Must-Watch: All Eyes on Jijiga


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25 Responses

  1. axumawe says:

    This is the true face of mama Ethiopia
    Long live Ethiopia
    Long live Eprdf
    Long live woyen

  2. addis ababa says:

    bravo adwa times

  3. yohannes says:

    good job dawit this is the true Ethiopian !!!!!

  4. teshome says:

    This is a crazy good ceremony. I can feel it how this gonna displeased ESAT and its associated supporters. The annual nation and nationality holiday is gonna bring many blessings and benefits for Ethiopians. We saluted all patriots who paid their blood and sweat for this to happen.
    Dawit Thank you very much for reporting this wonderful event from the heart of the scene. I am happy that you are committed to report not only from Addis but also from different regions of Ethiopia going back and forth.
    Now I am pretty much convinced that you had a good reason to return home. You are simply a persuasively reasoned guy.
    Please keep up the good work

  5. Cherkos says:

    You finally escaped from the hate politics after you have understood what the bankrupts, extremists Diaspora are up to. You must have a good lesson there. God bless you, bro.

  6. Asfaw abreha says:

    The exact name of the region is jigjiga.Thank u,anyways.

  7. obalony says:

    is is really nice to see a diverse Ethiopia. Equally it is bad to see what woyane is doing to same citizen they are pushing to celebrate such day.

    100s of 1000 suffer the torture in woyane’s magorias while their family sung in jijiga. What is this then? A sister is singng and dancing in jijiga when her brother is suffering in kality for doing nothing, may be writing, may be receiving e-mail from a person he has never met, never get to know.

    These type of woyane’s act made us (me) to question the agenda behinde organizing such an event—is it not for political goal, than keeping people to people bondage?—

    among the key premises?

    why woyane security assigned personel and logistic to stop Temesgen Desalegn from entering jijiga when it allowed dawit to enter????

    This alone has lot to say about the underground evils woyane is doing now and then!!

    thank you dawit for allowing me to present my feeling via awts.

  8. ephrem says:

    You are allowed to report from Jijiga! Great job “limatawi jounalust” . We know that Kiray sebsabi journalists like Temesgen Desalenge were not allowed to be there.

  9. Mamo says:

    This is how Ethiopia is demanding from all her citizens and how Ethiopians must behave for the benefit of all. All of them are one and the same.

    In USA which is the richest nation on earth are living all human races, religions, Ethnics, traditions, cultures, languages and so on as one nation while speaking one common language which is the most important to any nation where the citizens have to communicate with one common language.

    In USA, Ethnic Germans are the biggest in Number. Germany is also the richest and biggest nation with population in Europe. Russia is not an European but Euro-Asian nation.
    The second biggest Ethnic group in USA is the Ethnic Irish. There are more than 70 million Spanish speakers in USA. There are 40 millions african-americans (her for fathers came there as slaves). There are millions from Asia, Africa and all over the world living in USA. It is the same in Western Europe, too.
    Yet, all of them are speaking one common language which is English despite England is one of the smallest nation in the world/Europe.
    But while the situation in those nations is looking like this and they are always trying to make it better starting from the citizens making them speaking the same/one language and doing so many efforts to make it working, they are talking about Ethnic differences with exaggeration and as if it is a bad thing in Africa and elsewhere thinking this is the best way to create conflicts among the citizens. This was the best strategy the English used in Africa to divide and making them fighting against each other that made the Africans weak and poor and the English used this opportunity to commit the crimes they have done against Africa and Africans including slavery, colonization and invasion.
    But Africans are no more ignorant and stupid to affect themselves listening and believing what the enemies of Africa are telling them using their own propaganda machine.

    The point is that not whom the language belongs to but using one common African language in the Africa nation in order to make the living easier, better and good life for all. Blacks, Asians, Mexicans and so on are speaking English despite they are not even look like Europeans let alone the English. But in Ethiopia we all are looking like the same people no one sees the natural differences among us. We all have the same eyes and hair color, too.

    Always remember: Fidel/Ethiopic is the only African born and black people creation alphabet in use that not only blacks but also humanity have to respect, appreciate, protect and use it knowing it is African, ancient, able to be used it writing in order to describe all letters and words with more sounds and voices than Latin or other alphabets. Ethiopic knows no spelling errors if you know the alphabets that are with limited numbers and it is easy to learn them.
    But Latin alphabets look easy to learn them but using it to write words and reading are a day to day learning process, Latin is full of spelling errors that forces to learn how to write and read words. Words are limitless and in Latin, you have to learn always how to read and write. But not in Fidel/Ethiopic. If you know the alphabets, you already know how to read and write including the unknown future coming words. Fidel also uses less space in a way 666 pages written with Latin would be less than 333 in Fidel.

    So, Not only Ethiopians that are the owner of the Fidel/Ethiopic, but also especially all Africans/black people have to use, respect and preserve It knowing it is one of the biggest if not the biggest black people history and creation. We also know the English are trying to undermine it coming in the country in the name of aid and the same times trying to impose their values on Ethiopians that are not looking like them and English language cannot be identified with them because of they are not looking like the English. But all Ethiopians and black people in general can identify themselves with Ethiopic and can embrace it as their own with pride.
    So, Ethiopians must not be fooled. They need to be smart choosing and using the together as a common bonding history best for long term best benefit of all. Speaking the same language and using Fidel is the best one to make that happen while keeping alive own culture, tradition, language and so on. Remember; The English and others are 100% committed all the citizens in each of their country to speak one common language knowing this is fundamental for any nation development, unity, prosperity, security and future. But they are coming to Africa/Ethiopia and telling everyone to have own language and trying to play their dirty games in a way the far away England language to become the common langue of the ancient Ethiopians/Africans that are proud and ancient people have their own creation including alphabets and writing system 1000s years even England became in the world map.
    Speaking and using none African languages and alphabets in Africa is not a kind of reward, pride of good thing. But the biggest sign how dump, ignorant, stupid, weak and with less IQ the Africans are unable to use in the national level their own/African born language and alphabet as the common citizens national own creation. Speaking and using in the national level English language and Latin alphabet in Africa is nothing but the legacy of slavery, colonization, invasion, humiliation and everything happened to Africa by them/outsiders.

    So, don’t trust them when they tell you to do the agenda they have to implement in your place using you as an object to fulfill it on you. They are doing many secretive things for their own agenda while trying to affect the nation in many ways including the long run. As them what they are doing in their own country with the relationship they have with many human races, thousands Ethnics, cultures, traditions and so on living there. More than 50% people living in London are not even the English. They are with all human races and Ethnics but speaking the same language and using Latin which is the best for any country and they are doing it this way in their country.

    But in Ethiopia, they are busy very differently coming in the country in the name of aid for the past 20 years. You have to know what is good for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Don’t trust or allow any bad foreigner to play its secret dirty game against the nation while pretending to help or doing it with good intention. As them and observe what they are doing in their country in terms of language and so on.

    Therefore, we must not create human made differences while by nature we all are the same. We need to respect one another, be patriotic Ethiopians which is the only home to all of us. We have seen what kind treatment Ethiopians are getting when they cross the Ethiopian boarder reaching including in Saudi Arabia or other foreign nations.

    So, Ethiopia is the only home to her citizens that have to live as one family. The few trouble makers must not get voice and place to affect the people for their personal gains. The innocent citizens like those children must be the best future to Ethiopia growing together with one common goal which is building Ethiopia while speaking with the same voice in order to be closer and benefit together.

    Good Job.

    • azeb says:

      Mamo… “Mako kilo” what are all these pointless statements. If you like Ethiopians to speak and write one language, we will prefer “oromifa”. How honest are you to let your children learn “oromifa”… our children were forced to learn Amharic for the last many many centuries. The choice is up to and us. Keep the diversified Ethiopia or create one unified Oromo speaking Ethiopia. You got it.. …there is no way other than this to clarify your frustration, there is no point to mention American or European history

      • Ahmed says:

        HI Azeb,

        I am a little bit behind Ethiopian politics but I like your comment. That being said, I am not Oromo but I speak Oromo Language fluently. In fact, I know how to write Oromifa too.
        I am also not harari but speak fluently; I am not belong to Amara but Studied Amharic as subject and used to score high mark compared to Kids who come from Amharic speaking family. Lastly, I am in the process of improving my Somali language skill set because both of my parents are from Ogaden. So my point is that we do not need to speak the one language to build our nation. If you read or know the history of Switzerland, then you will understand that language does not have any impact to build nation.


  10. TT says:

    I couldn’t believe how colorful, beautiful, loving, united …we are. love u mama Ethiopia.

  11. Bubu says:

    Did you say must watch Dawit? What is there to see in Jijiga except all the natiaonalites come and sing (the freedom that came from the now dead Meles)and your cousins make them sing. Our freeddom is to sing the freedom of the Tigray people is power, wealth and everything that come with it. If I am lying, it would have been you who langushes in jail, not Woubsit!

  12. Mario says:

    Dawit thank you for showing us this colorful celebration out lovely people!
    Dawit, you are the most courageous have ever seen in the diaspora! You came to the USA to serve better your country & people , but you have seen & experience it what the extremist diaspora are upto! You don’t want to sell yourself for money….! You are a real journalist ,& you are the witness that Ethiopia is in a hopeful path! Thank you for all your services! I tried to meet you at Addis , but couldn’t find you!

    God bless your duties!

  13. Tom says:

    Long Live Eprdf this is meles zenawi job real Ethiopians very sad for Brhanu Nega

  14. Embasoleda says:

    What a beautiful nations and nationalities the Ethiopian people are!!! So, thank you to the great thinkers and visionary leaders that made it possible for all to express his/her culture, and background freely with their country men/women of the Ethiopian people…
    Go and shine your beauty Ethiopia!!!!

  15. habtu says:

    Dear Dawit,

    If you ask any Ethiopian Somalis privately, he/she will tell you how many of his/her relatives have been killed, raped, and tortured by the Somali region Liyu police. So, don’t fool yourself that people who are forcefully dancing in the streets are happy from their hearts.

  16. enndelbu says:

    The true face of mamma ethiopia!!! I like it very much. Tnx Dawit…Good job!!!

  17. Gezaee says:

    What are they celebrating? They must rather work together to to eliminate poverty and to stop migration and then they can celebrate. otherwise, now they do not even have enough food to eat, clean water to drink and clean water to clean themselves. You can see all the people are dusty and covered with afer.

    First thing must be first and celebration later. Now the goverment must stop its corrupt leadersw from stealing from this poor Ethiopians and mobilize the nation to work day and night like Lalibela to change Ethiopia. I am not appreciating this celebration which looks like derg time yeenat ager tiri ? Please focus on work work work, day and night. Celebrate later.

  18. What's in a Name? says:

    The video on “Must Watch: All Eyes on Jijiga” is misleading. Babile is the host town. If Irecha is celebrated in Bishoftu, you can not say: “All Eyes on Addis Abeba”. Beautiful Babile is not Jijiga. So “All Eyes in Babile” is appropriate to describe the event.

  19. Orion says:

    @ Gezaee,

    Agree with you. This brings back the Derg Mengistu Era…..looks like people are forced to come out and shout…would have been better if they celebate whatever it is first by cleaning up the dusty street.
    Even, Dawit’s camera looks chocked by the dust.

    • Mekdes says:

      Orion, the difference between derg and EPRDF is like the sky and ground. EPRDF never ever force anybody to do something even, if u don’t agree with them their Mot is “MENGEDUN CHERK YARGILIH” So don’t mix EPRDF AND derg u moron Diaspora. I know u r upset because these event is going in despite yuout will. ESAT was preaching hate and mayhem, in these region through its wish media transmtting fro the basement of Va. Ethiopia is in the right direction. Your opposition groups coldn’t set a foot in this region because they can’t win the heart of Ethiopians in Simali. Region . Dave it is great to let us know what ais going on in our EASTER PART OF ETHIOPIA. I SAW IT IN ETV IT WASderg criminals SPECTACULAR. DO YOUR JOB LET THE DOG BARK. For these derg nafaki criminals Ethiopia is developing and there is no way ti return.

    • Ash says:

      The different between the Derg Mengistu Era..yeenat ager tiri and EPRDF is one is going to funeral home and the other is going to wedding …

      Ethiopia use music for work, they sing to boost their moral. Dancing keep them fit, there is no Jim that they can go..beside music is Africa next nature with out music it would be borng they don’t have iPad like u…

  20. juhar ahmed says:

    we have best holiday this is one we can celebrity together in ethiopia because most of holiday their have some thing to do with religious good job ethiopia

  21. meaza says:

    How it is allowed for you to go there and record while it is forbidded to Temesgen? What do you mean when you sat must watch this video and when you paste it here. Are you telling us this is positive legasy of Meles/Eprdf??? you must be a bit confused at this moment…i think you are going the steps of Ben of Ethiopian first. Good luck!!! I never belive people with 11 code

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