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108 Responses

  1. bb says:

    Dear Tedy, I hope you learn from this and know that before you open your mouth you should think about it,this is not your first time doing this type of ignorant comment so please learn from your mistake and do the right thing. I also advice you to read the real Ethiopian history book that includes about all Ethiopian ethnic groups. At last you should also apologize publically for your bad mouth.

    • meaza says:

      Why does he need apology? galla tenchaca bilo new? galla betenchaca kutir yikirta teteyiko yizelekal ende ha ha ha. How to live together with you people!! The habesha people are very sad about you ..because this all complain is not about Teddy recent interview but it is due to the song about the hero Minilik. But you are too late to critise that. Denkoro!!

      • anchi Gim says:

        anchi Neftegna Amara,

        endanchi Ayenetu dingay ras new agerituan ledihinet yedaregat. Minilik ena HS ye Ethiopia dihinet mejemeria nachew…. Andim yereba neger yalseru bisbis Amarawoch nachew,,,Anchim denkoro nesh

        • Gudu says:

          What a name. You really desrve it, gim!!

        • galla says:

          Well said Meaza!! demo le galla!! ጀግናው አፄ ምኒልክ የሰራዉን የጀግንነት የልማትና የ አድገት ስራ ካሁን በፊትም ሆነ ካሁን በኃላ የሚሰራ አልተፈጠረም አይፈጠርም ። አርስ በርስ ያልተስማማ ከየት አንደመጣ ዘሩን የማያቅ ታሪክ የሌለው የጫካ ሕዝብ አልነበረም አንዴ ጋላ ? በምኒሊክ ነው ከጫካ የወጣችሁት መረን ዝንጀሮ ሁላ ። ጋላ የግማትና የሃላቀርነት ምልክት ነው ኩበትን ስጠፈጥፍ ትኖራለህ አንጂ አመራር አታገኚም። ምኒልክ ባይገዛህ ነጭ አያሰረ አንዴ በሬ ይሸጥህ ነበር ። ጥምብ አተላ ። ስደትን አንጂ ልማትን የማታውቁ የነጭ ቂጥ አጣቢ ጠባብ ዘረ ቢስ ከብቶች

          • tabadu says:

            silarasih manninat yemattak dikaala ywdikaala lij yemannin balteh eyya nork new wusha sawun wusha bilo yassibal salamaa ummanni oromoo yoomiyyu eennu ol akka tahe beeki ammam tanii oromia kessaa takka takkan isin yaafna sareedhan

          • Beggar komata says:

            AMARARA…sishenef mesadeb ychelal….mechm Ethiopia kzehbehoala yenante athonm…. Teret menamn enabezalen kalachew degmo…waa! BEDENO ,ARBAGugu ..wosden gurgad wust kene hiwotachew enchemrachwalen yethiopia neqezoch

        • amu says:

          please guys read between the line, posting a comment under pretense of being Amhara does not make one Amhara, you may be falling for the dirty trick of those who want to divide us..

      • bb says:

        Dear Meaza, I do not get your point! I believe we all Ethiopian should respect one another no matter which ethnic back ground we came from. What I said is Teddy offended the oromo people and he should ask apology for those he offended and also Meaza calling names is not educational it shows your poor mentality so please be professional to your comments. I also like to comment for what you said about Minilik is a hero, what a hero means to you? Did he changed the country for good? I don’t think so what he done is he put our country back wards and so on I will live the research for you and the rest of the Ethiopian people. A change is when you change a country for the better not for backward. I hope you get my point if not sorry!
        We should never lie to the benefit of our political purpose.

        • mmmmmm says:

          Dear Meaza please before you are going 2 post your comment read 4 youurself then u post. You said Minilik is hero by what? What he has done for country?? You must read Ethiopian history ok. After that you put your comment and keep hero. Why u hold Teddy side?? He mustnt ask apologs that all.

          • Solomon says:

            Meaza is smart and bright, she is true daughter of Ethiopia & knows the history of her ancestors. Its you who needs to go to school to update yourself. You don’t have any significant historical evidence to discredit Emperor Menelik-ll.

            You should be ashamed of yourself for denying the contributions of Ethiopian Oromo’s in nation building process. You & your likes are inflated with inferiority complex and captives of factious false story, rumors & speculations crafted by shabia agents. Do you know the author of “Burka zimita”? he is the laziest student from Debrezeyit who culdn’t pass ESLSE (Ethiopian Schools Leaving Certificate Exam). Do you know that “Geda system” book was brought to light by Asmerom…

            The new generation is respecting & celebrating the sacrifice and contributions of our ancestors. We are proud of our history and we are always ready to defend

            Long Live Ethiopian Unity!

          • legesse says:

            Dear mmmmmm,

            Great advise. We all should read our history? Did you read about Menelik? Please do. You will be shocked to know the truth. I am sure you are not afraid of the truth. Once I too believed Menelik was a colonizer. The fact of the matter is he is a liberator. He is a phenominal leader. Yes he has his faults, just like the Yegu Ormo rulers of Ethiopia, when they ruled in Gonder.

            Open up and read. Send me an e-mail if you want to discuss.



        • Kibremengist Chala says:

          You yourself is still at the bottom of the Hill because you are talking about Minillik ‘s Era and it’s development. Read what he tried at his very time to bring modernization to Ethiopia. He and other Ethiopians prevented our country from The then colonial attempt. For details, read those books written by Foreign writers. You tried to comment on diplomatic way but poor in argument.It is apt to the Enque Magazine to apologize for misquoted statement and Ofcourse it did it on its release.

        • Amara says:

          BB, listen to yourself.. There is no such thing as “changing a country for good”! No civilization was formed overnight or over a few decades for that matter. You are the one who should revise your history. One hero is honored for one thing, and one leader for another. If you want a leader you can solve everything, you may be referring to the heavenly God.. So get your facts together and honor Emeye Minilik for the things he did… Honor Teddy Afro for the great man he is!!

      • We are one says:

        Meaza you needs to be more proffetional, using such kind of words can’t be a solution. It is not gonna be good for the Artist. Please watch your mouth. Many people are hating each other because of such kind of comment. Thank you.

      • Mesfin says:

        @ Meaza and other similars, Indenante ayinetu Niftam chinkilat yeyaze Ahiya belita ena yelemagn zer kitunina afun band lay kefto biyawera minim aygermim. Ahiya kemibela ahiya yaw yeahiya ayinet astesaseb newuna yemitebekew.

      • meron says:

        well, no body is asking for his apology. it doesnt make no difference on your ignite mentality ,which is never meant to be rational and just.you damn rotten pussy ,u suck. you better clean up your ass hole , including your so sluggish thinking. mis retardo. actually i dont deserve responding to you but you got know that you are not better off, qomata bitch .

      • Lemi says:

        That is what we need meaza. We don’t want to live together with beggars and ‘qomaataas’. “SILE BAATAA MAARIYAAM!” Shut up your dirty, filthy mouth. Moron!

      • Qelem says:

        We know you that you are from Eritrea

      • oromo first says:

        for real I can not tell you rather than “you are ignorant”.

      • Sophia says:

        Meaza Meazash yetfa lefedada, Burn in hell, you narrow-minded, tacky-ass bitch! “I have nothing more to say to you” dedebe komata.

      • adaba gama says:

        Please think Globally before commenting what comes to your mined. One who is hero for one may be enemy for others. But, at this time Ethiopia is in the hand of God. If you like or not, no difference between Ethiopian people! God bless Ethiopian people.

    • legesse says:

      Teddy did not said what he is alleged to say. It is the editor’s error.How come you failed to distinguish the two?

      We soon start a campaign to boycott HEINEKEN.

    • Name (required) says:

      bb, if u have a mind, teddy is always right person, he didn’t made a mistake. he knows very well about Ethiopian history more than u knows. lastly why he asked an apologize to u and other oromo peoples. no need of apologize to u and like persons to u…………..

    • TheBigPicture says:

      You must be trying to get attention:-)! LoL…are you mean’t to tell me in this age & time that you could be narrow minded like this? as far as i know every ethnic went and endured a lot under different leaders. But that only meant to be a teaching lesson for us to have bigger vision and grow prosper. Sadly constant projection of unoriginal thoughts like the one you suggest is accepted norm of confusion!
      The Journey can not be just as “oromo” or this and that the Journey is human race and our ability to evolve grow know what works and what does not! Where does Minilik Fit in that human journey….simple the very nature of our debate right on this site is direct correlation of Minilk’s original thought….”All men are created equal” was written by the wealthiest slave owner…original thought if watered by continuos original thoughts it can reach highest form of blissful nation. BUT the problem lies the continuos disruption of unoriginal thoughts & constant bombardment of unoriginal setting! This singer focus only on the original thought that was watered the idea of independence while willing to be interdependent by free will!…we need to uphold our original thought as much as possible water it and back it with action! we should do it effortlessly comparing to those who lived 100 yrs ago and find wisdom in their journey. What is so wrong in forgiving the dead and move on with love! We the only nation in the world who find pleasure in degrading/discussing 100 ago king. Even Americans with most polished history don’t go back further than Reagan…just saying. If they ever did it is only the “highlight of” their presidency which is usually the original thought backed action done by the president. No matter how unfair it seems for some to fathom after person dies only the original thoughts will be passed down from one generation to another…to water it is a free will!

  2. juhar ahmed says:


  3. bendo says:

    even thou I hate Jawar and what he stands for sometimes I understand why he is frustrated. If you see ESAT or his mouth peace Tamagne they will never criticise Amhara ruler or eliets.
    look What Pro Mesfin writing this days insulting the whole citizen of ethiopian if this man was from south, tigre or oromo he would have been a breaking news in ESAT and would have been a big topic for a month. so there is no fairness in diaspora politics all are one sided

  4. Dawit says:

    quite frankly this has nothing to do with Teddy. rather it has do with deep rooted hate politics that is embedded among us. Teddy is just used as a escape goat. leave Mr. Afro alone please and take your dirty politics some where else. Thank you!

    Long Live Ethiopia.

  5. w .yilma says:

    Let’s leave history for historian. Because we do not have historian dedicated to write history based on truth,our history is always a controversial, and incomplete. This is why we are fighting with the past history. Unlucky, and unfortunate people!
    The past Ethiopian governments, including Emperor Minilik have good and bad achievements. We can’t judge them on today’s social and political conscious. Our responsibility should focused on accepting the past history as it is and move on to make a new history compatible to all. The past history should be a starting point to go ahead not a re-tractor to hold us backward.
    Coming to my point,I think Tedy is in trouble. No matter who is behind him, or he did this mistakes by his own, the only option he have is to apologize to those who are not happy by his remarks.
    Especially, artist they have to look their steps and remarks. Otherwise they have to quit the art and be a street politician
    Long Live ethiopia

  6. dawit the sellout says:

    Message to Woyane Supporters.
    Most of the cheerleaders for boycott of Bedele beer are Woyane supporters who think they can rob the country quietly when the two ethnic group fight each other. But this could back fire as multi national companies now think it is risky to invest in ethnically divided country. Heineken should know that if they withdrew the sponsorship of Teddy Afro, they can loose other customers who believe Minilik is a hero. These group actually drink more beer than milk.

  7. tola kebede says:

    You guys i dont understand every thing dont take to one side tedy afro sponsour by heniken so what is big deal do u guys contribute to this country better than tedy afro.to say some thing you have to think two times dont be DOMA RASE.think like ethiyopiyawie.4 nothing dony be YE AGER TEKORKARI.

  8. real ethiopian says:

    Teddy do you really know ethiopian history? I don’t think so.
    listen what the BANDA MINILIK did to ethiopian people and ethiopian territorial integrity.

    1. Minilik sold Eritrea to Italy

    2. Minilik sold djuibuit to france

    3.Minilik has given a gift 2 British
    generals part of humera present day SUDAN.
    This is because of their heroic act that they killed EMPEROR TEDROS which is enemy of minilik. How foe.

    4.Minilik signed not to dam abbay river(nile) to EGYPTIAN.

    5. Minilik signed foolishly at WUCHALE TO ITALY as the result, many thousandth of ethiopian dead at the battle of ADWA.

    6. Minilik wiped out millions of Oromos and southerners cruelly.

    7. Minilik proclaimed not to enter any Gurage tribes to ADDIS ABEBA. His reason was they stink as the result, they might make dirty to the addis street.
    this is becouse most of the Gurage in addis at that time used to work as shoe shine “LISTRO” sleep in the street and the used to eat “kocho”.

    8. Minilik wrote a letter to queen victoria to congratulate her for killed TEDROS.

    9. Minilik was give 400 rifles from Italy for not cooperating with yohannes.

    10. Minilik death was not announced to the ethiopian public for seven years

    11. Minilik encourage for many priests and “DEFTERAS” to write and glorified his history. It become as a culture from generation to generation to write and sing about him especially in ” shuwa”

    12. Unlike TEDROS AND YOHANNES he was hiding somewhere in mekele called “CHELOKOT” trinity sanctuary when the real men was in battle in ADWA.

    13. 100% the battle of ADWA WAS LED by Alula Aba Nega under his command they were few Rases for instance, BALCHA BANOBSO.

    This were few of miniliks evile act to the ethiopian people and territorial integrity.
    he was just a bad and unfortunate emperor
    same as Megstu hailemariame.

    So, TEDDY Afro how could on earth you glorifies this traitor man. Shame on you
    I love you but you need to review your history do’t influenced by the falsely written mainly by the shuwan dynasties.

    unity in diversity. Peace up on Ethiopia.

    • Gudu says:

      real Ethiopian,

      Realen min ametat!!!

      • Amara says:

        LoL you made my day!!!!

      • Amara says:

        Worst of all, please read number 7, shoe shiners in Addis Ababa in the time of Menelik… Are you kidding me? This put a big question mark on your knowledge about the history of Addis Ababa, the history of Shoes, The history of Gurage people and the history of the great leader in general Dummy.

    • Tazabi says:

      Why you post a fabricated story in the name of Ethiopia? You are typical shabia (for sure Tesfaye gebre ebab). Like it or not The King of Kings Emperor Menelik of Ethiopia is loved and celebrated king of all time.

    • Oromongizzaw says:

      Ethiopia rest in peace, as long as oromos exist in ethiopia, there will no prosperous, peaceful existence of ethiopia . We should kick them back to Somalia, Kenya and Djibouti. Ethiopia belong to Amhara people, the true savior of its sole existence. The rest are just parasites. Once we kick oromo out, the rest will remain the scavenger live on streets.
      Victory to Amhara people and savior minilik.

  9. We are one! says:

    Teddy is unique! He love his country, he respect all ethnicies. However, he is sandwiched by different politicians. As being Oromo I felt sad when I learn about the battle of Chellanko, Arsi , Walayta, but those wars were for unity. Unfortunately, many people’s died in both sides. I believe that unity is our strength. I am proud to be from Oromo or, Ethiopian . Please leave him alone! Teddy this is the idea of few people which can’t represent the great Oromo community. Brothers, fight corruption, poverty . We got a lot to do! Thank you.

    • Moyata says:

      Wow you should be ashamed for saying what’s said
      Not just as “oromo ” as a human being “Teddy loves
      His country and respects all ethnicity”, . You are
      Wrong . If he respect all ethnicity he wouldn’t
      Have said what said . I use to like teddy. Now
      He just another ignorant Habesha. It’s a disappointing
      #boycott Heineken

      • We are one says:

        Again I will that, Teddy loves Ethiopia . The reason I said this is because of is his outstanding achievement. Brother you can emagine Teddy is living in 3 rd world country. Where more people’s got killed , imprisoned , haunted for their political view. Teddy knew that releasing his second album may put him in trouble or may get him killed by the EPRDF, but he did not care about that. About Oromo, still we are not sure weather he said this quot or not. Not only Teddy, but also most of Etiopians understand how the Oromo community sensitive for their ethnicity. I like this because that is how we secure our lives. To me, the most important thing is to focuse on development. Menelik already died, as many athor leaders he had good history and bad history. I believe that thinking about the positive achievement of the king will lead us forward. That is what Teddy did, he focused on Adwa. When he is singing about Adwa he is not glorifying only Melike; he was glorifying all Ethiopians by then. Look what how the USA, other countries living together. They have issues just like us even worrest that us, but they don’t want to go back. This is what we have to do, if you felt that some one is ignoring you because you Oromo just show him as you are well educated, by telling him his mistake. Don’t feel inferior for very little thing and hate others because of few people. Thank you for your comment, I will tell you what I felt . I am not ashamed for commenting that

        • betty says:

          well said! everyone knows the original and the one truth! Even the slave owner knew “all men are created equal!” we as human will eventually return to that truth until then the few will remain in confused state! You can imagine the stigma of the leaders 100 yrs ago. it is like diet..plan or coffee drink stoping plan, or new project plan…. we will always meet resistance in our journey to the truth some are sharp like you…some it will take a minute…but rest assured they will find their way home!

    • john says:

      We are One, You are the only stupid person on planet earth. You are Oromo? Sareen Oromon Gudiisee sii caalla yadi, atti ilma qomaxati, ilma hatii bashoo daldalatu kkkk

    • yakobi tadale says:

      brother,it’s amazing the way you talk and the way you countribute your thought,forget some thing else, killing innocent people cutting off women breast, cutting men hands,he called that’s holly war, you supporting that is for unit,I know you don’t fell it unless happen to you, or unless that happen to your mother, or to your sister,that is the only you may fell it, I thought you know better than these,it doesn’t surprise any body, because we are full of some body like you base less, rootless and mindless,you must mental sick, I think he is much better than you even though he said what ever he said,so you are ass-holly.

    • Me from Arsi says:

      rather he should leave us alone than saying the war in which many has died is “holy” he is the one who should learn what to speak, ho, and ….. I hope Heineken should stop sponsoring this ignorant person soon

  10. Tsila says:

    Dawit and the other weyanees:

    If it was not for Menilik’s unification work, you and your parents wouldn’t have enjoyed a country called Ethiopia. I know you don’t get it. One day, we will reward him for his wisdom and all the excellent jobs he did, and then Africa will start honoring its true hero – Menilik II.

    Weyane Tekatel !!!

  11. Abegaz says:

    We love teddy. Let him sing freely. When states form all sorts of things happen. The oromos did not rich up to the tip of Ethiopia by partying with and inviting inhabitants of those areas. They too killed and occupied. That was part of nation building as happened all over the world.

    If Woyanies are envy of Menilik for consolidating the Ethiopian state, against all odds during the scrabble for Africa, the best and honorable thing to do is to leave Oromia and hide in their Mekelle. No pretending here!!

  12. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Teddy go go, unite our people, but do not divide our people. The past is past, we do not care what Menelick did and we do not care even what Meles did. We have to move on forward and make things better than they are or were, needless to live in the past. The future is fascinating. The attitude is the altitude, we need change of attitude of people. People must learn to move forward than living in the past. Most Ethiopians are idle and have a lot of time to chew tribal names. They do not know how the fast our world is changing. Humanity is fascinated by the future venture to other planets. The Ethiopian daily discourse of tribe is nauseating to be honest. Go go Teddy, this is nothing, you have to be brave even to face more challenge than this. you are also human and young you will definitely say something wrong as I always do, no is flawless and immaculate, and with blemish. Move on with more vigour. Love people no matter who they are which ethnic or religion or colour or race they belong, but never given to wushet or corruption or do not be corrupt for any human gain. Stand steadfast for truth. Respect any human as sanctified life. Thank you

  13. Yonas says:

    Holy war? It’s sickening to her this infentile statment that has wounded the psyche of non-Amharas and to be reminded about the part of Ethiopian history that saw a human butchery that took place. The purpose was not for unifying the country but economic domination. We are still paying for it. When is Teddy “Afro” going to grow up?

  14. Negash says:

    Teddy is great, i love his songs. I Get pumped up listening to his music. Bedele is my favorite beer already, im gonna make sure i drink more of it.

  15. Geleta says:

    This is a good begining. Call a spade by its name.
    This has nothing to do with hate or love politics. If Emperor menilik has murdered Ethiopians or has some dirty linens in some aspect any sort of his sanctification him to the highs should be scrutinized.
    Go ahead Oromo brtehrns …

  16. Sabonaa says:

    The so called artist tedy Afro( Orthodox Church azmari) is ignorant of Ethiopian History. Of course it was said by one of Ethiopia ruler that ” tedy tewaqi behonim neger gin Awaqi aydelem” . This the best saying which describe how ignorant is this artist is. In my opinion it the time he ask apology not only the Great Oromo nation but all of nation and nationalities of Ethiopia who used to be the victim of minilik’s genocide & colonization. Unless and otherwise blood in his hand & death is nocking his door.

  17. Moti says:

    Teddy if we see deep to him always belongs to imperial and kings those who are killers. He use to wearing a t-shert of them with image of killers and his compose is also not far from them.

  18. obalony says:

    Dear Dawit,

    I am not sure if our AWTS is still in your hand and under your own control!!! I really doubt. Have you left it in US, so that some people who wish to play their dirty game can manage it or?!!

    I know you didnot simply post an issue before you somehow find the right sources, try to prove weather the matter is true or fabricated. What happened this time? Even you preferred to remain ignorant to search bit of what is going on at so called Enku Megazin. At least you could have told us that for what so ever reasons, they announced the issue to their subscriber, but later on, they also regenerated and informed their subscribers for their mistakes. This is what i knew from AWTS. You could have also treated what Teddy posted on other Medias mentioning this is just blackmailing his name and without his words. Why you failed to search the truth and but simply post such a big lie and fire???! Why you make AWTS part of the dirty and hate politics of us than making it part of the solution??!! Or shall i convince my self that, there will be no hope for us Ethiopian ethnicity to live together, to respect each other???!

    NB: the rest of us such as bb, how much are we sure that such a serious issue was true, and also said by Teddy?. Why you failed to learn bit and judge your mind from the nature of the long journey of Teddy compared to your immediate trust the words of Juwar??

    Have you ever heard Teddy talking about Mencha, cutting throat, Ethiopia out of Oromia? Have you??? What his music are talking about? in case you have bit of interest to listen to amharic. I know many who simply hate language.

    At Bendo

    Let me agree with your points, but should we reach that decision you reached simply ESAT didnot say something on the old prof who insult us all. I am very much disappointed in his writing, but i can’t simply associate this as you do. I mean why we are that sensitive and reach a conclusion that is actually on wrong or silly premises??

    What do you feel when you read Teddy’s response to the issue on Dire tube?? Until when shall we be suitable and remain their ball for some sects who play dirty game?? shouldn’t have mind to see around and judge things in our own criteria than simply listen and flow like wind??? Until when???

    I tell my brothers and sisters, there are some groups who wish to gain something out of this current dirty game that deepen hate between our people. This will never serve the people we say we are loving. This will by no means take us to the place we wish to go. At least let us worry for our children!! That will what make us differ from the rest of the animals.

  19. Ethio says:

    What I don’t get is:
    1. woyane is giving Oroms’s fertile land to Saudis and Indians but no one say anything
    2. woyane is killing and harassing Oromos in the name of OLF and no one say anything
    3.woyane is placing an “Oromo” in Oromos land but they have NO power at all and no one say anything and now, when Teddy mentioned Menelik’s name every one wants to do something? That just doesn’t make sense at all. Heineken spokesman announced the plan will move on….so what now? Instead of asking Heineken not to sponsor Teddy, what don’t you ask woyane to release a few Oromos from “Kality” ? why don’t you ask woyane NOT to give your fertile land to Saudis? which one make sense? past or present???

  20. Ilula Lemma says:

    where is all this noise coming from when thousands of Ethiopia deported,raped,killed by Saudi where where you. Attacking Teddy is just trying to clean the dirty politics of TPLF/WOYANE/ODPO and supporting their divide and conqure policy. Teddy was a victum of TPLF(spend time in prison) and now again victim of TPLF activist. Leave Teddy alone.If Bedelle does not we Ethiopians will sponsor TEDDY to hear his love and reconsillation message.

    God bless Ethiopia
    Good luck Teddy

  21. Tesfalehulum says:

    Th patriotic Ehiopian and unifying figure,Teddy Afro, is doing excellent as usual. The hate monger grave diggers and civil war “mencha” declarers are crying afoul day and night to fulfill the mercenary mission given for them by TPLF. All Ethiopians are aware of these hate mongers, TPLF/OPDO (ODF) elements, who are trying to destabilize the country by ethnic conflict to consolidate power.

    Does any one think because the news is established in one of low level Dutch newspaper makes any dent on Teddy’s reputation?…kkk….it will never and ever! Basically, the article on the news paper is the replica of TPLF and ODF (OLF) filthy propaganda. It is just a paid advertisement as usual. Just as a reminder, the more than 45, 000 Oromos languishing in TPLF’s prison are guarded by OPDO(ODF) mercenaries who are operating under the disguise of Oromo. When TPLF murdered Tesfahun Chemda, the OPDO (ODF) were the one who tied his hands back. It is the ODF(OPDO) traitors who surrendered 10,000s of OLF’s ragtag soldiers for woyane in one day without a single shot. And now they are telling us not to drink Bedele and boycot Teddy while they are honeymooning with the TPLF murderers and enjoying Bedele beer behind the curation.. They are also to the first one to line up for Teddy’s concerts..kkk…shameless idiots….

    To accomplish the TPLF mission of divide and conquer, the veterans of Arba Gugu, Water, Bedno, Assosa massacre are now operating under different disguise. We Ethiopians are aware of this notorious conspiracy and are ready to foil it as usual. You will never succeed!!!

    Haters and grave diggers should know that Bedele beer or Teddy reputation will never dent by this childish campaign. We want to assure you that.

    I am just now enjoying the ice cold Bedele beer that I always love their logo, Gureza, which reminds me my childhood in the forests of Metu…..ummm…..what a taste….the golden honey….of course, I am listening to Teddy Afro’s timless music….



  22. kelemu says:

    There is no doubt that the singer has a narrow view of Ethiopia. But it is the responsibility of the enlightened to advise and teach this young man. It is not wise to corner him.
    I am afraid there are people from the opposit end who are trying to use this unfortunate happennace to further their divisive agendas. We should not be swayed by them. We have to condemn both sides.
    At the same time we have to ask Tedros to appologize – it is immaterial whether he was misqouted or not. The fact is that it has been peceived negatively. He should also abandon the idea of dedicating his songs to queens and kings that do not have the endorsement of the Ethiopian people. It is his right to do so but it has its consequences.

  23. Ethiopian says:

    Teddy becomes teddy because of the people gave him a chance by buying his cd …Other wise he was just like any one . Any one who have nothing cause he is neither educated nor from rich family.
    Any ways I don’t hate or like him at all. For me if a mad person speaks something that offends me then I will never say anything back. Though I don’t even understand what who said. If some one acts weird and madness , I will not attach his action with any thing instead I will add the number of mad people I know by one and move forward. Our people always care about name ,title , tribe , language however all are the same skinny ass. Lets wake up and see the western world to come out of our poverty. Lets focus on what we do instead of wasting time whoevers speeches.

  24. We are one says:

    To all Ethiopians

    I think Teddy was much concerned about unity not about Menelek. I personally did not like the administration of Haile selassie because of some historical facts. However, Teddy has his own view he may like or dislike(don’t forgate that there is anindividual difference). As to me, what Teddy trying to do for our country is important. The past is passed we are in 21 Century; Don’t hate,anybody, but stand for your right. This is what I understood from Teddy. He is great man, may God be with him forever. Except God he has nobody.

  25. Kebede says:

    To call it holy is exaggeration , I think. But saying Menelik killed one million is even more exaggerated. Do you know the total number of Oromo population in 1880’s? I know many people don’t have any sense of a million because they have never counted one.

    • john says:

      Kebede, stupid people like you are rare, they are 1 out of 7 billion. Fortunately I got you. you are exactly that. Have ever read history book a line or two, written not by your ignorant Debetaras who blab memorize Geeze but can’t read bible hahahah but the real historian, those who have no reason to lie, the impartial and ethical professionals? this is hard for you to comprehend. Please brush your mouth before you open it. It is stingy. yak!

  26. Mimi says:

    He’s a convicted drunk driving killer…Period!

  27. Abegaz says:

    Teddy need not apologize. He did nothing wrong. The magazine misquoted him. Teddy already issued a statement; read it. Menilik already apologized to king Tona when he captured him by washing his foot, regretting that they went into unnecessary fighting due to king Tona’s resistance. King Melik made it clear that his intention was to rally the central government against the danger he saw from European colonizers and not to attack Tona. The same is true for Jima Abajifar and other areas of Oromo land. The two agreed and king Tona got back his kingdom while agreeing to work with Minelik’s central government. What kind of democrat king you expect better than Menilik at that time at that consciousness? King Menelik is the best mind and democrat leader Ethiopia had gotten even by the current TPLF standard. Regional kings during Menelik enjoyed unlimited power within their kingdom. Take Meles; what did he give to Oromo or Amhara leaders? Lencho was chased out. Prof Asrat was killed in Hospital. Somali leaders and people s are being hunted. Southerners have no real power. So folks work to repair the system we are in. Do not dwell on the past.

    • liza says:

      There will always be differences of ideas, among population of a country. It is the diversity of Ethiopia that makes this country so special..come now brothers and sisters, we can not let the past rule our present,the past can not be changed nor the future known.
      Let us chose to be Ethiopians first. Right here, right now.
      I am a mix of of three tribes. All I know is I am Ethiopian. A citizen of this planet.
      Peace, love and tolerance.

  28. Tatek says:

    This is a complicated story. Teddy might have said what he said out of respect for the Emperor, who was a saint for some and a buther for others. No question this is more dividing than uniting—and I don’t think this is what the nation needs right now. Our politics is already highly polarised and we are not helping it by polarising it even further. Teddy is not a public figure—-he is not Hailemariam Desalegn, Abadula Gemeda, Bereket Simon or Tedros Adhanom—and as such, whatever he says might not be of any prominence to such an extent that his aplogy is sought or punishing him remedied. It is clear that much as we call on the ruling thugs to open themselves up to democracy and human rights, we as a people are not ready to embrace them. Our attitude is not in par to that which is capable of living upto to the norms of democracy and human rights. Much as democracy is about adherence to the Rule of law, respect for human rights, presss freedom, ability to change leaders at a ballot box, and many other principles, it also is about respecting others’ beliefs, even when those beliefs are quite the opposite of what we believe and perhaps cherish. There are some of us who attempt to blame this on the regime saying there might be some regime gimmick here to try to further divide us. We already had so many ifs and there is no proof to suggest that this is a regime conspiracy against the singer or his followers. There are others who want to tell us that those putting the singer on a hot oven are Pro-Bedeno mercenaries who had an agenda against specific communities. We have no proof of that either—-and many reserach work had blamed that on none other than Tamerat Layne and his then boss, Colonel Zenawi. If the Emperor was a good man or not is only God’s to judge, and in my view, we can’t pass blaming our forefathers for all the ills the nation is suffering from to the next generation as our legacy. No wonder we had a dark past, but who among a community of nations didn’t have that? As a people we have come a long way, and we can storm this one together too—, and if we are men and women of our words as we always sing, we might need to leave the poor singer alone and come together and help our young people coming back from Saudi Arabia who might need our help at this difficult time in their lives—as when we do this, we can tell ourselves: yes, I indded love my nation.

  29. በለው! says:

    “ነፃ እስክትወጡ በቋንቋና የብሔር ፌደራሊዝም ራዕይ ቀውጡ!(ራዕዩን እናሳካላን የሻቢያህወአት ግራ ክንፍ “ከሙስሊም ኦሮሞ ፈረስት የሜንጫ አብዮተኞች የተሰጠ መግለጫ!”
    ምን አለ የአሸባሪ ህጉ ምን አለ…የእና ናቸው አትንኳቸው ሕግመንግስታዊ ጥበቃ ይደረግላቸው አለ። የአንድን ሀገር የኢኮኖሚ ወይንም የህዝብን ማንነት የሚፃረር ሁሉ ሕጋዊ ጥበቃ ሊደረግልት ይህንንም በሕዝቦች መካከል የግጭትና አመፅን የሚያነሳሳ ወይንም ዕቅድ የሚያወጣ ሁሉ በህግ ተጠቂ መሆን ነበረበት..”ተማክረው የፈሱት ፈስ አይሸትምና” የኢህአዴግ ሹማምንት
    ደስታቸውን እየገለፁ ነው። “አመጣጡን ያየ አካሄዱን ያዉቃል”….በኅበረት ከማጫረስና ከማጥፋት አይመለሱም!!!
    በኢፌዲሪ ህገመንግስት አንቀፅ ፶፭/፩ መሠረት የታወጀ፡
    የአዋጁ አስፈላጊነት ሕዝቦች በሰላም በነፃነትና በተረጋጋ ሁኔታ ለመኖር አላቸው መበት ከሽብርተንነት አደጋ ሁልጊዜ መጠበቅ አለበት በመሆኑ፡ ሽብርተኝነት ለተያያዝነው የዲሞክራሲና ልማት ግንባታ ፀር በመሆኑና ሕገመንግስታዊ ሥርዓታችንን በማናጋት የህዝባችንን ደህንንትና ሰላም አደጋ ላይ የሚጥል በመሆኑ፡
    **ከአሜሪካ ከእንግሊዝ ከተባበሩት መንግስታት ማኅበር አባላት ነጥብ ሳይቀር የተኮረጀ ድንቅ ሕግ እየተባለ በፓርላማና በሚዲያ ላይ የተፃፈን ኮርጀው እያነበቡ በኅብረት የሚቆሉበት የአሸባሪዎች ሕግ ምን ይላል?(አስኮራጅ ሀገሮች እነደእኛ በብሔርና ቋንቋ የተከለሉ ፌዴራላዊ ሥርዓት አላቸውን?የውጭ ጠላትን ለመከላከል ያወጡት ሕግ? ወይንስ የውስጥ የሥልጣን ኅይላቸውንና የኢኮኖሚ ምንጫቸውን ለማስከበር ያወጡት ሕግ?የእኛ አሸባሪዎች እንዴት ብዕር ይዘው የሚፅፉ ጋዜጠኞችን ሲወነጅል ሲያስገርፍ ሲያሰድድ የውርስ ንብረት ሲነጥቅ፣በግለሰብ ተሰራን ቤት ሲወረስ፣ ዕድሜ ልክ ሲያስር፣ ሰይፍ ሆኖ ሲነሳ ፣(ከበቂ በላይ ማስረጃ አለን! እየተባለ ሲያስደነፋና ጠረጴዛ ሲያስደበድብ እጅ ሲያወራጭ፡አድርባይ ምሁር ሲሞላፈጥ ይታያል ለጭፈራና ለቁጥር መሙሊያ የሚንቆለጳጰሱት “ብሔር ብሄረሰቦች” እዚህ ሕግ ላይ የሉም ህዝቦቹ ብቻ ተጽፈዋል። ምክንያቱም በዘርና በቋንቋ የተቧደነና አንዱ በአንዱ ላይ አመጽ እያስነሳ የሚኖር ሕገመንግስታዊ ሥርዓትና መንግስታዊ የወሮ በላ ቡድን ስለሆነ ኢትዮጵያውያንን ሁሉ አሸባሪ ይሆናሉ!!ለዚህም ሻቢያህወአት (ሻቢያንም) የቀጠናው አታራማሽ እንጂ አሰባሪ አላላም፡ ብሔር ብሔረሰቦች የሚያነሱትንም የሜንጫ አብዮት እነደ ሥልጣን ማስጠበቂያ እንጂ እንደወንጀል (ሽብር)አይቆጥርም። ለመሆኑ በብሔርና ቋንቋ በክልል ተቧድኖ የማይማሰል ሠፈርና መንደር አለን? ከነጻ አውጭውና ነጻ አግቢው ሽቢያህወአት አድዋ>>መቀሌ አዲግራይት..አጋሜ..የላይ ባድሜ የታች ባድሜ…የሸዋ…የሃረር..የወለጋ ኦሮሞ እና ሌሎችም!(እቂጡ ላይ ቁስል ያለው ውሻ እንደልቡ አይጮህም ማለት ይህ ነው።ሻቢያህወአት/ኦነግ/ኦብነግ ሙስሊም ኦሮሞ ፈርስት! አንድ አካል ሀለት አምሳል ያላቸው የሀገርና ሕዝብ አጥፊ ባንዳ ቅጥረኛ መሰሪ ናቸው።

    ” የፓለቲካ ተንታኝ የሰላም ትግል በታኝ ሜንጫ ስለው የህወአት መሥራችን ሊ/መንበር የሙስሊም ኮሚኒቲ አባላትን በተለያዩ ሀገራትና አህጉር የቁርሾና በቀል ፣የሀገርን ኢኮኖሚና መከላከያውን የመቆጣጠር ስልት የሚነድፉ፣ በሚዲያ ወጥተው የሕዝቦች ግጭት አፈጣጠር የፖለቲካዊ አካሄድ ትንተና የሚሰጡ፣ የሚያሰጡ፣የሚያበረታቱ፣ በአዳራሽ ሰብስበው ሲያስጨበጭቡና መፈክር ሲያሰሙ ለሽብርና ለፕሮፓጋንዳ ቅስቀሳ የገቢ ምንጭና የኢህአዴግና ሻቢያ የውስጥ ለውስጥ መሸጋጋሪያ ሚስጠር አቀባይ ሆኖ የሚያገለግለውን “የኦሮሞ ዝምታ” “የከይሲው ማስታወሻ” ፎጋሪ ደራሲ እያሞካሹ በሚዲያ የሚደግፉ ባንዳዎች ፍም ሲገልጡ፣ ካድሬዎች ከገዢው መንግስት ውስጥ እሳት ይዘው ሻቢያህወአት/ወያኔ/ኢህአዴግ በቡድን(በህብረት)በጋዝ ለማጥፋት ተነስተዋል!? ውስጡን ያልፈተሸና ያላጠራ ቡድን(መንግስት)በሌላው ንፁሐን ዜጎች ላይ በብሔራቸው ማንነት ብቻ ጣቱን ቢቀስር ይህ በእራሱ የአሸባሪ ተባባሪ ደባቂ አሰልጣኝና ሙሉ ደጋፊ እራሱ ኢህአዴግ ነው ማለት አደለምን!?

    ጥር፪ሺ፩ ዓ.ም “ሽብርተኛ ድርጅት ማለት፡ ፪(ትርጓሜ)
    (ሀ) የሽብርተኝነት ድርጊትን የመፈፀም ዓላማ ያለው ወይም የሽብርተኝነት ድርጊት ለመፈፀም አቀ የተዘጋጀ፣ያስፈፀመ የፈፀመ ወይም እንዲፈፀም በማናቸውም ሁኔታ የረዳ ወይም ያነሳሳ ከሁለት ያላነሰ አባላትን የያዘ ቡድን ማህበር ወይም ድርጅት ነው
    (ለ)በዚህ አዋጅ መሠረት በሽብርተኝነት ተሰየመ ድርጅት ማለት ነው።

    ፫.የሽብርተኝነት ድርጊቶች፡

    ፩. ማንም ሰው የፖለቲካ የሀይማኖታዊ ወያም አይዶሎጂያዊ ዓላማን ለማራመድ ሆን ብሎ፤
    (ሀ) መንግስትን በማስገደድ ወይም በማስፈራራት፤* (ለ)ሕዝብን ወይም የአንድን ህዝብ ክፍል በማስፈራራት ወይም፤* (ሐ)የሀገርን መሠራታዊ የፖለቲካዊ የህገመንግስታዊ የኢኮኖሚያዊወይም ማህበራዊ ተቋማትን በማናጋት ወይም በማፍረስ

    ፭.ለሽብርተኝነት ድጋፍ መስጠት. (ለ) የሙያ የልምድ ሞራል ምክር ወይም ድጋፍ የሰጠ እንደሆነ** (መ) የገንዘብ ወይም የፋይናንስ ወይም ሌሎች ተያያዥነት ያላቸው አገልግሎቶችን ያቀረበ ወይም የሰጠ እንደሆነ፤ (ረ)ማናቸውም ዓይነት ውልጠና ወይም መግለጫ የሰጠ እንደሆነ** (ከ፲ ኣመት እስከ ፳፭ ዓመት በሚደርስ ፅኑ እሥራት ይቀጣል።)

    ፮.ሽብርተኛ ድርጅት ውስጥ ስለመሳተፍ

    ፩.የስብርተኛ ድርጊቶችን ለመፈፅም ሰው የመለመለ በድርጅቱ በማናቸውም መልኩ የተሳተፈ እንደሆነ(እንደተሳትፎው ደረጃውከ፭ዓመት እስከ ፳ዓመት በሚደርስ ፅኑ እሥራት ይቀጣል።
    ፪.በሽብርተኛ ድርጅት ውስት በአመራርነት ወይም በውሳኔ ሰጭነት የሰራ (ከ፳ዓመት አስከ ዕድሜ ልክ ፅኑ እስራት ይቀጣል)
    “ተስፋዬ ገብረእባብ ድርጅት እና የጃዋር መሀመድን አሸባሪ ቡድን የሚከላከለውን አንቀፅ ግን ማግኘት አልተቻለም!!”
    **የተኮረጀ ሕግ ትክክል ነው ስህተት የለውም ብሎ ልብ ከማውለቅ ራስን የአሸባሪነት ካባ ማውለቅ!!የኢህአዴግ ትልቁ ችግር ሥራ ፍጠሩ ማለቱ ነው። በውጭው ሀገር ሥራ ፈቶች አውርቶ አደር፤ በትኖና ተንትኖ መኖርን አጥንተዋል። በውስጥም ያሉ በህወአትሻቢያ ጥላ ሥር ተጠልለው በአንድ እጃቸው ሀገርና ህዝብ ሲገዘግዙ በሌላኛው እጃቸው ስለህወአት መፈክር ይላሉ በአፋቸው የቁራ ጩኸት የአዞ እንባ የሚያነቡ አሉ። ኢህአዴግስ ብሉና ተባሉ የመናገርንና የኢኮኖሚውን ጉዳይ ለእኛ!መንቀሳቀስና መዘወዘወር ስትፈልጉ አሳውቁን ፍቃድ እንሰጣለን ይል የለም!!

    **ኦሮሞ ይህንን ሁሉ መሬት ካማራ ተነጥቆ ተቸሮት በቋንቋው መናገር ተፈቅዶለት ፤የግድ ሙስሊም ሆኖ የሌላውን ሰላማዊ ትግል ከመበረዝና ከመበተን ቢቆጠብ፣ ተረስተው የነበሩ የማይታወቁ ተፈጥረው ከሻቢያህወአት ፊት ቀድመው እየተገረፉ የሙስና ሳንጣ ተሰካሚ ሆነው ሕዝባቸውን ከመበደል፣ በውጭ ሀገር ይህንን ሁሉ ምሁር ነኝ ባይ ቱልቱላ በእየመንደሩ እያውደለደለ ደረቱን ነፍቶ፣ ቂጡን አሳብጦ፣ በእየ መሸታ ቤቱ፣ ቡና ቤቱና ሃይማኖት መሰባሰቢያ አዳራሽ ውስጥ ሲደነፋ ከሚውል ዛሬም የኩበት ጭስ አይኗን የሚያጨናብሰውን፣ ወገቧን የልጆቿ ዳቦ መግዣ እንጨት ሸከማ የቆረጠውን፣ዛሮም በባዶ እግሩ የሚቆራፈደውን ፣በአዛባ በተለቀለቀ መደብ ቅማል፣ ቅጫም፣ ትኋን የሚግጠውን ድፍረስ የወንዝ ውሃ አልቅትና ትል ሆዱን የቆዘረውን፣ ያልፍልኛል ብሎ ሳያልፍ በረሃ የቀረ፣ አዞ የበላው፣ ሆድ ዕቃው የተሸጠው፣የተደፈረች አህትና፣ውሻ እተባለ ማንነቱ የተዋረደው ዜጋ፣ በሰው ሀገር እጅ እግር አንገቱ በሜንጫ የተቀላውን ዜጋ እንዴትና መቼ ይታደጉታል?ይህ ፵ኣመት ድንፋታ፣ የትውልድ ማምከንና ማባከን ሴራ መቼ ኢሆን የሚያበቃው? በእርግጥ ዘመኑ የታሪክ ማንበቢያና መራቀቂያ ዕውቅና ማግኛ ወይንስ የተሃድሶ የለውጥ ታሪክ መሥሪያ ነው? ይህ የአርስ በእርስ መተራመስ ለማን ጠቀመ? የት ሀገር ሠራ? እስቲ ኤርትራውያንና ትግሬዎች የሞቱለትን ዓላማ አስታውሱ ውጤቱ ምን ሆነ? እራሱ በሱስና በዘረኝነት የታሰረ ህዝብ እንዴት ግለሰቦችን ከድህነት ነጻ ያወጣል ለባርነት ያዋጣል እንጂ!!!
    **እናንት በዚህ ክፉ ዘመን የወጣችሁ፣ ክፋት አፍቀሪ፣ ክፉ የክፉ ዘሮችና የሚሽነሪ መለዕክተኞች ባንዳዎች ሆይ፣ ለራሳችሁ ክብርና ዝና ይህ ደረቅ ጫት እየመጠጣችሁ፣ የውጭ ሀገር ድርጎት(ደቻሳ እየበላችሁ) ደሃውን በባዶ ሆዱ፣ ተባላ የምትሉ ሁሉ ተጠንቀቁ (ሻቢያህወአት) መንግስትም በዓላማችሁ ተበባሪያችሁ ሆኖ አብሮአችሁም ቢሰራ ሕዝብ የነቃ እለት ግን ወየውላችሁ!በለው!
    እምዬ ምን ይልክ ተወልዶ ባያነሳ ጋሻ
    ምግቡ እንቁላል ነበር ይሄን ግዜ አበሻ !
    ” ምንይልክን ተነስ አልሰሜን ግባ በለው!
    በመፈቃቀድና በመተሳሰር በአንድ (የህወአትሻቢያ) የፖለቲካ ጥላ ሥር ሆኖ እንቁላል እንቁ የሆነበት የብሔር ብሔረሰብ ዘመን!! በቸር ይግጠመን

    • Tekorkuari says:

      I don’t have time to read your idiotic symbol word let alone full blown page

    • Lemi says:

      What is written here? It looks Amharic, but how many people can read this simple local language? Down with Ethiopia.

      • በለው! says:

        አዎን እውነት ይቆረቀራል!ይህንን ጽሑፍ አንብበህ ለመረዳት የምታውቃቸው ጋሎች ሁሉ ቢሰበሰቡ አይገባቸውም!ይቅርታ ጋላ ጭንቅላት አለው እንዴ?የቴዲ አፍሮ የሰላም ኮንሰርት!?የት? የሚንጫ ጨፍጫፊዎች ሰው ከእነነፍሱ ገደል የሚቸምሩ አረመኔ ሠፈር(ክልል) ለመሆኑ ከሽብር ሌላ ምን አውቃሉ?በደሌ ድሮ ቀረ የተበደለ ትውልድ በለው!ይህ ለገላ አልተጻፈም ለነጭም በቋንቋቸው አልጽፍም እኔ በፋፋና በወተት ዴቄት ማንነቴን አልገዛም አለውጥም አልሸጥም አልለወጥም። ኦሮሞ እንዲሰለጥን እነፀልያለን ፳፪ኛው ክፍለ ዘመን ደርሰን (የኦሮሞ ሙስሊም የሜንጫ አብዮተኛና ጀዋሪያን ፲፱ክፍለ ዘመን ተቸክሎ እንዴት ይቀራል!! እባክህ ጌታዬ ለፅንፈኛ ባንዳ ጨካኝና አረመኔ አሸባሪ ደንቆሮ ትውልድ ጭንቅላት ስጠው ልብ አብቅልለት ሰው ሆኖ ኖሮ ይሙት በቁም አታንገላታቸው ሽአላህ! አላህ ዋክበር! በቅዱስ ጊዮርጊስ! በአቡአረጋይ!በእናትህ በማርያምን አቀየምሃለሁ!እምዬን…!

        • AMARA says:


          • በለው! says:

            በአርግጥ ኦሮሞ ጥሩ ገበሬ አለ እነዳንተ ግም አደለም!አንተ እንኳን ማንነትህን ያረጋገጠልህ ሻቢያህወአት ነው። ‘የጡት ሐውልት ሰርተህ’ ነጭ ከምታሻፍድ የመለስ ዜናዊ ሀውልትን ቀቤ ቀባ?ቁቤ ዱቤ እሬቻ አቁም አክሱም ሄደህ ለወያኔ ታጋዮች ስገድ ፋንዲያ አህያ ድሮስ ‘ጋላና ቦቲ እአደር አደል የሚገማው!?የሚሽነሪ ቂጥ አጣቢ…አስተሳሳበ ድሃ!!!የፈረንጅ ዕቃ ፈንጅ ላም የፈረንጅ ፈጠራ ኢልና አጋላ ዝንብ ነው የሚመጣው ብዬ ነው። ጨዋ ኦሮሞን ስላሰደብከን ግን ያጥፋህ!!!

          • Kibrom says:

            This shows us how far you are….Grow up to comment on public /social media. Your ethnic biased thought still let’s poverty to walk with you! Have you seen or heard that several Oromo speakers in Somaliland are still being? Amhara means confidential, strong and clever people living on mountains. Majority of our late kings were intermingled in ethnicity. Please, read your Oromo historian professors book and tackle your bias.

      • በለው! says:

        አቤት: ውሸት:የጋላ ውሸት!
        ሀገር ሃይማኖት ያልነበረው ጨካኝ አረመኔ አራዊት
        ጨፍጫፉ እድሜ ለጀርምን ፐሮቴስታንት
        ቀለም አስቆጠሩት ፌደል ቀረፁለት
        በውሸት ሃይማኖትና ታሪክ አጠመቁት
        ወንጀልህ እዲረሳ ‘ኦሮሞ” ነህ አሉት፡
        በሸዋ በጎንደር በጎጃም በወሎ የጨፈጨፈውን
        አርዶ የባላውን ገደል የጨመረውን ባረኩና ፈጠሩት
        ቤተክርስቲያን መስጊድ ያቃጠለውን ሁሉ ሸፈኑለት
        የውሸት ማንነት ከአሸባሪ ታጋይ ብለው መጽሀፍ ጻፉለት
        ልጆቹን በማደጎ በፋፋ በወተት ዴቄት ገዙለት
        የሚሽነሪ ተላላኪ ምሁር ታሪከኛ አስኙለት
        የዘመኑ መብሊያ እንግዲህ ሙስሊም ሁን አሉት
        አሸባሪ ሁንና ታዋቂ ሁን ሜንጫህን አንሳት!
        የጋላን ኦሮሞ ጥሯቸው እነማን የት ምንድነው የተማሩት?
        ታሪኩ የሚሽነሪስት ማደጎዎች ናቸው የሚደነፉት
        ያበሻ: ምድር: አቢሲንያ: ዛሬ: ያልናት: ኢትዮጵያ:
        ጥንትም: ዛሬም: ወደፊትም: በስልጣኔ: የአለም: አርአያ:
        ቆርሰው ተካፍለው የሻቢያህወአት እግር አጣቢ ሆነው
        ያመራ ይጣፋ ይላሉ የጥንት ታሪክ ክበርና ዝናው
        የራሳቸውን ሰው በላነት በእምዬ ምንይልክ ዳፋ ለጥፈው
        ከ፫ሺህ ዘመን አመኑ መቶውን አይ ድሃና መሐይምን ባንዳ ነውረኛ ገንጣይ ገጠመና ጨፈረ ሚኒሊየምን!
        እባካችሁ ተውን የተኛነውን ሞቱ አትበሉን አይሞቀንም አይበርደን አስቲ ይሁን በለው! እናውቃለን ይህ ገል አፈር መሆኑን!
        (ለበለጠ መረጃ “ገለበው ስንጎጎ ዘብሔረ ጋሞ” ላቶ ቡልቻ ደመቅሰና ለጀርመን ድምፅ ሬዲዮ የአማርንእኛ ሬዲዮ (ግልፅና ግልብ ደብዳቤን) ማናቸውም ሰው ጋላም ቢሆን የማንበብ ግዴታ አለበት።

        • Amaara Aaram Toilet says:

          You leper,dabtara. I know who you are. You can’t have respect for humans, because you’re born out of sperm pissed into toilet, meaning Habash. You can’t think because you werent born as such.How can a toilet worm think like human born out of human womb? You are far below urine!!!

  30. Olana says:

    Ethiopia needs unity now. By Teddy making that remark about Menilik is he helping to unite Ethiopia?
    Is he creating unity among oromos and Amharas?

    Who benefits the most with the division of Oromos and Amharas?
    TPLF set him up to say what he said.

  31. eyob says:

    I am drinking Bedele Beer and listening to Tedy Afro’s ” Tikur Sew.” I hate to read what people who are full of hatred write. Instead, I listen to the word of wisdom from a young, brilliant artist while enjoying his melody and a gulp of my country’s cold Bedele Beer.
    May the Lord Bless our brother Tedy.

  32. tola kebede says:

    You guys dont mention any thing under oromo umbrella .Oromo people is real ethiopiawie.think like 21 centurey. Dont be baddo chinklat.tedy go tedy go

  33. haftom says:

    by sweet voice bad message by narrow mind songer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I_hate_You_All says:

    You people are mostly assholes. You seem to have the genes for it by birth. You still are living in history. You are living centuries ago. Your level of development, your argument and your mentality are all backward. You are beggars. We saw the level of shame you faced from Saudi Arabia recently. You have never been active in essential topics for your own progress. Your education standard is getting lower and lower than ever each year. The living standard of the poor family of yours in the countryside is getting so little that it has become hard to live. You are always talking about past, talking about pride, talking about your victory over the Italians years years ago. You hate each other. You have nothing and yet you are not happy about a little success of your fellow brothers/sisters. Look what you are doing now. You people are trying to embarrass the artist you refer to ‘the best’ often times now by an opinion he made. You people better die out. You will never get any better with this stupid mentality of yours. Just die!

    • john says:

      I_hate_You _All,
      just like you Amhara ancestors you carry rotten head thus why you hate all. Rotten things can’t produce good thing, that attract others but hate and stingy things that repels.
      Good on you Rotten head

  35. said says:

    Holy crappy! Teddy is in big shit now. I think his apology is in order if he cares about his fortunes and future career. Especially that ‘ holy’ thing and Minelik are incomparable things, if not an outright insult and disrespect to majority Ethiopian nationalities. By the way, I suspect that woyane are instigators of this controversy. Just look at what pseudonym Real Ethiopian above wrote to incite a list of grievinces on behalf of oher groups against Minelik.

  36. john says:

    Meaza,Tola kebede,We are one,Tsila, Abega, Kebede, Ethio, Ethiopia and the like, where is your rationality as a human being? Why you always blame TPLF and Oromo National when stupid Amharas did something wrong? Who started ethnic politics in the first Place? It was Minilik. We the Oromos are rational. We do not hate or love leaders without reason. We do pay respect to TPLF where it is due and we blame and criticize them for the human rights violation they committed. Trust me this is fact, TPLF is much much better than any Amhara leaders in the past and it wouldn’t happen even if it happen to come in the future.
    The Amharas are losers. We won’t let them to lead that country. They are liars, blood thirsty murderers. They are people who kill each other on prostitute/Komarit as they call them. These the people who still wear short/tenefanef qumixa (please see ye Gojam Turistoch in Finfinee photo the facts speak for itself louder and clearer, wear sheep skin in this ear, leave in cave and know for begging, stealing and lying. This is not what I said to you, it is your Professor words. Surprisingly Professor Mesifin is the only person to expose his own people shame. Although he said Ethiopian in his writing it is understandable he is referring to his Amhara brothers and sisters. The reality on the Ground prove that.
    So do we expect any moral or human value from these people? definitely No! Do you know that in rural Oromia particularly in Arsi Amhara means Cannibals/chiraq, monitor, Komata and buda.
    When we were very young and we rebel, they frightened by saying Amhari sinyatufi siit dhufee, Gojameen sii nyatee means here is the cannibal Amhara, man from Gojam is to eat you. That is the way our parents nurtured us to express the inhumanity of Amhara.
    Shamelessly the sons and daughters of cannibals and monitor telling us as if their ancestors were angels and innocent. We know you better than any one else.

  37. john says:

    Meaza,Tola kebede,We are one,Tsila, Abega, Kebede, Ethio, Ethiopia and the like, where is your rationality as a human being? Why you always blame TPLF and Oromo National when stupid Amharas did something wrong? Who started ethnic politics in the first Place? It was started by Minilik and developed by Haile Silase. We the Oromos are rational. We do not hate or love leaders without reasons. We do pay respect to TPLF where it is due as we hold them accountable and criticize them for the human rights violation they committed.
    Trust me this is fact, TPLF is much much better than any Amhara leaders in the past and it wouldn’t happen if it happens Amhara leaders to come in the future.
    The Amharas are losers. We won’t let them to lead that country again. They are liars, blood thirsty murderers. They are people who kill each other on prostitute/Komarit as they call them. These are people who still wear short/tenefanef qumixa (please see ye Gojam Turistoch b Addis Abeba/Finfinee photo the facts speak for itself louder and clearer, wear sheep skin in this ear, leave in cave and known for begging, stealing and lying.
    This is not my words. It is what your professor, professor Mesifin.

    Surprisingly Professor Mesifin is the only Amhara person who exposed the shame of his fellow Amhara people in the name of Ethiopia. Although he wrote under the pretext of Ethiopia, and Ethiopians, it is clear and understandable he is referring to his Amhara brothers and sisters. The reality on the Ground prove that. Well done Professor Mesifin.
    By the way do you know that 90 percent of begger and Prostitutes in that country are Amharas?
    So do we need to expect any moral or human value from these people? Definitely No!
    Do you know that in rural Oromia particularly in Arsi Amhara means Cannibals/chiraq, monitor, Komata and buda. When we were very young and we rebel, they frightened by saying Amhari sinyatufi siit dhufee, Gojameen sii nyatee means here is the cannibal Amhara, man from Gojam is to eat you. That is the way our parents nurtured us to express the inhumanity of Amhara.
    Shamelessly the sons and daughters of cannibals and monitor telling us as if their ancestors were angels and innocent. We know you better than any one else.

  38. xoxo says:

    True. This minor incident was reported by dutch media. But what this article doesnt mention is the official response by the Ethiopian community in the netherlands. You can read that in zehabesha.com.
    Awramba times team should learn to report all sides of a story. Sadly, i’ve observed on several occassions that these people have no clue of impartiality.

  39. dr x says:

    pleas guys cool down. we believe in unity we believe in diversity we believe in ethiopia…who cares for inclination of one amateur singer talking what ever comes to his mind. any ways dont talk about some specific ethinic group..menillik is killer of many nations and nationalities of ethiopia whether knowingly or unknowingly. this is our poor history!!

    • thomas addisu, md, nekemte says:

      it is b/c you have an insight, those commenting are those talking with flight of ideas like TEDDY.

  40. LEARN HOW TO THINK says:

    Reading your comments made me feel sad. How do you expect to move Ethiopia forward without unraveling history and creating reconciliation to make peace with the past? Put yourself in the others shoes or, as John Rawls calls it, get out of the biel of ignorance so as to understand the level of hatred that a failure to acknowledge past atrocities would create against one another irrespective of whatever justification one may come up with. It’s so pity to pretend that the past doesn’t matter and that we can move forward just like that. Part of the reason we fail to develop is that we are afraid of understanding the relevance of studying our past mistakes and achievements to make corrections and build up on the achievements respectively. Week gotta get out of our comfort zone and do the right thing. Otherwise, I would suggest you to stop writing uncivilized comments that would do nothing but further hatred and divide the nation.

    • Kibremengista says:

      You yourself is still at the bottom of the Hill because you are talking about Minillik ‘s Era and it’s development. Read what he tried at his very time to bring modernization to Ethiopia. He and other Ethiopians prevented our country from The then colonial attempt. For details, read those books written by Foreign writers. You tried to comment on diplomatic way but poor in argument.It is apt to the Enque Magazine to apologize for misquoted statement and Ofcourse it did it on its release.

  41. Bahru says:

    It’s eerily unfortunate that in this day and age, we still insult and belittle the whole Amhara and Oromo people just because we disagree on the facts of a course of history. Needless to say, both people deserve to be respected, for no people may be good or bad in general. We should both execute what we believe to be right, and refrain from uttering or writing demeaning words about millions of people. That will be the height of abject ignorance!

  42. Rotor orzo says:

    Oromo don’t drink beer. So who cares!!!! They drink Tela and tej hahaha
    Ye gala neger

  43. Girma Muzammir says:

    The sponsor of Tedros Kasahun f Minilk follower is same as sponsoring Hitler to kill Israelites in Europe and else where.

  44. Ijoolle Qotaa says:

    It is sad to hear that heineken spokesman said that they have no reason to change their plan. Beyond boycotting, they should understand and consider what west wollega Oromo people, surrounding them could do to their plant. Tedy Afro (yediro sirat nafaki) should also start to think about his safety.

    • Kibrome says:

      Poor logic! They didn’t prove to act agains a current problem. Show us if you are brave enough to act agains what is going on in this Era .

  45. Jailan says:

    Dear all,
    Are you all blind and deaf (But sorry to say that)?
    No one above from the writers represents oromo. All are from the known Ethnic group. They have collected more than enough and its time to insult and agitate innocent oromos for war.
    Oromo is now either in jail, or in his work place or some where else.
    I won’t say any thing about Teddy. He is singing for living but has nothing to do with oromos.
    Jailan from Malka Hora

  46. QAL AKBARI says:

    TEDDEY=MENILIK=BOTH ARE GADAY BUT TEDDEY IS ARREST FOR FEW YEARS (YAA GADALAWU LIJ AXIYAX GANA YIGALASWAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  47. ethiopia says:

    HI all
    It is really amazing this time that we criticize our government is not democratic and on the other hand we make noise on a person who express his filling. So plz shut your mouth because we Ethiopians are not as we think we are always want to take advantage of others. this is a modern time and we have to be modern, Menelik did good and bad things at that time but we are doing bad things more severely now. so who are we to criticize Menelik. Why we always look back when we can be unite and support each other to change our country. Menelik united us with his mistakes as a human being, but now we cant even do what the positives he did, but we do the negatives more aggressively.
    God Bless Ethiopia

    • Temesgen says:

      Hey guys, cool down! How come we fight over something silly! How come we insult each other for no reason? Are we really this low? The comments I read tell me that we are not only poor, but also hopeless. Pathetic:(

  48. Alazar T. says:

    Millions of EThiopians? can u specify total population of the country at that point of time in history? its a shame to awramba to post such a story.

  49. Bott.P says:

    Who is behind this problem?
    I think the evil behind Teddy is his so call “manger”. All Ethiopian from Minnesota know who this runway evil is. We must to stop this malevolence person before he spread his poison on others.

    • Bott.P says:

      Who is behind this problem?
      I think the evil behind Teddy is his so call “manger”. All Ethiopian from Minnesota know who this runway evil is. We must to stop this malevolence person before he spread his poison on others.

  50. Beddelee says:

    You Habash, when will you too–like other human beings–begin to think????You stand for beer?Killer?For that cab that dances over humans bleeding to death? When will you begin to think for human values?truth?love?respect?. The stupidest human scabs I ever saw!!!Only the Beddeleans think so because they’re Heineken. Were they Giorgis…..DRINK BEDELE–beer of criticality, humanity and prosperity, business cheeers!!!!

  51. mimi says:

    kill tedi afro the balager.

  52. Merema says:

    Pay attention-

    the saddest message of this article is that beer drinking has doubled in Ethiopia.

  53. mohaa says:

    kill tedy adara

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