“No political motive” behind Sudan’s support for Ethiopia’s Nile dam: Ambassador


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  1. mamush says:

    Sudan should refrain from clandestine supporting Islamic terrorists and all other enemies of Ethiopia. One example is proxy wars that took an international dimension when the Ethiopian army entered Somalia in 2011 to shore up the interim government against Islamist rebels.
    Sudan offered a military base to Egypt to attack Ethiopia. It is impossible to trust this country (Sudan) due to their wavering stance we have seen so far.
    As an Ethiopian I think it’s time to stop suppliant the chauvinist Groups. Ethiopia did more than anyone can do. The fact that the negotiation was held for 10 years is to create mutual understanding and win-win situation. Egyptian thinking is to decide how much capacity should the dam and its storage capacity. And then they come in Ethiopia and monitor the dam and any activity. For people in Egypt that idea is possible because they were been colonized by many colonial groups and for many century. For Ethiopians (Symbol of independence) it’s absurd.
    After all we are Sovereign Country we can do anything we want in our Territory in the concept of absolute territorial sovereignty. Does Egypt get any explicit consent from Ethiopia when they built Aswan high Dam, Peace canal, and Toshika? Neither Sudan.
    We hear war drums ringing from Egypt side; Ethiopia is ready for proportional response against the flagrant blackmailing and threats to use military power to attack a facility located within the territorial borders of a sovereign nation. They wouldn’t have the audacity to even raise an objection about development projects in Ethiopia.
    The African Union must unanimously support Ethiopia’s right to exploit the River Nile however and whenever Ethiopia wants.
    In the long future if Sudanese want a normal neighbor relationship or have a peace with Ethiopia in mutual understanding and win-win situation it is beneficiary for both countries.
    Nile is a shared resource where Sudan and Egypt do not contribute even a drop of water yet they have assigned themselves all the rights over Nile water – to the disadvantage of upstream countries. If these countries are persistently doing on archaic colonial agreements of 1929 and 1959 they are digging their graves.

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