Captain Guta Dinka, the Man Who Saved Mandela’s Life in Ethiopia (Video)


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18 Responses

  1. John says:

    Thank you Cap Guta for your integrity to save the great man Mandela. It is your contribution for the history made by Mandela that I appreciate and the hero of the time. GBU

  2. Name (required) says:

    ethiopia is home of heroes trust me we were & we will in every direction politically & economically like our fathers did ex. minilik, thewodros, yohans, h/sellase & specially of course meles zenawi

  3. tn. says:

    while it might have been fine for mandela. the fact of the matter remains that Captain Guta Dinka, as an oromo has yet to find representation in ethiopian emprire.

  4. juhar ahmed says:

    we wana hair from hero guy not from you dame stupid professor let person tell what he see we pride of you guta

  5. addis boy says:

    aba mela thank you for making it happen. from a to z.

  6. mamo says:

    Our “professor” was supposed to interpret but he answered as if it was him who is the person of interest. It is a shame… our ‘intellectuals’ are attention seekers. Embarassing

    • Ajire says:

      Hallo, do not forget that they are given only a short time for this subject on Tv, including the person on the telephone.
      If Capt Guta speaks the whole history and the Prof. interpretes all in english, we would have heard only half of the history before it ends. I think it was arranged so to save time. Do not rush to criticise. I was at first also eager to listen from Capt Guta himself, but I understood later on.

  7. Ifa Urgessa says:

    The intriguing wonder story on South African TV.

    The South Africans were taken by surprise by the mind-blowing and intriguing story about the assasination attempt of Nilson Mandela in Ethiopia in 1962.

    Capt. Guuta Dinka was interviewed by the South African TV with Prof. Mamo Muche as an interpreter. However, I was disappointed how the Professor behaved during the interview.The Professor himself was too much excited and even forgot (or intentionally) to give chance the Capt. to answer the questions by himself. The lady was trying to hear the story from the Capt. himself. As an interpreter the Professor’s duty was just to interpret the lady’s question for the Captain and to interpret his answers for the interviewer. An interpreter is simply a person who translate what somebody is saying into another language and not the story teller himself even if he/she knew the story before.

    Sometimes he even mixed up what Madiba’s trainer Col. Fekade Wakene said as if Gen. Tadesse Biru said it because he didn’t give a chance the owner of the story and the eyewitness to speak himself. He jumped into telling his own version of the distorted story and didn’t give a chance even the interviewer to raise more questions.
    We have seen before how the Captain eloquently narrated the true story on Seifu Fantahun’s Ebs talk show program. The English saying” to take the wind out of somebody’s sails” or the Amharic saying “Chuhaten kemugn” exactly fits here.

    The interview after the break is not included in this video clip. I hope the role of Col. Fekade Wakene was also mentioned. It was nice if we could listen to the full interview. Our journalists should dig out the full interview.

    The other thing that saddened me so much is that this honorable man whom the whole nation is proud of, appeared on a talk show entertaining TV in Ethiopia, while he was interviewed with great interest by the South African National TV. I stand corrected if this man was already appeared on ETV and told his true story to the Ethiopian people from which everybody can learn a lesson.
    When one selfish Abesha was paid to convince the Captain to assassinate the Great Man, this Captain protected his countries good name and also saved South Africa from the catastrophic civil war as a consequence of Mandela’s assassination. We can simply say: “A prophet is not without honor in his own country”.

    • Luwam says:

      ዓፈ ጮሌዎች ታሪክን እንደፈለጉ የሚጽፉባት ሀገር
      What an idiot professor. He was there to translate not to tell the story the way he wants to tell it. Captain Guta Dinka, Colonel Fekadu Wakene and General Tadesse Biru thank you for your services.

  8. sol says:

    I wish she used a profetional interpratore than this childish profesor, he was blocking the man and making up his own story. Have some respect and make this people tell their story in a book or video. Please do not be taken advantage by this profesor and like him to tell your story.

  9. ቄሴና አንገረብ says:

    ፕሮፌሰር ሙጬ፣ አባ መላና ካፒቴን ጉቱ እጅግ በጣም ጥሩ ስራ ነው የሰራችሁት በርቱ።
    ከ20 አመት በፊት ንጉስና ባላባትን የሚሳደብ ዜጋ አመረትን፣ አሁን ደግሞ ፕሮፌስርን ጨምሮ የሚሳደብ ዜጋ አመረትን ማለት ነው።
    ፕሮፌሰሩ ትክክል ነው የተረጎመው፣ የካፒቴኑን ኢነተርቪ ከዚህ በፊት
    ስለሰማሁት። ታሪክን በስድብ መቀየር አይቻልም። እኔ ድሮ ትዝ ይለኛል አለም የወዛደሮች ትሆናለች ሲባል ለካ አለም የባለጌዎች ትሆናለች ማለቱ ነው ፈላስፋው።
    ምን አየነት ዘመን ነው ዘመነ ድሪቶ
    አባቱን ያዘዋል ልጁ ተጎልቶ
    ወይ ዘመን ወይ ዘመን ወይ ወራት ወይ ወራት
    የአንበሳውን ግልገል ሚዳቆዋ ሰረራት።

  10. Mekdes says:

    Totally so embarassing proffessor. I doubt if he a proffessor instead of translating he was making up his own stiries. What do excpect from a friend of Lemagne Beyene. They want to make the captain’s story theirs. That’s why I hate the Azmaris politics. In these case I like EPRDF style, they will stop them before they start. That’s wht they hate EPRDF dearly. Maferia yehone Sewyewin eko alsera alachew. 35 bicha bilew hedu eko.

  11. Tesfalehulum says:

    @ Mekdes and Co.

    You open your filthy big mouth to criticize Prof. Mamo, Tamage Beyene, Brehanun Damte (aba mela), ESAT team, Neamen Zeleke, and all other patriotic fellow Ethiopians who worked day and night tirelessly for this incredible history to come to light and get global coverage irrespective of their political view but based on Ethiopianism spirit. Can you cite me what a single contribution you made for this?….NOTHING!!…why your mouth piece ETV refuse to cover the news??, why your disgraceful PM never mentioned about it in any of his speech during the funeral??…..but you are the first one to come here and dump your hater trash. SHAME ON YOU LOSER BANDAS!!
    If it was not for all patriotic Ethiopians concerted effort, this story would never go global. Good job guys….we’re proud of you as usual …Ethiopianism will triumph !!!

    • mamush says:

      Dear Tesfalehulum
      Mekdes is entitled for her opinion. Those who you enumerated in your comment are the members of G7, who declared war on Ethiopia, and has gone far for lobbying economic sanction against development aid of Ethiopia. What does band mean? What has it got to do with the current Ethiopia, are we under colonial administration that you know about, that the citizens of Ethiopia don’t know? Practice civility in your interaction.

  12. Alula says:

    Captain Dinka has been there, but nobody gave a credit to this date! At least captain Dinka should have been presented in the presidential inauguration of Mr Mandela & get a Medal of Honor for the success of of his trainee! But he is an Oromo man, therefore all captain Dinka cared about was helping his fellow African to fight the Aparthied system in SA! I hope the Mamdela foundation will prize captain Dinka(mandela’s trainer) some kind of prize for his successful training! This is historical , so the first trainer should have been part of the history of the fight against Aparthied!

  13. ELVIS KHOZA says:


  14. Name (required) says:


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