Ethiopians in South Sudan Demand Urgent Repatriation (Audio)


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13 Responses

  1. real ethiopian says:

    Ethiopians are starte coming home land from all corners of the world including AWRAMBATIMES main editor. Back in the days people flee the country by any means possib mainly gonderes thanks to MELAKU TEFERA
    MOST FARMERS FROM Gonder are living in AMERICA THIS days and opposing ethiopian government. Shame on tamagne beyen( lemagne banda).
    Like his father minilik cooperating with ethiopian enemy’s such as Egypt, eritrea.
    Shame on esat shame on gmoche 7,
    Receiving money from egypte to distablize ethiopian people for power and money shame on you. On ther hand ethiopian goverment is working hared to make sure those banda are not coming to ethiopia alive.
    Long live ethiopia.

    • Mekdes says:

      Real ethiopian, I agree with you espesially.about the Gonderes who became critics of the govt. But the good thing is they are toothless. They can not bite except barking. The young ones will not follow them except their children. Good point buddy.

  2. Alula says:

    This all about Ethiopia’s enemies purposely distabilising Ethiopia’s neighbors to put Ethiopia into square one again!

    At this moment, all we need is; a unity until this time passes once again putting in our mind that Ethiopia’s enemies are working day in day out to stop the Ethiopian Renaissance!
    Ethiopia will prevail!

  3. we says:

    Thank you Dawit!!!!!

  4. w .yilma says:

    This is the result of “independent” manipulated by western countries for the benefit of their national interest. This people (S.Sudan) are not only insulting themselves, but also the whole Africa, especially black African people. It shows how some African countries are not capable to solve their differences in civilized manner, how far we are behind the civilized world to create peace for our own. Some of you may condemn me for saying the following. But it is fact. S. Sudan people are incapable to administer themselves as one Nation. They are very diverse and lack common psychological make up. They are so isolated and do not have a common value as one people. Beside this more than 80% of the population is isolated from the civilized world, and this is contributing factor for their internal conflicts. No one denied how brutally they were oppressed by Arabs, in this case Sudan. however, oppression should not be an excuse for failing to solve political differences. I do not think they have a capability to do so. As a result of this I am afraid they will continue to be a problem for their neighbors, particularly for Ethiopia.

    Those who knows S.Sudan may not be disagreed with me, but may disagree the word I am using to express the reality on the ground. I am an Ethiopian, but opposed the separation of S.Sudan from Sudan. I believe secession is not a solution to oppression. It is open mindedness and acceptance of others opinion that solve oppression. Look Eritrean case. Other than having additional headache do we get peace after secession? secession through arming struggle is a recipe for disaster. Because if power comes through the barrel of the gun the “shiftas” and vagabond groups who sized power will never create a precondition for democratic process. Rather than talking with people to solve problems they prefer to talking with their guns to “eradicate” their opponents. this is what has happened in S.Sudan. The president wearing his military uniform when he gave a a briefing for the media.Where did he lost his cow boy hat? “maferia!”
    I have a chance to attend several meetings organized by NGO’s and international institutions to bring together the pastoralist inhibiting in the area called “Karamanjong cluster”. This area covered the bordering areas of the former Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and some part of Tanzania. The aim was to bring peace and to ease cattle rustling problems which is an endemic problem for this particular area. Killing other tribes for stealing cattle is a norm for these societies. Most of the now independent S.Sudan population is pastoralist, isolated from outside world.
    I do believe those exposed to outside civilized world terribly failed and betrayed their people by denying peace and new hope for the people of S.Sudan. They may pretend that they are civilized but their mind set is still primitive. Because of this I do think to bring peace will be very difficult, and their problems will spill over to the neighboring countries.
    Ethiopia should closely follow the situation and should play active role in bringing peace to the area.Egypt could get access at this time to interfere to play their dirty water politics.Who knows what role they played so far to create this condition? Because the problem is ours the eastern African states should engage aggressively to make peace,and a door should be closed for other who want to play their dirty Geo-politics.

    • mamush says:

      @w .yilma
      Dear w.yilma, thank your best analysis you have given; keep up.
      This is the best lesson for those who are struggling “independent” is the only solution for one country’s freedom; secession has evil consequence unless it is properly handled with matured politicians.
      “You can’t have a president and vice president who don’t speak to one another. They hate each other, and this situation can’t last,” a senior western diplomat used to stress when asked about the biggest issues facing South Sudan, the world’s newest country. Now the truth has come, and the boiling hatred, animosity and racism between them have come to the surface.
      98.3 % of Southern Sudanese people voted for independent on referendum, 99% of Eritrean voted on referendum for independent, their independent didn’t bring peace, prosperity …etc; the civil war stopped within the main country, the civil war started within the small separated country, why they are unable to forget these tribalism and work together to develop this newest country which is waiting, for the sake of those who were killed during the war, children, women, disabled during civil war? You said “maferia!” bicha ayigelsechewum, doma ras leaders. Anyway I wish them peace and the south Sudanese people should prove to the rest of the world that they are matured to rule themselves and not savages.
      Thank you once again.

  5. Gebez says:

    Two suggestions if I may please: Suggestion number One: Mr. Dina Mufti better change his name. Dina like Anastasia is one of the most common names of sexy Russian women. lol. Suggestion number Two: Let Ethiopia send troops to S. Sudan and help calm the situation just the way France did in Mali. Why should Africans wait for european forces to help(??????????? did I say help??)calm violences.

  6. Alem says:

    This is the ruling party pre-empting a potential calamity [like the one in Saudi].
    Secondly, it is unlikely for Ethiopians to “demand” to be repatriated. You may have meant “requested;” but that also is highly unlikely. Ethiopians migrated to South Sudan in the first place to make a living that their own country could not provide. It is that simple. Stop the lies.

  7. Tesfalehulum says:

    Tedros Adhanom Tweeted on Decmeber 22, 2013: “14 Ethiopians who were selected by Juba Ethiopian community to be evacuated”….what a shameless and disgraceful comment. There are 50,000 to 80,000 Ethiopians living in South Sudan and the shameless FM brags about 14 evacuees. Ethiopians life is cheap for TPLF scums as they demonstrated it in Saudi Arabia. TPLF bandits are busy of preserving their looted fortune and investment in S. Sudan than protecting the life of Ethiopians.
    I urge all patriotic Ethiopians to watch vigilantly the developments in S. Sudan that may affect thousands of fellow Ethiopians living there. Do not expect anything from the incompetent TPLF authorities and fake diplomats.
    Last but not least, the ethnic based conflict of South Sudan is an alarming bell for Ethiopians. We should say no for the evil policy of woayne, disintegration of the country based on ethnic and language line, before it is late and irreversible.

    • yohannes says:

      Go back 25 years ago when ethiopians were dying like flies by hunger. You don’t remember when ethiopia was a synonym of hunger and poverty now thanks to these banda how you call them you have got dignity and rispect . You are Ahya , you know nothing about this country.
      If ethiopians are poor ask your grand fathers , Menelik, Haile selasie and Mengistu.

  8. maya says:

    Why do we blame the people? Foe me all the mess in the struglle for independence comes from power monger ‘freedom fighers’. The so called freedom fighters preach the people how they have been enslaved, exploited and dehumanized by the oppressors. This may not be the problem; the problem is all problems are shifted to the oppression. The logical conclusion is if we are free, all problems will go….To some extent, this misconception is also dominant during african independence struggle…but imagine after 6 decades of independence, africa is still….that is what some people call it false start in africa..blaming others for all of their mistakes, betrayals and mistrust..see Ertirea how the freedom fighetrs betrayed their people..During the struggle, people are united with one common agenda i.e. freedom..then all social,political and economic problem are thought to disappear…but then what happened? people trusted their freedom fighters too much without verifying it..all those songs about freedom changed to….

  9. hana says:

    I do appreciate Dr. Tewodro’s quick travel to south sudan to mediate the conflict but i could have been more happy had he been traveling to saudi to safeguard our own sisters and brothers first. I would have been much more happy had he traveled half way with Ethiopian opposition parties and release all political prisoners without condition. I would have given him the most regard had he been changing the culture of “my way or the high way””MENGEDUN CHERK YALEH” thinking to a call for a common purpose in building one nation. Dr. Tewodros,think out of the box and stop the old and dead politics of tribalisim that consume every nation.Unplug the ethinic boambs at home before reaching to our neigburse!

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