Saudi investors leave Ethiopia


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19 Responses

  1. Ash says:

    I am Ethiopian & I think the poor Ethiopians lose if the Saudi go…some extremist Ethiopian suggesting that why the govt. give investment to Ethiopians mind u Ethiopia have 3 million hector and both Ethiopian and the Arab can invest therefore I don’t see the point of kicking the Arab out…beside it is questionable that the Ethiopians investors has billion dollars investment and skill and drive if they do show us who stop them

    • Yasmine says:

      Thank God!

    • Haile says:

      have you read,seen or heard on the article above that says Ethiopian government or people force the Arabs out of Ethiopia from where they invest. Hell no! So pls read the article grasp it and compile your comment. If they go, that is because their country didn’t stand on the initial terms they where promised by their king. Clear

      • Ash says:

        I have a feeling u don’t care if they go ..u r blaming there king that might be but still Ethiopia lose we have to call demonstration to show that how much we love them to stay…to say our poor Ethiopian jobs we will not do that but we will ready for any hate demonstration against Saudi & wash our hand from the sin when the our poor lose their job yesterday from Saudi now from Ethiopia …
        I read most of the input one guy think it is only money that we luck..funny if we have money why work in the first pls..anther guy say it is easy farming all we need is digging f that the case who stop u why not dig..for last 3000 years…another guy say only government give us the land the Arab has as if other land will not do..the Arab are not the one they are farming even the Arab know their limit they only invest their money American tractor and machinery are that farming and other farming expert are involved so when u kick the Arab u kick American technology …if u kick out America technology then what technology r u planing to replace it with out dated digging by hand where 70 million farmer can’t feed 10 million where else…few 100 can feed the world…imagine Saudi depend in Ethiopia to feed her people is it where we want them to be at mercy of Ethiopia not the other way around…I know Ethiopia afraid of Islam spreading Islam the religion is more dangerous if we stay poor not this end Ethiopian government must send Muslim Ethiopians to Saudi king to tell him it is n Saudi interest to keep the investor in Ethiopia if the Saudi left and Ethiopians poor out the job soon or letter the Ethiopian will come to Saudi to look for job to stop Ethiopian at home is best interest of Saudi kingdom self interest might keep them putt..if not I blame Ethiopian government for not trying

        • bealu says:

          you do not get what the article says. but at the whole picture we do not need them.

          • Ash says:

            When u say “we”don’t need them…how many of u guys we r talking here are one of 100,000 Ethiopian poor that going to lose the job or are u one of Ethiopia who set in America and say we don’t need them…the time is not far that America also going to kick out 10 million illegal u can save ur comment for that time…America where in war with Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya but they didn’t kick out innocent Iraq citizen from America mind u don’t care about the Saudi they did very bad thing but why in hell I burn my own house to make the Saudi upset this is very simple logic even a blind can see…very simple logic we need 100,000 job opening fast for Saudi referee before we find job for Saudi reternee u are telling u to fire another 100,000 more Ethiopia jobless this is the work of anti Ethiopians not normal if it is my way I choice Saudi investor over any Ethiopia setting in America wishing ill in poor Ethiopia …I support Arab investor to stay do u think I get job out of it no I can say let them go to hell…&since can still live my perfect live that is not the point.

    • kebraraw says:

      you are ignorant and you don’t have any clue what the subject is and or you are simply not capable of understanding written matters go to school kid and when you complete 12th you may understand things hope fully

  2. Embasoleda says:

    See yea!!

    The Ethiopian government should organize and help those Ethiopian whom have deported from Saudi and give all the lands that was given to the Saudi investors…

  3. Mario says:

    The inevitable is happening. The sooner they depart, the better. Ethiopians can feed themselves given the opportunity to utilize their human and other natural resources without Saudis investors/investiment.

    Sucker Saudis go home!!!

  4. Harlem says:

    The Ethiopian diplomats need to negotiate with the Saudi investors so the deportees get preference path to work at the Saudis farms in Ethiopia .By giving the Ethiopian deportees a chance to work at the Saudi Arabia investors farm in Ethiopia, the Ethiopians everywhere will feel a great sense of redemption . It will be a sign of good will gesture on the side of the Saudi Arabians showing the desire to build the deportees self-esteem heavily. These deportees know both the Saudi Arabian and Ethiopian working culture better than anybody else. They are crucial to bring more harmonic cooperation between the two countries.

  5. jafar says:

    Good riddance. Saudis should have been expelled violently exactly the way they expelled Ethiopians.

  6. Jazz says:

    I strongly feel Ethiopia should cease diplomatic and economic relationship with Muslim countries in the Middle East. The Ethiopian passport should exclude travel to much of the Middle East, not unlike past Ethiopian passport which imposed travel ban to South Africa during the apartheid era. The focus should be the Far East in terms of trade and the Ethiopian government making a serious initiative to create jobs at home. Moreover, Ethiopians have unrealistic and favorable view of immigration; immigrating has been a status symbol even when one immigrates for menial jobs in the Middle East. I think we have to acknowledge that Muslim Arabs don’t like christian Ethiopia and the government should not pretend the shameful incident against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia is an isolated incident.

  7. lemma kebret says:

    Who cares about Saudi investor, they are blood suckers.Why Awrambatimes cares about it so much.This web site is ridiculous and proving itself that it is the right hand of Woyane.please,close this web site we have enough woyane propagandist.

    God bless Ethiopia

  8. juhar ahmed says:


  9. Siyedina says:

    what skill are you talking about?
    We know how to plough and harvest. Our problem is money. Why is our government not organizing young Ethiopians in the rural area like it is doing to the young in the urban centres. Shaping stone is a skill Ethiopians know less than farming. It is not only water, wind and fire! Our government should be thaught that our youngs are the costly resources of the country! Come on and use your people. WEYANE!

  10. Tazabi says:

    Money: there is enough money in the hands of Ethiopians in and outside Ethiopia.
    Skill, Know how: There are enough enthusiastic professionals in agriculture, business, research etc in this field.
    Productive Manpower: abondant
    shortage: an integrated functioning system, trust, patriotism, engagement to public interest

  11. tn. says:

    good ridance. nothing good will ever come out of an arab!

  12. Alula says:

    The last time Egyptian politician promised to fight Ethiopia by all means,& this is the beginning! I as a person I’m glad these savage Arabs are leaving our country! Anyways, Ethiopian must united against Egyptian politicians intention to put Ethiopia into square one! Let’s not forget that Egyptian politicians are using Ethiopian opposition like G7 & their media outlet ESAT as well!
    Ethiopia will prevail as usual!

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