Ethiopia says arrests five suspects in soccer match bomb plot


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11 Responses

  1. tesfaldet says:

    what is interesting is ethiopia dont bleim ERITREA bihaind the bombing lie it did before from advice of the USA TO REPORT IT TO un for sunction beca use ETHIOPIA know that the WORLD is smart now not to blive the propoga nda by the WEST so it tell the identity of the bombers

  2. Chala says:

    Some how i admire the ethiopia security service as we located the most volatile area of the world with so many war lords and full of muslim extremist around to keep the country safe until now.
    Al-shebab been trying to bomb addis for long and failed again and again this shows how sophisticated is our security system.

    Also ESAT/G7 have to learn how to do short documentary from ETV and please don’t make it as it is a drama with too many part1-12.

    ESAT If you made 12 part documentary just for Andarge kiling you would have made it 112 part like sewe lesew drama if you get alsheba who try bomb addis.

  3. Mekdes says:

    Yihe baltet yemeselle wushetam kedada Sidamo yemailew yelem. Mesay bilo gazetegna yihe zimbulo lehodu yadere borcham. Mengistu Hariamn teyeku bilo Lemagn Beyenen yemiiteyik leba. Shimelis Kemal is the one who gave him good answer. ” min tazrezmewaleh Esat atilim ende lenante degmo kalemeteyik alsetm minyatum Ye G7 lisan nachihuna” . I don’t understand how people get confused by their fiction.

  4. Alula says:

    Ethiopian security services are so intelligent & strong on catching terrorists redhanded! Good Job our security services! We are proud of you!

    God/Allah bless your duties!
    We love you so much for protecting our country!

  5. bb says:


  6. nakfa says:

    hey people you konw aron Asha is a mouth peice of woyane and a stooge of roeters, so take it with a pinch of salt and loads f sugar….

    The plan was to hurl bombs at crowds gathered around the stadium and two malls, then enter the stadium and carry out a suicide attack,” said one of the suspects forced to appear on Ethiopian Television.

    Typical woyne manufactured artcle presented by the good for nothing Aron Asha!!!

    The hall mark of woyane is cheat, loot, lie, deciet, embezel etc….

    • ethiopian says:

      You stupid son of ERITREAN BITCH, do not midle when you are not invited. Theif it might be your hand behaind all this problems, you trying to tell us while we see it their bodies throughen apart. You will die like that too dam ass.

  7. yohannes says:

    we know our government tnx for this thing wow what a nice job! no one pass our security long live to our government !!!

  8. Gmarkos says:

    What I learned from this news is . Dead man walking!!! Funny !!
    And I also could clearly see how much Dawit missed Meles.

    Ethiopian Goverenment “woyane” :-
    1. Manufactures news as we all awre.
    2. Manufactures false justification why young Ethiopians have to go to
    Or stay in Somalia and die for woyane uncalled for war .
    3. Desperate for public support on the name war threat which has been successful with several countries election histories.
    4. Wants to divert threat or tension from public opposition with wrong or no news.
    Threats for woyane are his own people not foreign terrorists.

  9. jimy says:

    Ethiopian security service is dam good…that’s all i und.

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