Full speech – PM Hailemariam Desalegn’s eulogy at Nelson Mandela’s funeral (Video)


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105 Responses

  1. Haile says:

    I do not want to disrespect the MP. But i want to tell my criticism with dignity. First, the PM has shown some diffculty in properly reading his text. Second he he has shown no interest to say two or three sentences about Mandela in relation to Ethiopia. Third, his speech is more of theoretical and any body can say the same speech. He sould have relate his speech to himself as the current Ethiopian PM as well as cureent AU chairperson. In conclusion the PM speech yet again demonstrates the lack of nationalism in TPLF/EPRDF politics. And this is not a surpise to many Ethiopians!

    • dr.beyene says:

      I am writing to u some amazing facts there is western terror technology in air they are frightening me. but you know that Ethiopian richest man alemudin donor have children also former Ethiopian pm miles have also mentally abnormal child.a I may have the same fate they are each day hitting me with some unknown form of radiation. this is true.

  2. Kifle says:

    Oh no way I can watch or listen to this video. I wish if the world leaders followed Obama’s advice and stop using Madiba’s name for their non-sence propoganda. Obama speaks for all humanity behalf of Mandela and the rest must look their deed before they open their mouth.

    Hilemariym is a not morally qualified neither to attend Mandela’s funereal nor talking about Ethiopia’s contribution for Mandela.

  3. angereb says:

    የሀይለማሪያም ደሳለኝ እንግሊዘኛን ሳደምጠው “የእንግሊዘኛ ቁዋንቁዋ እንግሊዝ ተወለደ፣ አሜሪካ አደገ፣ ህንድ ታመመ፣ አፍሪካ ሞተ” የሚለውን አስታወሰኝ። ሀይለማርያምማ ቀበረው ነው የሚባለው። የብዙ ሀገር መሪዎች ከሀይለማርያም የተሻለ እነግሊዘኛ እየቻሉ በሀገራቸው ቁዋነቁዋ ነው የሚናገሩት።

  4. juhar ahmed says:

    its great speech by pm hailemariam desalgna we ethiopia pride of him mr primer minister and we love you keep good work for word ethiopia enemy shame on you loser keep cry day and night because you do not understand how wrong side of history you are

  5. Fissseha says:

    It is a shame that PM Hailemariam does not mention Ethiopia’s contribution to Mandela’s success and to African freedom.

    This make him look like someone who does not have a mind of his own. It makes him look more and more like a puppet prime minister. What a pity! He had an opportunity to rise and shine.

  6. Tesfalehulum says:

    HMD had hard time reading the text as many of us watched him. He should change his glass prescription or at least read it once before delivering as a head of state. His speech was monotonous for the event taking into consideration the close history Ethiopia had with Mandela. He failed to highlight Ethiopia’s contribution for the struggle against Apartheid and specifically in Mandela’s life. It looks the PM is ashamed of our bright history against injustice. Of course, he has no mouth to talk about justice. He left the podium mumbling nonsense in a disgraceful way.

  7. በለው! says:

    እልል…እናም ወገ ደረሰን!አነበብን! ለመሆኑ ትረጉሙን አውቁታል ወይንስ ሂድና ንፋው ተብለው ይሆን!?ይህ ሰበኩት ሁሉ እነ አሀገር በማንዴላ ሞት አደለም ገና ፺ሚሊዮን ቢሰዋም አይተገበርም!ማይተገብሩትን ማንበብና ሌሎችን መድገም ግን ያው በቀቀን መሆን አደለምን!?
    እንባ አልባው ለቅሶ….በጽሑፍ!
    ሰብዓዊነት ስላላው ማንዴላ!ስለፍትህና ነጻነት ለቆመው..( የሰው ከማውራት እራስ ውርቶ ከማሳየት የትኛው ይበልጣል!እናንተ የሀገር ሉዓላዊነት ወደብ ህዘብ ሰንደቅ ደፍሮ ላስደፈረ ባንዳ ስታሽቃብጡ ከረማችሁ ሰው ሀገርን ሥናውረዓት አያችሁ? እናንት መለስን ገድላችሁ ግል ጥቅምና ዝና አካበታችሁ ካድሬ አትራፌ ነጋዱዎች አድርባይ ዲያስፖራ፣ሆድአደር ምሁራን ባንዳ ኢንቨስተሮች እኔት ናችሁ?

    *ትግሉን ከእኛ በመጀመሩና ለተወሰነ ግዜ አብሮን በመኖሩ ከልባችን ውስጥ ነው!?(ከሻቢያህወአት በፊት መንም ነገር አልነበረም ችኦቀና በዝበዛ ብቻ ነበር አላለላችሁንም? ነፃነት ባልነበረበት ሀገር ለምን መጣና ሰለጠነ? ደግሞስ መትቶ ለምን ምስጋና አቀረበ?ከእሥር ሲፈታ ተሸለመ!እናንተ ስትጠሩት ግን መኖራችሁንም አላወቀም! ቱልቱላ ሁሉ! ቀኝ ግዘትን ለአፍሪካ ተጋደለው ኢትዮጳአውያን ጀግኖች ናቸው እርሱ ታገለው ነችና ጥቁር ያለመጠፋፋት በሰላም አብሮ መኖርን ለደቡብ አፍሪካ ሕዝብ ሠርቷል። ሠላምን ሲአሰፍን የኢኮኖሚና የእኩልነት ጉዳይ ገና አጠያያቂ ነው።( ለመሆኑ እንነተ ቤት የብሀየር እኩልነት በኢኮኖሚው(በፊሲካል ባላንስ) የሥራና ሀብት ክፍፍሉ፣ ሠላምና ነጻነትን ጨምሮ ተሳካላችሁ ገና ሊሰካባችሁ ነው?አቶ ኀይላማርያም ሰይጣን ማነው? እናንተ መሬት የምትሸጡላቸው ቅዱሳን የትኛው ክፍል ጻድቃን ይሆኑ?ይህ ሀገር ስትሸጡ ስትለውጡ ቆመው የሚያፈራርማችሁ በእየሳምንቱ ብሄር ብሄረሰብን በማስተርስና ዲግሪ የሚመርቁት ከአሜሪካና እንግሊዝ ሌላ ጥቁር ሕዝብን የበላ ነጭ አውሬ ነበር አለን?**እርቅ፣ ውይይት፣ ድርድር፣አበሮ መሥራት እኮ የጨዋ ደንብ ነው! እነንተ ይህንን ታሟላላችሁ ወይንስ ታጭበረብራላችሁ? ኢትዮጵአውያንን አሸባሪ ብላችሁ የቀጠናው አተራማሽ አላችሁትን ፸፩ግዘ እግሩ ላይ ወድቀናል ማለት ብላ፣ ተባላ፣ እናብላ፣እንብላ እንጂ ምንም ለውጥ የሌውም ጉንጭ ማልፋትና ህዝበ ማደናገር ካልሆነ በቀር ድሮስ ሌባ አለቃውን ካላከበረ አንድ ቀን መዘረፉ የት ይቀራል?”ዞሮ ዞሮ አህያ የጅብ ናት ቀርቶ ዞሮ ዘሮ አህያ የቻይና ናት ሆኗል ለካ..እናንተስ?የሻቢያ አልነበራችሁም ወደፊትስ አደላችሁምን!!!የደቡብ አፍሪካ ሕዝብ የማንዴላን ተግባር አነሰም መረረ በዐይናቸው አይተው ከትውልድ ትውልድ የሚተላለፍ ለእናንተም የሚተርፍ አድርገው እየኖሩበት ነው።

    **ሻቢያህወአት/ወያኔ/ኢህአዴግ ታሪክ አሀገር ሉኣላዊነት ግለሰቦችን ማንነት ሰንደቅ ክብርና ዜግነትን ሰበረ፣ አጠፋ፣ ያመከነና ያባካነ፣ አደለምን እስቲ መፅሐፊፉን ገዝታችሁ አንብቡ በራሳችሁ ሀገርና ህዝብ(አፓርታይድ)ኢምፓየር የገነባችሁ እባካችሁ እፈሩ…ይህ እሬሳ ላይ መንፈቅፈቅ ምን የሚሉ ዕድገት ይሆን!?ሠርታችሁ አሳዩ በሰው ሠርግ አትታዩ በለው!።

  8. selomon says:

    who the hell wrote what ever he is reading
    this people have no moral at all
    even mandela never use that word at all
    rehrahe yelelachew betam yasafral.

    what ever they did italy or british
    this generation should be more moderate
    the past colonaizer and the present leaders
    they are not the same.

    in south africa you don’t need a reminder how the apartid was bad.that was what hailmariam said.

    he could have spoken some reconconcilation word.not stupid word
    it shows how weyane are ignorat of poletics thats how woyane biter than south african.

    now the world understand how weyane metality workes.

    am ashemed of him having him there.

    • Dr beyene says:

      This is just to inform that USA will split smaller countries, but I wish them eastern and westerns.

      • Dr bb says:

        Just small countries like any other countries member of UN, don’t worry a lot admInsTRAtere of the world is yesterday Hebrew today of the world favouring God. Take rest.

  9. Mekdes says:

    What a great speech our PM, you have spoken like world class leader. Your calm discription of Madiba’s legacy in your speech and what kind of place he has in Ethiopians heart was great as far as Ethiopia and Ethiopians did for South Africans struggle to topple apartheid. I like your calmness and comand of English. I am realy so happy Ethiopia is represented in world forum by a person who was well educated like u. I have heard some Azmaris, criticizing u on your appearance but what we all tell them is you are leading the fastest growing nation in Africa and they are not. Still they are living in their imagination world b lionizing Mengistu, who put the country war ragged and the poorest, in the world. I am realy pleased by your speech. I wish you great accimplishment and success in the comimg years of your leadership. Eventhough, we lost PM Meles Zenawi, we will be vindicated by having very charismatic and well educated like u .

    Thanks PM for this great speech.

  10. tn. says:

    he failed to enunciate a few words here and there….it seems like a repeating problem. but more importantly the speech had no zeal except repetition.
    a 95 year old man dies and his death especially that of mandala’s stature should have been more so of a launching pad for what “he would have envisioned” for the generation to come. i would have liked the speech to have been a promise/slogan for train line across an electrified Africa.
    hailemariam plays it too close to the vest. a bit too much.

  11. Yohannes says:

    Ato Hailmariam – Next time try using words that are to your level & review your text carefully before you appear in public. Legesse Zenawi used to disgust me because of what he stood for but I always admired his ability to express himself well. He was a kind that makes you proud if only he was not a racist rant who died without evolving to think beyond what he considered as ‘the golden race’. Well some could be ‘gold’ but ‘diamond’ is even better – that ‘diamond’ was Ethiopiawinet. In short, TPLF stooges like Hailmeriam should not have been allowed even to fly to South Africa let alone attend & deliver speech in Madela’ funeral because Mandela was the exact opposite of TPLF. While TPLF fought for distinctiveness Mandela fought for inclusiveness & equality.

  12. Fasil says:

    Desalegn, can be Mandela. History and opportunity up on his hand. It may not come again. This is the only time and chance he will may have to creat new history not reappeared one. Instead of slaving for racist woyanes he can live for Ethiopians.
    I do not think Meles would appreciate what Desalegn is doing.

  13. Tatek says:

    Thank you Mr PM for represeting us on such a historic occasion. I followed every part of the funeral ceremony and I, frankly expected you to deeply include Ethioopia’s vast contribution to our South African brothers and sisters in their struggle against Apartheid. The South Africans had that in mind when they invited Ethiopia’s leader to the podium as the First Foreign dignitary to speak. I don’t know if this is a political card by the TPLF not to mention the positive contributions of their predecessors in office but both Emperor Haile Selassie’s and Colonel Mengistu’s regimes had a significcant contribution to the Struggle against Apartheid and Colonial rule across the continent. Why was it a problem to you to mention that? Jakaya Kikwete wasn’t asahmed of proudly mentioning Julius Nyerere’s helping hand to Madiba and South Africans’ struggle against White rule in South Africa. You rightly said,”all Ethiopians are with their South African brothers and sisters in this period of mourning”, but in my view, more ought to have been said.

  14. Tatek says:

    Thank you Mr PM for represeting us on such a historic occasion. I followed every part of the funeral ceremony and I, frankly expected you to deeply include Ethiopia’s vast contribution to our South African brothers and sisters in their struggle against Apartheid. The South Africans had that in mind when they invited Ethiopia’s leader to the podium as the First Foreign dignitary to speak. I don’t know if this is a political card by the TPLF not to mention the positive contributions of their predecessors in office but both Emperor Haile Selassie’s and Colonel Mengistu’s regimes had a significcant contribution to the Struggle against Apartheid and Colonial rule across the continent. Why was it a problem to you to mention that? Jakaya Kikwete wasn’t ashamed of proudly mentioning Julius Nyerere’s helping hand to Madiba and South Africans’ struggle against White rule in South Africa. You rightly said,”all Ethiopians are with their South African brothers and sisters in this period of mourning”, but in my view, more ought to have been said.

  15. Beyene says:

    Wolaitas proverb”yelij mist amatuwan silemix astemarech”who undermines hailes english

  16. Ok says:

    Eventhough english is official language in unverisities of ehiopia, there are a lot of secret poletician students and others in universities working to prevent its development ;please recognize and tell them to abstain from their action.

  17. Beyene says:

    Save english¡ Althou english is official language in universities of ehiopia,many students and their supporting poleticians are working 24hrs to suppress it’s dev’t. What shall better?

  18. Golden kebede says:

    Who will stop english? God or poletitian?

  19. Jacob dawit says:

    No dought; pm Haile is one of influentials,again in the future,we will have other influencials working not only in our country but also in international organizations like WHO,UN,FIFA,WTOetc. speaking english fluently; we believe in global citezenship we work and pray for the ‘healing’of the world. God bless our new ethiopia that is started to respect it’s citzens despite difference in ethinicity, language, color, religion…than merely singing respect for the buty of mountains and rock etc. while abusing human degnity previously; as saw and heared. No we have to do a lot to respect the diversity of the world that is the world itself the universe itself.thank u.

  20. Zakary zonga says:

    Ya,if you accept global citzenship you have to use english not only for education but also to make film to sing to preach to write etc alot of advantage to compete globaly

  21. Name (required) says:

    The south moved a bit far by giving all subjects in english starting from grade 5,but there shoud be english dictionary in all languages of snnpr to be very successful in this policy and should maintain and strength this policy. All nations should stay stronger and build muscle to preserve their autonomy otherwise there will be return of feudalism then no place for english plus centralization with abuse of nation if this somewhat democratic government falls.

  22. Dr Eagle kefyalew says:

    Excellent coment especialy about having english-nations dictionary in all languages and distributing in any mechanis to be very successful in education

  23. Name (required) says:

    Here in our university there is abuse of religion languages including english;for example they forced all protestants in this month to fast together with orthodoxs; as aresult we are vegetarian, no meat, no egg in our diet; this is very painful for us to fast together with orthodox by force eventhough in our religion there is no fasting for specific food. But you cant speak anything b/c they cathagorize you emmediately as extremist terrorist etc.

  24. Newman says:

    Is that jimma university

  25. Responder says:

    Hhhh…they are modfying your religion frist why dont you fast meat?

  26. Name (required) says:

    English film center has already been opened in one of the towns of Wolaita. at the opening the founder said “Although we are very late to open english film centers we will progress immediately to compete with international icons and top African film stars like Nigeria….pray for our success…” so please wait with tolerance and preparation.

  27. Koisha says:

    In many parts of ethiopia, adults are enslaved and captives of drugs like ‘khat’and cigarretes; but i,e uncomman in wolaita; the adults are productive and most of students are sharp and goal oriented. Clearly, At anytime Wolaita willhave influantial and honored individuals. but there are a lot of people who may have >=1 degree but dont know basics about economics,poletics, technologies etc also they donot read books other than science of their department and holy bible; they donot have current information, they donot write books. so simply die as a cattle they cannot create a job unless the gov’t employs them, they have no vission to create useful organization; no vision atall. how and what kind of weapon shall we use to eradicate and replace those useless, backward visionless, created only to eat and live as other animals, ane not walking with time parts of generation? Any one should fulfill createria of modern humanbeing before recognized as your relative. Hate backwardedness and vissionlessness

  28. Ketone says:

    There is neither good nor bad history but all of them played and play significant role in the evolution of human so we wolaitas accept all histories including the war b/n Menilik and wolaita’s Tona,even histories of colonization, world wars and all the tracks of man to reach to ‘it’s homo erectus erectus’ but what we must not accept forever is hostility against any geography(wether west east north or south) any languages(universal, forein, indigenous) races(mongolian negro, caucasian etc).nobody should fear these ‘beatiful tigerskins’ but something tobe feared is within every individuals own heart i,e explosion of the sea of hostility hate aggressiveness selfishness these have potential to errode the world together with the individual they are comig out from

  29. Tt says:

    How much is paid for the evangelists of hostility?

  30. Timesgo says:

    Dont u coment on someting written belowu regarding freedom of press?

  31. Yayiyi says:

    Ya if gov’t give them press fredom we will hear and see coutless joorna-lists weeping and depressed why ‘”amazing” lucy changed to modern humanbeing.

  32. Prof.Greendam says:

    Allmost all regions including south and oromia are very backward in journalism and writing books but know they have better to invest their pottential and money on English magazines newspapers books b/c english is rapidly developing in all parts of highly accepted by almostall of ethiopian regions

  33. Newtime says:

    The word “ethiopia=burnt face” used to represent the black people starting from ‘old testament’ i,e many times written in it. but we associated it with recent poletics like that of menlik again it is translated wrongly like “habesha abysinia” that represent afew people if any.citzens treated unequally they considered to be refuge in theirownland etc. when anything whrong happens, we stayed in great tolerance and prayer. we know time goes and comes, the rocks may even crack, the sea may even dry; as we learnt and saw. we recieved some solution for our prayer; one of that is pm hailemariam. Although he may be exposed to hate, abuse still he has better stay fair, peaceful etc. swallowing the immotions and desputes by that he may also be rewarded together with his people for great tolerance. we have almighty God; so we will never worship our country as an idol; but we wish to see civilized name ‘ethiopia’ which represents all of its people in fairness. God bless Ethiopia.

  34. goodman says:

    yes yes we accepted all coments to stress on the development of english and universal compitition. god bless you for your excellent coments

  35. Thesouth says:

    “molecular mimicry”(for religious ethinic lingustic antigens) there are countless visionless backward humans in all races at the same time very intilligent modern humans in all races languages colors religions if you attack backwards they may not feel any pain b/c whether they are gifted with the tolerance of donkey or made deaf and blind as bats but your attack may result in serious and fatal reactions from their advanced relatives b/c of “molecular mimicry “of ethinicity languages…this was and is frequent event…

  36. English says:

    Why they hate english that much? which one is cost- effective and better for them ?english or…?

  37. Ronaldo zaf says:

    Put your coment on beam balance before…that is civilization of mind;but our “fleshy wish”and emotion is usually obstacle for that.

  38. Gates says:

    Hailes grouth to giant to speak at the death ceremony of N.mandella (the worlds leverforce and perhaps top foregiver next to jesus),standing infront of world’s “vital organs” allowed us to give our fruitful coments here.

  39. Kezim yemibelt says:

    Who is hailemariam? Barrack obama or marthin luther king jr?

  40. Ihave adream says:

    He is marthin L. B.obama will born later.

  41. Xoona says:

    Ya,that are what we commoly call ‘kolkoles’; some of the reason for their weakedness is not reading variety of books ,news papers,magazines,translating some biblical teachings wrongly to depend their backwardness,lack of intilligence naturally,lack of internal motives.kolkoles have very limited general knowlege and they have less importance; nomatter they learn”kelem”to whatever level and have whatever nember of ‘degrees’.please invite kolkoles to general and important knowledges. Surely they prepare cake but you have to invite them news papers before that.thanks

  42. Pray forthem says:

    Unidirectionals or nonbroad minded litrates mentioned above by koisha are coluquilly named ‘kolkoles~impty but shouting plastic containers’

  43. Name (required) says:

    The always proenglish regions of ethiopia who have been maltreated and have been considered backward and “uncivilized minorities” are i think frist to be compensated by pm hailemariam.now they are very confident to be an ethiopian(not habesha or abysinea).

  44. Mr Reelector gove says:

    That highly qualified enginear, matured poletician, naturally gifted man of intilligence and love must be re-elected to transform us to industrialized,democratic,peaceful country by passing todays minor temptations. Then the birds of sky,the leaves of trees,the blows of wind will stop their sound appreciating really how much his speech is,was and will be influential, modern true,universal,productive etc.

  45. Truth Bekele says:

    The policy set by hailemariam to compensate some disadvantaged and abused regions of ethiopia like gambella by some basic development is really severe “headache” and shocking for some aristocrats in ethiopia;that i observed in alot of occasions.

  46. MR questionare says:

    why does english has very limited media coverage? is the question of this new generation.is the government pro or aqnti english? aNSWER THROUGH ETVSSS…

  47. Name (required) says:

    Why does mentally disordered in my neighor shout all the day in vain? …You illitrate frist learn universal language then how to speak and write optimum and precise.

  48. Prof.markall says:

    The key of knowlegde and science is not knowing it inside your “abdomen” but expressing and explaining it clearly to others from your mind, hearing and understanding acurately from others into your mind; but this is incomplete and seems impossible without universal language of science,so the vision of snnpr is to leave and die for real and visible knowledge by fighting all its enemies.

  49. me says:

    the cause of failure of all previous governments of ethiopia was trying to make ethiopia regid and fixed in culture religion language skin color local and national bounderies poletics in relation with forein counteries this was clearly unsuccessful and can not be successful in this diverse land.the fate of this government and the country will be also determined by this issues.

  50. Dumb says:

    Praise to lord, we have count less graduates from universities each year but most of them cannot make a sentence like “I have 4 exercise books 2 pencils and 1 pen.” in english. so we don’t know how they understand complex knowleges of science in standard books that we learn in english,and how they can express that knowledge for others.of course that is the influence of some regional adminstrations of ethiopia that they are perhaps thinking languages other than their mother tongue are unnecessary and if necessary words and concepts only but no sentence.

  51. Motholome says:

    Since the earth has been created the fathers of pm hailemariam have been here in this land though it had different poletical names at d/t times. So he should be very confident in his own country ‘burnt face’ . who will frighten him if he speak english? I heared something,but not good to tell now.any how b/c haile don’t want to use force,he had better teech english all his friends and officials otherwise speeking fluently and impressively is very good but no more than that. Thank you.

  52. John kebede says:

    These all coments are still very less for unversal language

  53. Name (required) says:

    Failure of knowing the meaning of ethiopia(burnt face=black) and efforts by our amharic journalists to make it ‘somewhat white’ has been failed but exposing bright colored minorities to severe oppositions and discriminations.

  54. From wolaita says:

    The reason we hated colonials is b/c they tried to occupy africa by force but now we have to give chance to all global citzens to come here and live here in africa forever.that is also one mechanism to fight racism and developing tolerance to live together despite diversity.if you agree with this elect me, i will do it soon in ethiopia and put my effort sothat other africans do that.

  55. me says:

    one very bad thing in ethiopia is having countless “mikegnas” who dont want the development of their friends as well as the success of others

  56. AGAIN says:

    you be careful “mikegninet’ is becoming ur identity who are you?

  57. mr believe says:

    why some Ethiopians super traslating books written in english to other local languages please don’t worry now English is more readable than any other languages in etiopia

  58. Me says:

    Noone should depend for knowledgeless “kolkoles” in south, even better to pray sothat god may eradicate them.

  59. kolkoles says:

    always our top prayer is to be gifted with sufficient general knowlege

  60. diamondstones says:

    one thing i know today is that one day the raising and setting of the sun will have the end

  61. Godhelp says:

    We have to start street revolution until english is considered as ethiopian language and even more than that.

  62. yes says:

    oneday government will face mighty resistance from pro_english groups in ethiopia until they get full freedom and equitable media coverage for english

  63. JACOB says:

    the official language of african continent is english on the other hand addis abeba(new flower) of ethiopia is capital of AU so that ethiopia must not discourage the development of english still majority of ethiopian races(cushetic omotic nilosaharan and some of semetic)these constitute majority of ethiopia(at least >75) donot oppose engilish development in ethiopia but still many from northern ethiopia and some from other part of ethiopa are obstacle for english that is b/c they are anti-west and promote secret poletics that is now becoming obibious this may split ethiopia into two anti-west and pro-west both poletically and later geographically if the government donot work to solve this problem and if donot give freedom for global language.of course we dont have full confidence on current governmet regarding english b/c we dont have english programs in radio on the television after every body sleeps at night no english magazines in ehtiopia etc put government t in qoustion

  64. ME AGAIN says:



  65. go says:

    ethiopia leaved before semetic ethiopiopians came here to africa. the evidence for that is it is written in old testament of the bible many times many thousand years before christ and its meaning is ‘burn’t face’ representing black people of africa . on the other hand semetic ethiopians came to ethiopia decades after christ from arabian peninsula and yemen.insfite of this they are “exadurated ethiopians”that is because they try their best to mask this history.

  66. thesouthman says:

    The major problem now in Ethiopia is about national language. It is difficult to continue with current Amharic. decision to make it either only English or more than three including English afan oromo and amharic is also difficult decision that meles himself feared. So in the future another Mengistu Hailemariam is needed for that difficultddecision.

  67. dr saanna says:

    Which? I’m from rural wolaita,where I lived with my family in peace and love. Later I separated from them to learn in wolaitas main town sod do starting from grade7;where I recognized a lot being preached from medias,arts etc about beauty; when later I joined university,there was even decriminalization &”complexity”regarding your color,apeara

    • dr saanna says:

      Sorry,it is continued… Appearance etc.then I started to ask question myself,what does beauty mean? Is it about color ? Which color? About shape? Which? What? When l remember my families, some of my brothers and sisters are dark black,my color is brown black, others are brighter than mine.finally lgot answer for my question from our own culture. That is wolaita always making a single cloth from multiple colors,to show that beauty is about diversity. A lot of films have been made here in Ethiopia and even from Hollywood(USA),encouraging the message of these clothes. That is it&great.thx.

  68. dr saanna says:

    Todaysfilm remembers me. Former aristocratic king of Ethiopia,haile-sellasie,descendant of Yemen called his dynasty “the lion of Jews”associating himself with Israel. Secretly they were calling dark Ethiopians as descendants of monkey that was later recognized by his successor president Mengistu Hailemariam ….I know a lot about these complexities but I amazed one day in our capital. I was returning home from university to break, one of my relative in our capital addisaba invited me to see animals under the fences in 4kilo.there were lions and monkeys
    In addition 2other small animals that I don’t know their name. Immediately I remembered politics(about descendants of lion and descendants of monkey) I kept silent at that time but film made by my relatives understood it like me that I saw today.

    • Jonathan says:

      “why lion of Jews?”2 reasons
      1.why lion? wolaitans(indigenous) are usually known as tigers.tiger has a great place in the heart of wolaitas b/c tigers are intelligent diverse colored warrior and winner;they don’t hurt you if you don’t hurt them etc. so that the skin of tigers was very expensive cloth before the expansion of Protestantism that puts limitations over some culture . but former aristocrati families (eg. hailesellasie) are envious when wolaitans and associated groups called as tigers.that is why they called themselves lion but still difficult for them to maintain this name. both tigers and lions may scape them B/c they don’t have spears.
      2.why Jewish? although almost all Semitic Ethiopians are alloy of Arabs like Yemen but they are not proud of them their languages their religion …so they idiologically associated themselves with Israel.but Israel may not be that much cheap.

      • Jonathan says:

        why descendants of monkey ? associating with Charles Darwin theory that has got a lot of its fossil evidences in Ethiopia including Lucy.but intelligents it has great meaning.
        1.it is not only about black.
        2.why burnt face(Ethiopia) written from the beginning in holy Bible
        3.the age of Ethiopian Arabs infinitely less than blacks.
        4.age is not only about story but with scientific evidences.
        5.capacity to pass and live forever passing all evolutionary challenges
        6.tolerance to accept situational and positional changes.
        7.love to return back to former single family
        8…..countless to mention

      • Predictor says:

        Again Gammo’s are very closely related ethnic group to wolaita;their ethnic name Gaammo means ” lion” in gamo,wolayta,kontakulo,gofa and dawuro… languages .This may remember u hunting…influences. Anyhow games main town Arbaminch is one of strong omotic families. I think lion belongs to them.

  69. Jonathan says:

    hey,hey,hey policemen&women bring me your weapon,put-off your closes&get into jail!! h h h bad news but it can happen. be careful be careful be careful.

    why? b/c darker skinned polices in Ethiopia are over proliferated especially from southern state accepting mengistu hailemariam as their model police man;in addition current government still increased their size fearing OLF and other rivals who are working to split Ethiopia.

    after weakening these feared forces , northern Ethiopians have plan to reduce,replace after collecting weapons and even to avenge negro families of mengistu hailemariam(whom they call “demsew”=the man of blood) that is why they name some of their children “dem-melash” =returner of blood/avanger.

    homework. what happened during dergue regime?

  70. gobee says:

    the usual invaders
    our northern Ethiopian partners cannot be themselves
    they always remained cheating the culture of blacks and then try their best to eradicate blacks to join their northern African relatives that was initially seems to be political secret but now oblivious.
    theft;1.all northern civilization seemed to have black fingerprints but they deny it and try their best to clear northern skins using d/t means including arts,politics,movies etc.
    2…Ethiopian blacks like that of wolaitans called tigers most probably starting from prehistoric periods (eg.hunting) but decades back arab Abyssinias tried to call themselves lions to counter attack tigers . but still lion is saved for blacks again b/c prominent hospital and university in Addis abeba/new flower at that time named black lion /not Arab lion,”lion city bus”again consisted the color of cultural close of wolaita(one of prominent indiginous ethnic group),@lion on the coin again belonged to blacks due to the influence of wolaitas culture and governed of national bank who is also from wolaita.@if u look the reality of Ethiopia still negros are
    more than lions….
    3.one of natural creatures wearing cultural closes of wolaita is bee that is breed mainly by traditional methods in wolaita and other parts of Ethiopia but TPLF funded a lot to breed bees in modern methods and represented it self by bees;secret seems to take control over wolaitas cultural closes and to correlate itself with hard working bees preceding wolaitans.
    4. konso one of the darkest skinned indiginious ethnic groups in Ethiopia that are well known by their therracing that is recorded by UNESCO these are one of very hated groups by northern Ethiopians as a result part of northern Ethiopians making their own terracing b/c they don’t want to appreciate that of konso or after hundreds or thousands of years they may say “it was our invention”thief is thief until you prove it not.

    • Mee says:

      Bee has also another meaning in the history of wolaita e.g the kings of wolaita used it for war .one prominent e.g is war b/n king Tona and king Menelik.Commonly the flower called”aydamia”in wolaita is used to make bees more aggressive for the war.bee hive is culturally commonly made from processed bamboos,clays in the shape of huge pots etc. We Williams love our original. Bees. Bees remember your your original best home was in wolaita…

    • Mee says:

      Bee has also another meaning in the history of wolaita e.g the kings of wolaita used it for war .one prominent e.g is war b/n king Tona and king Menelik.Commonly the flower called”aydamia”in wolaita is used to make bees more aggressive for the war.bee hive is culturally commonly made from processed bamboos,clays in the shape of huge pots etc. We Wolaitans love our original. Bees. Bees remember your your original best home was in wolaita…bees have quen, soldiers, workers in class…

  71. Mee says:

    Now in many places in Ethiopia, countless students,professors,security forces,officials and many other civilians in Ethiopia are dying.
    1. some group highly opposing English development .
    2.Some others want to avenge for deaths during Dergue regime.
    3.some groups are highly reactive for certain skin colors.
    4.Others are opponent for globalization.

    5.many other messages from devil.
    How kill each other?
    1.poisons; carcinogenic, hepatotoxics, nephrotoxics and many others including that may affect CNS.
    2.Microbes; viruses HIV,hepatitis virus,etc.
    How given?
    1.with fluids,food etc.
    2.Added to orifices during sleep.
    3.By minor surgeries during sleep at dormitories,duty rooms in hospital etc.
    Who is susceptible? analyse yourself.

  72. Predictor says:

    it seems that separation stages of Ethiopia advancing when you see microbial, chemical,verbal… terrors among each others. Especially it seems impossible to leave with northern Semitic groups

  73. Predictor says:

    Currently jimma university started to teach Arabic and Chinese languages;that is most probably to counter balance English only dominance from foreign languages.previously king of jimma, abba jifar, forcefully converted jima people to Muslim;that also seems to isolate the kingdom from many near by ethinic groups that were Christians and some having their own religion.during dergue regime jimma was under kaffa province.kaffa is one of omotic groups in SNNPR,previously it was having it’s own kingdom and kings during time of abajifar; other ethinc groups surrounding jimma and constituting high present of jimma town are dawros,yem,konta,kulo,mizan-tefi in addition to kafa.these are mainly Christian and giving priority to English learning every subjects in English starting from grade 5 ,single English starts from grade1 as part of southern state ;jimmas are mainly Muslim starting every subjects in English starting from grade9.so they are always in fear thinking that they may be consumed by expanding southern ethinic groups,Protestantism,and English.so I think they want to make difference in language, we will see together.

  74. me says:

    pm HMDS must take great care;there is strong effort to kill him. the means my include food &drink poisoning, x-ray irradiation…it is not simple suspicion. again national football team should take care not to be poisoned.

  75. me says:

    food he eat should be prepared only by his close family members. There must be strong way of screening for presence of irradiation. eg. ? laser types of weapons.

    • Dr. says:

      Dr beyene bafa,founder of kitaws memorial geology and space science studying society suggests.
      1.arrangement of galaxy suggests there is certain centrifugal force that arrenges galaxies ;it may be stronger at the center weaker at peripery;so the usual law of gravity may not work correctly.
      2.giving different shapes like oval shapes for universe according to formulas is wrong because it is beyond our capacity;anyhow it should be endless to give it bounderies otherwise it becomes another form of “continent or galaxy”.
      3.If the bigbang theory is true other space bodies and planets are closely related to earth so we expect future war at least to share minerals;if the theory is wrong the creatures may be far different from earth so we expect countless future new elements and industries. NB.even if earth is closely related to other bodies it is too little and not “magic bulletn”to represent them.
      4.to study space bodies i think easily we can convert telescope findings to computer system to obserb relaxing.
      5.I know still our water resources are not included into contnents map so according to me all countries have rights to share water and suboceanic crusts of waters like atlantic and facific.
      ©while studying these and other studies I am in technology imprison the westerns are burning my body and abusing so that they can possily make me ill,psychiatric or kill.

  76. dr bb says:

    the era of radiation weapons
    1.they may be proliferated to disperse the crowds sitting together to see western civilizations and influances through eg american films and european football…
    2.simply for the purpose of terror from those who are envious by success of others…
    3.most organizations of capitalism are selfish ,so that ,after securing themselves temporarly ,they may not care about the others and focus only on their bussiness compitition…
    4 In most countreis the development among departments may not be comparative,eg they may focus only on economics and engineering and less on security and predictions ;even there may be unfound departments to learn…as a result less understanding and intilligence on the consequances…
    5.technology is on the hands of people or countries who are not worthy to hold it.
    6.many others to mention if we associate with religion and other factors……
    a.technology will become great enemy of mankind…….

    • me says:

      b.almost all people considered urbanized areas as the most comfortable in many ocasions but now onwards it may become the worst b/c of again technologies,sothat massive social migration to unurbanized areas will ocur b/c survival need precedes safety needs.

  77. we says:

    the radiation era is the time where all of the worlds people should have common rules and regulations specially accepting each other;otherwise the world may enter into severe terror. in this time malignant killing individulis should be observed from space and be attacked

  78. professor dr says:

    wolaita my paralyze
    all previous and current government have done almost nothing around wolaita.
    eg.derg government built arbaminch’s air station and textile factory;jimmas air station but they also jumped sodo .
    all others did that and the current government too.
    epdre built awasa to modern but sodo remained paralized.
    gibelll partially in wolaita the only thing to mention. If they continue this way,they may paralyze wolaita and enjoy its death with misery of poverty. why wolaita remained poor? why they migrate to other areas b/c hey have no job oportunity in their areas.foreigners also almost have not contri uted for wolaita except thioretical support.

  79. we says:

    I am in technology imprison.

  80. beyene says:

    my name is Dr Beyene Bafa currently working in bale hospital in wolaita;but facing one of the worst challenges in history.
    That is some special form of technology most likely operated by Americans,Europeans or both burning my liver,kidney,brain my hole body in general

    • maybe Real says:

      the foundation of America is on discrimination; it was the continent of black natives,Pima and red indians from the beginning but later after the exploration of the Europeans to the area,they called it the new continent naming america in the name of Amerigo vecpuci despite the name presence of preexisting society they considered them as dariwins ape, paviloves dogs skinner rats at any time. they are always top discriminators of me,violators of may rights,killers of may families.they always considered themselves owner of me but today I speak one thing referring you back to ancient Egypt, Babylon, Maya.
      God the king of all millennium will let westerns down to the level of every individuals weaknesses.
      in addition I select easterns like China s.Korea Japanese as
      1venous or true white
      2.great families
      3.true partners
      4.super powers of poorer world.
      5.true Christians
      6.anointed foes of their enemies
      7.really peace on peace score(includes world war,cold war,colonization…)
      This writing was after long time observation of nations as king of universe;Dr Beyene.B

  81. beyene says:

    sorry,I am in technology imprisonment. westerns are frightening me to kill as my relatives and neighbors who have been died.They are burning my liver kidneys and brain with unknown form of radiation so I am getting sick b/c of their hunting weapons.

  82. maybe Real says:

    middle east may kill anybody but certain forces of western terrorists hunt VIP like mandle;even leading governments may cooperate with this forces for racial political cultural linguistic religious… wins. We have better sometimes remember who died? Historical challenges.

  83. baby says:

    whom are u going to accuse if powerful countries become terrorist and damage and kill potential individuals and countries from space satellites.

  84. Dr.beyene says:

    combining small rivers that i call “milking”together may create the hope of large the future recreation , electric power, basic water needs…for the towns of w.sodo, jimma,adis ababa which are envious on the tows like awasa.

  85. Dr. says:

    but how mandella scaped early death? we know as west is comfortable for whites all their influantials died aged but that was and is not true for others there. few influantials from few blacks like m.luther,m.jackson,bob marley,….die at young age by secret ways.
    if you come to ethiopia pm meles dies together with other two african leaders…
    ethiopian space scientist kitaw also dies by secret way….
    recent 3 helicopter crashes that killed myles monroe,brazil football players,people plying from malasia to china…should have meaning.
    perhaps westerns and ?others used secret groups like “iluminants”to control development of certain ethinic groups,in that way they strategically started terror attacks centuries or millenium years back that may be again the reason for social and economic difference among peoples,in that way stronger races dominated continents and looking for another continent after replacing indiginous people frist killing or replacing their inluencial leaders or peoples….I recognised this after unknown alforces appeared with unknown form of radiation but most likely they look like westerns,as a result i am on the way of death;i am not sleeping wel because they burn me,frighten me,…i am loosing weight,flank and RUQ pain because of burning kidney and liver,posibility of sudden death.

  86. Dr bb says:

    The decline of south football specially of arbaminch kenema and wolaita dicha in Ethiopian premier league is seems from cyber unknown form of radiation that makes individuals weak sick hopeless etc… I my self faced that technology attack since I was in university.

  87. Ethiopiawiw says:

    what a mess ?!! And what’s up with the bow tie? Don’t they have some protocol personal incharge of these things?? Inappropriate attaire for a funeral !

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