Anti-Teddy Afro campaign catches fire on social media


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102 Responses

  1. Alehegn says:

    It is disappointing to hear the so called “Holy War”. Who is going to benefit from this saga? Teddy Afro, OLF, EPDRF, Jawar Mohammed, Bedele……….? Who will be the loser? We will see it………

  2. Alula says:

    This should have been closed long time ago by acknowledging the crimes committed against Oromos in a civilized manner! Americans always acknowledge the suffering of African American in the past 400 years! Denying others suffering is very dangerous for our country at large!
    All we hear is one Ethiopia while denying the suffering of Ethiopian! I don’t know how they think!

    • gedle says:

      If we have to take advi e from ciilized person like you we would but you only forgot one issue. That is, have you ever heard of “ye Galla werrera”. It is in history books. There was a brutal invasion all the way from south to north, Gonder, Wollo, Raya and Shoa. Thousands were brutally murdered and raped. Just because it happened centuries before doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The evidence is there where the crime happened. Actually, the sample of what type of crime happened is Bedeno and Arbagugu. Olf skinned people alive, burned people alive, throw people into gorges, killed families brutally and raped women and children. By the way these recent crimes happened after EPRDF took over Addis. Let’s keep digging dirt on each other and cililized apologies will come.

      • Alula says:

        Hey bro

        Oromo’s expansion to Gonder &,all the way to the border of Tigrai isn’t bleeding Ethiopia to this moment , but Minilik’s! We can’t hide from our own history! Remember : olf don’t represent Oromo in anyway! Had the olf had a full support of the Oromo people, we could have a different Ethiopia at this moment! But Minilik represents Ethiopia as a king! Ethiopia is still bleeding because of Minilik’s mistake in the north! Have Minilik comeback & see the bloodshed , he could have regretted deeply for his mistakes!

        • Gudu says:

          So who is going to apologize for Minilik mistakes?? Who is going to apologize for the masacare of muslims by Yohaness?? Who is going to apologize for the murders by derg?? Who is going to apologize for the masacar of Agnuwaks in Gambela by Meles?? The 200 death in 1997 by Meles?? What goes around comes around…
          Stop your nonsense. No one denies there were mistakes by all past leaders of all nations but to go forward we got to correct the mistakes/wrong doings and celebrate their good achievements. ANd don’t expect everyone to feel the same way for a leader. One can take Meles as a good one and others a bad. I’m not a fan of Meles but I don’t cry foul if one idolized him as far as his mistakes are being corrected for good. The problem at hand is not about just Minilik, it is some power hungry people drawing past mistake to avoid unity of Amhara and Oromo people.

    • messay says:

      appreciate that Alula…Good say

      • Getachew H. Mezegebu says:

        I am an Amhara. My parents are still proud of Slave trading, Menilik invasion, and Genocide. At public place they reflects peace, love, and one Ethiopia. When it is at home they teach as hate, superiority based on being Amhara (family of King) and to undermine other ethinic groups. That makes the new generation of Amhara to be Menelik lover and unapologetic. If Oromo form its independent, we Amharas we don’t have any resources to sustain our lives for one week. In the other hand, the Minelik haters (especially Oromos) exaggerate the effect of Menelik. Oromos claim that 5 million people were killed by Menelik. That is totally untrue. 1880-1900, I don’t think that many people were existing in Oromia and South Ethiopia. However, I am no longer hiding Menelik was a murderer, facist, Nazi and so on (every bad thing applies to him).

  3. Gebez says:

    Teddy is a good singer. There is no doubt about that. But, when it comes to his songs that glorify some historical individuals or some historical events, he has to be very careful. Anybody who glorifies the coward Mernilik has to bear in mind that he is directly glorifying the very killer of millions of Oromos to the least. When Teddy wanted to sing about the extraordinary victory of Adwa,He could have just sung about the real,ordinary Ethiopian heroes who fought there without mentioning the killer Menilik’s name. Menilik did not even fight, did not come up with any military strategic plans, did not shoot, did absolutely NOTHING!! He was hiding in the St.Giorgis church of Adwa all the day while our hero grandfathers were smashing the Italians.

    • wey gud says:

      Indesimih “guibiz” neh. Menelik silatefut meweyayet ina silabereketut meweyayet and neguer new, indante yalew yemanim guatewet iyemeta mesadeb sijemir guin yasasibegnal.

  4. Ethio says:

    talking about the past and forget present doesn’t take us any where.Menelik did this and that…Menelik died back in 1913 but we are still talking about him and fight each other? I don’t get it.We are going backwards. back in 1913…well done Ethiopians!!!!

    • Yilma Tilaye says:

      this is why we are saying no to Teddy Afro who always wanted to bring us back to the 1913, you have to tell him that Menillik II is a killer! that is the point, He shold be advised by Historians, I dont expect hhim to know history, because he did not even complete secondry school, but we have to correct him! let him come out an appologise, otherwise it will be possible that he will be murderd!

      • seble says:

        He will be Murdered? shame on you. This is 21 century you should learn to respect others despite ideology differences

  5. kinat yikum says:

    Kinatna mikegninet kalhone bestker ahunim bihon both Minilik and Haileselassie are real Ethiopian heros.

    Enesu hero kalhonu manew hero? bandaw Meles Zenawi? Enante felegachihum alfelegachihum teddy will shine again.

    Keep doing the good job Teddy. We love you and we support you

    • Freeoromia says:

      For those( people like azmari, Tedy Afro)who believes in imiye Minlik! Unless you stop thinking like your stupid forefather whom I can say master of arrogant, Ethiopia will gone to fail in the near future. what you have to know is nobody will gone to stop each and every nation and nationality of Ethiopia to decide their destiny. You can Learn lesson from country like Sudan.

  6. Tadios says:

    This is a simple divert attention means for TPLF. Nothing much .

    About Teddy he is loved by millions not by very few narrow nationalists but by the majority of ethiopians.
    Long Live Teddy and Minilik and of course our beloved Ethiopia

    • Name (required) says:

      Tadios gegemaneh realy u are a stupid & silly un mannered ordinary person

    • Hagose Kiflom says:

      U must update your ethiopian population stat: only oromo people account for about 30-35 million, if u just subtract the Amharas, which are less than 25 million from the current 90 million, all the rest nations were killed and abused by Menillik the second so which millions are you talking about. do you think the south people and Tigrians support what Teddy is doing? One bullet is enough for him while he is performing on stage you will see this very very soon!

      • Leykun says:

        Yes, a TPLF mercenary like you is promoting killing on innocent people. Why is necessary to associate exchange of ideas with killing- one bullet is enough.

        Yes, killing is simple for you; your greed for money, power and resource in the country based on killing- elimination. Many innocent people like Assefa Maru were killed by mercenaries. So you have wished killing for Tedy. Don’t you think that everyone has the right to say what they want in a democratic society. You are crossing borders to kill. Anyway responding killing by killing is not justifiable. But you are very wicked person.

        God bless evils like you!

    • Gemechu says:

      I sure you are benefited from the war, i you don’t know the past history the history itself arose again so we have to know about past history and forcaste the future. so Menilik is the most stupefied and genocide , i never went to her his name also.

  7. yohannes says:

    he is hazmarie it is not a big deal go to hill teddy like ur father minlke & hillselasi bech !!!

    • gedle says:

      If we have to take advi e from ciilized person like you we would but you only forgot one issue. That is, have you ever heard of “ye Galla werrera”. It is in history books. There was a brutal invasion all the way from south to north, Gonder, Wollo, Raya and Shoa. Thousands were brutally murdered and raped. Just because it happened centuries before doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The evidence is there where the crime happened. Actually, the sample of what type of crime happened is Bedeno and Arbagugu. Olf skinned people alive, burned people alive, throw people into gorges, killed families brutally and raped women and children. By the way these recent crimes happened after EPRDF took over Addis. Let’s keep digging dirt on each other and cililized apologies will come.

    • Tuji says:

      እንኳን ታሪክ ጠቅሰህ ልትከራከር ሃሳብህን እንኳን በአግባቡ ለመግለፅ የቻልክ አይደለህም፡፡ Please Go To School.

      • Oromummaa says:

        today you can dancing but you will pai pric ho lover genocider and butcher man minilk mother fucker teddy and maseselute

  8. Hagos Seyoum says:

    No question that Menelik was a criminal ,king a friend of Italian Egypt, and killed many Ethiopian in south Ethiopia , read Mr hugay,s book, the world known Historian and so on so on, I don’t evenknow why Menelik got circle in Addis ababa.?

  9. Hermi says:

    By idolizing the past rulers and ignoring/belitiling the sacrifice made by the gallant fighters and leaders from the north, Teddy has proved himself being a voice of divisiveness and bigotry. He could have been a true voice of Ethiopiannes – as all corners of Ethiopia have contributed to who we are now. Teddy is not at fault if he chooses to see and sing the positive sides of Menilik or Hailesselasie. But not seeing or disregarding the contribution of the leaders of the North – Yohannes, Tedros, Meles – makes him his motive is not a good one. An hounest and free discussion of the good and bad sides of past and future leades is healthy for Ethiopia. Teddy is young and talented and he still has time to use his talent to be the voice of Andnet rather than divisiveness. This boycot right or wrong should be a wake up call fir him.

  10. Getachew Fantaye says:

    It is non sense campaign. You have to differentiated between business promotion and political stands. Viva Tedi!Viva Heineken!

  11. HornofAfrica says:

    Right out demonizing Menelik II and HS without mentioning at all their achievements is blind ethnic politics. Nobody can say that these emperors of Ethiopia were saints, nor were they devils to be despised by every Ethiopian, Oromos and Amaras alike. As controversial as they might be, they have contributed to Ethiopian sovereignty and they are part of the Ethiopian history.
    Unfortunately, past and present human history is full of crimes and injustices. Nevertheless, it does not mean that future generations should be condemned for the actions of their ancestors, or for not raising the banner of condemnation. One should learn from S. Africa, Israel, Black Americans etc, to understand how they have come to terms with their history by retaining the good part and disposing off the bad side.
    Criminalizing every Ethiopian who dares to say anything in support of past leaders is equivalent to blackmailing and subordinating Ethiopians. The right to one’s opinion should be respected.
    Those who are intoxicated with ethnic politics, character assassination and are envious of the achievements of this brilliant Ethiopian singer and composer would not hesitate to label him with negative colors. Nevertheless, the thing that is required is reconciliation and education on both sides, because nobody owns the whole truth. Today, most Oromos believe that they are equal members of the Ethiopian family, and what matters to them is their equality and prosperity and not ethnic politics that is rooted in the past and sometimes exaggerated for ulterior motives.

    • sewerait says:

      you have come half way. You need to move more. You need to embrass democrcay .what do you learn from South Africa? it is to mutual recognition of diversity. No body choose to follow that or this politics. It is the social fabric of Ethiopia which is dictating. so ethinic politics is part of our dynamism. Better to handle it democratically , in lieu of confrontation

    • derebew says:

      My foot reconciliation! like in South Africa? Imagine if the Afrikaner and those who committed the crimes of apartheid glorified Botha ( The leader of apartheid)and expressed pride in their criminal and inhumane actions and asked the black people of South Africa and ANC to to forgive and forget. You think the reconciliation would have worked.
      It takes two leaps in faith to achieve reconciliation. First the victim should be willing to forgive but not forget and I truly believe the benevolent Oromo people have tried hard to forgive and move on. Second and most important prerequisite is for the victimizer or its associates or descendants to be genuinely contrite and apologize. Here the least the Oromo people are asking Tedy Afro or his kin and kindred is to avoid rubbing salt to their wound to reconcile. They (The Oromo) have been magnanimous that they didn’t seek apology or compensation but simple acknowledgement of the brutality they endured and for ignorant people like Tedy Afro to stop re wounding them and insulting their intelligence. Is that too much to ask?
      Hence if we care about Ethiopia we should start to care about the other Nations and Nationalities rather than being stuck in our own old mindset and worse our own old and defunct mythology and of “heroism”.
      The Oromo people have reconciled with the rest of Ethiopia spare a few that continue to attack them for who they are. That is why they are mobilizing against Tedy and his sponsors but not the ignorant and misguided who are still supporting Tedy Afro in his divisive gaff. They would have advised him to apologize and move on instead of defending the indefensible.

  12. obalony says:

    Dear Gobeze and others,

    What do you means when you say his songs—? Is is not wise to analyze your points bit before throwing them to us?

    For instance, when teddy glorified Minilik in his black person album, and the song is all about his role in organizing and mobilizing his people to fight against Italian invention. Do you mean that, this shouldn’t be appertained?! or should teddy also insert some words that mention about anole as money wish to see it???

    my dears,

    Teddy is trying to base his argument (Music) on facts-true facts!!. The role Minilik played in Adawa is a written and globally known fact, not a legend! Come and challenges him based on that as ato bulicha try to base his argument—legend is also—-.

    We should acknowledge all our bad and good history. I agrre in that. If Minilik has made mistakes and if we have enough evidence for that (i really donot think we have evidence than the fabricated legend as ato bulicha mentioned it recently on voa—legend, simabelo), we have to blame him for his bad did. But that doesn’t mean we should bury every part of his positive contributions. How one can rush to demolish Miniliks status when he is a globally known and only person who bit Europe colonizer?? This show how futile our thinking is.

    By the way, did any one bring a comprehensive and fact based document that Minilik has abused oromos? The facts we know clearly is that the great oromo people were his first line people in his battle to Adawa. Most of the issue on him were baseless and fabricated by hate mongers such as bulicha and jawar. You heard Bulicha on voa, when he suffer to argue with oromo professional who have written facts not legend like ato bulicha. For ato bulicha expansion of oromo from balle was not a mistake, but it was a mistake for one of the emperor who tried to stop such a rampant expansion. When bulicha was caught red hand that his argument was baseless, he was trying to justify that legend and traditional knowledge is is acceptable these days.

    As we see brave Tigrians such as Abrham who are dead for facts, there are 100s of oromos who also dead for facts. One day when they determine and come to front and speak, the current face leaders who tell us about Mencha will vanish from the front of the great oromo people.

    By the way, the current campaign on teddy was basically from 4 kilo. Yes it is!!!

    It was obvious there are some who hate love and they want to stop it via trying to link teddy with minilik. Teddy is the generation of today. He is love and he preach love. Hate monger like Jawar have morola to talk about Teddy. I sometimes wonder how our brain was washed by such hate mongers. Many people from my own route, never criticized when Jawar publicly said we cut throat. he said in my place where Muslim is dominant (99%) we cut any minority of he or she stand up. That was what is for and now he is campaigning oromos against teddy. I also wonder and started to be harassed and ashamed when i try to analyze who lead the great oromo people. The current leaders of oromo are trying to base their ideology on hate, so that the my people suffer he consequence.

    Campaign against teddy is nothing but jealous! Jawar and his like can’t be popular among all, but try to play their futile and dirty game to spoil the personality of an innocent teddy who try to reconcile Ethiopia.

    Thank the admin. for posting.

    • Alula says:


      You are not feeling the wounds of others my dear! Do you know what “yasteseryal” & his other musics means? You don’t , coz it doesn’t touch you! Teddy used his songs to scratch the wounds of Ethiopian,but you don’t seem to feel the wounds of others!

      Remember: the war against Italy was won because of her honor Queen Taytu(Tsehayitu) Bitul! twisted history written by the stooges of Minilik doesn’t hold any water!

    • solomon says:

      What about minlke who sold part of tigray ethiopia now ertirea to his masters italian. Is it a btrayal on ethiopia
      Whay is it tdrrosse see a king who made a deal with the enamy of ethiopia italian even conseder him as a hero.
      Minlk made a deal with italian in 2 weeks after the realy king of kings of ethiopia Yohanes died .
      Number 2 minlk sold ethiopian Djubity to the franch .
      So this show you, Tedrross dont care about the whole ethiopian only he like to repit the lie history of minlke and manzes lieys.
      So now all ethiopian saying to taddeyy enaghe is enaghe.

  13. Haile sillasie says:

    Tewodros kassahun should kill him self like Atse Tedros before he is going to be killed on the field like a dog…. We will see 2014 is the end of Teddy Afro

    • Tefera says:

      Hile Sillasie
      If some thing happens to Tedi Afro you and your fellow jihadists will be accountable. You will be tracked out by your IP adds and brought to justice. A poor mind like you is a captive of old fashioned fake communist style ideology living in fabricated fake stories.

      1. The person like you masking under fake identity is good for nothing.
      2. I don’t think you are smart enough to understand the song translation as Amharic is not your mother tong.
      3. The Song “Tikur Sewu (Black Man)” is tribute to Ethiopian National Hero’s who bravely fought the colonial powers to preserve independence & freedom for Ethiopians. In this Song The King of Kings, the great Emperor of Ethiopia Menelik-II, his Army commanders and the patriot citizens who were mobilized from all corners of Ethiopia has been praised
      4. Yes Menelik mobilized the mass and it was A Holy war. A war to defend the territorial integrity of Ethiopia, A war to defend the culture, independence, and dignity of human being

      So what makes you mad? there are many songs, poems, short stories and even recently published books based on truth, facts and historical grounds who are praising Menelik-II. The New generation artists are not puppets, they are the feature of our country brands and Tedi Afro is one of them.

      As a true Son of Ethiopia Tedi is loved and praised by his fellow citizens. He is the icon of unity, peace, freedom and love. Just listen his songs and you will return to your peace of mind

      Bravo Tedi! Long Live Ethiopia!

  14. gedle says:

    Your terrorist threat on Teddy won’t work. You have terrorized people in the past few centuries. No wmore will you. The invention of gun powder really played in stopping “ye Galla worrera”. Now even women can stop yojr attacks using the mighty AK 47. You are “yenegabet jib”. Remember, when you throw stone from a glass house….If we have to take advi e from ciilized person like you we would but you only forgot one issue. That is, have you ever heard of “ye Galla werrera”. It is in history books. There was a brutal invasion all the way from south to north, Gonder, Wollo, Raya and Shoa. Thousands were brutally murdered and raped. Just because it happened centuries before doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The evidence is there where the crime happened. Actually, the sample of what type of crime happened is Bedeno and Arbagugu. Olf skinned people alive, burned people alive, throw people into gorges, killed families brutally and raped women and children. By the way these recent crimes happened after EPRDF took over Addis. Let’s keep digging dirt on each other and cililized apologies will come.

    • gota gota says:

      Fuck u all ya Tolkien about ethio dumb dumped.
      I can tell you history reapet it’s self. Its not too far when everything will be talk by its word & work with itself. No body can stopp the people’s & nations who trusty his own history , freedom, self recession.oromo, hadiyya, walyta,…..all nations oppressed have no moretime , sholder for stupid n baster colonizers.

  15. Ethiopia says:

    The blood of Teddy Afro will shed on street of Adama,Jimma or Diredawa like most of ancestors of ethiopian sons

  16. Jhonny says:

    I like Teddy for the lerics he use,but not for the contents he use in his song. First of of all he is not good poem, second he is opportunist like every Azmaris. He will go where the money is, moral has no place in his context. If he knows that this is contrivertial he should leave it for those people and appology for that. The consequense it will cause may be will cost him his life like Tupac Shakur. For those who don’t know Tupac, he was famius black American singer who is advocating gangsters and insulting police and authorities. But when he was killed no one was found as a killer. The perfect American investigative system did not find a clue on his death, eh it is amazing isn’t it?

    I remember this guy when he came to America to make a show in
    2006 his show was banned due to safety issue in Washington. He was telling on the Radio, Alamoodin was the one who paid them a lot of money and sabotaged his show. Next time thiese ignorant diasporas went ti the show because they don’t look things in different angle. He used Alamoodis name instead of their failure of not fullfilling safety standard for the show. They know how to play on the mind of the fools untill they wake up.

    My advice to teddy is, it is better to sit down with those people and compromice. Your father Kassahun Germamo was from Hadiya Family so being from this family, you might have a case in common and listen to them.

  17. Amara Worku says:

    I personally Support the boycott of Teddy Afro concert in Oromia, Teddy is trying to promote the Killer Menelik Legacy,If we go back and read the real story of Menelik he is one of The Stupid Governor in his time, So wake uo oromia and not only reject the concert but reject to drink this Beer too ,

  18. Ewnetu says:

    Teddy did not condone Menilik’s or H/Selassie’s brutality on their own people. But he focused on their effort to repulse foriegn invadors and positive contributions to modernize the nation – Ethiopia! This divisive tactics promoted by some politicians trying to use his popularity as a stepping stone to their ambition to rule the people is unaccepted by the majority as Ethiopians know well who is looking after their well being (welfare) and who’s trying to impose their agenda on them.

  19. NARYE says:

    There’s nothing ‘holy’ in killing people. Rather, there’s something better in dying for people,
    and their welfare; for their health, happiness and fortunes. Personally, I’d like to believe that
    Teddy Afro didn’t see it that way. But, still, you know, I don’t feel easy to think that it was RIGHT
    to kill some of my great grand parents to accomplish Menelik’s unification agenda… It was better to
    share this geographically correct vision and convince them … But what happened was a wrong and
    regrettable PROCESS to achieve today’s reality, in which, most of us are born as innocent and happy descendant
    to parents from both sides involved in the atrocity.

    What’s a better move now? SAY “NEVER AGAIN!” to such tragedies and mistakes. Let’s not sow bitterness
    among today’s Ethiopians who deserve to live their lives peacefully, or have’ve yet to come out of a
    Maze of Poverty.
    I’ve seen several individuals particularly in/from East Africa daring to rebrand their weird hatred of
    rulers who’ve long gone and incite violence and intensify the sufferings of people on the ground.
    After spending few years in N.America, I’ve been longing to see the rule of law in East Africa. However,
    let’s pray and watch out to persons like the President and VP of South Sudan who extended their personal
    animosity to their people.


  20. Dave says:

    Teddy Afro is a great singer and we love and respect him. By the way who killing the oromo people today ? Of course WOYANE.
    Today Ethiopian prison is full of oromo people, including my father. why we should talk about Menilik? just to hide woyane’s crime.

  21. Ewnetu says:

    This boycott and this type of agenda is usually coordinated by anti-Ethiopian forces and funded by Egypt/eritrea or any other traditional enemies of Ethiopian Unity trying to impose their divisive tactics for their own gain. Ethiopian people know better than that and would not give hand to the narrow minded wanna be politicians who try to divide and conquer, prolonging the suffering of poor Ethiopians in the name of revenge for past wrongdoings not at the court of law but by taking matter into their own hands. We have a generation that would look forward and can see beyond race, skin color, ethnicity or religious affiliation. We have a generation that sings “MAANEW MILIEYEW MIKEFLEW!!! YEHAE TEWLID FIMM ESSAATT NEAW!!!!!” AND TIRED OF THE EHAPPA, MEISON, TPLF, OLF, POLARIZED POLITICS!!! A GENERATION THAT IS STANDING FOR ONE ETHIOPIA – ONE COUNTRY AND ONE PEOPLE!!! All hoopla by the Jawarians and die hard tplfites to twist and rewrite history(facts already existed) with full of their lies will fail just like Tesfaye Gebreab’s attempt to create discord among brothers (ye’burkaa zimitaa) failed!!!

  22. to love says:

    Just win your daily bread and let others leave in peace
    If you can find the real truth Ruther that shouting without
    Knowledge. The one you are opposing is one person every person has the right to think what ever he wishs. So why you bother.
    If you have a fact to condemn Minilik just bring it to the surface and
    let the society decide.

  23. Kebede says:

    This was the time i wanted to see about Teddy Afro. Teddy is not the only enemy of Oromo or Debub as implicitly mentioned in his ‘holy war’ statements but he is the enemy of Tigreans, and other ethnic groups except for those people who were beneficiaries of those evil leaders.
    Teddy appeared himself as king on the EBS Tv (if i am not mistaken it was on the so called Kassa show) representing his evil kings particularly Hailesiallsie. He also attempted in his song “Yastesrial” to discredit the role of TPLF and Tigrean people by his very cruel words. At that time, I was amazed by those who were appreciating him for singing this song as it was a total denial of contemporary history and the people of the majority of Ethiopia. Again, he tried to cheat us at that time, as usual, by attempting to interpret the song in a different way on Reporter Amharic news paper. He is completely ignorant and cannot understand the new Ethiopia. I am definitely sure that he will sing for the barbaric Colonel Mengistu as his people have started appreciating their hero- Mengistu. I am not as such surprised when he said ‘holy war’ to Menlik’s savagism as he was doing the same thing in the past. Evidence for this is that he used all available words in the dictionary to praise Hailesillasie in his previous and Menik in his ‘Tikur Sew’ albums. Again, what amazed me was that he tried to modify what he told to Enqu magazine. The editor was another fool. The editors made very funny apology in the media history in Ethiopia. The cover page subtitle was purposely coined form Teddy’s interview to achieve the objective of the magazine and Tedy himself. They were trying to tell us that it was editorial problem. I am not still amazed as such techniques are the inherent behaviors of Teddy. For me, if the sponsors failed to disassociate themselves from this evil guy, not only in Oromya should be boycotted from using the beer but also in other regions who were directly and indirectly victims of this singer. One of my friends told me, at the time when Teddy released his ‘Yasteserial’ album that people in Mekele were very offended and tried to crush his albums on the street. I think to me when such people, like Teddy, are trying to disintegrate the people of Ethiopia by their fake love based on their false history, mainly of the North, every one of us should stand together and say them STOP. Otherwise if we allow them to do their evil doings it will be very problematic to the harmony of our people and the formation of new Ethiopia. The New Ethiopia should be the representation of all people of Ethiopia. The New Ethiopia to me has no place for dominance, as they have been doing these for centuries, but for respect and love to each other. Hopefully, the sponsoring organization will take all necessary measures to avoid such failure because of their selection of failed and hypocrite singer. God bless our new Ethiopia- all its nations and nationalities.

  24. Ali says:

    When he is taying to song on any oromiya region kill hime.
    That it. To the government don’t give him security

  25. Tesfalehulum says:

    Teddy Afro is a patriotic unifying figure. Who are these hate mongers and grave diggers ??…the TPLF and EPLF fabricated psedo history preachers of OLF/ODF (OPDO) Minnesota crooks ?? or the under cover TPLF cadres??…those who instigate ethnic conflict 24 hrs for their evil political gain??..or those who are busy of seeding division??….are you calling these activistis??..what a hypocrisy!!..
    For a long time the grave diggers were claming that 5 millions Oromos were killed, which was almost closer to the total population of the country at that time. Who took the census? Who wrote those claims? Of course, anti Ethioian elements who are trying rentleslely to break up the country that they failed to achieve since the Adwa victory.
    Why these hate mongers never mention about the achievements of Menelik?…what they did for the Oromo people for the last 23 years other than filling the prisons with the Oromos?? What did they do other than caging the Oromo youth by language barrier and locking them out from the central government beuroucratic system?…what did they do rather than surrendering 10, 000s OLF ragtag soldiers for TPLF in one day without a single shot??….Thery are absolute failures, bandas and traitors!!!
    Do these hate mongers have any credentials to match the achievements of Emperor Menelik 165 years back who founded the first modern bank in Ethiopia, the Bank of Abyssinia, established the Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway, introduced electricity, as well as the telephone, telegraph, the motor car and modern plumbing, monetary system, first cabinet minister, and of course founded Addis Ababa that some of these crooks now brag about it as Finfine. The hate monger and grave diggers…. should always say thank you Menelik whenever you call Ethipia who pioneered in importing the technology. Haters should always say thank you Menelik when you brag about Finfinie. You should always say thank you when you talk in Oromiffa, that our fathers preserved it in their blood other wise now you could speak Italinan and eat spaghetti. You should say thank you Menelik when you appreciate the forest of Oromia mostly covered by eculyplutus tree that Menelik imported.
    It is undeniable that as most of earlier Ehtiopian leaders Menelik had his own up and downs. He was unifying and modernizing the country through that diificult era. There could be mistakes made. However, the recent trend of fanning fabricated claims for political power is only destructive. I support notion of let historians and scholars debate about it to unveil the truth. Taking the battle in Arisi ( to begin with which never been Oromia part and forcefully conquered) or some where else as a hostage and declaring many Arba Gugus, Bedenos, Asosas, Waters is unjustifiable and evil that no one will benefit from its consequence.
    Let us learn from our past mistakes. Let us cherish our accomplishments as a society and plan for the common prosperous future.

  26. Ordofaa says:

    Hello everyone!!!

    I have not talked to you for a while. I have been busy getting prepared for the big festival to be held this coming month of January, 2014. I have told this will definitely happen a million times before so you should not be surprised by its coming to roost.

    My Oromia will be the new mint fresh nation of the world in January 2014. All the necessary preparation is complete and it will be inaugurated on January 25, 2014. I have the draft copy of the constitution in possession and among many checks and balances enshrined in this historical document one article stood out like the Sears Tower. The constitution outlaws the use of the words ‘Galla’, ‘Neftegna’, and ‘Baria’ in order to denigrate or insult others and such offences are punishable by law up to 25 years to life years in prison. The constitution also bans capital punishment except for killings deemed genocide. It also clearly indicates that political parties established around religion will not be permitted to run for any public offices. I am very happy and excited. Aren’t you? My Oromia is coming!!! My Oromia is coming!!! My Beautiful Oromia is set to become the new Independent nation on January 25, 2014!!!!!

  27. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Hello people from Ethiopia:

    This is really nauseating to be honest. As one Europeans journalists called us we are the left-behinder’s land which means the land of the backwards. While our people hanging themselves, raped, killed, burnt in middle east, you idiots go back 120 years back and talk about a dead man. Who is responsible for what Menelick did? Is there anyone in this generation who conspired with Menelick to kill anyone?

    I am against those who consider Amhara ethnic are responsible for what Menelick did. I am against those who act as if they were with Menelick and defend Menelick. You are all primitive, backwards, behind time. You have a lot of time to waste chewing your ethnic name here. You live in the 21 century in the age of communication by internet at the speed of light but you go 100 years backward and you abuse, criminalize or demonize people who have never been born then. Let us I am Amhara, let us say I am 70 or 60 or 50 or 40 or 30 or 20 or 15 or 10 or 5 years? what the hell do I know about Menelick? am I responsible for Menelick? why? Why should I apologize for whatever Menelick has done? Two wrongs does not make one right. Assume I am amhara, I was not born then and you ask me to acknowledge? This is an injustice in real time.

    Whatever Teddy said,he has said it. He is human being he can make mistakes like any human being. This is just high level of stupidity of the 21 century. Otherwise, you can not say why he says like that? You can not control how people think. All you can do is understand people will make mistakes instead of looking for trouble based on human mistakes. This similar to a story which has been running on facebook by Abraha Desta. I have Abraha Desta accusing Sibhat Nega that Sibhat Nega claiming about three awrajas do not belong to his Tigrai. Abraha Desta picked it up and try to use it for politics. I guess this is a similar case, either OLF or someone is trying to fish a fish using the wrong fishing net. You can not achieve politics in this way. but you can divide people and promote hatred and animosity among people.

    In conclusion , you can not control what people say or think. Do not expect every human being to think the same way. This is an injustice. Teddy also has a right to honour anyone he wanted. It is your right not to give credit but you can stop people from honour whomever they want. You have to respect the right of others as long you do not infringe your own right directly.

    Hey, Ethiopians , wake up to be honest, you sleeping in darkness. Now trust me the heated discussion among people is how to conquer other planets in deep space in the Universe and the other hot discussion now is about neutrino communication and medical imaging, this will completely change the way human being will live in the future. Check this 5000 people discussion this topic on facebook? The world is changing at the speed of light, but you are sleeping in your ethnic dark box. Check this link:

  28. selam says:

    does teddy know that his hero give up Dijibutie and eritrea away. in 1901 he signed a treaty with italy by accepting ethiopia’s border starts 60 kilometers away from the sea, it is a fact search it.

  29. Gadaa says:


    • Solomon says:


      you are a lire under open air. Stop living in fabricated stories, rumors and speculations. I don’t think you guys are so stupid to accept factious story crafted by Tesfaye Gebreab & Andargachew Tsige.
      You better cry loudly to free your OLF masters languishing under the arm pits of shabia

      Don’t worry About the King of Kings, the great Emperor Menelik of Ethiopia. The generations will continue loving, respecting & celebrating him. When you celebrate Menelik-ll, we also glorify Emperor Tewodros & Emperor Yohannes lV

      Long live Ethiopia & Ethiopians
      Abshir, Tedi

      • Abagada says:

        Tewedros knows nothing about Ethiopian history, but what he he know is his internal racist attitude.He might be good ~azmari` but not a man of history.He doesn’t have knowledge and moral strengh to write and talk about Ethiopian history.Those of you,stupid Habesha like Tewedros,it is your Oromo phobia that always compels you to act and behave unethically.In fact,If your racist ancestors did not committed such unforgettable and atrocious crimes to control our country(blessed land), you would not be here ton exploit and plunder our resource, you would be forced to stay and live on your stone
        monuments.Some of you are attempting to restrict the campaign to government cadres,we are really true and real Oromio. In fact, they can contribute towards this historical struggle against our historical enemy as long as some of them are an Oromo.Do not try to divert it objective, you can not escape from the truth.The only solution to this problem recognition to the reality. Unless things are to taken to proper way which treats evry one alike, things will be different in the future, do not be foolish, you racist ideology will not enables you to achieve your hidden agenda.

  30. Ephrem says:

    Aye gala…. Think like a human being! When are you guys going to stop thinking like your fellow donkey?? Shame on you the so called activist. Did you forget that Ethiopian prisons are full of donkey oromo’s? Whey don’t you boycott tplf (Woyane) companies???? Why don’t you ask for the release of the Oromo prisoners because they say “we are oromo??? Why don’t you demonstrate on the streets of Ethiopia for their release??? Why don’t you demonstrate on Saudi Arabia embassy all over the world that most of the maids abused are from oromo’s?
    But you ediot activist wanna talk about something that happened more than 100 years ago? Teddy is just a lovely singer who is very genius and love his country more than any one of you.
    Today Ethiopian prisons smell like Oromo, you need to fight first for your people right now rather than about a history that you never know about.
    You the so called activist, think one more again who is the killer of Oromo nowww.
    Aye Oromo……….

    • You are moron economic immigrant, we will continue chopping your ass.

    • Name (required) says:

      ሰናይ ኤፍሬም አሁንም አየተሳደብክ ነህ በሚሊዮን የሚቆጠሩ ኦሮሞዎች ኢትዮጵያውያን የገደለ የጥላቻ ንጉስ ምኒልክ ለነብስ ገዳይ ሰው ተዉትና ለህወሓት ተቃወሙ: ወዴት ነው የምትሽሸው ባንተቤት አራዳ መሆንህን ነው ሰው ገዳይ የሆነ አያትህ ገዳይ ነው በኢትዮጵያ ታሪክ ይህንን ነብሰ ገዳይ ሰው መነሳት የለበትም ነው …..ተድሮስ ላጠፋው ስህተት ይቅርታ መጠየቅ አለበት ….

  31. Animut Kinde says:

    Teddy, like his song, thinks that history can be established by emotion. He never read the history, he barely understand Ethiopia. He is ignorant and stupid who think such a bloodshed and inhuman crime as “holy”. If we haven’t seen famous singers like Tilahun, Aster, Ali Bira or Kiros Alemayehu, we would have felt pity for this ignorant boy. Now teddy only represents those idiots who think like him and will never has any place in Modern Ethiopia. Sham on you boy!!!!!!

  32. Said says:

    Teddy is talented singer but he remains be contraversial one.why keeps lionizing dubious past leaders such as HS and Minilik is not helpful for any aspiring artist. Many famous Ethiopian artists like Ephrem, Mohmoud Ahmed et al. Were used to sing about the country without glorifying the the past rulers. He should emulate them if he want to succeed.

  33. Tsegaye says:

    Pepsi image has never recovered in Oromia. Bedele bier is also dead fish, in Ogadenia, Sidama, Welayta, Oromia, and all Oppressed people. These people dont have love with Minilk II massacare = new Azmari Teddy Afro.

  34. Tedd says:

    Pepsi image has never recovered in Oromia,even after apology for not willing to write advertisment in Afaan Oromo. Bedele bier is also dead fish, in Ogadenia, Sidama, Welayta, Oromia, and all Oppressed people. These people dont have love with Minilk II massacare = new Azmari Teddy Afro.

  35. Kiros says:

    Teddy Afro day came to an end. He hates Tigray people more than anything. remember how he undermines TPLF achievement in his song in 2006. Again he did not give any Credit for People of Tigray contribution in the fight against Italian in Adawa war. He mentioned no body from Tigray who died in thousands. He gave credit only once about General Mengesha, only once. Thanks God others start to understand this Minilk II the Lazy lover.

  36. Tense says:

    Tplf is again train to use ethnic politics divert attention away from the horrible crimes it’s committing against all Ethiopians. We Oromos know there were good as well as bad sides to all the previous Ethiopian kings and that includes King Yohannes. Let us also remember that both Menelik and Haile Sellassie had Oromo bloodlines. In fact, many of Menelik’s top military commanders were Oromo. So, please fellow Ethiopians lets us not fall for the latest Tplf ethnic politics. For the last 22 years, Ethiopia has seen one of the worst ethnic cleansing policies under the leadership of Tplf. We, Oromos, know those who are pretending to be genuine Oromos on this site and provide comments are nothing but Tplf foot soldiers. Of course we all know why the editor of this website, Dawit who is a well known Tplf agent, has given this article such a prominent place on his site. Ethiopian will defeat Tplf and all it’s attempt at divide the Amhara and Oromos to continue its minority rule!

  37. dereje says:

    hi tplf do divide and rule but u will pay the 4 this milles is ur lieder and we now what happen to oromes the paste 22 years

  38. MEzgeb says:

    It was obvious there are some who hate love and they want to stop it via trying to link teddy with minilik. Teddy is the generation of today. He is love and he preach love. Hate monger like Jawar have morola to talk about Teddy. I sometimes wonder how our brain was washed by such hate mongers. Many people from my own route, never criticized when Jawar publicly said we cut throat. he said in my place where Muslim is dominant (99%) we cut any minority of he or she stand up. That was what is for and now he is campaigning oromos against teddy. I also wonder and started to be harassed and ashamed when i try to analyze who lead the great oromo people. The current leaders of oromo are trying to base their ideology on hate, so that the my people suffer he consequence.

  39. meaza says:

    Galla tenchacha jal!! Minilik yemibal sim besemu kutir yiberegegalu. Teddy yezefenewun zefene…all Ethiopian are proude of it, even Eritrians, except the galla people whose thinking ablity is still in 18 century while others reach to 21. I can’t see where Ethiopia can reach going with them who would like to talk about Minilik time every time. Minilik thought them every thing about modernity and wearing cloth but still they blame him for fighitng the resistance groups. if Minilik didn’t expand then they would be under Italy or England. Is that what they want? If England captured them would it be better and without fight ha ha ha . Did Europeans and conquer African countries through kissing or fighting and surrendering them? Oromo first eyale yemizelew Ormomo yihenin yimeles esti>

  40. ቄሴና አንገረብ says:

    አርእስቱ የተሳሳተ አርእስት ነው። ቴዲን ድህረ ገፆች ሰዎች ተቃወሙት ብቻ ነው የሚለው። እነማናቸው ሰዎቹ፣ አንድ ለ አምስት ተጠርነፈው ግዳጃቸውን የሚወጡት ናቸው? የወያኔ ካድሬዎች በተለያየ ስም እየገቡ ተመሳሳይ የሆነ ነገር የሚፅፉ ናቸው?
    ለምን አርእስቱ ቴዲ በሜዲያ ላይ ተቃዋሚም ነበረው ደጋፊም ነበረው ለምን አይልም?።
    ቴዲ አፍሮ ብዙ ደጋፊ አለው። ቴዲ አፍሮን የማይወድ ኢትዮጵያዊ አይምሮው እንደተዛባ ነው የሚቆጠረው። ቴዲን በመደገፍ ሰው ስሜቱን ይገልፃል። እስቲ ቴዲን በመቃወም ስሜቱን ይግለፅና እንየው (በተለይ በውጭ ሀገር የማይታሰብ ነው፣ በሀገር ውስጥ ግን በማስገደድ መቃወም ይቻላል)።ድህረገፅን እየተከታተሉ ቴዲን የሚቃወሙ በመንግስት ባጀት እየተከፈላቸው እየደገሙ እየደጋገሙ ተመሳሳተይ ወሬ የሚያወሩ ተቀጣሪዎች ናቸው።

  41. Wuletaw Mengesha says:

    Sorry’ let me drink Bedele Special(till you finish the anti Bedele campaign !!!!
    እባካችሁ ማንም ሰው የፈለገውን እንዲናገርም ሆነ እንዲዘፍን እናበረታታ ! የተለየ ሀሳብ ካለን በዘፈንም በጽሁፍም እንግለጽ፡፡ ሌላው የተሻለውን ሀሳብ ወይም ዘፈን ይቀበል ያድምጥ ወደፊት ግን ያለፈውን አይነት ጥፋት እንዳይደገም እንስራ !!

  42. Tigray says:

    How do you Oromos managed to capture and occupy such a large part of Ethiopia which is called Oromia today? By brutal killings of the native inhabitants of those regions. How do you think Oromos settled in Wello for the last several hundred years? By brutal military means. So, let us not pretend Oromos were angels: the massacred many innocent Ethiopian civilians to capture , occupy and impose their culture and language on the minority ethnic groups. The false history propagated created by the newly created Oromo nationalists ……in painting Oromos as victims of the Ethiopian nation… an attempt at re-writing history to suit their hatred filled agenda. Throughout the history of Ethiopia they were top level Oromo officials who were part of every King. Teddy is singing about the great contribution of the Oromo administration of Menelik, and Haile Sellasie . Viva Teddy and Ethiopia and let us expose the merchants of Ethnic politics. Thanks

    • F.Ghebru says:

      Mr. Tigray in a way I have to thank Teddy for causing Minilik to be exposed for what he was which is the enemy of all Ethiopians, look our past leaders have weakness and strength lets all recognize them as that but what is really at issue is when trying to glorify selectively as holy well now let’s find out the real truth and face reality.

    • anti tigray says:

      I think you should pay for this, trust me for this

  43. jabi says:

    This must be end of colonizers
    Dad to them.
    Minilik & teddy are all the same cuz they all dad &dido

  44. beer says:

    on this concertany thing is expected from one of oromia police members in jimma or adama make a history while this event is taking apart.

  45. Nika Belew says:

    i feel a lot,but pls be aware what is happening now in Ethiopia before going back 100yrs.Are you committed for Oromo peoples.If your answer is yes,pls go to the jail across the country.It is not 100yrs back .It is Now,it is still .So,pls be……be……………….be…..

  46. juhar ahmed says:

    all the past emperor was worst their do not have any place new ethiopia history please leave teddy afro alone because he get fool by amhara ellite so called united ethiopia propagada but that is cover to bring amhara people in power

  47. Zemen says:

    I think, in 21th century, as a youth generation we must understand that ‘loving Ethiopia does not mean chanting about geographic territory of the current or the past Ethiopia.’ What Emperor Menelik II regime did was expansion of territory the so called “geo-politics” that he never concerned for native people who used to live in the area he conquered and named “Ethiopia”. I still perceive that numerous people who call themselves “lover of Ethiopia” unconsciously or consciously fanatics about Ethiopian territory/land.

    But, today, we must learn and relearn that if we really love Ethiopia, we should first practically love people living in Ethiopia (all ethnic groups irrespective of their religion, color, territory etc.). This is “bio-politics” or it is politics that value all people as a citizen. That is what the current government of Ethiopia has been trying to unfold. But, what has been successful and what not are mixed and needs careful scrutiny.

    I want to say that if bio-politics is practiced in day-to-day activities of our people, it may cure long lasting grave wounds made by Emperor Menelik II and his fellows. That is also most likely achieved in the long term.

    In simple words, whose of you who reiterate that “loving Menelik II” means “loving Ethiopia” are not only exacerbating the past wounds (instigated by Menelik II), but also discouraging majority of current Ethiopian citizens to consider themselves as “Ethiopian”

    Therefore, please, if you were doing this unconsciously, stop worrying about territory and think how to equitably love any Ethiopian citizen. Thus, you may create sense-making spirit of Ethiopianism that every citizen looks into it to picture him/herself with no trouble.

    I personally, strongly condemn any discourse and discursive practice that try to unify Ethiopian people through legacy of Menelik II. But, I am not saying that Menelik II was the only mistaken rulers in the world, there were many rulers. Even theory of colonialism was emerged from “geopolitics” that encouraged conquering too much territory as much as possible by massacring who used to live in that territory. This means Menelik II grew up that era and learnt this kind of exploitive theory and created ‘Ethiopian territory by force’. So, should we celebrate “created by force Ethiopia territory” or should we work hard to find the way of “recreating Ethiopia that hinge on will of all citizens?

  48. Sebri says:

    No doubt the two emperors the young singer (better to use the traditional name AZMARI) adores were kings in Ethiopia with bad and good deeds. This young asmari has the right to praise the emperors in his song. However, to try to convey the message that Menilik’s expansionist war was a holy war is the wrong of all wrongs. This makes the asmari either total ignorant of history or absolutely insensitive to the oromos and the southern ethnicities who suffered from the inhuman treatment and killings of the Emperor. Boycotting the tour could give a good lesson to the Asmari to watch out his words. Supporting the boycott or not is tantamount to justifying the unjustifiable and brutal expansionist war of Menilik as holy war or not.

  49. Zeru says:

    Teddy is right. He tells the big history that OLF people want to hide as undercover. They may stop the commercial of the beer around there, but, it could be sold in other regions. I am sure of that.

  50. Gebre says:

    Wow Members of Boycott Bedele Beer is Approaching 30000…………………

  51. Leykun says:

    The video released and some commentaries on this media are really very shameful. Jawar and his replicas are trying to spread hate, hostility and racial conflict among the Ethiopian people. Many know who Jawar is. The Ethiopian people lived together for thousands of years and tied with blood relationship; they passed the good and bad times together. Jwar could not be the advocate of the Oromo people. Jawar and his alies are changing their evil strategies every time. He spoke to his followers that 80% of Oromos in Oromia are Muslims; the liberation of Muslims means the liberation of Oromos. Who has represented him to be the emancipator of Oromos. Although he and his clicks are trying to disseminate all sorts of toxic words and trying to cause conflict among the people, they could not be successful and will not be successful. The people of Oromo has special place in establishing the current Ethiopia and will have a special place in building Ethiopia for the future generation. The sinful mission which has been given to Jawar and his allies by TPLF gangsters have been already aborted by the steadfast citizens of Ethiopians, who are fighting for freedom and democracy for their people.

    If he was committed to struggling for the freedom of his people he would not be involved in such wicked activities to collapse the movement of Ethiopians both inside outside the country. It is the time that Ethiopians are practically showing their unity regardless of religion and ethnicity to free themselves from the brutal narrow-based TPLF regime. The reason is clear that this movement is panicking to fulfill his hidden agenda both inside and outside the country. It is high time that the innocent Oromos should know his mischievous mission and stand for common goal to build peace, democracy and economic prosperity in Ethiopia. Otherwise, if we become the victim of the divide and rule strategy of TPLF, we are supporting its evil agenda to prolong the suffering of the Ethiopian people including Oromos. Apart from supporting TPLF agenda, our conflict on past histories does not benefit our people who are suffering from human right violation, killings, imprisonment, poverty and misery.

    Awramba Times has been engaged in promoting information targeting certain sections of Ethiopian people and individuals. In fact, Awramba Times and Igaforum have been tirelessly working to disseminate such toxic news among the people to incite conflict. For example, since Tewdros Kassahun is the promoter of peace, love and unity among the Ethiopian people, he should not be the victim of few racists. It is entirely impossible to separate the beloved son of Ethiopia from the Ethiopian people. He is in the heart of every Ethiopian. His measurement of humanity is not ethnic identity, it is beyond that that is human being.

  52. thomas addisu, md, nekemte says:

    what can we expect from this ow-full guy,
    this is his maximum thought!

  53. mamush says:

    I couldn’t understand the issue behind the concert; why Teddy’s concert is escalated to this degree above the national issues of our country, mixing politics with business or mixing everything with politics for power monger, hatemonger, warmonger etc agenda; had it been ‘a History Workshop Journey’, it would have been another issue; and thus, would entail another scenario of rejoinder; may be this is diverting personal loathing to the nations.
    Few of my compatriots of this website commentator are insisting to see: political turmoil, displacement, genocide, death etc in Ethiopia; insulting, underestimating, considering the nations as subhuman and non-people in this contemporary world is nothing except lack of knowledge and anti Oromo bias; I doubt they are Ethiopians, or the sellout political gangsters who have stood alongside of Egypt and Eritrea to sabotage the developments on going, or “the moron economic immigrants”. We believe education will change people, but there are some exceptions as you can clearly see the comments on this website.
    Rather than seeing Ethiopia having the fate of Syria or Somalia I will prefer to pay any sacrifice. Why are we focusing on our differences? We couldn’t learn from our history, let us practice and develop the positive party of history, and leave the negative sections on the books.
    Currently Germany and Israel have good relationship; they celebrate the memorial holocaust day together; Israel is not blaming the current generation of Germany for the genocide (holocaust) committed by Nazi; Hutu and Tusi are living together, the then discriminated black Americans …. etc.
    Minilik’s expansion to south, south west was highly supported by Oromo war leaders and arms that termed as “recruited arms of colonizer’s” by some Oromo activists. All the emperors of Ethiopia were not the saint we want them to be or they were not evil at all we want them to be, but it merely depends on which side of the fence we were sitting on, don’t forget that they are human beings; they did what the situation demands during their regimes either for “unification” or “modernization” or “to expand their authority to the rest of the other regions to collect taxes” …etc. Whether it is negative or positive they left their fingerprints.
    Historians may help me in this regard if I made a mistake; History indicated that Oromo expanded over a distance of 2600 Kilometers along a north-south axis going through nearly all of Ethiopia in less than a century; Oromo emperors served the country: Atse Bekafa of Gonder, Wagshum Gobeze (crown name Atse Tekle Giorgis) of Lasta…etc.
    On this issue we should, I believe, stop posturing, cut out patronizing language, state each perspective as a testable thesis not a manifesto, go back to gathering data that are good enough to settle the matter one way or another, present both positive and negative evidence as it surfaces, and let the chips fall where they may to create the national consensus.
    In my perception the fundamental prerequisites to “national consensus and narrowing our differences” are: developing Ethiopianism, clearing the controversial history which treats some nations as aliens in their homeland through intellectual discourse in a pragmatic analysis, discussing on the most problematic residues of Ethiopia’s past on the “national consensus …” and clearing a barrier that stands in the way of fruitful intellectual discourse, staying away of ethnicity and the access thereto …etc.
    If debate is necessary on this issue let the intellectuals of history invited.
    May be few of the commentators are beer customers; that as the drunk mood is momentary, it will be alright once the hangover gets blown away.
    I wish all my compatriots happy Christmas.

  54. Dhabaa says:

    The apology doesn’t matter. Let me tell some story. Papesicola in 1991 was idviced by New-Minilk boys who undermines nationals and nationality that they refuse writing in afaan Oromo in Oromia. As you know Oromo are very peaceful and didn’t need to oppose. We just stopped drinking Pepsicola. Remember it is 1992, not so many educated people, very few elites, no social media. The pepsi marker just hit the bottom in Oromia. Pepsi came out corrected the error and apologized. Nobody accepted it and many don’t carry pepsi till today.

    Teddy targeted Oromo people and nations and nationalities by siding with war monsters such as Minilk II and Hailesilassie.
    We ask Bedele to drop Teddy Afro promotion and fire the managers. Otherwise it will lose its Heinken brand in every city of west Oromo lives. We are good people and friend to many and we will show that.
    Teddy Afro is New-Minilik and has not race. he is neither hadiya or guraghe.

    check and social media it is already getting popular. We will keep doing it. This time we are not limited to oromia, but to the world.

    Sure the New-Minililk didn’t see even the TPLF coming to kick you around let alone the qubbe generation of dynamism.
    I advice Bedeele bier to drop his promotion as fast as they can before it become verial and the world knows your king, as Ethiopian black hitler.

    If you win this make sure that you win also nation and nationalities right and that is how we see it defeating Teddy Fezaza/

  55. Cheru says:

    Whats with these empty threats on teddy’s life? planning to kill him in Nazret, Dire, Jimma, while sitting in a gov’t subsidized apartment in Minnesota? you “Oromummaas” crack me up, just empty threats no balls. if u are going to kill him (as ridiculous as it sounds) in those cities, u would have to ferry in assassins on donkeys from the country side because the majority of urbanites in those cities aren’t Oromo and Love Teddy.

  56. HAFTOM says:


  57. hurumu menji says:

    as my knowledge Teddy is what we call ”Azmari” ,so he couldn’t identify b/n good and bad words .He is a stupid person ever I have seen!!!!!!How come some body exaggerate the history of genocide person ????? any how for Teddy it’s easy we will pay back!!!!!!!

  58. Negassa says:

    Dear fellow Ethiopians,Ethiopian history is controversial. But it is undeniable fact that the lack of regard for human dignity and human life has been the continuation from generation to generation in Ethiopia. It is true that this country has not been lucky to have the right leader so far.We need to tie ourselves to our limitless potential than to our limiting past.We need to create the true unity with equality, justice and freedom , where regard for human life and dignity is our first priority.

  59. Negassa says:

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – The Russian Orthodox Church has come under heavy criticism on the Internet this week over a 2014 wall calendar published by a revered monastery’s printing house that features portraits of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.
    The black-and-white calendar, titled “Stalin” and costing 200 roubles (3.64 pounds), is advertised as “a great gift for veterans and history fans”. Historian Mikhail Babkin brought it to public attention on his blog on January7.
    “Disgrace, shame and insult to all those who perished,” one person wrote in one of nearly 200 comments under Babkin’s post, referring to the millions who died because of Stalin’s forced farm collectivisation and brutal political repression.
    The Russian Orthodox Church, which was severely persecuted under Stalin but has enjoyed a resurgence since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, said it dismissed the head of the printing house in July once it found out about the printing but the calendars had already been delivered.
    “The Russian Orthodox Church was subject to the most severe repressions during Stalin’s rule when thousands of priests were deported and executed. Releasing such a publication in a church establishment … is morally unacceptable,” Vakhtang Kipshidze, a spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church, told Reuters.
    But reflecting the sympathy for Stalin still felt by many Russians who credit him with victory in World War Two and giving their country a superpower status, Kipshidze added:
    “Though one should work on the assumption that both in the Russian Orthodox Church and in the Russian society there are differing views on the role Joseph Stalin played in the Russian history and everybody has the right to hold on to their views.”
    Critics of the Kremlin accuse President Vladimir Putin of burnishing Stalin’s image and celebrating the Soviet Union’s modernising achievements to prop up national pride.
    Since returning to the Kremlin in mid-2012, Putin has also sought to appeal to conservative voters to boost his own authority and has increasingly promoted the Russian Orthodox Church as the standard bearer for national values.
    The church, in turn, has faced growing criticism from critics who say it has fostered excessively close ties to the Kremlin and sought too powerful a role in secular life.
    “This is business. The Russian Orthodox Church is using its resources to make money,” Andrey Kurayev, a cleric and religious activist, wrote on his blog. “This is where the trouble is, not in Stalin pictures.”
    Is it possible to compare Stalin With Menelik? I prefer to tie my self to my limitless potential than limiting past.The most important should be regard for human life and dignity.

  60. Name (required) says:

    all A,FK

  61. filebar says:

    hagos! u are bullet enough for stupid teddy.he is racist.he exadurate minilik,h/silase but insult meles &,one bullet is enough for him.

  62. No OLF, no OPDO, no nothing who is fighting for Oromo liberation and no Oromo to be liberated. Don’t u know that coming election is going to be after one years, it is orchestrated by ruling party. Those who called themselves Oromo’s in Europe, America, and Ethiopia are not well organized in dealing with this.

  63. Mereb says:

    No one recognized that minilik was a hero
    Of course he was one of the best enemy of Tigray and tigrians
    That’s way he had agreed to split the great tigrians to two
    We still bleeding b/c of him we still have no ports but he had sold to frunch and Italy
    He never act as hero but he had done all the smart tactic of selfish way
    He hadn’t fight at adwa he hide at the church
    The most hero was not from minilik side they were tgrian and local warrers so why we laying to the new generation
    All the truth had been hiiden by the amhara ruling power
    This time the ruling power of Amhara is not existing at this time we are equale at all ..!
    There fore if you love the history of minilik what he had done to Ethiopia you should crying what is the outcome of his hero ..
    Just bleeding Ethiopia no see gate .. And so .. On

  64. Haile says:

    እንዲህ ነው በ1860ዎቹ ንጉስ ሚኒሊክ ገና አፄ ሳይባሉ አፄ ቴዎድሮስ ሸዋን ባስገበሩበት ወቅት የተወሰኑ የጎንደሬ ሰራዊት አባላት በሸዋ እንዲቀሩ ተደርጎ ነበር፡፡ እነዚህ የጎንደርና የወሎ ፈረሰኞች ከንጉሥ ሣህለሥላሴ ዘምን ጀምሮ በአርሲና በጨርጨር ሰፍረው ነበር፡፡ አፄ ምኒሊክ ብዙውን ጊዜ በአርሲና በሐረርጌ በማቅናት ዘመቻው በኦሮሞ ላይ ጭፍጨፋ እንደፈፀሙ ተደርጎ ተወርቷል ብዙ ተብሏል፡፡
    መራሩ ሀቅ ግን ይህ ነው፡፡
    በአኖሌ የተቆረጠው የማን እጅ ነው? በሂጦሳ አኖሌ የአንድ ኩሩ ኢትዮጵያዊ አርበኛ እጅ ተቆርጧል፡፡ ይህ ሰው ልጅ አበበ ኮላሴ ብሩ ይባላል፡፡ታሪክ ፀሃፊዎቹ ተክለፃዲቅ መኩሪያና ብላቴን ጌታ ኀሩይ ወልደሥላሴ በታሪክ መዛግብቶቻቸው የልጅ አበበን ስም በመጥቀስ የአባታቸውን ስም ለመጥቀስ ያልፈለጉበት ዐብይ ምክንያት ቤተሰቡ በሐረርጌና በሸዋ በነበረው ከፍተኛ ተሰሚነት ነው፡፡ ኃይለሥላሴን ለማንገስ በቅድሚያ የጎንደሬውን ጦር ማሳመን ያስፈልጋል ያሉት የፊታውራሪ ተክለሃዋሪያት ኦቶ ባዮ ግራፊ ለልጅ አበበ አባት ሰም አለመጠቀስ ዋነኛው ምክንያት ነው፡፡
    በዐፄ ምኒሊክ አጎት በመርዕድ አዝማች ኃይሌ በተጠነሰሰው መፈንቅለ መንግስት ጎንደሬው ደጃዝማች መሸሻ ወርቄን ጨምሮ ከመቅደላው እስር ቤት አፄ ምኒልክን እንዲያመልጡ የረዱ የምኒሊክ ዘመን ታላላቅ ሰዎች ምኒሊክን በመርዕድ አዝማች ኃይሌ ለመተካት የወጠኑት ውጥን ከሸፈ፡፡ ልጅ አበበ ኮላሴ የተመረጠው ለአፄ ምኒልክ ከነበረው ቅርበት የተነሣ ምኒልክን ከደርብ ላይ ገፍትሮ በመጣል ለመግደል ስምምነት አድርጎ ነው፡፡ ልጅ አበበ ኮላሴ የስሜኑ ራስ ውቤ እና የእቴጌ ጣይቱ የስጋ ዘመድ የነበረው በመሆኑ ከልጅ አበበ ኮላሴ የተሻለ ሰው አልተገኘም፡፡ ልጅ አበበ ኮላሴ ወደ ሸዋ የመጣው ምኒሊክ ገና የሸዋ ንጉስ በነበሩበት በ1860 ዎቹ አጋማሽ ነው፡፡ ከመቅደላው ጦርነት በኋላ አባታቸው ሰራዊታቸውን ይዘው ወደ ምኒልክ ካመሩት የጦር አዝማቾች ውስጥ የሚገኙት በፊታውራሪ ኮላሴ ብሩ የሚመራው ሲሆን በዚህ ሰራዊት ውስጥ ፊታውራሪ ዋዠቁ እንዲሁም የአቶ አዲሱ ለገሰ አያት ቀኛአዝማች ቀረኩራት ነበሩበት፡፤ ይህ ጦር የጎንደሬ ጦር በመባል የሚታወቅና በሁሉም የኢትዮጵያ ክፍሎች አገርን በማቅናት ረገድ ተወርዋሪ ኃይል የነበረ የሰራዊት ክፍል ነው፡፡
    ይህ ታላቅ ሰራዊት በመጀመሪያ በእንጦጦ ቀጥሎም አሁን ግቢ በሚባለው ስፍራ ከከተመ በኋላ ምኒልክ ወደ ተለያዩ የሀገሪቱ ክፍሎች በአደረጉት እንቅስቃሴ ከፍተኛና ጉልህ ሚና ተጫውቷል፡፡በእነዚህ የተለያዩ ዘመቻዎች አንቱ የተባለ ክንውን ከፈፀሙ በኋላ ስማቸውን የታሪክ መዝገብ ሳያየው ካለፈ ቤተሰቦች ውስጥ ቤተ-ኮላሴ ወይም ወረ-ኮላሴ የሚባሉት ቤተሰቦች ዋንኞቹ ናቸው፡፡
    በሶዶ ፣በቤተ ጉራጌ ፣በአርሲና ባሌ ፣እንዲሁም በሐረርጌ ወደ ማዕከላዊ መንግሰት መምጣት የዚህ ቤተሰብ ሚና ቀላል አልነበረም፡፡ ምስጋና ለፈታውራሪ ተክለሐዋሪያት ኦቶ ባዮግራፊ ወደ አድዋ የዘመተው አብዛኛው ራስ መኮንን በበላይነት የሚመራው ሰራዊት በወንድማማቾቹ በፊታውራ ኮላሴ እና በፊታውራሪ አለሙ የጎንደሬ ሰራዊት መሆኑ በአፅንኦት የተጠቀሰ ቢሆንም ይህንን ታሪክ ፈልፍሎ በማውጣት ረገድ የታሪክ ምሁራኖቹ ከተወሰነ ስፍራ ላይ በመወሰናቸው ዛሬ ኦነግና አህዴድ ለሚያነፋሱት አዳዲስ የፈጠራ ወሬዎች ህዝቡ ሰለባ ሆኗል፡፡በአድዋ ጦርነት የሐረርጌን ሰራዊት አድዋ ድረስ ይዘው በመሄድ የተዋጉት ፊታውራሪ ኮላሴ ብሩና ቤተሰባቸው ወደ አድዋ የዘመቱት ልጃቸው ልጅ አበበ ኮላሴ በምኒሊክ አጎት በተጠነሰሰው የመፈንቅለ መንግስት ሙከራ እጅና እግር ካጡ ከአስራ አምስት ዓመት በኋላ ነው፡፡ የልጅ አበበ እጅና እግር መቆረጥ የፈታውራሪ ኮላሴ ብሩ ና ልጆቻው እንዲሁም ከጎንደርና ላሰታ ተሰባስቦ የተከተላቸውን ሰራዊት በአገሩ ላይ እንዲደራደር አላደረገውም፡፡ በአድዋ ጦርነት በራስ መኮንን መሪነት ታላላቅ ጀብዱዎችን ፈፅመው አገራቸውን ኢትዮጵያን አኩርተዋል፡፡ በአፄ ምኒልክ ይህንን መሰል ቅጣት ለመቀጣት የመጀመሪያው ቤተሰብ አማራ-ሲሆን ይህም የተፈፀመው በልጅ አበበ ኮላሴ ላይ ነው፡፡ ቅጣቱን በአሁን ዘመን መነፅር አይቶ ምኒልክ ትክክል ሰርተዋል አልሰሩም ለማለት በወቅቱ የነበረውን የዕውቀት የንቃተ ህሊና ደረጃና የፍትህ ስርዓት አንፃር መገምገሙ ተገቢ ነው፡፡ በተመሳሳይ ዘመን በአውሮፓ ጊሎቲን የአንገት መቁረጫ ማሽን ተዘጋጅቶ አንገት የሚቆረጥበት ዘመን ጋር ብናስተያየው በእኛም ሀገር ይፈፀም የነበረው ተመሳሳይ ድርጊት መሆኑን ማሰተዋል ይገባል፡፡ ልጅ አበበ የተቀጣበት ስፍራ የአሁኗ አኖሌ ነበረች፡ በስፍራው የነበሩ ሰዎች ልጅ አበበ ኮላሴን በኦሮሚኛ ሃርከ ሙራ -እጀ ቆራጣ ለማለት የሰጡት ስም ዛሬ ከበሮ እየተደለቀበት ያለ በተለይም ድህረ ኢህአዴግ ሀርመ ሙራ የምትል ቅጥያ የኦነግና የኦህዴድ ካድሬዎች በማከላቸው ጡት ጭምር ተቆርጧል አስብሎ በሀሰት የፖለቲካ ትርፍ ፕሮፓጋናዳና ሃውልት በመስራት ቢዝነስ በሚያጧጡፉ ግለሰቦች ሀሰት እውነት ተደርጎ መዘገቡ አሳፋሪ ነው፡፡ እውነት ነው የልጅ አበበ ኮላሴ ቀኝ እጅና ግራ እግር የተቆረጠው በንጉሳዊ ትእዛዝ ነው ፈፃሚዎቹም ከአሁኗ እንጦጦ ወደ አርሲ ሄደው የሰፈሩት ወረ-ሂጦመሌ በሚባል የሚታወቁት የኦሮሞ ጎሳዎች ነው፡፡ የተገላቢጦሽ እንዲሉ በፈሰሰው የነፍጠኛው የልጅ አበበ ኮላሴ ደም ዛሬ ከፍተኛ የፖለቲካ ትርፍ ለማትረፍ የሚንቀሳቀሱ ዋሾዎችን ማየት አሳፋሪ ከመሆኑም በላይ መንግስት ጉዳዩን በዝምታ መመልከቱ አሳሳቢም ጭምር ነው፡፡
    የፊታውራሪ ኮላሴ ቤተሰቦች በሁለተኛው የኢትዮ ኢጣሊያ ወረራ ወቅትም ከፍተኛ ተጋድሎ አድርገዋል፡፡
    ፊታውራሪ ጓንጉል ኮላሴና ወንድማቸው ኃይለማሪያም ኮላሴ በኢትዮጵያ ታሪክ ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ ታንክ የማረኩ መሆናቸውን ጳውሎስ ኞኞ አልተወራላቸውም እንጂ በማለት በኢትዮጵያና በኢጣሊያ ጦርነት ወቅት ስለፈፀሙት ተጋድሎ በመጽሐፉ ዘግቧል፡
    ሻምበል መብራቴ ኮላሴ የጥቁር አንበሳ ሰራዊት አባል ማይጨው በጀግንነት ወድቀዋል ተክለፃዲቅ መኩሪያ ዘግበውታል
    የይፍቱ ስራ ኮላሴ ልጅ ፊታውራሪ ነገደ ዘገየ በጎንደርና በሐረር ከኢጣሊያ ጋር በመዋጋት ከፍተኛ ተጋድሎ ፈጽመዋል፡፡ ልጅ አበበ ኮላሴ በፈጸሙት ስህትት ተቀጥተዋል፡፡ እጅና እግራቸው ከተቆረጠበት አርሲ አኖሌ በተቆረጠ እጃቸው አንበሳ ገድለው ለአፄ ምኒልክ የአንበሳ ጎፈር ልከዋል፡፡ ምኒልክም የእጄን በእጄ በማለት መፀፀታቸው አሁን ድረስ የሚወራ ታሪክ ነው፡፡ እናም በአማራው ላይ ለተፈፀመው ድርጊት በኦሮሞ ላይ እንረተፈፀመ ተደርጎ በፈጠራ ድርሳን የሚወራው ወሬ መቆም አለበት፡፡

  65. Tegadalay says:

    Supporting EPRDF divide and ruling

    Tedy Afro has been crashed Degu and aboundned on the street with no first aid. For his crime he has to sentence 15 years but out from the prison after 2 years. 10 Q EPRDF

    History and story remember the kings but not the solgers. You remember the king Minilik and H/selasea what about the marital Ethiopians. Let learn from Egigayoh/GG that respect the marital saying “ሰው ሞታል ሰው ሊያድን!”

    To made a Kiosks among Amhara and Oromo OPDO is politicizing the Anolia marital massacred by Neftegna /default Amhara/

    Tedy Afro on Beside of the Neftegna you appreciate Minilik

    OPDO Anolea + Tedy Neftegea Mnlk Hs = EPRDF KIOSKS amoung Amh Oromo

    By now it is clear you are BANDA financed and secured by EPRDF in creating contrary classes for lengthening the live of the Kiliptoxracy


  66. yadesa says:

    In ethiopian history i have never heared minilik killed so many oromos show me any books that says
    not the one is written since weyane comes,

    if there were a massacer mengestu for his propoganda could have used it,when overthrouw the king
    all this hate specialy comes from eritrea who comment on our website.

    those dark days never been easy for any one in the world i can count from asia,to russia 20 million,chinna mao,millon,japanese against china,and southeast asia,cambodia ,the commeruge leader million masacer,india pakistan,afganistan under russian rule,latine america,dictator auguso peanorcia of chile even people stile hate to hear his name,

    the french,during the battel of algeria,
    the english in kenya with mow maw rebles
    the southafrica aparthides

    the germens against namibia and angola,

    the english and the fight with zulu kinges

    if we keep going the last century never been kind to human race in general not only ethiopia.

    this all hate comes becouse of our own existance as oromo or as ethiopia.
    every one before we open our mouth should give a chance what the other side trying to say
    like burkazemta by that thief jounalist which is eritrean born and grow in ethiopia.
    today every body knows him who he is.

    my grand father or grand mother never told me such thing if it was happen what that to do with todays amhara or tigrai generation,

    before every one was have problem with amhara today eritrea pretending being tigrai they talk rubbish about amhara,

    all say teddy afro ,if we are carefull watch the political game weyane play to divert people attension
    why we become so reactive so quick for who ever say what.

    melese said axum is nothing to debube hezeb,
    tewodrose is nothing to debube hizeb,
    lalibela is nothing to debube hizeb,
    its not me who is ashemed they should becouse its the oromo and the south who is
    generating millions of dollar.

    if ethiopians can not be proud of tewodrose history who can be? gondere,?
    itsmeans its nothing to gojame or wello?
    so is also to oromo,

    if am living in gonder and offcourse people found me being tewodrose greatgrand son
    not every body become happy becouse they are losing their pride
    and might calling me arogant,so keep loosing being proud of t even gondere.

    if we keep give it ago just becouse some one is say this and that we even lose being yourself.

    teodrose history is our history,
    minilk history is our history
    we do not know if people killed for what reason we do not know,
    even we stil do not know why weyane killed so many oromos iheared but did not see.

    some body killed and reped teenage why he killed her we do not know
    what is the state of his mind what motivate him a devil or what we don not know,

    people are so ignorant,
    today ethiopians history become world heritage
    why they do not say it means nothing to you?

    thats not the point in this world what humans done
    in their life time the mentality motivation how ceartive we are as a human
    thats what matters,it does not matters if am one of them.

    egypt pyramid is i can be proud of them becouse as a human building such
    gigantic statue thats what realy matter.i donot have to be egyptian.

    forgive but not forget,
    being bitter is its like holding a fire and throw it into some one
    you know what ?you the one who burn first.

    am proud being ethiopian oromo
    any one talk rubbish am proud than you.
    you can loose you head but not me.

    memory of what your grand father done is never hunt me down
    its you who wll pay the price.oh yes

    the first for most God never forgive is who ever killed a hunman being!!!!!!!!


  67. addis says:

    those who comment, go to hell it is not your business leave out from this.

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