Bradford Confers Honorary Doctorate on Deputy Premier Demeke Mekonnen


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15 Responses

  1. Honoring Honorary Doctorate Degree of Education to a person, who has buried Education under the below in Ethiopia, is ridiculous.He should be revoked because he doesn’t deserve it. He advocates of Machiavellian ruling system and has been practicing it as Education Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia, respectively.

  2. Mario says:

    Congratulation H.E Dr Demeke Mekonen! You are one of great leaders that Ethiopia produced in our century!


  3. kfasil says:

    It does not require a PhD to run a dictator government … All EPRDF structure established and organized by high school dropouts ….

  4. kfasil says:

    Mario and else,
    It does not require any kind of degree to run a dictator government …who carried weapon and expanded prisons.
    Ha ha after all All EPRDF structure established and organized by high school dropouts ….

    • Mario says:

      We haven’t seen these with degrees to do anything for the needy people of Ethiopia! You can call them whatever , but they are making history! Ethiopian used to die of hunger in millions during Your Derg regime & Haileslassie, but now nobody dies/ will die of hunger!
      We know what these with decorated degrees are doing in the diaspora!

      All histories of Ethiopia was made by individuals or groups with no degree or high school deploma! What These who should have been better brought was destruction during Derg & Haileselassie! You are criticizing , but you can’t see what these you called high school drop outs are doing to accomplish 100 years neglected country!
      Finally you are denying , but history will keep the truth on the ground!
      Kfasil, you might have a degree ,but I can see how you think! I guess a high school drop out could do better!
      Ethiopia prefers a citizen who can work, but not who can brag with empty egos!

  5. TT says:


  6. በለው! says:

    **ነገሩ እነዴት ነው ኤርላንድ ከእንግሊዝ ሲገነጠል…ኢህአዴግ ከእንግሊዝ ሊገጥም ነው እንዴ? መልስ በተልዕኮ ትምህርትና ዘ-ኢኮኖሚስትን አስነብበው አስነብበው መግለጥ ሲከብደው ተጠቀለለበት!። ባለፈው ሳምንት አቶ አርክበ ዕንቁባይ(ህወአት) ከዓለም አንደኛ በከባድ ፍጥነት ተመቁ ። አሁን ደግሞ ትምህርት ሚኒስተርን በክለው በሽፋራሁ ሽጉጤ የተባረሩት በምክትል ጠ/ሚ ማዕረግ የወሎ ብሔር ተወካይ!(ብአዴን)ተመረቁ!/አሁን ስንት ብሄር ቀረ? ገና ፯ ክልል ምሁራን ይቀራል። አመራር በኅብረት(በደቦ)…እንዲህ እንዲህ ስንል እየተፎጋገርን በድንቁርና ልንገፋው ነው ማለት ነው።አይ ትምህርትና አንግሊዞች ለኢህዴግ ቅጥረኖቻቻው የባንዳ መለያ የክብር ጨርቅና ወረቀት እያደሉ እንዲህ ወቀለጃ መሳቂያ መሳላቂያ ያድጓቸው!ይህን ግዜ አንድ ባረያ ገዛን ብለው እየሸረደዱ አፍ አስከፍተው ውሰኪ ከፍተዋል!ሌለው ተረኛ ቂጡን ከፍቷል በለው!

    • talem says:

      belew….how ignorant are you , ? idiot you think only what you know , get off , move ur ass and learn how to rite amharic first

    • TT says:

      Dear Belew,

      can u tell us how u got ur degree [if u have it] and what u r doing with it? I can only see ur fingers pointing at somebody else.

    • abel says:


      I am sure you haven’t made it to high school yourself.You hardly understand the advantage of having educated leaders, you been abused by majors and colonels for too long.

      • በለው! says:

        “ቆማጣ ቤት አንድ ጣት ብርቅ ናት አሉ!ብሪሊንት! ጂኒስ! ስማርት!ሊቅ ፋላስፋ..የሚባል ሥምና ትርጉም ከአበሻ ዶሮ ዋጋ ረክሰሷል ማለት ነው? ።ይህ የምታየው ካባ የባንዳ ምሩቅ ካባ ነው!የህወአት ባንዲራ ኮከቡ ከጀርባ ስለሆነ ነው። እንግሊዞችን አውቃቸዋለሁ ያውቁኛል…በኑሮም በሀገርም በታሪክም አስፈላጊ ከሆነ ሳልጽፍላቸው አልቀርም እንኳን ለባሪያና ሆድአደር ባንዳ ግዜ አደረሳችሁ! እላቸዋለሁ። እናንተ እንኳ ባንዳ ሲበላ አፋችሁን ክፍታችሁ የምታገሱ የምትቀሳፍቱ ካድሬ እንደበቀቀን ወሬ የምትደግሙ.. አንድ ሰው በብዙ ሥም የተጠቀምክ የኮብል እስቶን ምሩቅ ትሆናለህ!!ሄለን ከቤ አቤል ቲቲ(የእንግሊዝ ውሻ ሥም እኮ ነው)ታለም..ከበደ ምናምን እያልክ ቃዥ “የተማረ ይግደለን አላችሁ! ይኼው ለማኝ አደረጋችሁ!ሀገራችሁ ደንቆሮ ምሩቅ ባይበዛ ታዲያ በዓረብ ውሻ እየተባለ አጅ አግሩ አንገቱ በሜንጫ ተቀልቶ የዓላም መሳቂያ እንሆን ነበር?ያንተን የነጭ ሹምባሽ የባንዳ ተማሪዎች የውሸት ካባ አውልቄ አሳይሃለሁ። አተላ!!!

        • Waw says:

          Belew, It is not an ethical, you have to Disciplined to chang others. I am sorry.
          You hate yourself, you hate others, you hate your family and you hate your society.
          Belew please do not write like are duplicating the enemy against you.

  7. Mesfin Getachew says:

    His excellency Ato Demeke Mekonon is one of educated and brilliant EFDR government officials.He has done a lot to motivate and lead education sector in Ethiopia.Now every child in Ethiopia is start primary education.Almost all children are in school today.Schools unlike other infrastructures,are built in every villages including in remote and desert areas of the country.This is one of his contribution in his efforts.Therefore,Bradford University is conferred him for his valuable efforts done for the country.

  8. Ajire says:

    We heard from Abebe Gelaw’s invesigative journalism that the “record-breaking geniusity” of Arkebe Equbay was a fake media hype of Aigaforum and tigraionline.
    We know and we have seen enough one way or the other that the govt and party officials in ethiopia are really ignorants who lead the country towards an abyss. Those who lead and those who collaborate are doing the same. Education or literace in wider sense is not aquiring a certeficate, Diploma or degree as as last goal. It gives meaning when it makes a positive permanent change in a society: attitudes, spiritually not only mareially.

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