Eng. Azeb Asnake Replaces Mihret Debebe as EEPCo CEO


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36 Responses

  1. Seni says:

    Ato mihret has been on this position more than decades and his relationship with former PM was the reason he kept his position safe till now. He used to play Ground tennis with Ex. PM. in arat kilo palace and they used to discuss for long duration aftrewards. I admire some qualities of Ato Mihret, However his leadership was totally faulty ann unsuccessful. He tried to consolidated his power by removing his opponents and hiring his groups such as Ms. Azeb Asnake.

    It is true Ms. Azeb was transfred from Addis Ababa Water and Sanitation Autority in illegal way. She could have been directly hired by EEPCo but Mihret did not follow regulation and order HR to transfer from AAWSA dierectly wchich is totally following transfer policy. How could one transfer City Employe to Federal Goverenment which are under different adminstration.
    I am not rumoring but Azeb is a fried of Mr. Mihret’s wife and she is from the same tribe as Ato Mihret. Yes, EEPCo staffs are dissapointed on this assignment because they know the reason why Azeb is nominated at first place. She has been with EEPCo for about 5 years and her leadership skill wasn’t tested so far. She actually failled on Gibe 3 (Completion time was expected for Sep 2013) However we will not see any power from Gibe until 2016 which is 3 years behind schedule.

    How could this lady could lead the company to success. She has no political support from EPRDF’s except her link with Ato Mihret. Funding for Power projects needs more political role , willingness and contributaion than professional leadership.

    I tried to contact her subordinates to get more information about her leadership skill, however non of them are willing to give any response. They told me she is so dangereous and revenge them if she become aware of what they will tell me. I tried to convince them but they told me she was encountered by two previous staff and both of this staffs were highly skilled however expelled from the project. They also claim she even revenged their friends working in the project by systematically expelled from EEPCo.

    I will write more article about Ms. Azeb and EEPCo soon.

    • mamush says:

      Eng. Azeb Asnake is a professional engineer currently leading GibeIII Hydropower project in a position of Project Manager; engineers often become managers: research has indicated that an estimated 33 to 50% of engineers will end up in a management role in their career.
      She is a hard worker and devoted to her duty. You seriously hate her and your comments are filthy, you yourself is filthy fly. She is passionate, idealist, has good communication with her colleagues, respectful engineer. Leave alone replacing Mr. Mihert she will go far in the future with better position.
      You have said“…but Azeb is a friend of Mr. Mihret’s wife and she is from the same tribe” What nonsense and immature mind! You must have been a high school dropout to come to that conclusion. You certainly didn’t pass civics and relative subjects; that is the reason why you are crossing your limits. I do not know when such kind of irrational and bloody racist people will improve their acuities and at least behave normally.
      You are from toxic Diaspora though I don’t like the word Diaspora, rather moron economic immigrants is a better word for you.

      • Alemu says:

        You are one BIG ababa Mamush! What is all these rage, Seni must be talking something some real shit! Hahahhah

      • Seni says:

        By the way I know both well and worked with them for a while until I gave up on the system and left unceremoniously.

        She(Engine haha Azeb) delayed Gilgeb gibe 3 by 3-4 years than planed. the plan
        of gilgel gibe 3 was to complete in 2013 but she delayed the project due to corruption and may be the project complete after 2017 (after delayed 3-4 years) and she gate higher position post or to replace Meheret Dedebe place. I think EPRDF will loose election next time because they start to gives post by “zemed, tribe or corruption” not by qualification and successful experience
        I know Siymegnewu, he talks much with no substance. Azeb is also weak, fresh and incompetent, but if the issue is an on-job training, then it is better to give the chance to a woman. At least, she can serve her bosses in all other demands. Generally, I am happy that Mehrete has departed, although it was not before he did substantial damages to the Corporation. At one point, he was about to swallow all available coins in the country with a permission from Meles. I remember he used to have three mobiles, switching from one to the other, even in the middle of meetings. One mobile is for guests, one for his bosses, and guess, one was for ….

        I am shame on my government,,,,,Mis Azeb she is so corrupted with Salini also low performance in GIBE 3. U can ask peopls who work there….shameeeee again

        • mamush says:

          This is non evidential allegation, if you have sufficient evidence for the corruption they have committed, you would have been submitted your evidence to anti-corruption office, then you will be a true Ethiopia who is working on anti-corruption, good governance … etc to save your beloved country. I am very surprised at your comment that brought Engineer Simegnew in to the mix. This is more than enough to know your political stand that designed: to attack those professionals who actively participate in our country’s development, demoralizing, harassing …etc. This one of the vast systems of mental cheating your living dead masters designed and broadcasting on ESAT and Eritrean television.
          The current progress of Gibe III is 80% both financial and physical, you can go and check.
          Some of Gibe III workers were terminated or arrested by police while they were stealing Reinforcements bars, cement, fuel etc.
          On this issue we should, I believe, stop posturing, cut out patronizing language, state each perspective as a testable thesis not a manifesto, go back to gathering data that are good enough to settle the matter one way or another, present both positive and negative evidence as it surfaces, and let the chips fall where they may and take the case to anti-corruption.
          Why you are afraid of taking the case to anti-corruption office? You did something guilty there?

          • wolde ab says:

            Mamush complainth too much.(spelling intended).
            Seni gave you points to discuss and you have completely ignored them.
            Item …Gilgel III is two or three years late. If Azeb’s claim to fame is her managing the project, should you not discuss her failure in this one thing she was given responsibility for and she failed miserably?
            Then, the question becomes, what is her claim to fame?

          • mamush says:

            @wolde ab
            Dear Sir,
            For the delay of the project, we cannot blame Engineer Azeb Asnake under any circumstances; I don’t mean that she is a saint; she may have shortcomings as human being, let you open your ears and eyes for the truth of the project, rather reading eventless history; out of many problems raised by European union, Kenyan paleontologists and U.S Geological Survey which is contrary to our studies I posted few for your information and to avoid confusion:
            Previously the European Investment Bank (EIB) had been considering financing of the dam’s electrical and mechanical equipment with a loan of US$341 million. It has financed economic, financial and technical studies for the dam. In July 2010 the EIB stopped financing environmental and social studies for the dam, stating that “alternative financing” had been found. The African Development Bank had also been considering a US$250 million loan for the electro-mechanical equipment of the plant. The World Bank also had considered funding the project. In 2008 the World Bank decided not to pursue a full feasibility study for the dam, because of the absence of competitive bidding for the prime contractor.
            The financial costs of the dam and hydroelectric power plant have been estimated to be Euro 1.55 billion. The cost of a transmission line from the power plant to the nearby Wolayta Sodo Substation has been estimated at 35 Million Euro. These costs do not include the costs of constructing or upgrading power transmission lines to Addis Ababa and onwards to Djibouti to the Northeast of the dam, to Sudan in the West and to Kenya in the South, all located at a distance between 500 and a 1000 km from the dam. The cost estimate does not include the costs of extending the electricity distribution network to effectively increase access to electricity. As of 2009, electricity access in the prospective beneficiary countries was still low at 16% in Kenya and 36% in Sudan.
            Impact on Lake Turkana
            The magnitude of the impact that the dam and possible irrigation projects induced by the dam will have on the water level of Lake Turkana is controversial. A hydrological study conducted for the African Development Bank in November 2010 concluded that the filling of the dam will reduce the lake’s water level by two metres, if no irrigation will be undertaken. Irrigation would cause a further drop in the lake level.
            Friends of Lake Turkana, a Kenyan organization representing indigenous groups in northwestern Kenya whose livelihoods are linked to Lake Turkana, had previously estimated that the dam could reduce the level of Lake Turkana by up to 10 meter affecting up to 300,000 people. This could cause the brackish water to increase in salinity to where it may no longer be drinkable by the indigenous groups around the lake. Currently, the salinity of the water is about 2332 mg/L, and it is estimated that a 10 meter decrease in the water level of Lake Turkana could cause the salinity to rise to 3397 mg/L. Raising salinity could also drastically reduce the number of fish in the lake, which the people around Lake Turkana depend on for sustenance and their livelihoods. According to critics, this “will condemn the lake to a not-so-slow death.”
            According to dam proponents, the impact on Lake Turkana will be limited to the temporary reduction in flows during the filling of the reservoir. Various sources state that the filling could take between one and three wet seasons. The total storage volume of the reservoir of Gibe III dam will be between 11.75 and 14 billion cubic meter, depending on sources. According to the firm that builds the dam this would reduce the water level in the lake by “less than 50 cm per year for three years” and that salinity “will not change in any way. Based on a surface area of Lake Turkana of 6,405 km2 the filling of the reservoir would indeed reduce the level of the lake by less than 2 meters. The environmental and social impacts of such a decline are difficult to predict. For purposes of comparison, according to data in the World Lake Database, the historic level of Lake Turkana fluctuated significantly over the last 125 years. It declined from a high of 20m above today’s level in the 1890s to the same level as today in the 1940s and 1950s. Then it increased again gradually by 7 meters to reach a peak around 1980, and subsequently decreased again.
            The report offers a devastating look a deeply flawed development process fueled by the special interests of global finance and African governments. In the process, it identifies major overlooked or otherwise minimized risks, not the least of which is a U.S. Geological Survey estimation of a high risk for a magnitude 7 or 8 earthquake in the Gibe III dam region.
            The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) summary of the project did not assess the impact of the dam on the water level and water quality of Lake Turkana. The director of Kenya’s Water Services Regulatory Board, John Nyaoro, argued that the dam would have no negative impact on Lake Turkana.
            According to the Ethiopian authorities, once the dam has been built the total amount of water flowing into the lake will not change. The only difference would be a more stable flow over the year – more during the dry season, and less during the wet. Mentioning late PM Meles in this article does not have any problem if you are able to judge people objectively; sorry if your blood pressure increases in mentioning late PM Meles as of few commentators on this forum. Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said in a BBC interview: “The overall environmental impact of the project is highly beneficial. It increases the amount of water in the river system, it completely regulates flooding which was a major problem, it improves the livelihood of people downstream because they will have irrigation projects, and it does not in any way negatively affect the Turkana Lake. This is what our studies show.”
            In June 2011 UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, in its 35th session held in Paris, France, called for the construction of the dam to be halted, to submit all assessments of the dam and requested Ethiopia and Kenya to invite a World Heritage Centre/IUCN monitoring mission to review the dam’s impact on Lake Turkana, a World Heritage Site.
            Due to aforementioned problems all financial sources are blocked; currently Gibe III (3) is about 82%completed and will start filling of water after few months.
            The next is Gilgel Gibe IV (4) dam
            A $1.9 billion deal between China’s Sino Hydro Corporation and the Ethiopian Electric Power Authority to construct the Gibe IV and Halele Werabesa hydroelectric dams was reported by The Shanghai Daily on 15 July 2009. Both dams are “expected to be completed in five years”, and would have a combined capacity of over 2,000 megawatts.
            Buy the bond and participate in your country’s development.
            Thank you!

          • mamush says:

            @wolde ab
            In his first comment Seni said “She actually failed on Gibe 3 (Completion time was expected for Sep 2013)”
            Leave alone such complicated projects; the accessible road projects delay more than 2 or 3 years
            The initial design of the dam foresaw a rock-fill dam. However, due to difficulties with obtaining proper and sufficient insurance coverage for the rock-fill dam, the design has been changed to roller-compacted concrete (RCC). The rock-fill design has been criticized by an independent feasibility study submitted to the African Development Bank in 2009. In particular, the study questioned the structural stability of the dam, saying that the risk of a catastrophic failure was “not insignificant”.
            Even the dam with no completion date set due to financial matter. In May 2012, full commissioning had been scheduled for June 2013. Local and international environmental groups expect major negative environmental and social impacts of the dam and have criticized the project’s environmental and social impact assessment as insufficient. Because of this and accusations that the entire approval process for the project was suspect, funding for the full construction cost has not yet been secured, as the African Development Bank has delayed a decision about a loan pending a review of the dam’s environmental impact by its compliance review and mediation unit which in August 2009 accepted a call from NGOs for such a review.
            In August 2010 Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi vowed to complete the dam “at any cost”, saying about critics of the dam that “They don’t want to see developed Africa; they want us to remain undeveloped and backward to serve their tourists as a museum.”
            These were the causes for delay of the project; not due to Engineer Azeb Asnake.

    • Ewnetu says:

      First I really want to congratulate Seni for standing andtrying to tell what she know. We need people that try to stand up for the truth in the environment of threat in Ethiopia. Mamuyee and Co. need to know that the job of the media is to be the voice to the voiceless and those in power need to be constructively criticized in order to correct their mistakes or improve their performance. I for one would question the promotion of a project manager to a CEO within five years of serving in organization like EEPCO and the onus is on supporters to explain without labelling those who question them as a diaspora (Mamuyee hates without explanation) or a mamber of a group you dislike because of woyane tv propoganda). Mamuyee and associates need to provide evidence for dedebe or ex-firstlady mokshe – azeb why they deserve the position they were appointed in. Otherwise it’s you who would like a dog that barks to those who throw a bone at him and you’d be decieving no one but yourselves if you keep that approach. So let’s hear your evidence or keep your peace forever!

      • mamush says:

        Dear Sir,
        I am barking on bone; but you are barking on nothing.
        You derived me back to one month. Why are you wasting my precious barking time sir? Is it fair?
        I am not talking about Mr. Mihret, I don’t know him. I am talking Eng. Azeb Asnake
        Most Gibe 3 project workers were terminated or arrested by police while they were stealing construction materials: Reinforcement bars, cement, fuel, admixture … etc. May be this person is one of them. I am sure that Seni is not an engineer; he was in financial or procurement department.
        Please if you have some friends working on the dam ask them. You will get the truth.
        I wish you happy Christmas.

  2. Mekdes says:

    Seni, keep it for yourself, this kind of gossip doesn’t help Ethiopia. May be you will help ESAT by providing your fairytale, because they need this kind of trash so save it for them.

    We don’t want to hear and know about her or his tribe. EPRDF has its yardstick to measure the accomplishment of its assigned officials. If she fails to fit in the boots they prepared for her, she will be replaced by another proffessional person. Let’s wait amd see her performance.

  3. Garfield says:

    @Seni What a garbage are you, it’s really sad you call yourself writer and this editors publish your article. is this news or opinion? If this is opinion who in this world write such unconfirmed tabloid politics….
    The saddest if all is you can’t even spell “friend” come on now who are you to say anything about accomplished woman engineer while you can’t spell “friend”.
    You wrote engineer Eng…….. I bet you couldn’t spell that either.

  4. abe says:

    My heartfelt Congratulations to Eng.Azeb and thank you Mr. Mehret Debebe for ur excellent service,and Eng.Shimenh keep up the good job.
    Looking at their truck record one has to be thankful of the magnificent trio.Nothing more nothing less.

  5. Ajire says:

    @mamush: Oh my God! Why all this bad words against seni and the diaspora? He tried to comment about the woman with polite and measured words, but your reply was full of insult words.OMG
    Are you weyane people learning such bad words in training school? No wonder your dead master filled you with hate and revenge words. You proved or disproved nothing, absolutly nothing except bad mouthing.

    • mamush says:

      After all you are nothing more than a blind parrot of G7 that doesn’t have the ability to form any coherent thought on his own. You are just trying to divert the topic in to your own hatemonger agenda. Your masters-G7 leaders are a living dead. We have done everything to paralyze your masters from doing any damage to our county and we have succeeded. What did you learn from your a living dead masters? Some of them are already dead some 9 years ago when they filled their butanta with an imaginable diarrhea and a huge Jar of pie, at the time when they were caught by security forces.
      “Tolerance and peaceful struggle are interdependent; in the absence of peaceful struggle, tolerance becomes concord than peaceful struggle. Peaceful struggle depends upon tolerance and listen up each other. Tolerance doesn’t mean abandonment of one’s own opinion, nor it is negotiation of ideas; still doesn’t mean the absence of friction of ideas; it does mean avoiding the attitude of antagonism to opposing idea.” Late PM Meles Zenawi.

  6. memo says:

    One woyane out another woyane in. whats the big deal?

  7. Gudu says:

    She was a disater in leadrship while she was head of design and standard division at AWSSA. The division have done NOTHING under her leadrshiop and the incompetent boss of hers Ato Seyou, head of enginerring department. The was also leading the water loss control problem which ends up with no results. still AWSSA have no idea how much water, where and how the leakage is in the cities water distribution system.It is all about friendship and connections.

  8. Ethiopiawiw says:

    Engineer Azeb has a brilliant mind. Even she can lead the country. She has no connection with political party though.Azeb is Civil engineer and Mihret is Electrical Engineer.

  9. tn. says:

    I am not sure who is what but but but…

    these are positions more important than the PMship itself.

    1) Power.
    2) Rail. Inra-Etiopia and Across Africa
    3) Agricultural Productivity.
    4) Industrial Space for lease.

    these are the only only only reasons EPRDF is staying another day!

    who ever takes the position should know that the penalty for failure in any of these is ASSASSINATION of the person and his/her entire family.

    so long as she buys the deal, he/she/or any transgender person is welcome.

  10. Jhonny says:

    G7 endihon felgeh neber Mamo.

  11. Girma says:


    you are a sewage garbage.
    Up to this day I do not know the tribe of Ato Meheret nor Ms Azeb and I am not ready to know what it is because I don’t care about tribes as long as the individuals do their work. you are a dirty player my friend.
    It wasn’t Azeb’s fault that Gibe III delayed. if you may know the EU had promised to finance it and all of sudden the pulled out because they clamied it will effect Lake Turkana in Kenya which the UK has a huge interest. it’s not her fault and I’m very happy that woman are rising in Ethiopia. Ethiopia will rise.

    • aman says:

      dont be fool brother. if her promotion is not based on qualification and competence any reasonable reasons for her promotion has to be analyzed. and for most of civil servant in Ethiopia ethnic and family favoritism aint new it is very very common.

  12. ben says:

    If there is anyone who would complain about this guy’s exit would be the board itself. Girma Biru, kept this guy in the position for no reason but for his ability to wagg his tail 1000times/sec and lick the bosses boot if not the back end. As an ex-EEPCO employee and as someone who had a chance to work with him closely, i would say he was a kind of person who usually puts himself above everyone including the company. I am not sure about Azeb cos i don’t know her, but i believe the company was due for change. There exceptionally talented people in the company who were suffering because of this guy’s ego.I prefer to give a chance for a new blood than someone who has played a role in the past managemnet. All employees including management should use this milestone as an apportunity to creat the 21st century EEPCO. Good Luck!

  13. solomon says:

    Sini! Sorry about your comment, is that the new way to come back and stand against the Ethiopian development. Is that the trick you are told from Egyptian friends of yours or –? Eng. Azeb is one of a kind, intelligent women born in Ethiopia. We know Azeb from her elementary school to her university, she was a dynamic person. Ethiopia is blessed to have a person like Azeb and her kind. There was research saying 20% of intelligent people are born in under developed countries and but not getting a chance of unlashing their talent. Azeb is one of those intelligent people Ethiopia to have. Look gibe 3 is very important dam to Ethiopia. The Dam is in the rift valley and the building process is going with many scientists and talented Eng. The dam has enemies from the very begging, it is not new to have a person like you to come up with a new advice from the dam enemies to collect some money. Don’t come in between our loved elites and our country

  14. Solomon says:

    The country is new on democratic way of development. There were problems the government employees to collect taxes and the country growing capitals to pay, it should be educational not hard stick because Ethiopia need those experienced capitalist of hers not to given to foreign countries capitalists. Ethiopia has off course taught the mistakes with reasonable payments. Ethiopia needs to keep all of talented merchants and business people with the comfort and with the rules of business.They were told no to do business but they did, they belong to Ethiopia.

  15. best says:

    whom do u think is a possible candidate to be ceo on ur side? U. & Ur employees are now far from realizing realities going on; ur are on matrimonial mind (may be physical) bondage with those illiterate ‘docs ‘ . such people as u ; are responsible for the low performance of EEPCo by deliberately cuttingoff powers even on events as international meetings . seni ur possible candidates are in hoosgows , u Will be joining them Soon. 🙁

  16. Kenenet says:

    Dear Seni, Accusing some one with out any proof is a crime buy itself. I have been knowing Mr. Mihret for so long. he is well mannered very intelligent, God firing church Gower person. he is not a politician he has been in the filed more than 20 some thing years. graduated from both in side and outside with a higher standard achievement. grown up in Addis. I have a great respect for him because he had a belief to serve his counter and change peoples life in his field. that’s why he returned to his country when he was studding abroad. What happen in side is something I don’t want to speculate but wish both a good working years.

  17. hh says:

    high wrong performance for today

  18. ETHIOPIA FIRST says:



    • Michael says:

      Dear Ethiopia first, your comment is typical of evil comment! say a lot about you JACK ASS why are you trying to generalize and put diaspora down? today the world doesn’t have space for evil people like you. we need people who think positive and help with good heart. I am sorry to say but I think your brain is full of chees!

  19. bb says:

    it is good!

  20. Tazabiw says:

    EPRDF does not care about professional capability;It any body can accept the direction he will be welcomed. The ex-CEO could not have last for a decade if the government needed really a world class company.But he was eating with two sided knife; He got ride off professionals and put others lame.He pretended he was fighting wrong doings in the corporation and practicing the government direction.

    What is being done now is organizing companies with employees that are totally a member of an EPRDF member parties. Will the companies be efficient being constituted with Cadres? The newly assigned cadres may help the top ones in facilitating corruption chains.

  21. ethio2020 says:

    Dear Diaspora
    I think that to be aware and concuisce about your country is good but let me give you some advice
    ” let come back and live by any cost “

  22. Michael says:

    I did work with Azeb 20 years ago she is very smart women but whoever criticize her has no vision at all. guys we need to learn how to use productive criticism to make the weak strong. WHY ETHIOPIANS ARE ALWAYS NEGATIVE? I think those negative people have impaired vision or very short vision like donkey.do you know donkey can only see 3m range?

  23. ash says:

    dear seni,

    did u every take bribe? if not how in hell did u come to America how in hell did u afford to pay for air ticket when your wage is not even 5000 birr … if u know those people as that level then u must have opportunity to get kickback that is what i want to know pls pls reply

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