The Perception of Ethiopianism among Ethio-Somalis (Video)


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20 Responses

  1. obalony says:

    Dear dawit, today is the first time i felt ashamed of you. I was never offended by before. It was so surprised by the level of your unfortunate you have about politics. It so shameful to see you suffering to ask these old questions asked by etv cadre journalist several time. I thought you are journalist. But i was so much satisfied by the guy you are talking to as he is several km away from the ridicule message you wanted to pass.

    By the way, how as a journalist you fail to ask right questions? have you heard Ethiopia without ISLAM and CHRISTIAN, during dergu or Hailesilasie? both were there. Did derge was not against at all after religion? did dergu supported one and ridiculed another? is it not very clear to us?

    Where in the hell have you heard people talking about one Ethiopia in the context you mentioned to the guy? you are talking about non existing ideology.

    What many say is that a wrong regionalism which was built on wrong premises such you mentioned are bad and may disintegrate us. By the way what do you think could be the reason of displacing over 30,000 people from 2 regions alone, when they are Ethiopians? is that not disintegration for you? is this something that increase cohesion? in that case you have no idea of oneness.

    my other point is that, the guy mentioned the old (one culture, one religion—idology, though this is not there) was the cause for many youths to go to desert and fight. If the reasons were these you mentioned, what has taken several 1000s to the desert of Tigry today???

    I really appreciate your return home, but that was thinking that may help us in doing true journalism.

    I hope you post this message, as i am only arguing your points, not your personality.

    Thank you again!

  2. teshome says:

    Concept of diversity among Ethiopians is now more than politics. It is a spirit. The fanatics Ethiopian daisporas under the banner of one Ethiopia are simply died with their wildest dream. We are now advising the oppositions and their supporters to know the foundation of new Ethiopia and better to dream the dream awake.

  3. Teddy says:

    Dave,Thanks for sharing the reality on the ground. But i have to say it is really depressing to listen to this garbage inculcated by the short-sighted Meles Zenawi on the same day that we are celebrating the life and work of a truly forward thinking world-class statesman Nelson Mandela.

    TPLF leaders: You need to grow up and learn from Mandela. What you did was to simply change the perceived Amhara domination by Tigrean domination in the name of ethnic federalism. Here is Mandella’s quote in this regard—“I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die”.

    I have a dream that one day we will have our own Mandella who will look out for all Ethiopians regardless of their ethnic backgrounds.

  4. S says:

    Dawit better than Esat and voa amharic service mr obalony

  5. juhar ahmed says:

    why is america unique because there is many of diversity people come from every where their live side by side with respect each other if we do the same we will be great nation in horn of africa

  6. YHD says:

    I couldn’t agree more. This is a real example of “Unity with Diversity”. Unfortunately, there still are some people who do not seem to understand the actual meaning of diversity and the fundamental ideals for peaceful and democratic coexistence in a multiethnic and multicultural society, such as Ethiopia.

  7. yohannes says:

    I have no word for u dawit u did a good job u are example of jornaliest & the Dr nim aan was right that is the answer of the true ethiopiawint !!”

  8. terefe says:

    i fully agree with the somali ethiopia am ethiopian even i dont want to say which tribe i came from but for so many years i accept my self as ethiopian but lately some ethiopians they think they are the only true ethiopians.for a second when i think about it .it drive me crazy.i say what?even if pretend to be more ethiopiawi than this guys the get crossed
    i have seen it in some activity in community.

    oh my god the current goverment new long time ago about the mentality of this people.ignoring the majority voice .

    Now i realy call my self ethiopian.

  9. Mario says:

    The unity in diversity in Ethiopia is getting strength as it goes! This Ethiopian Somali brother telling the reality in Ethiopia before the EPRDF! He is right on most of the nations , nationalities & peoples was see as a second class citizen,but now as our brother explanation, Ethiopia’s unity is based on a solid ground!

    Thanks Dawit for being a true journalist ! God bless your job!

  10. Belai says:

    every question should be asked.the good doctor has answered it properly.he is right Ethiopia does not belong to a single ethnic belongs to all.period. our diversity is our beauty. recognizing all members of our country does not make us weak. it make us stronger.those who are against all nations and nationalties are suffering their own inferiority complesx. you like it or not you are who you are.we all have our own tribes and we all belong to the same mother body has the power to deny the identity of people.

  11. mamush says:

    Celebrating annual anniversary of nations, nationalities and people’s may bear confidence for those nations treated as aliens in their homeland, but don’t indicate that they are equally treated, let the government do more to narrow the widened horizontal imbalance economy created among regions and vertical imbalance between region and Federal government.

  12. mamo says:

    f+++k your infriority complax people they do not want to name their ethnic name.
    but now they do.

    thats not infriority thats how the past regiums control every ones will.

    what the hell you talking about in every ethnik they have their pride untouchable
    every one had great worriors.

  13. Kifle says:

    OMG! I really want to listen to the guest, but I could not continue due to Dawit’s disgusting approach. If you were free-minded journalist, you could address the first question in so many different ways. Man! What is wrong with you?! How low can you go?!

    If I recall, one of your complain about the Diasporas complain was that you have been attacked due to your Tigrean back ground. Well, let me share your point, and let us say you were not welcomed by people who “hate” Tigreans including Abraha Belay.

    If this is the case, don’t you think people developed their hate each other due to there strong feeling toward their ethnic background than Ethiopiawinet?!

    Come on man, if you are doing this for a living fine, but you are killing journalism in you.

    Weyane supporters might encourage you, and keep do what you are doing. The question is whether you can sleep peacefully.

  14. Mahamud A. Ibrahimkare says:

    Dr. Nim’aan Hamarre did it smartly how the Ethiopian political land scape was and the impact it had on its citezens-political, economical, cultural and social- that resulted social explossion.
    I am also attracted by how dr. Hamarre explained what “unity in diversity” means.

  15. tribalism psychology says:

    የጎሰኝነት/የጎሳ ብሄርተኝነት ስነ-ልቦና/The Psychology of Ethnic Nationalism

    በጎሰኝነት የታጨቀ አስተሳሰብ የሰውን ልጅ ህሊና በማሳወር ስብዕና የተላበሰ አስተሳሰብን ያጠፋል!!

    ጎሰኞች በአደባባይ እብደታቸውን የሚያሳዩበት ቀን ህዳር 29

    የሰው ልጅ ከእንስሳ የሚለየው የሰባዊነቱ መስጥር ፈጣሪ በለገሰው ህሊናው በማመዛዘን ጥሩና መጥፎውን መለየቱ ነው ፡፡ነገር ግን ከዚህ በተጻራሪ የሰው ልጅ የራሱን ዘር ሊያጠፋት የሚችልበት ሁኔታ እና አጋጣሚ አለ፡፡ የይህውም የጎሳ በብሄርተኝነት/ ከሌላ ገጎ ስለሆነ ብቻ/ እና የሀይማኖት አክራሪነት ናቸው፡፡

    የጎሳ ብሄርተኝነት የሰውን ልጅ ከሰውነት ደረጃ አውጥቶ ወደ አውሬነት የሚቀይር አይዲኦሎጂ/አስተሳሰብ ነው !!! ጎሰኝነት በባህሪው አንድ የጎሳ ቡድን ስለራሱ የበላይነት የሚሰብክበት ከሌሎች የተለየን ነን ሚል አስተሳሳብ በማዳበር እራሱን በእብሪት ፣በትምክት የሚወጥርበት እና ከሱ ውጪ ያሉ ጎሳዎችን እንደሰው የማያይ ፣ የሰውን ልጅ አስተሳሳብ ፣ህሊና የሚያሳውር እናም አስክሮ ወደ አውሬ ቀይሮ የሚያሳብድ በሽታ ነው፡፡የትግሬ ጎሰኞች እዚህ ውስጥ ነው ያሉት አብደዋል፣ ልክ እንደ ሂተለር ዘመን በአርያን ጎሰኝነት እንዳበዱት ግን ማበዳቸው አይተወቃቸውም፡፡

    በሀገራችን እየተቀነቀነለት ያለው የወቅቱ ፋሽስቶቹ የናዚ-ወያኔዎች የሚያስፋፉት አደገኛ ወረርሽኝ በሽታ ጎሰኝነት ይባላል፡፡ጎሰኝነት በባህሪው አንድ የጎሳ ቡድን ስለራሱ የበላይነት የሚሰብክበት ከሌሎች የተለየን ነን ሚል አስተሳሳብ በማዳበር እራሱን በእብሪት ፣በትምክት የሚወጥርበት እና ከሱ ውጪ ያሉ ጎሳዎችን እንደሰው የማያይ ፣ የሰውን ልጅ አስተሳሳብ ፣ህሊና የሚያሳውር እናም አስክሮ ወደ አውሬ በመቀየር የሚያሳብድ በሽታ ነው፡፡የትግሬ ጎሰኞች እዚህ ውስጥ ነው ያሉት አሳብዷቸዋል፣ ልክ እንደ ሂተለር ዘመን በአርያን ጎሰኝነት እንዳበዱት፣ ግን ማበዳቸው አይታወቃቸውም፡፡ ይህ በሽታ በአለማችን ላይ ከፍተኛውን ጉዳት በማድረስ ወደር ሌለው ነው፡፡ ለዚህ ማስረጃ የጀርመን ናዚዎች አርያንን ጎሳ የበላይነት አንግበው ለጀርምን ውድቀት፣ርሃብ ፣ሰቆቃ ወደኃላ መቅረት አይሁዶችን በምክንያትነት በመፈረጅ እንደሰው እንዳያስቡ ህሊናቸውን ሰውሯቸው የለምንም ርህርሄ በገፍ ፈጅተዋል ፡፡ከዚህ እንደምንመለከተው ትልልቅ የተማሩ፣ ያወቁ የተባሉ የህክምና ዶክተሮችን ምሁራንን ሳይቀር እንዴት አስተሳሰባቸው ቀይሮ፣ህሊናቸውን ቀይሮ በማስከር ሊያሳብዳቸው እንደቻለ ነው፡፡የጀርመን ናዚዎች ተሸንፈው ፍርድ ከተሰጣቸው በኃላ ትልልቅ የሂትለር ባለስጣናትንን፣ ሀኪሞችን ከኑረን-በርግ ፍርድ በኃላ እንደ ሲግመንድ ፍሩድ ያሉ የአለማች እውቅ ሳይኮአናሊስቶች ጋር የሰሩ ሳይኮአናሊስቶች መርምረዋቸው ነበር ፣እነዚህ በጣም አሰቃቂ ወንጀል የፈጸሙ፣በሚሊዮኖች የሚቆጠሩ ሰዎችን የፈጁ፣ያስፈጁ የሂተለር በለስልጣናት ተመርምረው ምንም አይነት የአህምሮ ችግር የሌለባቸው ሆነው ነው የተገኙት ፡፡በመጨረሻ እነዚህ የናዚ ባለስልጣናት እንዚህ ያለ አሰቃቂ ወንጀል ለመፈፀም ያነሳሳቸው የአርያን ጎሰኝነት በሽታ ህሊናቸውን አሳውሮአቸው ያን ያህል ጥፋት ሊያደርሱ እንደቻሉ ተረጋግጧል፡፡በሀገራችን አክራሪው በትግሬ ጎሰኝነት ያበደው ወያነ ፣በፕሮግራሙ ልክ እንደ ሂትለር ዘመን በአሪያን ጎሰኝነት እንዳበዱት እና አይሁዶች በጠላትነት እንደተፈረጁት ወያኔም በዛ አብዶ አማራን በአውራ ጠላትነት ፈርጆ የተንቀሳቀሰ ፣ለዚህም በፕሮግራሙ ላይ በግልጽ ያስቀመጠ ጎሰኝነት አሳውሮ ያሳበዳቸው ፣ሰው መሆን ያቃታቸው ፣እንደ ሰው ማሰብ የተሳናቸው እራሳቸውን አውሬ የደረገጉ ሰዎች ስብስብ ከትግሬ ውጪ ያለውን ጎሳ እንደ ሰው የማያዩ ስብስብ ፣ በዚህም ፋሽስቶቹ የናዚ-ወያኔ ጭራቆች የትግሬ ጎሳኝነት አሳብዶአቸው ገና ከጅምሩ እንደ ናዚዎች ሁሉ ለትግሬ ህዝብ በርሃብ ፣መቸገር ፣ለሴትኛ አዳርነት እና ወደ ኃላ መቅረት አማራን በምክንያትነት በመፈረጅ እስከ አፍንጫቸው ታጥቀው ከ1971ዓ.ም ጀምሮ በውልቃይት ጠገዴ ፣ፀለምት ፣ሰቲት ሁመራ፣ዳንሻ የሚኑሮ አማሮችን በገፍ የለምንም ርህራሄ ፈጅተዋል በቦታውም ከ500ሺህ በላይ ትግሬ አስፍረዋል፡፡ከዚህ በተጨማሪም በኦሮሞ ጎሰኝነት ያበዱት ፋሽስቶቹ የናዚ-ኦነግ እራሳቸውን አውሬ ያደረጉ ከኦሮሞ ውጪ ያለውን ሰው ሰባዊነት የማይቀበሉ ፣እንደ ሰው ማሰብ የተሳናቸው፣ህሊናቸውን ስተው ያበዱ ቡድን በአርባጉጉ፣በበደኖ፣በአሰቦት ገዳም ፣ምስራቅ ወለጋ ጊዳብ ሺራቦ…ወዘተ የሚኖሩ አማሮችን እና ክርስትያን ኦሮሞዎች /ጉለሌዎች ፣ሰላሌዎች/ የለምንም ርህራሄ ሰብአዊነት በጎደለው አረመኔአዊ በሆነ መንገድ በገፍ ፈጅተዋል፡፡የቅርቡ ትዝታችን የፋሽስቶቹ የናዚ-ወያኔ ወታደሮች የትግሬ ጎሳኝነት አሳውሮ ያሳበዳቸው ናዚ-አጋዚ ሰራዊቶች ከትግሬ ጎሳ ውጪ ያለ ሰው ሰው የማይመስላቸው ወደ አውሬነት የተቀየሩ ለሰላማዊ ሰልፍ አደባባይ የወጡ የአዲስ አበባ ለጋ ወጣቶቸን በጥይት አርግፈዋል ፡፡በሀገራች ስለ ጎሰኝነት ስነልቦና አይተወቅም ማለት ይቻላል ፣ተምረዋል ፣አውቀዋል የሚባሉት እንኳን ጎሳኝነት እንዴ የሰውን ኅሊና ሊያሳውር እንደሚች ፣ሚዛናዊ አስተሳሰብ የላቸውን ሰዎች አሳውሮ ወደ አውሬነት ሊቀየር የሚችል ፣የስነልቦና ለውጥ እንደሚያመጣ መርምረው የተገነዘቡና የሚያሰገነዝብ በለመኖራቸው ፣አብረው በትግሬ ጎሰኝነት ካበደው እና ተከተዮቹን ካሰበደው ፣እና ሌሎችንን ጎሳዎች በዚህ በሽታ እየበከለ ካለው ፋሽስቱ ናዚ-ወያኔ ጋር አብረው ሲፈነጥዙ ፣እንደ ጥጃ ሲዘሉ ማየቱ በጣም የሚያሳዝን ነው፡፡ ይባስ ብሎ ጎሰኞች የሚያብዱበት ቀን ህዳር 29 ተብሎ ለእብደታቸው ህጋዊ ሽፋን በፋሽስቶቹ የናዚ-ወያኔ አውሬዎች ተሰጥቷል፡፡ስለሆነም ስለ ጎሰኝነት ስነልቦና እንዴት የሰውን ልጅ አስተሳሰብ አሳውሮ ወደ አውሬነት ሊቀይር እና አስክሮ ሊያሳብድ እንደሚችል ለሁሉም ህብረተስብ ግንዛቤ መፍጠር ያስፈልጋል፡፡

    • OGADEN ANBESA says:

      ante wusha….ke ante yebelete gif yesera ale bileh new?you dirty pig..sile chif-chefa taweraleh demo?you have no place in our country!

    • zeleke says:

      It is our daily practice to entertain such comments from Eritrean and ESAT television; that is designed to: divide the citizens by any group for its own agenda, playing a dangerous game, calling for enterhamoy, destabilizing the country, calling some nations as subhuman and non people; such comments arise when arrogance and sense of dominance is running through your blood.

  16. Junneye says:

    Dawit still I did not give up on you. “Hager bet temeleshe bemeseraw sera mannete yeleyal ” setel I was trusting u. Still I do. I know how affecting you dirty political game in diaspora. But still those thing I believe will make you strong journalist. Unfortunately recently I notes the way you do ” LEMATAWI GAZIETEGNA” abo kezeh yawetah …. Hope tesefayen atebelam……

  17. Gebez says:

    ገፁ ላይ ያለው ስዕል የንጉስ ሚኒሊክ ነው? ከሆነ በጣም ትልቅ ወንጀል ነው:: ያን ክቡር የክልሉ ህዝብ “ሽርጣም” እያለ እና እያስባለ የኖረ ዘረኛ መሪ ጅግጅጋ ከተማ መሃል ሓወልት ከተሰራለት ‘ኣደጋ’ለው’::

    • OGADEN ANBESA says:

      Dear GEBEZ,The statue is not that of minilik;but it is an Ethiopian Somali hero Sayid mohammed Abdulla Hassan who fought against colonial powers in early 20th century.

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