Time to Bring Eritrea in from the Cold (Herman J. Cohen)


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48 Responses

  1. armacho says:

    shut up cohen. let the mad dog of eritrea die. he can not cured

  2. Bewenet says:

    Mister X-African expert, aren’t you retired from your position long time ago? I think when it comes to African afair, you will probably never stop from given your unhelpful contraversal opinions. However, your time is up long time ago, and We would like you to refrain from sticking your nose into Ethiopia afair. We wish you to just enjoy your retirement, and good time in the nursing homes…

  3. Mekdes says:

    It is better to normalize thee relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia, if Essayas stop sabotaging the Ethiopian interest as he used to. I think he has got good lesson in the past years, militarily and economically. Ethiopia’s access to the sea shouldn’t ne compromised. The Badme issue must be solved like the Sudanes and Southern Sudanese disputed area Abye, by refurundum. If peiple choose to be with Eritrea or Ethiopia, should be decided by the people who live in the area. That should be done peacegully without intimidation from both sides.

    • mamush says:

      I am not a lawyer. Is it possible to bring the issue Badime to a referendum? I think the issues of Abye and Badime are dissimilar, the latter issue was taken to International Court and it was agreed by the two countries’ government to be a final decision; I don’t think the referendum is acceptable, except handover.

      • Mekdes says:

        Mamush, I read alwayays your coments enthustiastically , because the logic and expression you assert in your coments make sense. Most of the coments which I read lack that so I have respect for you. Anyway I am not a lawyer either, but when we talk about Bademe we are not talking about land only ee are talking about the people too. So to solve those problems what I think as a solution is refurundum.

      • Nana says:

        Mekdes et Mamush, two shabia flattering each other. You are independent country now. We do not need you; no border or no badme. Never think of badme, you will not get even after a billion year. We will build a big wall and we do not want you anymore.Get lost all Shabias. You are Arab, white . We are black people and backward people, poor people. You are white,arab, rich. You have nothing to do with us. The Asseb is just a matter of time, we will get when the time comes. Mamush plus Mekdes,both shabia, you go to your Shabia land. No rerendum for badme. You tried to take it by force ? it did not work? now you say referendum? Referendum on my dead body? leba

        • mamush says:

          I respect your right to speak your mind, albeit you don’t reciprocate the same. We may have differences in: ideology, religion, nation, etc. If you believe in democracy, free speech… why are you so mad and upset for having just an opinion? You should respect anyone’s opinion that is why our brothers and sisters sacrificed -to pledge you these freedoms.
          I am happy to see good relationships of the two countries. Nobody can dismiss my Ethiopian citizenship forever, forever, forever ….. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate individual effort for peace talk and negotiation started.
          I don’t care for your comment that released from chat chewing room.
          It was your ancestors who brought this trouble to this country, they don’t have a functioning brain and that are why they made our own country a landlocked nation. It was Ras Allula Abanega who defended the Ethiopian Red Sea coast with blood and iron, killing 500 Italian soldiers in just one battle, you have no moral right to talk Ethiopian land is up to Red Sea, whereas your ancestors decided up to Merab river.
          Can’t I ask any suggestion, comment on the national issues of my country without your a living dead masters (G7 leaders) explicit consent?
          Shall I stand alongside of your ideological perception to escape from your insulting, labeling?
          Keep your arrogance and ignorance thoughts to yourself
          You labeled me “Shabia”, I am “Shabia” you are Ginbot7, we have been trying our best to destabilize Ethiopia, but we failed, you know why? Ethiopia is the strongest nation in safeguarding his territorial sovereignty. How many of G7 Shabiya trained militias captured without firing a single bullet. Idiot dergaf Adgi, not yet enough, you will pay many years of abject slavery for what you did before 1982 Eth.C.
          Now Shabiya want to negotiate, but your living dead masters didn’t request any; then you will see while your living dead masters captured and handover to Ethiopia.
          Thanks to the heroic sons and daughters of this country, who have paid sacrifices; we have been able to score a number of victories which are the nation-building process we are engaged in.

        • mamush says:

          You know how many times you have changed your nick name on this website? mamo, memo, mama, nana ..etc. Are you a wanted person? Have you done something guilty?
          Your objective is to attack commentators those against your ideological perceptive at selected moment and to divert any topic to your hatemonger agenda; manipulation and blackmailing is your daily bread.
          With very unconscious people of your type, argument can easily lead to physical violence. For example many normal people tell certain kinds of lies from time to time in order to appear more important, more special, and to enhance this image in the minds of others. your grandiose and inflated self-image can sometimes fool others, but usually not for long. It is then quickly recognized by most people as a compete fiction. How you react to people and situations, especially when challenges arise, is the best indicator of how deeply you know yourself.

      • Woldai says:


        There is nothing called final decision here! The firmer colonialist’s decision is not a bible or a Qur’an! There is Eritrean torritories given to Ethiopia & Ethiopia’s given to Eritrea , therefore, all we can do is; sit & talk to promote the give & take policy! Ethiopia couldn’t allow a referendum on its own torritories! Ethiopia already made a mistake abandoning its own natural sea outlet! Ethiopia had given a lot of opportunity to Eritrea , but Eritrea didn’t use the opportunity properly,instead Eritrea was training anti Ethiopian elements starting since 1984! For me as Ethiopian, your argument doesn’t give a sense at all!

        • mamush says:

          I am very happy if the issue of Bademe is settled with referendum. My worry is the durability of the peace. Once it was decided by international court on bilateral agreement with no exemption; but to implement the Court decision. The two countries may agree to settle the issue of Bademe by referendum but the durability of peace is my deep concern from Eritrean side; if people of Bademe voted on referendum to be Ethiopia while it was given to Eritrea by Court. I am not fortune teller but it is wise to predict that future generation may arise the issue. In my opinion it may arise the deregulation of the supremacy of the law and may not be authenticated by the international community. The referendum may create a vacuum for sustainable peace.

          • lemma says:

            mamush go and tell this for your dictator Isayas.we will never want you any more!

          • mamush says:

            Dear lemma, I am not the “Shabia” you want me to be; Eritreans are dangerous parasite. Nobody needs to live with parasite. We don’t want to have a host & parasite relationship again; the dirty political game played was over. Our parasite is dead and happy to live without it; Ethiopia is going far in development without Eritrea, Negotiation with Eritrea is simply creating heavy bundle on Ethiopia and jeopardizing our country’s security. As an Ethiopian I don’t want to allow them to sit on our shoulders and drink our blood.
            Rather than traveling to Khartoum wasting public fund to negotiate with parasitic Eritrea, the ruling party should prefer to negotiate with Ethiopian opposition parties without any precondition that will bring the real change to our county and build the national consensus in narrowing their differences.

          • Woldai says:


            Why would you allow a referendum on your own torritories! The border commission made a big mistake by giving a big Ethiopian torritories to the country that they themselves created purposely !Their judgement was based on how to break Ethiopia’s torritories further into piece! We know which is ours & which is not! Therefore, as I can’t allow a referendum on my own house, no referendum on Badme, period!

  4. Sami says:

    Return assab port to ethiopia, give badme people referendum on secession to eritrea, and if isayas promise handover ONLF and other militants, then we can normalize relation with eritrea and we will send injera food to asmara

  5. Don't want to says:

    For some reason I just don’t feel we should have any relationship with Eritrea. They bring nothing but problems

  6. DF says:

    1st Mr.Kohen, mambo jumbo is basically to save weyane from the burning fire it’s not about Eritrea; it’s about Ethiopian to save from Ginbot 7, Demit, other opposition and the general Ethiopian public. This time around the Ethiopian are very serous the US government is afraid they are going to lose one of their puppet government if they don’t act quickly if weyane is gone the entire region it’s going at peace once and for all no more US government meddling in the horn. If there will be peace negotiation with our government they ought to be careful we don’t want to lose Ethiopian people trust. At end Mr. Kohen should right his article let’s save Ethiopia from burning fire instead of bringing Eritrea from the cold.
    2nd. We all know you are crying , begging to talk to Esayas Afewerki 72 or 80 time sending Turkey, Russian,Qatar offering 300 Megawatt electricity .We Ethiopian know all pressure on Eritrea , 2000 Eritrean soldier in Somalia and monitoring group UN sanctions all this is not working to down shebia it become the opposite. G7 , DEMHIT , OLF….. 50,000 armed rebels.Fainaly the US come to save your Ass like they save Ethiopia. They told EPLF and TPLF soft landing in Addis Abeba in 1991 if you don’t know ? interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvfvFA6Q2Go

    • Tulu Chala says:

      You are a good dreamer, DF,and full of wishfull thinking. I am surprised that you give so much credibility and importance to Ginbot 7. Ginbot 7 may be good at lying and deceiving its followers but has no guts to challenge the government mitarily. Who cares about what they say in their comfortable homes in the US and Europe. A bunch of other disgruntled groups you mentioned will have no effect on Ethiopia. Nothing, I repeat, nothing will impede the progress of Ethiopia. Ethiopia has its determined, brave and industrious people.

  7. Alula says:

    All I can say is; let the regime die on its own case! We know Ethiopia’s enemies are trying to save the dying regime, but the regime is beyond repair, therefore , they can’t repair it!

  8. DE says:

    The writer failed to ask one key question; ‘How come Ethiopia started registering double digit economic growth as soon as it stops its relationship with Eritrea?’

    The entire article is written from Eritrean perspective presenting Ethiopia as a culprit. It is just a garbage.

  9. tn. says:

    Rather than just talking political air, I think they should work with some concrete benchmark projects and develop the relationship gradually around these benchmark projects.even north south korea have similar things around a certain trade zone/area.
    for ethiopia and eritrea, i think the rail project extension to assab should be considered. the cooperation should be amongst technical people with input from governments on financing and providing security around the construction area. my opinion is each side should pay for its side of the project.

    • Alula says:


      Eritrea is beyond repair at this moment! From my perspective, Eritrea was not liberated for Eritrean, but for anti Ethiopia Arabs to use it to destroy Ethiopia , therefore, Eritrean can only repair their country by joining Ethiopia! Look whats happening to Eritrean? When Ethiopia’s enemies see eritrean’s affinity to live with their brothers in peace & democracy , they created the border war,& now Eritreans are being pushed out of their country purpuosely!these who created Eritrea are not going to let Ethiopia to build a rail road until they occupy the land some how! All Ethiopia can do is prepare for a big war so to defeat its enemies as usual! Anti Ethiopia Arabs are preparing to occupy the whole Red Sea & it’s coastal lands! Therefore, Ethiopian needs to be united as Eritrea is near collapse! The process in Eritrea now is to kick out the Christian Eritrean…. Being Christian is illegal in Eritrea at this moment…! Why? It is anti Ethiopia Arabs working !

      I don’t believe the Korean & Eritrean can be compared! Korean believe that they are brothers openly, but Eritrean deny their brotherhood with us!

  10. Habtamu S says:

    ‘Eritrea cannot fulfill its destiny without Ethiopia.’ Isaias Afewerki
    “Yes, the time has come to bring Eritrea in from the cold.’’ Herman J

    There were 3 alternatives for the 3 governments of Ethiopia towards the Eritrean question and they chose accordingly;
    1. His Majesty Hileleselse I try to overcome it through negotiating with the leaders and had filed.

    2. Colonel Menigistu Hailemariam again tries to avoid the conflict in the beginning with negotiating and then using force and sadly had failed.

    3. Ato Meles Zenawi had then the last and the only option that he gave the way to separate to have them some times to think about and look how time can answer back it. Really a wise way.
    Of Corse there is no superior or best option among the 3 but the first 2 have gave serious experience to take the last one that the target of the latter is obviously to see the Eritreans conscious judgment without any intervention. In my opinion after a long hostility between us the time will arrive to reunite at least in economical and some social matters that lead a great benefit to two brothers/neighbored people. Believe or not in the near future the hegemonies state will be seen in Eastern Africa by the cooperation of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Thank you

    • Melat says:

      Habtamu, I am always following your post here in Awramba and I think your forward is among the best. I like your 3 alternatives and a new idea for me. Dawit you brought nice articles.

    • kebe says:

      Why you become fullish.The time will come for the two countries to cooperate?why you praise for eritreans that look as an animal?

  11. Asmaricanoooo says:

    Why do people have to be disrespectful. Me.cohn has suggested his solution s and he sounds very fair. Thanks for being concern enough about my country and my brothers in Ethiopia. What we should be upset is all this nonsense hatred against each other when in reality you can’t really tell Eritrean and Ethiopian. What does that tell you, we are the closest to each other. Instead of recognizing and loving each other we have been hurting each other. We have lost so much lives, time energy and we are stuck on stupid. So don’t blame the white man, Chinese man etc. First blame yourself for the results, what have you done to cause and continue this conflict. What have you not done to stop this madness. Until we admit we are brothers and help each other heal, forgive and make up our mistakes, we will relive the cycle of violence, our kids will hate each other also. Why can’t we look on how we can help and protect each other, we look so dumb to Americans and Japanese societies that are highly developed. God is in all of us and we know right from wrong, we also are equal to all human beings on this earth but we keep getting stuck in tribal regional and nationalistic limitations. You not good to your tribe, family or country if you not wise enough to creat bridges that pulls all that you need from your neighbors and the world….We have to remember all of us come from the same force (God), god must love all of us to bring us here in this time, so just always remember God brought all that you see and you should treat all with LOVE!

    • BRUCK says:

      @asmaricano thank you for your good hearted comment. it is true that we are brothers. and know that despite what happened b/c of the stupid political leaders of both countries you have brothers & sisters in ethiopia who missed you & looking forward meeting you. god has given both of us everything to be given. we are just unwise. and god is good that we will be together soon. accept my love from ethiopia

  12. gezahegn says:

    Dear Editor,
    I would like to appreciate the idea of Mr. Cohen and the fora that you have opened with regard to the current relationship of stalemate between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The two countries relationship has been spoiled because of our treatment of the case from the time that Eritrea became an Italian colony in 1889. The Eritreans felt betrayed when our Emperor Menelik II openly agreed to the Wuchale Treaty Article 3 that gave the Italians Mereb-Muna boundary that we know today. It was the first strategic mistake that we Ethiopians made with regard to the fate of Eritrea for the next generations that followed. The 2nd mistake was made after the Italians were defeated at the battle of Adua under the leadership of our Emperor Menelik II. By that time, Eritrean dignitaries like Dej. Bahta Hagos and Ras Sebhat who had already tasted the life of colonialism for about seven years under Italian colonialism sided with Emperor Menelik II and fought the Italians with a better armed followers of 1,500 Eritrean compatriots and contributed a lot to the demise of Italians at the battle of Adua. After the battle the Eritreans expected that Emperor Menelik Ii would cross the Mereb river and push out the remnants of the Italian army and thereby free Eritrea from the yoke of colonialism. But the Emperor clearly refused to do so and ordered his army to move back to Shoa. This time the Eritreans felt that they were betrayed by their Ethiopian compatriots and the two Eritrean dignitaries and their followers were left there without having any place of safety and were allowed either to give up to the colonial masters or live their own choice of life. Then, Eritrea was colonized by Italy for the next 50 years and waited under British rule from 1942 up to 1952.
    After the World War II, Ethiopia started to reclaim its territories and succeeded in bringing back Gambella and Ogaden in the 1940s. But the idea of getting back of Eritrea was not an easy task for those diplomats who had involved in the venture. Such celebrated diplomats like Aklilu Habtewold and Lorenso Taezaz of Eritrea had to pass through the difficult task of diplomatic niceties at the UN level and secured the UN Resolution of 390/V which decided that Eritrea be federated with Ethiopia and be part and parcel of Ethiopian sovereignty. Of course, had it not been for the Eritreans who had the inclination to join with Ethiopia, the UN Resolution would have been otherwise. But since the majority of Eritreans didn’t want to be ruled by European colonizers and wished a secured and historically kin state around, they chose Ethiopia and their voice was heard with the Federal Arrangement becoming a panacea for all forces that even desired independence. This result could be considered one of the greatest diplomatic successes made by Ethiopia in the 20th century taking the overall interest of the people and the country. But to the dismay of many and to the doom of Ethiopia, the Emperor and his stooges like Ras Andargachew Mesai, Asfaha Weldemichael, General Abey Abebe, Ras Kassa Hailu, Bit. Mekonnen Endalkachew, etc. never wanted the Federal Arrangement to continue under the pretext that it is a foreign idea that does not fit to one Emperor, one country, one flag, one language. Aklilu and others warned that the Federal Arrangement was an issue that can be handled within the Empire and that its dissolution would give a card to enemies that may use it to fight Ethiopia because of the Nile and the Red Sea strategic interests. The latter’s idea was ignored and the Federal Arrangement was dissolved in 1962 with all the military duress that had been imposed to the Eritrean parliament /Zewde Reta; Ye Eritrea Guday/. From then onwards, the Eritreans who were for the third time betrayed by Ethiopians fought Ethiopia and a huge amount of material resource was destroyed and hundreds of Ethiopians and Eritreans lost their lives in that ugly and unnecessary war led by the Imperial regime and the Derg. That was how Ethiopia and Eritrea were separated. The outcome of secession was not a virtue either for Ethiopia or Eritrea but the beginning of another round of entanglement between the two countries that even led to the 1998 war. Still we are in a state of war. We don’t have peace. Hundreds of soldiers are stationed on both borders due to security reasons. Was it necessary? When is this war like stalemate to end up? We don’t know. But should we pass such kind of stalemate to our children? If we cannot solve the case within our capacity, would our children be able to do it? This is the point that has to be investigated & discussed and thereby think about its solution.
    Let me make it clear that the idea of handling Badme to Eritrea for the sake of bringing peace between the two is not viable. There shouldn’t be any precondition if the two parties have to discuss about their problems. The negotiation has to start without any precondition. Such negotiation shouldn’t also be led by the US or any European country. But probably by an African one. The two countries have several issues to discuss. There are cross border, people to people communication, trade issues, food items, Badme, ports, security, etc. Of course, from the simpler one to the bigger one. But all issues have to come to the table. The relation that we have with Eritrea is not the same with the relation that we have or developed with other bordering countries. I am quite sure, by now, we need each other. That is why we have to start to discuss about our relationships.
    Therefore, I agree with Mr. Cohen who has taken the initiate to start discussion. I think, the American diplomat cannot have any personal interest. It is not him who led us to conflict and to the current stalemate unless we wanted to have a foreign scapegoat to our own problems. Such kind of an attitude of creating a scapegoat is a culture of naivety that doesn’t help in any circumstance.

    • Girma says:

      This is Shabia’s made history and among them are the Banda thinkers Woldeabe Woldemariam who bravely assisted shabia even though he was from Aksum.

    • wedi nakfa says:

      Dear Gezahegn

      Excellent analysis, for sure and well thought and researched article true historical fact you ahev presented foro that I salut you; And i would like you to comment on some of the comments by some readers very hmmmmm say no more.

      Dear gezahegne, one thing that I kind of confused is your thought on the Final and Binding agreement, while you have forgotten to mention, you have presented what the Eritrean government has been saying for years, that is once the border is demarcated, there are no issues left outof disscustion to normalise relations, be it REd Sea, border trade, etc…
      The Eritrean government has said it time and again but the government of Ethiopia has refused to implemt what thay have promised as a result iti is not only they are holding Eritrea they are holding Ethiopia as well, so their policy not to do what they signed is the main thorny issues to be investigated,
      why are they prevaricading by flimsy excuses about vilages, churches etc…

      Gezahegn again I salut you for your excellent analysis, I hope we have millions the likes of you astuitu and astute and forward looking persons.


      • Alula says:

        Hey man, there is no final & binding on our own sovereign torritories! They made a mistake, therefore it must be corrected!
        The only thing that is binding is ; the Bible & the Qur’an!

    • Seyoum says:

      Interesting point, the only problem is that we Africans spend so much time looking back at blaming our colonial masters while spending no time looking at the amount of our brother’s blood we have spilt and demand that more blood should be spilt by our children. Look the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea has been legally delineated by a non- western African entity that has resolved the issue. At this point it makes no sense to continue the killing. That’s another point, war involves killing other people and just because we are black Africans our lives have meaning. Maybe not to Cohen, Bush, Obama, or Kerry, but again why should they care when we are selves have no concern for our lives.
      I live right outside of Washington D.C. which is a very bustling modern civilized town that has a infrastructure that supports roads, highways, metro, water, lighting, policing, etc… I went to visit my cousin who lives in another city Toronto which is a very bustling modern civilized town that has a infrastructure that supports roads, highways, metro, water, lighting, policing, etc… While these towns appeared very similar, they were in complete, total countries that on the outside had similar cultures, languages, and for us Africans who always live in the past came from the same colonial rulers. Even though these two countries are so similar, I had to use Canadian coins, follow Canadian laws, and show my passport at the border. Look the reality is that Canadians had common sense to look after the interest and wellbeing of Canadians first, and so do Americans. In no means am I saying these are perfect countries, but really look at down town Addis Ababa. I know there is poverty everywhere, but it seems that spending so much effort on an issue that has been already resolved.
      It’s funny I just finished a book about an 18th century colonial slave owner who lived in Jamaica. First what surprised me was that Jamaican slaves lived the most difficult slave existence, with the shortest life expectancy from any slaves in the colonies. What was most interesting was that black slave Jamaicans who were mainly brought from Africa made up 90% of the population of the island. Even with these statistics the white colonists were able to maintain control by using other black African slaves to meter out the brutality to other black African slaves. But I guess that story is still continuing…

  13. melash desta says:

    Herman Cohen, you were the architect of Eritrea’s separation from Ethiopia in at the London conference. Thanks to you Ethiopia is landlocked. Your name will always be remembered by all Ethiopians for generations to come. You shut your mouth during the subsequent times of skirmishes, wars and attempts of reconciling the two sides. And now, what made you wake up from your sleep. Are you trying to make another round of your disguised attack on Ethiopia? Why don’t you keep out of your trickish politics with these nations. They know when the time comes, they will reconcile with out any of your unwelcome attempts. After all, be assured that this one will not gain you anything except more hatred.

  14. Alex says:

    Let’s not be fooled that this man’s crocodile tears is for the wellbeing of either Ethiopians or eritreans..It is a timely calculated move by Americans to avert the possible uncertainty that might follow the inevitable fall of Shabia, to make sure eritrea will not become another terrorist ground against the west…It is possible that Ethiopia might gain from averting a common threat, but Ethiopia rushing to normalize with Eritrea the country let alone the current regime will have a huge political risk as seen in the past..simply put it, an identity born out of undermining everything Ethiopia can never be a true strategic or trade partner..they will always want more than their share..hence the solution is to see the problem for what it is and approach it accordingly. The issue is truly a psychological one that needs a psychological approach, hence waiting for generations of Eritreans to pass until a better generation that neither hates or loves Ethiopia but has the right attitude and expectations is the only lasting solution..early releasing prisoners will always have dangerous consequence since we are now dealing with a sick generation that have a twisted idea of who they are and it is impossible to change them without a long and hard lesson..stick to NO war NO peace for as long as possible if you want a long lasting peace in that region!

  15. Berry says:

    Ethiopia and Eritrea! this was a clear line of divide and rule.
    This hatred that has been bred into the post marxist generation is typical, as marxist are not driven with compassion. I use the word compassion, as an outlet. If both governments work with compassion than there will be peace. It’s not about who’s better than the other, but creating lasting peace and economic stability, so that Ethiopians are not forced to become domestic workers in places such as Saudi Arabia. Lastly, the imminent fall of Shabia, whomever thinks this could be possible over the next 50 years is clearly mistaken. Theres a saying “Cut off the head of the snake and another will grow in its place”. I wish both countries learn the word compassion! for those who post venomous comments to incite hatred, let god be your judge and juror!

  16. mamush says:

    I am not hatemonger; I wish good relationship with all of our neighbors; when we come to Eritrea peace talk and negotiation seems very hard under Isayas’s regime; let us not forget that Eritreans were Ethiopians and 99% of them (Eritreans) voted for independence; our resemblances with Eritreans are greater than our differences of any other neighboring countries and we share common heritage in terms of and culture. But my question is how to build trust, love etc with Eritrea under the current regime? Eritrea support Somali terrorist and other enemies of Ethiopia to destabilize and persistently attempting to sabotage our development; the Eritrean defense minister Sebhat said that “Ethiopia is in the verge of collapse and they are trying hard to destabilize Ethiopia in 2015”. Eritreans are migrating to Ethiopia in thousands and they are in special treatment: learning in Ethiopian Universities, work permits, scholarship etc, virtually there are no Ethiopians migrating to Eritrea except the usual sell-out opposition political gangsters to sabotage the development and jeopardize our country’s security.
    Before negotiation, the confiscated properties of both citizens, the issue of Badem, and war crimes require deep concern. If this is not fulfilled, I would prefer the usual “no war no peace” relationship to be continued.

  17. amnyus says:

    I think Mr Cohen was begged by Eritreans because the dictator is out of money, no more blood money from Sinai desert, unable to sales Eritrans organs, no tax money from Eritreans in exile and the only option is begging Ethiopia to use the Assab port in order to bring out Issias from cold, but Ethiopians government should reject this

  18. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    I have said a lot at Aiga website about this.

    My policy is no Eritrea, but only one Ethiopia with all people living together in peace. No deal with an entity called Eritrea. Forget badme, …. but I am saying Eritrean should not exist in the first place. It is not in the interest of Eritrean themselves. Eritreans our own blood line, many of my family members now in both sides. I am not cynical towards Eritreans got nothing and will get nothing in future by isolating themselves. They were duped and used by Arab and other interested groups, people mobilized and sensitized by Arab sponsorship to divide Ethiopia, and to landlocked it and to destroy it. Shabia was sponsored by all the Islamic countries like Libya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Cyria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt,… it sabotage of Islamic regimes to destroy Christian Ethiopia. Eritreans were taken for a ride without their knowledge only. You can see what they got now. Nothing? 30 years war only destroyed Ethiopian economy, and consumed millions of Ethiopians youth including Eritrean. What did they get now? do you see any benefit? Who is benefitting? Time has proved us those who 100% oppose the creation of Eritrea as a nation. Again, we warn and we tell you, a nation called Eritrea is not viable either for Eritreans or anyone.

    The solution is one; either to wait until Shabia dies by a natural death or Ethiopia give one last blow and unite the people.There is no other solution to this.

    Ethiopia has to options:
    1. Wait and see with no peace and no war, which is not a solution, but make Eritreans who they are only.
    2. The second options, to give a last blow and unite the people and live in peace.

    Normalisation bla bla is non-sense. The old American man called Cohen, he must shut up and stay away from us. We know him and we hate him. He a fascist and racist who makes decision for Ethiopians from his nursing house. No one knows him in Ethiopia and Ethiopians do not even know he exists on the planet. But he has the gut to tell us to give badme and reconcile? who the hell this man? He has done a lot of interference already, he must understand we are proud of our country and we do not want him to stick his nose into our affaires. He has no conscience, arrogant. I do not know how the hell he thinks.I believe he has no natural consciences otherwise, he would not have dared to tell us to give our land to the butcher man. He must know we love Eritreans than he does. If he is doing this meddling because of his skin colour? he must know we are colour blind. We do not care about skin colour or nationality. We are skin colour blind. Why I am saying this? I am thinking he is meddling in our country because he thinks he is superior human being or because he is Americans he has to meddle in the affaires of other people. Imagine, the destiny of an Ethiopian has to be decided by a man from USA who has no any connection with the people in anyway. Nothing makes angry than racist and arrogant human being. We love the Americans people. We request Americans citizens to stop meddling in our countries affaires. We do not care what you do in USA. I am very serious Americans Journalists, politicians meddling in our affaires. There is neither Indians or Chinese or even European, but Americans you and young and old meddling in our national affaires. It is disgusting that they do not respect other culture. What is this ? is this democracy or civilization? telling how to live ? This is ignorance, and arrogance, racism only. Please Cohen, do you business at home. Provide primary health care, and free education to your American citizen instead of wasting time and resources meddling in a society which have little to do. This is not to say we have no problem. But we must solve our problem ourselves. Thus Mr. Cohen, do not drive crazy, we are educated people and we know what our country needs. We do not need you to stick your nose into our country. You had enough and stay away from our country. If you want respect , respect others. I am not going to take your crab and nonsense because you are Americans. If you believe in democracy, you must never do this to other people. You have no any right to tell us to give away our land. Shame on you.

  19. Tecola W. Hagos says:

    No one should buy into the idiotic comments of Herman Cohen. He seems to have lost the little remaining rational mind left over from his earlier blunders brokering the fate of Ethiopia between individuals and organizations openly anti-Ethiopian, in 1991 in London. What is there for Ethiopia, if we analyze Cohen’s solution? What he is saying is hand over Badema and trust Issayas Afeworki to do what is equitable, and forget all the crimes and human rights violations of Ethiopians by Issayas Afeworki and the Eritrean Government. What a stupid and sloppy suggestion. Ethiopia has already suffered from a one-sided Algiers Agreement that revived long dead colonial period treaties to deprive Ethiopia its Coastal territory. On the Ethiopian side, the whole process was undertaken by Meles Zsnawi with the least interest to protect Ethiopia.

    Thus structured pursuant to the schematic collusion of parties with illegitimate representation of either people and communities, the Boundary Commission was a corrupt arbitration body. We should understand that the role of arbitrators is distinct with more latitude from that of ICJ judges. However, this does not mean that we have to throw out all professional ethical standards when it comes to arbitrators. By the nature of their appointment or election, arbitrators do have certain preferences in supporting the position of the party that appointed or elected them. It may be argued that their preference to the party that appointed them may not disqualify them from being arbitrators. However, when it comes to the president or chairman elected by the arbitrators themselves pursuant to the arbitration agreed upon procedure, I believe both standards of independence and highest moral reputation standards are applicable to arbitrators who are thus elected by the other arbitrators to be presidents of particular commissions or tribunals. The Arbitration Commission’s President, Sir Elihu Lauterpacht, had displayed an unusually blatant disregard of standard of behavior of an arbitrator and has exceeded the scope of the arbitral mandate. To this day proper full accounting of the billing or the time each arbitrator actually spent on the case has not been demanded or done. The Arbitration decision was a decision full of factual and legal errors. The whole scheme seems to be the workings of the insiders who control the current Ethiopian Government trying to salvage the dying economy and politics of Afeworki and his political Party. What a tragedy.
    Tecola W. Hagos

    • Alex says:

      Thank you brother Tecola, I am sure this man(cohen) will think twice before he opens his mouth next time if knowledgeable people like you directly respond to him, otherwise this shroud American is up-to something..He seems to have some vested interest in working against Ethiopian interest. perhaps he may be a paid lobbyist..

  20. koko says:

    There is no need to have relationship who u know creates a problem….ethiopia will be much peaceful and safer without eritrean hand since century’s a go! Stop this deception Mr, don’t look like fair without having the real historic background of the issue!

  21. Alem says:

    Mr. Cohen’s proposal is no different from his proposal in London 22 years ago. His interest is to advance American regional interest – that is, war on terrorism and minerals and oil. Eritrea will be the beneficiary of this proposal. Ethiopian rulers are despised by the general public and they know it; they have miserably failed to raise the living standard for the majority. Much of revenue is from aid money and much of that ends lining pockets of same rulers who talk at great length about growth and transformation.

    Multiparty democracy is unthinkable the way things are. It is the one antidote to quash terrorism. Donor governments know all this and still prefer to uphold a system that is no less a police state. Cohen’s proposal should be vehemently opposed as is the silly idea of “normalizing relations.” Ethiopian opposition groups should distance themselves from Eritrean leaders. Ethiopians should distance themselves from opposition groups that nurture contacts with Eritrea. Eritrea is and will be a separate nation from Ethiopia. Isaias Afewerki knows his days are numbered. He will go to any length to extend his tenure; that fox.

    Opposition inside Ethiopia should keep mobilizing and readying the public and also not get too close to the disoriented opposition outside our homeland, especially Ginbot 7.

    With Cohen’s first shot ringing the battle now should be waged in the public policy arena. Ethiopians with the appropriate expertise and deep concern for our homeland have their work cut out for them. When it comes to Ethiopian security and economic interests one should not trust the Brits or the Americans.

    US/Britain: How about democracy-aid? Ethiopia: The last time you promised that you installed a liberation-cum-tyrannical group and look what we have – a one-party police state. US/Britain: This time it is serious. Ethiopia: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

  22. Tulu Chala says:

    Thank you, Gezahegn. It is a brilliant analysis. You have given the historical perspective of the cession of Eritrea.It is time we owned up to the mistakes Ethiopian rulers made in the past to drive the Eritrians to scession. I have even heard that one of our rulers commented publicly that what Ethiopia needed is the land of Eritrea not the people. Imagein how the Eritreasns must have felt by this irreponsible and ignorant comment. I don’t, however, agree with the solutions you have proposed. The decisison whether Eritreans should be united back to Ethiopia or not is best left for Eritrens. Proposing a solutions is tantamount to committing the mistakes our rulers made in the past.

  23. Tulu Chala says:

    Thank you, Gezahegn. It is a brilliant analysis. You have given the historical perspective of the cession of Eritrea.It is time we owned up to the mistakes Ethiopian rulers made in the past to drive the Eritrians to cession. I have even heard that one of our rulers commented publicly that what Ethiopia needed was the land of Eritrea not the people. Imagine how the Eritreasns must have felt by this irreponsible and ignorant comment. I don’t, however, agree with the solutions you have proposed. The decision whether Eritreans should be united back to Ethiopia or not is best left for Eritreans. Proposing a solutions is tantamount to committing the mistakes our rulers made in the past.

    • Alex says:

      ” Eritreans should be united back to Ethiopia or not is best left for Eritreans.”

      It is sad that you see your country as some sort of open toilet Eritreans can walk in to and walk out of, what about the opinion of Ethiopians? why should Eritreans wanting to rejoin ethiopia be left only to Eritreans? you see it is this kind of mindset that mislead both Eritreans and Ethiopians to believe Ethiopia can not survive without Eritrea, hence leaving Eritreans with distorted since of important that has now left them where they are…come on, give the price Ethiopia paid in the last 13 years to prove Eritrea’s irrelevance

  24. Peter says:

    Hank Cohen bio
    Independent Director
    Hyperdynamics Corporation Oil and Gas
    We are exploring for hydrocarbons offshore Guinea (Conakry) in West Africa
    Consultant on Africa
    We invest in power plants, both thermal and renewable, as private investments: build, own, operate. Revenues are earned from the sale of electric power under longterm power purchase agreements.

    We provide advice and assistance to US companies doing business in Africa.

    A Washington DC based consulting firm specializing in assistance to US companies doing business in Africa, and assisting African governments with their foreign relations.
    Consultant on Africa
    Assistant the company with their pending investments in iron ore production in Cameroon and Republic of Congo.
    Organized meetings between African Ministers of Finance and counterparts in donor countries in order to discuss good governance, rule of law, and other incentives to private investment.

  25. Aziz says:

    Never ever dream of our beloved Eritrea to be part of Ethiopia, you guys are still dreaming…. wake up of your deep sleep.y

  26. Alula says:


    Your country is stinking all over the world! Nobody need you at all, but if you continue to be a problem, we will control you & your country! Just watch !

  27. Since it has been 3 years those comments were written, I bet you most of the Ethiopian brothers and sisters have changed their mind. This doesn’t include Woyane followers..

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