simple but naive strategy of G7 and ESAT.

  46. berhane says:

    @admin…I know you are not going to post this but, I know you will read it. I commented twice about this Hanna Gobeze woman. How come you didn’t post it? It’s not up to your taste? I should’ve known better when I saw the title to your post about Gomez. …”It is not easy for a non Tigrayan PM to assert authority”??? Realy, that’s the best title you guys can come up with? I am tempted to call that incitement to hate.

  47. Abel says:

    Venomous wording;

    Non Tigrayan PM!!!
    This Bitch has no business on our internal matters.We shouldn’t let outsider to tell us what our kitchen should look like.

  48. Y says:


  49. sewit says:

    “…it was not easy for Ana Gomez, a mistress for Girigir 7, to assert her role as EU-MP”

  50. Yohannes says:

    you know westerns because they are given us money they want to tell us what to do. when we say no, they are calling us un democrats, dictators…
    well I will like to tell them not only to Anna Gomez but also to all westerns who has such kind of attitude. this is Ethiopia, a pound nation of proud people stop trying to tell us about hateraitism we know how to live & lead our people and our country.

    and personally to Anna Gomez, she did not grow up since 2005 she is still living in the environment of 2005. you need to change through time. you are from which you told us civilized nation, however what you telling us is uncivilized way of thinking. you are a person from the civilized nation with uncivilized attitude. sorry to say tell this but we are making a lot of change as a country and as a people. open your eyes acknowledge the change.
    whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not we are a nation in the right path with many challenges to solve internally and internationally as any growing nation. therefore if you are interested come join us like a civilized person with civilized attitude, if not shut your mouth, hold your power & your money (if you have any) and it is our mandate to lead our nation not yours!!!!

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