UN Donates $100,000 to support efforts to repatriate Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia


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11 Responses

  1. Aster says:

    It’s nice of the UNHCR to donate the money, but i think it is way to low for such organization give. I believe the immigrants going to need a whole lot of money to resettle them. I hope the money that been donated for the immigrants is not used for other purpose or stolen by some Ethiopia’s officials.

    • kebraraw says:

      you are very funny aster 100,000 $ IS THE MONEY AND the repatriated persons are more than 100,000 if you divide it, it is just less than 1 dollar per person this is just discusting and stupidity of the UN to make this

  2. Teklu says:

    that is good. It mean less than $1 per returnee. Yihun! Wanaw hasabu new!

  3. Ali says:

    Wow…. I can’t believe this, That’s a lots of money.

  4. kebraraw says:

    the UN must be the garbegge why the ethiopian government accept this only 100,000 it is crup you know if you calculate it it is just 15 birr ber person for those who have been repatriated or is there typing mistake awramba made this is not money 100,000 is not some thing that the UN should give for repatriation is it enough for one person 15birr to bring him from kaliti to meccico even???

  5. bula says:

    “Bravo UN”

    100.000/150.000=$0.67 per person; even not 1 dollar per person.

    What a shame and disaster with this Organization when it comes to Africa and blacks in general.

    They even didn’t criticize/condemn the gruesome atrocity and inhuman act the monster and wahabis Saudi did including raping in day lights in public and also in front of their husbands and families at homes just breaking the doors in a day light while watching the city doing it as a game match.

    The satanic worshiper Arabs crimes against Ethiopians will be remember down to history as the worst atrocity done against the Habesha people ever. And when the time comes, it will be answered. But hoping Satan will eliminate these monster Arabs soon and this way the world would become free and safe without them having here on earth. They are pure demons, evils and monsters not only having satanic faith but also they are Satan themselves.

    UN is a failed organization when it comes to Africa and blacks. Africans must do things by themselves having good and close relation with other nations that are plenty including China, Russia, Brazil, Iran and so on.

  6. Gudu says:

    First, neither the UN nor the IOM condemn the crime comitted.
    Second, UN is insulting us by donating less than 1dolar per returnee. IOM is better in this regard
    Third, none of the international organizations demand for investigation to the crimes, justice and compensation for the victims
    Fourth, all these tells me that everyone including our government doesn’t want to comfront the Saudi. Who the hell tbey are??

  7. axumawe says:

    I think we should say tanks,also if the money which is collected by Esat goes to this people,added the money from the Ethiopian gov,from the Ethiopian downers,
    all in all some thing is better than nothing.
    late as learn how to be tank full.

  8. Oz. says:

    100,000$..? Its 32,000 Ethiopians who got return to their country, how much 100,000 could do to help them? Its about 3 dollar per person, United Nation Is the most coward and hustler organization, Fuck United Nation ! they just wanne appear like an Angle by giving a little bit of change. I said It and I will say It again Fuck United Nations and all organization who made money In the name of the poor !

  9. TT says:

    Come on UN! How much billions of dollars are spent to KILL more than 100,000 Iraqi and Afghan people. And now, UN has donated $100,000 to SAVE more than 100,000 returnees. What a Shame!!!!!

  10. Mario says:

    The deportation in Saudi Arabia is indirectly directed by Egypt & other Ethiopia’s enemies to create instabily in Ethiopia , but this will pass & Ethiopia will march forward in building its mega projects! The leadership in Ethiopia are there dedicated to March Ethiopia to its bright future! Look at what they have done to shabiya & it’s messenger Kinijit?
    God bless Ethiopia!

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