Eritrean pilot who bombarded Makalle’s Aider school defects to Djibouti


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49 Responses

  1. Gebez says:

    በዚህ ሰውመሳይ ኣውሬ ዓይደር ላይ የተገደሉ ሰላማዊ ዜጎች ስምና ዕድሜ:
    1.ኣብርሃለይ ገብረፃዲቅ(12)
    2.ኣክሱማዊት ገብረስላሴ(12)
    3.ኣለም ኣይሙት(9)
    4.ኣለማየሁ ቦጋለ(12)
    5.ኣለሙ ደግነው
    6.ኣልጋነሽ ሃይሉ(35)
    7.ኣሰፋ ተስፋይ(14)
    8.ኣይናለም ትኳብ(32)
    9.ብዕድላ ኣሰፋ(30)
    10.በለጠ ሕሸ(35)
    11.በየነ ንጉስ(17)
    12.ብርሃነ ኣፅብሃ(16)
    13.ክላራ በላይ(16)
    14.ዳዊት ፀጋይ(30)
    15.ኤደን ኣረጋይ(4 ኣዎ 4)
    17.ገ/ኪዳን መብራህቱ(23)
    18.ሃይለ ኣለነ ደሳለኝ(11)
    19.ሃይለመስቀል ዳደ(20)
    20.ሓለፎም ኣለማየሁ(22)
    21.ሓያት ዓሊ(4 ኣዎ 4)
    22.ሄለን ንርኣ ወ/ጋብር(4 ኣዎ 4)
    23..ኢልፋ ገ/ኪዳን(35)
    24.ታሪኩ ኪዳኑ(3 ኣዎ 3)
    25.ዕቋር ስሙር(22)
    26.ጀሚላ ኣደም ግደይ(3 ወር ኣዎ 3 ወር)
    27.ካሕሳይ በርሀ(43)
    28.ካሕሳይ ግደይ(56)
    29.ክንዲሓፍቲ ኣፅብሃ(14)
    30.መራቱ ኪሮስ(30)
    31.መርሃዊት ካሕሳይ(2 ኣዎ 2)
    32.መሓመድ ዓሊ ነጋሽ(1 ኣዎ 1)
    33.መሓመድ ኑር በሽር(35)
    34.ሙሉጌታ ኪሮስ(12)
    35.ኣብርሃ ገ/ማርያም(ቄስ)(60)
    36.ራህዋ ኣሕመድ(12)
    37.ሽሻይ ሓድጉ(3 ኣዎ 3)
    38.ስሜነሽ ኣበራ(65)
    39.ሰለሙን ኣስላከ(9)
    40.ሰለሙን ካሕሳይ(15)
    41.ተመስገን ዋሲሁን(12)
    42.ቴድሮስ ኣንበሱ(19)
    43.ፃድቃን ኣዳነ(25)
    44.ፀጋ ሃይሉ(20)
    45.ፀሃይነሽ ገ/ሚካኤል(12)
    46.ወ/ሚካኤል ደሳለኝ(20)
    47.ወርቅያ ሱሌማን(40)
    48.ዮናስ ኣናንያ(17)
    49.ዛይድ ፋንታዬ(14)
    50.በሪሁ ካሕሳይ
    53.ሙሉ ተስፋይ(9)

    ፈጣሪ ነፍሳቹን በገነት ያሩራት!!

    • Tsion says:

      When I read though the list, it evoked memories of the barbaric act by the coward Eri ‘pilot’ and started to cry. It is amazing how fast the Eth government forgot about this heinous crime, and even worse, is letting the devils get spoiled in our mother land. H’sabachin and’band yemnaworardbet gize ruq ayhonm!

      God Bless Ayder Martyrs!

      • brook says:

        ethiopia and djibouti have a very good they have to bring him to face justice.. the sad thing is the ethiopian government -woyanea -are half eritreans they will never do that.dawit kebede and foolish tigray pp will defend them …Dawit kebedea its better u stand with the ethiopian ppl..

    • Oromiyaa says:

      Shall I list Oromo students who were murdered by TPLF invaders ?

  2. Ethiopia says:

    He is a murderer ,he have to face justice .

    • Mekdes says:

      I do agree with you 100% this coward should face justice with his leader Issayas Afeworki, who gave him an order to kill these innosent kids. Sooner he will face justice with his leader. Isayas days are limited, he will be aprehended by galant Ethiopian Forces. He knows that he is begging everywhere to facilitate peace negotiatuon with Ethiopia.

    • Eden says:

      The Eritrean pilot who bombarded Makalle’s Aider school is sibhat Negu’s close family member and he was told by sibhat and Isaias to kill those Tegaru leaders who got kicked out the TPLF part. Tigray people wake up you are sleeping with your worst nightmares sibhat negu and other leaders that are children of Eritrea’s whore women. These people will eventually destroy tigray and its people.

  3. GETACHEW REDA says:

    From GETACHEW REDA (Ethiopian Semay)
    Thanks Awramba for the news. Abraham Yayeh was lying to his teeth saying “the pilot who bombed Aider school children in Mekelle was a Showa Amhara pilot not an Eritrean pilot”. He made a lot of dust about it fabricating it on his own to show his hate to the Showa Amhara as his teacher TPLF taught him. Many ignorant TPLF dogs were also believing Abraham’ s fabrication. Now, the story is out openly- what do you the TPLF dogs and you Ato Abraham Yayeh say about this? Thanks Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    • Gebez says:

      So you have nothing to say about the victims Mr.weirdo? All you want is just to defend the Showan elites? Let me tell you that both of them(Shabia and Showa elites) are bloodthirsty killers. They have much blood on their hands. By the way, there is no such a group called Showa elite anymore. It has been disgruntled for good forever.

    • teshome says:

      Habtom Kahsay, is one of the pilot but not the only pilot who bombarded innocent children. Don’t rush to conclusion. Time will tell us who was who?
      Watch your mouth, you might be ashamed twice, if Habtom Kahsay had Amhara back ground

      Awramba Times
      To thank you very much for the update.
      Habtom kahsay, is of the the brutal pilot our world ever seen. This guy won’t escape anywhere, we are gonna follow his foot step. At this juncture we kindly request the Djibouti government to extradite this criminal as soon as possible to Ethiopian people. Our government has full responsibility to follow up the case and update the Ethiopian people. I can’t wait to see this happen

    • Meskot says:

      Getachew Reda a.k.a Gezaee Hailemichael a.k.a Halafi Mengedi,

      You are one sick bastard Amhara.

    • shewangizaw T says:


      First, you should refrain yourself from name calling.
      secondly, none of the TPLF fighters hated the “Showan Amhara”. They rather struggled to bring about changes in Ethiopia; change that all Ethiopian nations and nationality are enjoying.
      Thirdly, Abraham Yayeh may have made a lot of “dust”, as you put it, but he never said that the pilot was a Showan Amhara but, Bezabih Petros, the brother of Dr. Beyne Petros.

  4. TES says:

    He should be extradicted to Ethiopia to face justice. Ethiopia is a country of law and order we are not gone hang him but he should face proportional justice for his cruelity as he chose to bomb school children.

  5. TT says:

    Finally the country will remain only with that old and toothless dog.

  6. GETACHEW REDA says:

    From GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
    To the fellow calling him self “Tes”.
    What do you mean you are a country with law and order and you are not going to hang him? Is that not in your country where you said there is law and order that Jemil who accused killing Hayelom Araya hanged in front of his little teenage sister?

    • teshome says:

      Sir, were you there? Let alone you, for those of us who are very much close government don’t have a clue to what happened to Heyelom killer. You are lying to the ninty nine percentile. Tomorrow you are gonna argue us Habtom KAhsay is innocent. Please sir whenever and where you post comments, we kindly advice you to strip off your chauvinistic mentality

    • Tes says:

      GETACHEW don’t get me wrong I am not trying to minimize his crime but lets give him the benefit of the doubt that someone is innocent until proven guilty.. ND IT WAS A WAR SITUATION AND THE JUDGES GOT TO LISTEN AS TO WHAT HIS REASON WAS FOR THE CRIME.

  7. Ethiopia says:

    Thanks to meles zenawi our killers are still alive ,

    • fajo says:

      But, it’s good that Meles died the world is a better place without that brat. now well enjoy your drought agame. Tell me the dead numbers when it’s over.

  8. Alex says:

    This idiot should not have a place to hide..every ethiopian, be it Amhara or Tigray should hunt him down..He is an enemy of Ethiopia in general..

  9. Ali says:

    The Ethiopia government and the Djibouti government they have argument so they have to bring hime.
    Pls pls bring hime hang hime there

  10. juhar ahmed says:

    He killed small kids nothing they have to do with war right now he need to face justice for what he did to small innocent kids you will run but you never hide

  11. KG says:

    Ethiopia needs to ask Djibouti for formal extradiciton of Mr. Habtom to face justice , and have his day in court. The blood of 53 innocent, and unarmed children is crying. UN CRIMINAL COURT should also get involved since killing unarmed civilians is an act of war crime. Injustice for one is injustice for all.

  12. GETACHEW REDA says:

    To Teshome:
    You said you are close to the government and yet, you have no clue what happen to the Hayelom killer Mr.Jemal. How confidence could that made you talk about a government that leads society with “a law and order” and yet a person like you who is too ignorant and claimed close to such system and have no clue to what your government did to crime defendants.

    I thought you said there is law and order. How can you claim such when a fellow like you who is close to the government and yet does not have clue what happen to the killer? So, if this pilot is taken away by TPLF to face justice “suppose”:- How sure are you this pilot also is not going to disappear and as Jemal who you have no clue in a country claiming have “law and order’? By the way, you are a fool. You did not red your government’s proclamation how he got hanged the next morning when the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea started? I know you have no clue, because you do not read or listen to your government court proclamation. I like such a cult who have no clue to what happen to individuals accused by a court for crime and yet claimed closed to the government. How old are you? I know you are a little kid. But, I just want to teach you. Next time, make sure you know what you talking about when you support your government who made you stay hanging with no clue what he does to defendants of law. By the way, it is not your government at fault here. It is your dull brain who did not read or listen to its radio broadcast regarding the fellow.Jamil Yasin Mohamed, a prominent businessman of Eritrean origin, was executed on 2 June in the CentralPrison of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. He had been convicted of the murder of Major General
    Hayelom Araya in April 1996. His judicial appeal and petition for clemency were rejected.
    The execution was the first carried out since the overthrow of the Dergue (military government) in
    GETACHEW REDA( Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    • Gezaee says:

      Mr. Reda, you really have a problem with your ideology. I do not know what you oppose and what you do not ; I think you oppose everything. They did will well in executing Jamil. He was a murder and he deserve to be executed on the spot. If it was me, if I knew it was him he killed Hayelom? I will not waste time taking him to court. I give his bullets on the spot. It seems you worried a lot about Jamil? For you, they did a good job. If you do not like that mete out, it is your problem. thank u

    • teshome says:

      Would you grow up before you blow up?
      I said ‘F***’U’ and the horse you rode on in. Some political Hip-Hoppers like are the Achilles Tendon of the Interwined Ethiopian politics.
      Anyways, If you like to have a desent dailogue with me, you need to put aside your anger issue for a moment. Where are all these deregratory terms coming from!!
      You call yourself Editor Ethiopian Semay, I am so sorry what does Ethiopia has a chance in the future if people like you are misusing this fantastic weapon of social media for uploading and down loading hate politics day in and day out. This is nothing but on line political prostituition.
      It is so embarassing you, me and many others are called at same time Ethiopians. Anyways I perfer to you to get treated for disintegrative personality
      It is mysteriously strange, Young man why are you so find yourself inexplicably attracted with these Eritrea brutal criminals: Jemal yasin and Habtom Kahsay. But we don’t worry you guys were working for doneky years against the Ethiopian people and now you are reaping it. Have a patience please, you didn’t see the worst yet

  13. wedi nakfa says:

    In a fools and gullible country pigs and goats do fly.

  14. korem says:

    I always surprised when i read message by some people such as hate monger teshome

    In case you have a human mind—pls tell me the difference between Kbrom (who was simply a pilot and assigned by Isayas to bombard the school and kill innocents including children) and Meles who ordered his army agazi to kill 200 on day light in Addis??

    Tell me this difference? Who killed more Kbrom or Meles? I donot mean even 1 person should die. Pls donot misunderstand me. Kebrom killed children and matured, Meles killed Children and matured. Kibrom killed 52 and Meles killed 200 (let me leave the rest for the time being).

    I never heard you also blaming meles. A amn of his mind should do that. Killing is killing.

    kebrom killed our innocent children between two countries war. Meles and his agarzi killed 200 where there was NO war, but simple demonstration. Our people at Aider were murdered by foreigner, but those at addis such as Shibre and Nebiyu (10) were by our own leader and army.

    What about those thrown to gorge live and hunged on tree at Bedeno under the order of Meles. Do you feel of them too? I doubt???

    What about the current riding of people like Jawar—promoting our innocent people to stand up and cut throat by Mencha? have ever commented on that??? or you donot care as this most probably happen (if it happen) to amhara?

    what is your problem with amhara by the way??? for you even an Eritrean pilot may also amhara. or are you jawar?? come out and write open. You are jawar. I am asking you to argue with me comparing things, not to jump and insult. For that matter blind woyane cadres knew only insult, noting more.

    • teshome says:

      Your accusations about the prophet Meles Zenawi has no leg to stand on in the court of public opinon. That is it!!!! CAPITAL ‘I’ CAPITAL ‘T’ AND EXCLAMATION POINT
      Being an Amhara is alwayas a problem, and being a ‘Gonder’ is worse. Don’t bring and throw up in front of us yoyur frustration and paranoia. We are already overwhelemed as it with hatred-filled Daispora politics

  15. Degene says:

    @Getchew Reda San Jose
    You have big brobleme with ur identity some times you say I’m frome shows. Some times you say I’m Tigray.
    You have identity brobleme
    You are # 1 rikase
    Look ur selfe Brenda adri loser….

  16. KG says:

    Cain tried to hide from God after killing his brother Abel, but there was no place to hide . Mr. Habetom “the modern Cain”, who has blood in his hand need to face justice. The blood of 53 civilians is crying loud.

  17. Alemayehu Kassaye says:

    @Teshome Kassaye!!!! Please, Please would you please shut the fuck up? First of all do you have a steady job? Or are you sent to Dallas by Woyane government to confuse the Diaspora? Every time you write commentary on issues your shallowness is vividly seen. Why don’t you keep silent. Askeyami derek neh. woy english atichil woy yemitisifew substance yelew. Mozaza neger neh

  18. wedinakfa says:

    You can delete my comments million times and this only shows your ignorance no tolarating comments in general, but i am not surprised, the good thing is ou have read it and I am sure it has broken your back for you to let it be read by some of your fellow dim and ignorant Amhara chovisitic shinfila good for nothing!!!!

  19. Oz says:

    First of all you have to understand the pilot Is just a soldier and soldiers take orders, they cant operate without order, second of all be realistick there are no rulls between love and war! Its true they killed many of our childrens, who knows nothing about war, but they hurted us, they made their point, so If one day Ethiopian army raise Its hand and Invade Eritrea and then kill everything that moves It would be fare! because even today there are no rulles between Love and War! Long live Ethiopia !

  20. habib says:

    No one has pointed out about Habtlm’
    s background. Habtom was sn Ethiopian Air Force pilot during ghe dergue regiome. After the fall down of the Dergue, he conyinued working st Debrezeit while his colldagues sent to kality. He was a close friend of Abebe Jobe and he finally went to Asmara to set up the Eritrean Air Force with all financial and matrrial dupport from Ethiopia. He frequently shuttled between Asmara and Addis Ababa and recruited best Ethiopian Air Force pilots with good salary. He had also full access to all confidential data at all military establishments in Ethiopia.

    • KG says:

      Editor of Aweramba Times can you post the picture of Mr. Habtom Kahsay’s picture if you have it.
      ” habib” it is a nice information you put for the public , but it is much appreciated if you have his picture posted. We have to stand for the voiceless innocent Ethiopia who were murdered for no reason or what so over, let’s put this crime against humanity to the front burner.

  21. GETACHEW REDA says:

    From GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay) to Gezaee:- Here is a challenge for you. I want you to respond my responds to you maturely. If you do act premature as before, I will ignore you and save my time from wasting it to learn nothing. I want you to answer those quoted of yours one by one.
    Here is what you said:-

    “ you really have a problem with your ideology. I do not know what you oppose and what you do not ; I think you oppose everything. They did will well in executing Jamil.” Gezaee, You are ignorant of what you are talking about the subject that I was arguing about. What ideology are you shitting about here? I did not mention any ideology. I am talking about the fellow who claimed he is too close to TPLF government and told us his government system is an establishment of law and order. And I respond to him, if you are too close to the system and know there is law and order; I asked him “how on earth can one claim there is law and order in Ethiopia and same time “have no clue what the Government did to Jemal”. So what is wrong with asking the fellow who does claim there is law and order and at he same time he does not know what the government did to Jemal? So what odes ideology have to do here you are as jabbering for nothing?

    You also said “He was a murder and he deserve to be executed on the spot.” So what does my argument have to do with your decision of executing the fellow on the spot? Did I ever mentioned he should be executed on the spot or not? By the way, you as individual can pass judgment for any body’s execution on the spot as an individual, not as a judge. (though it is emotional judgment not a mature and fair judgment of decision on the eye of the law. Because, any one is proven innocent until proven guilty in court) Individual like whet happen to the Kenedy assassin (to cover up the murder or could be many reasons guessed behind). Only emotional individuals can pass sentence of execution at the spot where there is no law and order or Guerrilla/jungle type of sentence (the law of the jungle) . Because, Judge can’t pass sentence of execution at the spot without hearing left and right arguments (defendant and plaintiff cases). Hearing is necessary, because the defendant might have something to say about the killing. He could reveal if he was sent or hired or sent by government conspiracy to do the murder of its opponent or personal or alcohol related killings or women jelous related killings ……many reasons could have been the motivation behind. That is why the hearing is necessary.
    You also said:-

    “If it was me, if I knew it was him he killed Hayelom? I will not waste time taking him to court. I give his bullets on the spot.”

    Fine, you can do that, if that is your decision, but what does that have to do with my argument with the fellow? Like I said above, you only can see that fellow killed Hayelom, but seeing killing the guy and your decition to kill him back can also bring you conflict with the law if your act to kill the killer is carried in the USA where the case could have been see “you take the law on your own hand”.

    You also accused me with no iota of evidence as if I was worried about Jemal by saying:-

    “It seems you worried a lot about Jamil?”
    You see, I want you to be mature when you argue with me. Where in my writing can you show me any thing that showed or hint I was worried about Jemal? This is why I always advice you guys to calm down and response accordingly. Your rash to judgment is not mature. You insulted and disrespect Awramba Times editor for not posting your comment when your eye decision was based on rush to judge. Which he later showed you where your rush to judgment needs be corrected and you apologize for all that insult. I want you also to apologize for accusing me of some thing that I never wrote or worried.
    Thanks GETACHEW REDA (editor Ethiopian Semay)

  22. Rita says:

    My friends the pilot is one of the million people lead by one man who took them to the top of the cliff and they gone pushed over soon.

    The pilot one of the lucky who scaped.
    Not realy.

  23. Wedi Adigrat says:

    Getchew Reda I know him in San Jose Ca. for long time He has Identity Crises
    His Mother is Tigrayans His Father is Amhara his Wife Eritreans shabian activist
    He is anti Tigrayans activist

  24. GETACHEW REDA says:

    From Getachew (Editor Ethiopian Semay) to the illiterate Wedi Adigirat;

    Menlik the son of Queen Sheba was Half white (Jews) by his father side and half Axumite Geez society (ethnic unknown) by his mother. If you can tell us the ethnic of Queen Sheba as the rebellious Hadanee during the Axumite era explained it in his memoirs it will be educational for us to know. Any queen or king that ruled Axum is not necessary a Tigrayan (as the word we used it now “Tigrayan”).
    Even the artefacts in Axum was not necessary the work of Axumite (Tigrayan ?) ‘Alone’. Check the following document on You Tube from AXUM if you can control your illiterate brain to learn and stop claiming blood purity like Fascists and Nazi Germans the teachings you got it from the TPLF ‘apartheid guerrilla’ brain washing books. Cool down your temper of looking blood purity and know who we Tigrayans are made breed out of and including our Tigrayan nobles and Emperors.

    Check this document and learn who you are and who your rulers were before talking your rubbish blood purity ‘poor soul”. Fiseha on Axum History.avi

    The father of Sibagadis is Shum A-game woldu, who is only half Saho (by his mother). Shum A-game woldu’s father was a young , unmarried boy who hailed from the household of queen Amlakawit of A-game, and who, nonetheless, did not publicly “claim woldu as his son because of his aristocratic family’s sensitivity of having extramarital with, and an illegitimate child from, a low class, and a Muslim, saho woman”. If you go to the family of Sebagadis and Sehul, you will ended up in the Amhara ethnic blood.

    Emperor Yohannes is similar Assawurta, Tigre and Amhara.
    His great-great grand son Ras Mengesha Seyoum is similar. His mother is Woloye and his father Tigraya and Amhara and Assawurta.

    May I go on to all the rulers of Tigray beginning from Axumite all the way to the present TPLF? No, I do not think you want me to do so. Meles Zenawi is half Gojame and half Eritrea and some Adua origin. That is even with out mentioning that he told the Libyan leaders he has Yemeni on his blood.

    Some TPLF leaders are British,Tigray and Eritrea. Some prominent Axumite priests, Fitawrari and so on that I know of are taken as ‘pure’ Axumite are from Amhara, Eritrea (Mendefera) , Wollo, Gojam, Tigre mixed blood as the Aduans. Many Tigre guerrilla from TPLF leaders and their fighters are half Amhara, Agew, Eritrea, Tigre and so on. So, who are you talking with? You are talking to a Tigrayan who knows your dirty laundry better than you the fascist who claimed 100% pure which no Tigre is pure unless stupid and illiterate believed it.
    Gebru Asrta is half Amhara on his father and Tigray on his mother ( a fellow who is respected for no corruption crime not as the corrupted 100% Tigre blood claimers).

    Abay Woldu, can I go on and on and on…..? No. Why do you Fascist students still count blood purity when you yourself can’t go beyond there four parents’ generation name and stop when you can’t go further to know who and how they look like where your ancestors came from? Just because on settled there for century and claim a land does not prove his blood is from Tigre.

    There are Arabs from Axum that I knew who had kids. These children great great great grand kids will not be known as Arab cast, but from Tigre /Axum. When Time goes distance far –no one knows what their origin was. Just like the Menlik era when the Jews (Lewawuyan) came to Axume with the Tabot and remain and breed in Adigrat, Enderat and Axum and became rulers and wise men of the Axumite era (you want to know my argument- I can give you if you do not feel shame of yourself to hear it who the AXUMITEBRULERS AND WISE PEOPLE WERE).

    THE 9 Saints were claimed as Romans and Siryans, They too might have left families behind them and called Tigrayans. May be the Lubabian Jews great great…….. grand kids might the one who are claiming currently Tigrayan purity from the incompetence and unscientific claim they are jabbering.
    Tigray and Eritrea was and still is the land of conflict and war since Axumite. The Axumite King told us in his status “the brutal annexation and ethnic cleansing and captivity” in his ‘war memoirs’ told us he used to transfer entire village or locality and transferred them to live to a very far areas evicted from their native village and mixed them with other ethnic as punishment to be subordinate to his rule.

    This mixing and eviction of thousands and thousands of captive warriors and their families and localities from Axum to Gonder, from Gonder to Eritrea, from Nuva to Tigray/Axum and so on and so on. You can call them Tigray or Amhara or Eritrea, but you can’t definitely go to their blood and purify it that they are this or that as your fascist teachers misguided you. They really did a bad crime on the mind of the Tigrayan new generation. Sad. Again do not forget to see this video to watch it and learn from it to know who you are. Fiseha on Axum> TPLF ilitrate elemnts are the only who claimed none mixed race different than the rest of Ethiopia! It is odd! Is not it?


    You guys, you are advised to restrain from talking about ethnic purity. The more you argue about purity, you are inviting to expose our negative history to the enemies. I am forced by illiterate TPLF students to challenge them and it is not my fault if I expose our skeleton. Be aware of that. “ASA GORGUARI- ZENDO YAWETAL”.

    For your information- I have never ashamed of my being Tigrayan as this present time. TPLF is a fascist who destroy the Ethiopia fabric and mercenary who landlocked Ethiopia and committed ethnic cleansing against the Amhara, Gambela and the rest by his thuggish nobles assigned in every corner of the country. TLF is corrupt and it sticks worst than the feudal nobles of the Feudal era. TPLF writers like Yemane G/Meskel openly preaches and preferred the rule of Italian fascist to the Tigrayans than King Haileselassie’s rule. I have never seen and felt shame for those like TPLF Tigrayans and some EPLF Eritrean elites who love, appreciated and preferred Fascist Mussolini than King Haileselassie. TPLF and its puppets stinks bad in history.

    Fascism needs to be removed from Ethiopian society. Even Tigrayans like Asgede (one of the founder of TPLF in Dedebit camp) and others like him are now telling us how TPLF is getting desperate and fascistically controlling the society. Believe me, I do not want you to call me Tigrayan. Call me anything you want from the Ethiopian ethnics as long as you do not call me white or European or Arab or Nigeria and so on. Take that Tigrayan fascism for you. I know who I am I do not need Fascist laboratory to tell me who Ia ma who they are. Count your blood to yourself. I live in this century not in the feudal era of the Zemene Mesafint.

    I do not want to be called Tigrayan for not taking the blame and the shame of the Fascist TPLF crime to what it did to others. It is my business whom I want to call myself not you or any Fascist who have no clue what century they are living in.

    Stay in Your Adigrat blood counting history. I do not live there. “I live in a free country outside TPLF’s territory” as Gezaee correctly said it to some of you EthniKos!

    If you as you claim you know me, why are feeling shy to come and talk to me and debate me about your pure Tigrayan or Wedi Adigratinet with your childish and illiterate brain and I will tell you who or I am if that is your concern?

    Listen to my childhood friend Memhir Fesiha here and educate yourself so you cool down your hot head from history. Fiseha on Axum History.avi

    I really love and enjoy to argue with these nut fascist breeds so that people history will record their nasty blood purity monger freaking mind.

    Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

  25. Alula says:

    ኣቶ ጌታቸው ረዳ
    የሰው ልጅ ሓረጉ ረጅም ነው ።ስለ ክቡር መለስ ዜናዊም ይሁን ስለ ሌሎች የዘር ሓረግ የዘረዘርከው ስህተት ነው። እናቱ ትግርኛ ትናገራለች ኣባቱም እንደዚሁ ፣ በኣያት ደረጃ ከሄድክ ደግሞ ያው ነው፣ ትናንት ኣፄ ሚኒሊክና ጣልያን ተመካክረው የፈጠሯትን ኤርትራ ለማጥበቅ ከሆነ ውሃም ኣይቋጥርልህም!ኣያቱ ከጎጃም መምጣቱም ሌላ ዘር ኣያሰኘውም! ምክንያቱም ኣማራና ትግራይ በዘር ኣይለያዩም በቦታ እንጂ። ያምሆነ ይህ ግን እንዲህ የሚያንጠረጥርህ ከበስተጀርባህ የሆነ ችግር ኣለብህ!
    በኔ እምነት ወያነ ኢትዮጵያን ከጥፋት ኣድኗል የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብንም ነፃ ኣውጥቷል! ይህን ሁሉ ግን ኣይታይህም ምክንያቱም በስተጀርባህ ሆኖ እንዲህ የሚያሰኝህ ጋርዶሃልና! ወያነ ባይኖር ኢትዮጵያ ምን ትሆን እንደነበረ ለመገመት ኣያዳግትም።
    ወያነዎች የትግራይ ህዝብ ልጆች ናቸው! ጠላህ ኣልጠላህ ራስክን ከማቃጠል ኣልፈህ ምንም የምታመጣው ነገር የለም!ያም ሆነ ይህ ብቻ እዚህ ጥላቻህን ከማፀባረቅ ረጋ ብለህ ብትወያይ መረዳት ወይንም ማስረዳት ትችላለህ!

  26. bruck says:

    thanks getachew. this can be a good lesson to the illitrate & narrow minded idiots. for those ignorants who do not know how the people this country are intetwinned.

  27. GETACHEW REDA says:

    to the illiterate TPLF cult Alula;

    Your argument with me showed nothing based on what I argued except the guiding principal accusation of TPLF’s silly habit “BESTE Jerba And Negere Menor Alebet” (That how they murder , arrest many Ethiopians in the name of BESTE JERBA’ just like Derg used to do ” arrest and kill him/her he/she must have some thing “ESTE JERBA”.

    Leaving your silliness aside- I want you to argue with me efficiently and maturely. I will come back with what TPLF did to Ethiopia in clear explanation later tomorrow. For now, I want you to debate with me how you know Meles Zenawi’s family except saying Meles’s mother speaks Tigringa. Is this enough argument for readers to argue with me?

    I want you to explain their family roots on both sides and their names. I can. I am waiting for your silly argument to explain to us how you came to devalue my argument.

    Hello! I am here waiting – explain to us his family roots and names one by one on both sides, then I will believe your argument. until you do that, you are illiterate ignorant. I am glad you have no problem with the rest of my argument except with your leader’s blood line.

    The other point is he land of Homosexual. Even the police rapes prisoners. watch this evidence how your Ethiopia is turned to homosexual under your TPLF system shame on you ‘Fgs’!!! check the following video

    EOTC “ስለ ኢትዮጵያ ዝም አንልም ግብረ ሰዶማዊነት በኢትዮጵያ የ666 አሰራር” በደረጀ ነጋሸ ዘወይንዬ

  28. GETACHEW REDA says:


    Dear Awramba;

    Our commentaries/responses to our opponents are posted very late. You need to post them on timely manner. I can see my comments hanging waiting for moderator to post them. please post them on time.

    Getachew Reda

  29. Alula says:

    For those of you who hates TPLF, TPLF is on its soil ,therefore, be better than it if you can be & takeover it’s places! Nevertheless , hating can never get you anywhere! You can’t accomplish anything by hating! TPLF is there after it won over every political entities!
    Take it easy!

  30. GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian semay) says:

    From GETACHEW REDA (editor Ethiopian SemaY)

    Did not I tell you guys earlier that the TPLF cults have no knowledge to defend their party or government system they worship when asked tough questions to answer them?

    I know, that is how knew earlier Alula and his likes will run away from answering what they were talking about when asked what they said or defended.
    I hate to debate and argue with TPLF and OLF cults. They are ill informed cults.
    Hate have nothing to do with question I ask you Alula.

    Again, I will ask you what does Biher, Behere Seb and Hizboch means what we saw you used them that you got it from your TPLF teachings? How hard is it to answer. if you do not know it – that is fine. But do not use the word hate here. It is a question given to you to teach us that we asked you what it means when you used those three classifications you used them.

    Thanks Getachew Reda

  31. Mehari Kitaw says:

    Do you really konw ? Who did the bombing? Under Ethiopian airforce a helicopter is flying to adigrat and bombing the school, then waiting for half an hour. Do the same thing again and fly away with helicopter speed to eritrea. The time to intercept using jet from mekela is may be desterbed? Or the one flying the helicopter is TPLF.

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