Bedele Brewery cancels Teddy Afro’s “Journey of Love” Concert


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172 Responses

  1. Ethiopia says:

    It’s official tplf has succeeded in killings Ethiopia our history is hated by oromos now promos could be the biggest threat to Ethiopia s existence

    • doro says:

      Amhara is the majority ethnic in Ethiopia ..fuck them all . fuck bedele birra ….we will drink ” kids georgise ..and one more think fuck TPLF/OLF

      • Amara Worku says:

        Doro please read more about Ethiopia Amhara is not the Majority ethnic in Ethiopia,No information is better than wrong information,

        • GISST says:


      • KG says:

        Doro Ras , pleasebe civilized ,and use the right vocabulary, that is not Ethiopian tradition .

      • Weredekal says:

        Yes you are “doro ras” you can not even do simple math!
        At least go to Wikipedia and see for your self the % of Amaras!

      • Yilma Belay says:

        I am so sorry Amhara is so poor to drink beer. do nt you know this! more than 30% of amhara are beggers and homless! the rest are farmers who even dont have shoe on their feet! so poor amhara! let us enjoy bedele now the south people and of course the rich oromos and gurages and of course the tigraians! we all will fight our enemies, the AMAHARAS1

        • samuel says:

          Hey dear brother,i am not sure if i am correct but 90% of ethiopian are poor and living in a very low life stye. so are you saying zat 90% of Ethiopian are Amhara? Dont mix up hater and fact please, hater is one thing and fact is another. Everybody in Ethiopia is poor. Most of Ethiopians are Farmers. Do you know you are insulting oromos and the south people when you insult farmers? please grow up!

        • saw says:

          Yeah man, i and all historians remember you hide all your foods when the Amhara and Tigrian people were starving to death in 1977. Well if you hate us so much that is a burden to you, but we didn’t hate you, and we will not. We might be poor and we might even like to drink beer, so there comes our local beer Tella, you are invited to drink it (it is quit tasty, and you will love it, no charges for you rich people). Rich people with burden of hate, just try to relax and try to read some history books when you have time after counting all the money you earned. Don’t base all your thoughts and believes on mights (of course you should depend of mights since that is your tradition, but you should really start to read and write based on facts and professional opinions). You probably might believe what I said in the beginning, about the Oromo people hiding the food, if you believe me you are just a fool, I just made that up; I am only 30 years old and I am not historian so don’t believe what i said. Don’t even believe what the historians said, just read more books written from different angels (even if historian try to write their books with lots of evidence there is always error since their is some interpretations by them). So Yilma the rich guy, put some cash from your pocket and buy some books, and of course tell your rich ethnic people to start reading and writing. I want to add one point here, the Internet is a place to spread mights, everything written is not correct; in the academic circle quoting Wikipedia is not allowed. Be careful about what you said, because it might hurt your resume in the future, or it might even hurt yourself in the future. One last thing – put your cash in a bank.

        • and says:

          We have already defeated them. The only thing left is to fight Amharic with English. This will be also alright.

    • typical habesha.. narrow minded motherfuckers, that can’t see past their nose.

    • dawit says:

      not only oromo we southern also offended
      bay tedy comment, tedy should say sorry to all opresed nation and nationality,
      GOD bless OPDO/EPRDF

    • melash says:

      Keep history in the Museum. Propagating ethnic sentiments no matter from which side it comes will destroy the already fragile ethnic relationships. Menelik’s legacies have pros and cons from different angles. It is not only the Oromos that do not want the propagation, by the way. The rejections are made all other ethnic societies except the Amhara. So, why blow the fool’s trumpet if you want a united Ethiopia. Fortunately and may be unfortunately for some, this country belongs to all the ethnic societies. Menelik can get the praises and honors in the museum and history books. It is that simple for historical record purposes. All other attempts have negative implications, like it or not.

      • equality says:

        Menelik well known oppressive and killer. You have a right to call him a hero.The fact of the matter is the majority Ethiopians oppressed, murdered and slaved by his administration. Therefore he can’t be a hero for ethiopians.

        Some people keep mentioning some of his achievement especially the introduction of modernization and defending the country from failing under colonial power. That is true. But, majority of ethiopians (oromo + people in the south) were not free, forced to be slave by his adminstration.

      • Tamagn Beyene says:

        well said, but then your message should be for Tedy afro who tried to divid our unity by exclusively focusing on people who have made crims against humanity! by he way i dont think any body is narrow minded to object what Tedy is doing! you see if your journy is journy of love and preaching unity, then u shoud watch your mouth! I think Tedy should revise his history knoweledge! thxs!

      • Anteneh says:

        The only sensible thing I’ve read is what you wrote my friend. I for one am Amhara but want to have a united Ethiopia so desperately and i’m willing to work in peace and harmony with all ethnic groups of Ethiopia like the majority of people living in Ethiopia. I’m not a fan of teddy for musical reason alone but whatever he says or not say shouldn’t matter enough to make this much outrage.

      • and says:

        What you read from habesha or Semitic history is as they were not Ethiopian they came from Arabian peninsula and Yemen so they should stop saying “Ethiopia hagere”.

    • Sleshi Chekol says:

      First of all I don’t think the name ‘Ethiopia’ deserves to such an idiot thinker. Secondly people as a people couldn’t be a threat to its country. But such an idiot thinkers. Ethiopia is a nation of all its people. It is made of the good will and consent of all its citizens for their betterment. So why do you think that Ethiopia be threatened by the Oromo people? Why it is not be threatened by Amara or Tigray? or other ethnic group? This all nationalities have their own and equal say in Ethiopia. To drink or to deny Bedele….to celebrate or ignore the death of Menelik coudn’t be the indicator to measure the Ethiopian-ism.Menelik has bad deeds to the people of Oromo. So that this people may not accept him as a hero rather a barbaric. So this couldn’t threaten Ethiopia and its people. Let’s measure our Ethiopianism as to what we and others contributed individually or in a group to its development. The threats are those who stood in its way to development.

    • Bona Gadaa says:

      if this is a real action, we appreciate.And we Oromos Love others given that we all respect each other .Hence, it is time for the Amhara groups to do two important things.1.stop praising the old rulers/kings who were opperessing the Oromos and other ethnic groups in Ethiopia.2nd- the Amhara politicians and all others should be ready for reconciliation for the sake of Ethiopians Unit.No need to talk about fake unit unless they settle the old evil deeds done by their rulers ,not to raise again.

    • Oromia says:

      As long as such criminal like Menelik is respected and used as the Ethiopian hero, Oromos have the right to show their opposition. Ethiopia will never ever be united in the way few neftegnas are thinking.

    • Lammii says:

      Dear Ethiopia, it is better to think critically before accusing anybody. Put yourself in place of Tigrians, Wolayitas, Sidamas, Oromos etc. whose ancestors were massacred by Menelik’s evil act. Ethiopia cannot be belonged and represented by a certain group. We had better focus on building Ethiopia whom all ethnic groups will be happy about. Today we have a lot of problems as a nation which have left us with many home works. Let’s all focus on positive things. All should get their fair share in all aspects of the country.

    • Jigo says:

      Teddy don’t play with fire the future of ethiopia will be under Oromo hunde , respect our ppl , our value its 21st century

    • Geleta says:

      በሀገር: ውስጥና: በውጭ: ለምትገኙ: ለሙታን: አምላኪዎችና: ሙታን: ጠሪ: ኋላ: ቀር: ከኛ: በላይ: አዋቂ: ላሳር: ለምትሉ: ያላዋቂ: አበሾች:: በሙሉ:
      በእርግጥ: ታሪካችን: የምትሉት: ሁሉ: የሞተና: አልፎም: የበሰበሰ: እንደሆነ: የሚታወቅ: ቢሆንም: ከዛሬ: ጀምሮ: ግን: ሙት: ማምለክና: ከሙት: ጋር: መወዳጀት: ሻይ: ቡና: ማለት: አብሮ: መታየት: በጥብቅ: የተከለከለና: የተከለከለ: መሆኑን: እየገለጽን: ለዚህ: ውሳኔ: ተገዝ: የማይሆን: እያንዳንዱ: አበሻ: በተለይ: አማራ: ከተገኘ: በሀገር: ውስት: የሚገኙትን: ካለምንም: ማስተንቀቅያ: ከያላችሁበት: በመልቀም: ወደ: እስር: ቤት: ሳይሆን: የባሰ: አስፈሪና: የረሀብ: የችግር: እንዲሁም: የእርዛት: ስፍራ: ወደ: ሆነው: ማለትም: አማራ: ምድር: በመባል: ወደ: ሚታወቀው: የተረገመ: ደረቅ: ሰፊ: የቁም: እስር: ቤት: የመመለስ: እርምጃ: የምንወስድ: መሆናችንን: እየገለጽን: ከሀገር: ውጪ: በሚገኙትም: ላይ: በተመሳሳይ: መልኩ: ተመጣጣኝ: እርምጃ: ለመውሰድ: እስካሁን: በዚች: አለም: ላይ: ከአማራ: ምድር: ጋር: ተመጣጣኝ: የሆነ: አስከፊ: ስፍራ: ለማግኘት: የተቸገርን: ሲሆን: አብዛኛው: የስብሰባ: ተካፋይወች: ከሲኦል: በቀር: ከአማራ: ምድር: ጋር: ተመጣጣኝ: የሆነ: አስከፊ: ስፍራ: እንደሌለ: ቢጠቁሙም: ፍለጋው: ግን: ቀጥሏል: እንደ: ተገኘ: ግን: አድራሻውን: እንደምናስታውቅ: ከወዲሁ: እየገለጽን: ከዚህ: ደካማ: ተግባራችሁ: እንድትቆጠቡም: ግን: የመጨረሻ: ምክራችን: ነው::
      በመጨረሻ: አንዱ: የስብሰባ: ተሳታፊ: የተናገሩትን: አስገራሚ: አስተያየት: በመጥቀስ: ይህንን: አጭር: ምክር: ለማጠቃለል: እንገደዳላለን:: የአማራ: ምድር: እንደዚህ: የምድር: ሲኦል: በጭራሽ: አስፈሪ: የረሀብ: የችግር: እንዲሁም: የእርዛት: ስፍራ: መሆኑን: አላውቅም: ነበር: አሁን: ግን: አንድ: የገባኝ: ነገር: ቢኖር: ለካስ: ሀበሾቹ: እኛን: የደቡቡን: ሰዎች: ወደውን: ሳይሆን: አንድነት: እያሉ: የሚያናፉት: ለችግራቸው: ማስታገሻ: መድሃኒት: እንድንሆናቸው: ነው: ሲሉ: ተደምጠዋል:: አስገራሚ: አስተያየት::

      ማሳሰቢያ: በመጨረሻ: ይህ: ከላይ: የተገለጸው: እርምጃ: ከሙት: አምላኪነት: ያልተሰለፉትንና: ቀደም: ብለው: ተሳትፈው: ስህተት: መሆኑን: ተረድተው: የተመለሱትን: ሀበሾች: አይጨምርም::

      • ay geleta says:

        at geleta

        ay yanante neger. Enten ena shinefila baitebut ayteram tel neber yachi ayate

        Shinfela neger neh. Yesew gemash

      • በለው! says:

        በሀገርም ውስት ሆነ በውጭ ዓለም ሀገራችሁን ለነጭ የሸጣችሁ”የሙስሊም ኦሮሞ የሜንጫ አብዮት አራማጅና ማንነታችሁን ለፋፋና ወተት ዱቄት ለሚሽነሪስት የጀወራችሁ እምዬ ምንይልክ ሰው ያደረጋችሁ ጋሎችም ብትሆኑ!ቢቻል በ፲፮ኛው ክ/ዘመን ከመጣችሁበት ማዳጋስካር ውጡ!ወይንም ከመጣው ከሄደው ሁሉ እንደአህዮቻችሁ እየተነዳችሁና እየፈሳችሁ ሃይማኖታችሁን እንደጨርቅ ወደምትለዋውጡበት አረብ ሀገርም ብትሄዱ መልካም ነው። ጋላን ማሰልጠን ፻ዓመት ከፈጅ እግዜር ሲፈጥራችሁ እነዴት ተበሳጭቷል ማለት ነው!? ድሮስ የሰው ልጅን ሁሉ ሠርቶ ሲጨርስ በእጁ እጣቢ ፈትሯችኋልና የሚቀጥለውንም ትሪሊኒየም እንዳላችሁ በጨረቃ ጥላ ይዛችሁ እናገኛችኃለን።ግን ጋላ ኦሮሞ ተባለው ለምን ነበር? በግዛት መስፋፋት ሄደበትን ሀገር ሁሉ በሜንጫ ስለጨረሰ አሁን ጨዋ መሳይ ኦሮሞ እያለ ያናፋል..አረመኔ ሰው በላ ሰው ልጅ ከእነነፍሱ ገደል ሚጨምር ቤተክርስቲያን የሚያቃጥል መሓይም ማህበር ነው።አሁንማ የሳውዲ አረቢያ የሴቶቻቸው ንግድ አላዋጣም የጡት ሐውልት ወርተው ሴት ህጻናትን የቱሪስት መስዕብ አድርገው ደግመው ለባሪያ አሳዳሪዎቻቸው ሊሸጡ ነው።አቤት ነጮች አሁን ጋላን መሳቂያ አደረጉት ቻይና ህንድ አረብ ቱርክ ዲቃላ በዲቃላ ሊያደርገው ነው አሁን የእባብ ሾርባ ውሻ ትብስ ድመት ወጥ ትበላላህ ጠብቅ ነጭ ጤፍ እንጀራ በዶሮ ወጥ የለም…ዕድሜ ለሻቢያና ህወአት በል ከአመአራ መሬት ተነጥቆ ተሰጠህ ቋንቋህን ትነፋላህ ማን ያዳምጥልሃል ለመሆኑ ከጋላ መን ይደመጣል! ይህ በደሌ በለቤት እንዴት አሸባሪ አረመኔ ጨካኝ ሰው በላ ሠፈር ስለሠላም ይዘፈን ይሰበክ አለ?ጋላ ፳፪ዓመት ሲያናፋና ሲያንዛርጥ ኖራል!!ወንዝ ላይ ደም ማፍሰስ ዛፍ ቅቤ ከመቀባት ቻት ከመጋት ጨሌ ከማቃጨል ሌላ ማን ሙያና ክብር አለውና ገለታ ለህወአትሻቢያ ቂቱን እየገረፈ ያስገብረዋል…የሙስና ሻንጣ ተሸካሚ.ነፍሰጋዳይ አድርጎ ይረግጠዋል!ግን ፓርላማው በቦቲ ሽታ ቆነሰ እያለ እየተማረሩ ነው፡ ሚስጥር ነው!

        • geleta says:

          አቤት: ውሸት:
          አቤት: ውሸት: ያበሻ: ውሸት:
          የቱን: ብዬ: የቱን: ልተው:
          አበሻ: እንደሁ: ራሱ: ውሸት:
          ተራ: ወሬ: ቅራቅንቦ: ተረትም: ነው:
          ሳንበላ: በልታችኋል:
          እየጠማን: ረክታችኋል:
          ታርዘንም: ለብሳችኋል:
          ደሞ: ይሉናል: ይነግሩናል:
          ታሪካቸው: መቼ: ያልቃል:
          ድፍረታቸውስ: መች: ያበቃል:
          የዛሬውን: ስንላቸው: ይኧ: የታል:
          ምን: ገዷቸው: ታሪክ: እንደሁ: እንዳሻቸው:
          የትላንቱን: ያባቶችን: ዘመን: ጥጋብና: ስልጣኔ: ይነግሩናል:

          አቤት: ውሸት: ያበሻ: ውሸት:
          የቱን: ብዬ: የቱን: ልተው:
          አበሻ: እንደሁ: ራሱ: ውሸት:
          ተራ: ወሬ: ቅራቅንቦ: ተረትም: ነው::
          ሁሉ: ነገር: የሀበሻ: መታወቂው:
          ከማንም: ጋር: ሳይታገል:
          እንደዚሁ: ቀዳሚ: ነው:
          ደሞ: ይሉናል: ይነግሩናል:
          ታሪካቸውስ: መቼ: ያልቃል:
          ድፍረታቸውስ: መች: ያበቃል:
          የኛ: ቋንቋ: ያ: የጥንቱ: የመጀመሪያው:
          ያዳምና: የሄዋንም: መግባቢያ: ነው:
          ደሞ: ይሄ: አረንጓዴ: ቢጫ: ቀዩ: የምታየው:
          ባምላክ: ትእዛዝ: ለዚች: ሀገር: የተሰጠ: ስጦታ: ነው:

          አቤት: ውሸት: ያበሻ: ውሸት:
          የቱን: ብዬ: የቱን: ልተው:
          አበሻ: እንደሁ: ራሱ: ውሸት:
          ተራ: ወሬ: ቅራቅንቦ: ተረትም: ነው:
          የዘመናት: አቆጣጠር: ልጆች: ስሙ: እንደዚህ: ነው:
          የሰው: ሲሆን: ከተቻለ: እንደ: ደንቡ: መዋሸት: ነው
          ያገርን: ግን: ልብ: በሉ: መቶው: አመት: ሶስት: ሺህ: ነው:
          በቃ: አለቀ: ሶስት: ሺህ: ነው: ሶስት: ሺህ: ነው::
          ደሞ: ይሉናል: ይነግሩናል:
          ታሪካቸውስ: መቼ: ያልቃል:
          ድፍረታቸውስ: መች: ያበቃል:
          የመሲሁን:: ልደት: እንኳን: የጌታችን::
          በዚሁ: በዘዴያችን: ተጠቅመን: ሰባት: አመት: የቀነስን:
          ማን: መሰልንህ: እኛ: እኮ: ነን:
          ወይ: ነዶ: እስልምናን: ቀደም: ብለን: ያለመቀበላችን:
          የነቢዩ: እድሜ: ብቻ: ለመዋሸት: አመለጠን:

          አቤት: ውሸት: ያበሻ: ውሸት:
          የቱን: ብዬ: የቱን: ልተው:
          አበሻ: እንደሁ: ራሱ: ውሸት:
          ተራ: ወሬ: ቅራቅንቦ: ተረትም: ነው:
          የሚያሳፍረው: ልመና: የሚኮራናን:
          የሚያኮራው: ስራ: ደግሞ: ሚያሳፍረን:
          ማን: መሰልንህ: እኛ: እኮ: ነን:
          ደሞ: ይሉናል: ይነግሩናል:
          ታሪካቸውስ: መቼ: ያልቃል:
          ድፍረታቸውስ: መች: ያበቃል:
          አያውቁንም: ደግሞ: መሰል: ማን: እንደሆን:
          ክቡሩ: ከምትሉት: ጋብቻ: ውጪ: የተረገዝን: የተወለድን:
          የጋለሞታይቱ: ልጆች: ሞአንበሶች: ዲቃሎቹ: እኛ: እኮ: ነን
          ክብራን: ስመ: ጥሮች: ጥርት: ያልን:
          ማን: መሰልንህ: እኛ: እኮ: ነን:

          አቤት: ውሸት: ያበሻ: ውሸት:
          የቱን: ብዬ: የቱን: ልተው:
          አበሻ: እንደሁ: ራሱ: ውሸት:
          ተራ: ወሬ: ቅራቅንቦ: ተረትም: ነው::
          ያበሻ: ምድር: አቢሲንያ: ዛሬ: ያልናት: ኢትዮጵያ:
          ጥንትም: ዛሬም: ወደፊትም: በስልጣኔ: የአለም: አርአያ:
          ደሞ: ይሉናል: ይነግሩናል:
          ታሪካቸውስ: መቼ: ያልቃል:
          ድፍረታቸውስ: መች: ያበቃል::
          ለረሀብህ: እንደዚሁም: ለጥማትህ: የሚረዳህ: ማስታገሻ:
          ሂድ: ተመልከት: ዙርና: ጎብኝ: ያባቶችን: ታሪክና: ማስታወሻ:
          ደግሞም: ኩራ: ባንተነትህ:
          አንገት: መድፋት: ምን: በወጣህ:
          ብትራብም: ብትጠማም: ዛሬ: እንደዚህ: ብትጎሰቁል:
          ልጅ: እኮ: ነህ: የዛ: ጨካኝ: የጡት: ቆራጭ: የባለ: ድል:

          አቤት: ውሸት: ያበሻ: ውሸት:
          የቱን: ብዬ: የቱን: ልተው:
          አበሻ: እንደሁ: ራሱ: ውሸት:
          ተራ: ወሬ: ቅራቅንቦ: ተረትም: ነው::
          ደሞ: ይሉናል: ይነግሩናል:
          ታሪካቸውስ: መቼ: ያልቃል:
          ድፍረታቸውስ: መች: ያበቃል::

          • በለው! says:

            አቤት: ውሸት:የጋላ ውሸት!
            ሀገር ሃይማኖት ያልነበረው ጨካኝ አረመኔ አራዊት
            ጨፍጫፉ እድሜ ለጀርምን ፐሮቴስታንት
            ቀለም አስቆጠሩት ፌደል ቀረፁለት
            በውሸት ሃይማኖትና ታሪክ አጠመቁት
            ወንጀልህ እዲረሳ ‘ኦሮሞ” ነህ አሉት፡
            በሸዋ በጎንደር በጎጃም በወሎ የጨፈጨፈውን
            አርዶ የባላውን ገደል የጨመረውን ባረኩና ፈጠሩት
            ቤተክርስቲያን መስጊድ ያቃጠለውን ሁሉ ሸፈኑለት
            የውሸት ማንነት ከአሸባሪ ታጋይ ብለው መጽሀፍ ጻፉለት
            ልጆቹን በማደጎ በፋፋ በወተት ዴቄት ገዙለት
            የሚሽነሪ ተላላኪ ምሁር ታሪከኛ አስኙለት
            የዘመኑ መብሊያ እንግዲህ ሙስሊም ሁን አሉት
            አሸባሪ ሁንና ታዋቂ ሁን ሜንጫህን አንሳት!
            የጋላን ኦሮሞ ጥሯቸው እነማን የት ምንድነው የተማሩት?
            ታሪኩ የሚሽነሪስት ማደጎዎች ናቸው የሚደነፉት
            ያበሻ: ምድር: አቢሲንያ: ዛሬ: ያልናት: ኢትዮጵያ:
            ጥንትም: ዛሬም: ወደፊትም: በስልጣኔ: የአለም: አርአያ:
            ቆርሰው ተካፍለው የሻቢያህወአት እግር አጣቢ ሆነው
            ያመራ ይጣፋ ይላሉ የጥንት ታሪክ ክበርና ዝናው
            የራሳቸውን ሰው በላነት በእምዬ ምንይልክ ዳፋ ለጥፈው
            ከ፫ሺህ ዘመን አመኑ መቶውን አይ ድሃና መሐይምን ባንዳ ነውረኛ ገንጣይ ገጠመና ጨፈረ ሚኒሊየምን!
            እባካችሁ ተውን የተኛነውን ሞቱ አትበሉን አይሞቀንም አይበርደን አስቲ ይሁን በለው! እናውቃለን ይህ ገል አፈር መሆኑን!
            (ለበለጠ መረጃ “ገለበው ስንጎጎ ዘብሔረ ጋሞ” ላቶ ቡልቻ ደመቅሰና ለጀርመን ድምፅ ሬዲዮ የአማርንእኛ ሬዲዮ (ግልፅና ግልብ ደብዳቤን) ማናቸውም ሰው ጋላም ቢሆን የማንበብ ግዴታ አለበት።

          • Dave says:

            Abet Wushet
            ye qomata wushet!

      • ዲነግዴ says:

        አባቱ ፣ ህልም ላይ ነሽ መሰለኝ ፣ ነቃ በይ እስኪ ፣ አንድ ብሄር ላይ እንደዚህ ክፋት መመኘት ግን መልካም ነው ፣
        ሚኒሊክ ሁሉንም አልገዛ ያላቸውን ወግተዋል ይህ የማይካድ ሀቅ ነው ፣ ዘር ለይተው ያረጉት ነገር የለም ፣ ጦርነት ሁሌም አሰቃቂ ነው ፣ ውጤቱም የከፋ ነው ፣ እኝህ ንጉስ የሰሩትን መልካም ነገር አንስቶ መዘከር ግን ክፋት ያለው አይመስለኝም፡
        ልቦና ይስጥህ

        • Geleta says:

          ወይ:ጉድ: ለካ: እውነት: ነው: ተረቱ: “ቆማጣን: ቆማጣ: ካላሉት: ገብቶ: ያጨማልቃል:” የተባለው: አንተ: ቆይ: ቆይ: እኔ: ከቆማጣ: ጋር: አወራለሁ? እርግጥ: ነው: ካልተቆመጡት: ካልለየላቸው: ጋር: አንዳንዴ: በስህተት: ይወራል: ይሆናል:: አንተ፡ ግን: እጅህን: ብትጠቀልለውም: አካሄድህ: በደንብ: ያስታውቃል: ይሄ: ምን: የሆነ ስድ: የስድ: ንባብ: ነው: ባካችሁ:፡ ለማንኛውም: አንተ: መቱን: ከተቆማመጥከው: ጋር: ሳይሆን: እኔ: እያወ ራሁ: ያለሁት: ከዛ: ገና: ለገና: እንዳይቆመጥ: ሌሊት: እየመጣ: ከሚጮህብኝ: ከተንበሬ: ላይ: ቆሞ: ከሚያሞጋግሰኝ: ላሊበላ: ጋር: ነው:፥ እግረመንገዴን: ግን: “አማራ: በስም: የከበረ: ባጓት: የሰከረ” የሚለው: በቅርብ: የሚወጣው: ፊልሜ: ላይ: ያኛው: ላሊበላን: በመወከል: አንተ: ደግሞ: እራስህን: ማለት: ቆማጣ: ሆነህ: እንድትጫወትልኝ: ሳትወድ: በግድህ: አስጠነቅቅሃለሁ:: ግጥምህን: ግን: እንደ: ስምህ: በለው: ብያለሁ:: የገባኝ: ነገር: ቢኖር: ገና: ብዙ: ላስተምርህ: እንደሚገባኝም: ነው: የተረዳሁት: እርግጠኛ: ነኝ: ካንድ: የቆማጣ: ቡድን: መሪ: ማንም: እንደዚህ: የደከመ: ግጥም: አይሉት: ግጣም: አይጠበቅም::
          እንደው: ጥቂት: ለትምህርትህ:
          ወይ: አበሻ: አበሻነት:
          አቤት: ውሸት: ተፍታፋነት:
          ዘብራቃነት: ቀልማዳነት:
          ደግሞ: ፍርሃት: ቦቅቧቃነት:
          መንበጫበጭ: ቦጭቧጫነት:
          ከንቱ: ስድብ: ለማኝነት:
          ባዶ : ኩራት: ተራ: ተረት:
          በቃ: ይህን: ነው: የተካኑት:
          የኛ: አበሾች: የተሞሉት: የታጠቁት:
          ምንም: የለም: የሚጠበቅ: ከዚህ: ሌላ:
          ዛሬም: ነገም: ሁሌመ: ያው: ነው:
          ለነ: በለው: ለነ: ጣሰው: ለነ: ሞላ:

    • Selam says:

      I think this is a matter of marginalizing the Amhara. But since Amhara is a large and influential great society, you can’t achieve your goal. This has been observed over country’s long history. You are always complaining about the Amhara but you could not achieve any thing that could marginalize this society even though you tried before decades and you are playing the same game. So the only way to live with us is to treat us in a fair way, otherwise you will pay the price today or tomorrow. You should learn from history. We paid a lot during the last decades from foreigners and local narrow minded elites. We lost our young during Italian war, derg regime(from both sides: red terror and white terror). Shortly we are the one who lost lives from both sides. But still we are the one who preach for the solidarity and unity of the people of the country. You are destroying the cement of this country. Be aware of this!

      • Feisel says:

        Poorest nation well known for its starvation, can’t even feed its own people in the 21 century tnx to the leadership u are proud of. Can’t u even feel guilty. If the Amhara people supporting what Minilik ll has done they have no great influence on our country at all. All the good people from all kind of ethinisity have great influence on their country. The one who suffer and killed has great influence on Ethiopia. Not only Amhara.

      • thesouthman says:

        Who was destroyed during red terror they were amaras and tigers.whose soldiers defeated foreign forces? That of southerns.what you have is biting tongue but no power and mind. It is very easy for us to make you just the dust. But we are very merciful and well developed mind so we have to take Ethiopia to our shoulder so that you may leave as ordinary citzen with reduced hates and discriminations.believe that this is important for you.

    • Tsion says:

      TPLF revived and changed the course of Ethiopian History, Ethiopia’s history is TPLF’s. The infamous wars and famines where the epitomes of Ethiopia during derg and H/slasse. Do you know, of the 35 or more battles with foreigners, more than 30 of them where in Tigray (mostly) or in present day Eritrae. Guess who paid the ultimate sacrifice? So, I don’t know what history you are talking about.

      • and says:

        they came Africa recently but played a lot b/c of their bad Semitic behaviour I’ve highly different from that of Africans.

    • Name (required) says:

      whose history?

  2. ralph says:

    What kind of good citizen would like to celebrate the killing of other citizens. minilik = hitler, becouse he killed millions of southern ethiopians. I tell you this, if you ask any oromo or other southern person about what minilik did to them ,then may be you go ahead and celebrate his whatever anniversery. otherwise may be you like him becouse he is amara ,that is all I can think of.

    • and says:

      They like him b/c he masked their origin from Yemen and mixed them with other Ethiopians so that they share a lot of things including resources.

  3. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    This is EPRDF design to marginalize amhara. Then the Amhara boycot TPLF businesses too. This is a suicide committed by EPRDF.

    If the company really cancelled, then this is not democracy, but racism against Amhara people. EPRDF is committing suicide stupidly and dividing the country further into unseen ethnic tension. We have already a lot. May be this is how EPRDF will lose power sooner or later. This will divide the military, civil servants, … everything will polarized. Amhara and Oromo will see each other enemies. Hate against Tigreans will be even more worse than ever. EPFDF is really promotes racism and discrimination of to this level. Bad news for the country. I hope this will not bring violence because there will many angry people now from the other side. Perhaps EPRDF wanted now Ethnic war in Ethiopia. Good luck

    • Suleman says:

      Dear Gezaee, you seem to be very hasty in making comments all over the place. You seem to be a very avid “attention seeker”. Who said the incumbant government is to be held culpable for the campaign that has been successfuly waged by the brave oromo intellectuals? Who said the millions of educated oromos are incapable of organizing such a well thought out plan to get their voices heard? For that matter Who said Menelik is a typical embodiment or hero of the majority of the modern thinking Amara people? Who said glorifying and eulogizing menelik, if he has to be, is only the duty and responsibility of the amara people? Tell me then dear self styled “know all” attention meniac? Menelik was not even an elect of the then amara people. Menelik was in power by himself and for himself..not for the benefit of the majority ethiopians including the amara people. Besides Menelik was the culprit in killing and maiming oromos and other southern people, nations and nations as a result of his expansionist attitude. It was him who sold Eritrea to the fascist italians in return for weapons & little money, and to separate the two tigrigna speaking people who thought would be a great threat to his new found throne. Menelik’s wrongdoings were too colossal for anyone to fail to notice them. You might have a personal grudge and deep rooted hatred against EPRDF but to try to use any excuse to vent it out in public media is quite preposterous. You may as well be an Eritrean with an ulterior motive by the way! who knows….

      • Suliman, you sound a militant OLF? If you sow my comment everywhere, then you must jumping everywhere otherwise, you would not have seen my comment everywhere. Besides, you did not see my comment anywhere except at AIGA and Awramba and Zehabesha.

        I do not agree with you even 0.000000000001%. I am with Teddy Afro. I do not even believe Teddy has said such phrase. If you want to prove me wrong, then show me the audio to believe you. Otherwise, I can not take story of chauvinists, ethnicists, racists like you. Y

        You and me are galaxies apart, you are at my foot. I do not entertain tribalism, ethnicism and racism as you do. You can check all my comments and I have never preached nation or nationalities bla bla. I only think in terms of human being. We do not live like that where I live. No calling me by my tribe or ethnic or religion and … we can not afford to think the garbage Suleman. You have no the moral to talk on behalf anyone.

        I am just responding but you do not even quality to talk to me because you are tribalist and ethnicist and racist. There is space for me for tribalist no matter what tribe they belong. You are a burden of Ethiopians people.

        Go go Teddy, be more strong; God has a plan for you; This is one way of making you strong. Stay faithful. People can call you anything. There is no human thing human being can not do to other follow human being. I know from life. There are evil human being on this planet. They are those who promote hatred, injustice , crime, slavery, robbery, corruption. This has no any form of democracy. This is pure racism promoted by the ruling party to divide people and to stay on power forever. I can not afford to live a world of ethnic microcosm. This will be not value what enjoy where I live. This is lacking back to Barbarian system of the primitive society.

    • Noah says:

      @ Gezaee what does it mean by “…to marginalize amhara. Then the Amhara boycot TPLF businesses too…” U mean Bedele berwery is in “Bahirdar” or “Gondar” or owned by Amahara figure…????

      The other nonsense is who made the Amhara people were the descendant of Minlik or responsible group to repay for the evil deed of Minlik and to be praised for his good deed alone… if it was the case I would stop writing my comment further cause all the pro-Ethiopianst motto is Ethiopia belongs to every Ethiopian citizens irrespective of once outlook toward previous or current political figures…

      Anybody if critically scrutinize and criticize Minlik or its likes, it doesn’t mean that it was targeting somebody else (group)… Any rational man can make positive or negative comments on the deeds of Minliks & his likes… Criticising him has nothing to do with insulting Amahara or praising him nothing to do with Amahara either…

      As an Ethiopian (m not Amahara nor Oromo) what I understood from the recent boycott was that it was against the deed of Minlik and glorification of Minlik by Teddy knowing that it could be as volatile as we witnessed. For me, if what ever government (previous or current) malice disappoint some group its up to the group to oppose peacefully (big period…

      I liked most of your comments though I had some reservations in some. Dear Gezaee, don’t make similar mistake of undermining historical mistakes as some ignorant “Moresh” for example… Be it what ever king, president, or prime minister we had its up to the citzen to weigh out their deed, to praize them, critically scrutinize them… if it is not the case how immune are, those who were/are pro the Old kings for every good & bad, from their Ethnocentric outlook? its a big question!

    • anderg says:

      Countries with bad luck have many Semitics under them that are ugly creatures under this universe.

  4. gezer says:

    How did u make sure that he,Tedy,has said Minilink’s expansion is a ‘holy war’? You put that statement in the news as if it is an evident fact to be present in a news statement. Deceitful.

  5. john says:

    Congratulation! Shame on Ted and Bedele. Hope this will teach the uneducated and ignorant vocalist Ted and supporter of Genocide.
    Unrepentant and arrogant Amhara pointed their fingers on TPLF and Jawar to cover up their failure to stand for justice and moral value. They unity and Ethiopiawint they are preaching miserably failed and exposed as empty rhetoric.
    That is big accomplishment and success for #BoycottBedele campaign, the people of Oromo, Kaffa, Wolaita, Sidama, Somali and other southern nation and nationality. Shame of Amhara. Shame Amhara media like Zehabasha, Ethiopiazare, and the like including Ethiopianreview who nominated Ted Afro as the man of the year. Shame on you Elies Kefele. Shame on Ted face book supporters.
    The Amhara team you better look at your history. You stand naked. You left alone. Every nation and nationalities in that country hate your ideology, you carry around rotten and outdated ideology. You better apologize and reunited with the other nation and nationalities.
    The ethnic politics you started in the name of one Ethiopia, one people, one religion and one language is back firing and burning your alive. In the name of Ethiopia, you promoted and developed Amhara language and culture, you think Amhara is the only patriot. You politics is nothing more than junk in junk out. See what Blue party is saying and doing?

    • Feisel says:

      John simply u are true Ethiopian u just put out the word as it is. Amhara only worries abut Amhara they don’t care about other ethnicity.

  6. dachaas says:

    that country is good without Minilik and his legacy genocide and the in human cutler and thank you awramba times.

  7. Abegaz says:

    Although Teddy Afro denied the allegation, although Enku Magazine apologized to Teddy, Awramba times still believed in the hearsay. Very strange in Dawit Kebede’s recent behavior. My confidence in Dawit is eroding! I always believed Dawit does balanced reporting no matter others believed different. It is hurting to see in our eyes good people drifting from truth so fast.

    I believed Teddy will be the winner and beneficiary from this name tarnishing process. I do not see how his accusers and those that fanfare the accusers get advantage.

    • Abreham says:

      Hey abegaz pls dont blame dawit for such. but browse and read z magazine’s soft copy or from other blogs….dawit is doing his job……

  8. Ali says:

    Thanks GOD.
    Thanks the Henkine management.
    Thanks to all the people of Ethiopia
    This kid he have to learn the true Ethiopia hostelry
    Ethiopia is fore all
    This is good start.
    I don’t hate hime but I like hime to learn frome his mistake
    Who pay you check?
    Who make you to be famouse?
    Who make you all this respect so Whay are you heart people,s fealinge.
    Thanks God
    Thanks the Ethiopia ppl.
    With big respect each other.

  9. Nenko says:

    I hope Teddy learns something important out of this issue; he has been promoting hatred toward all tribes of Ethiopia but one. Well…it is time to leak his self inflicted wounds.

  10. OLI. D says:

    Stop sponsouring Tedy Afro concert

  11. Habtamu S says:

    ቴዲ ኣፍሮ ወደ ፍቅር ጉዞ ሊያድረግ የነብርው በደሌን ተማምኖ ሳይሆን የራሱን ፍቅር ተማምኖ ነበር፥ ያም ሆኖ ሄንከን ስፖንሰር አደርጋልሁ ስላለ ይህን ስምምነ ተቅብሎ አንድነበር ሰምትናል። ስምምንቱን በእርግጥ በጥቂት ግልስቦች ጩህት ( ጠባቦች ኣንዳልላቸው ያንስባችዋል) ሄንከን ሰርዞት ከሆነ ያስተዛዘባለ ብቻ ሳይሆን የቢራ ገበያውን ጊዮርጊስ አንዲቆጣጠርው ያደርገዋል። የቴዲ አፍሮ ሁሉን በፍቅር የማየት እሳቤ ሊገባቸው ያልቻለና ሊገባቸውም የማይችል እንደነ ጁሀር ሜንጫ ያሉ የመካከለኛው ክፍለ ዘመን የዘር ፖሊቲካ አቀንቃኞች ትናንሽ ነገር ስለሚያስደስታቸው ይህው በደሌን ብቻችሆን ተደሰቱበት፤ በእርግጠኝነት ቴዲ ጉዞውን እንደማይሰርዝ ኣምናልሁ ምክንያቱም ቀደም ሲል ጀምሮት የነበር በመሆኑ። አሁንም ሁሌም ፍቅር ያሸንፋል። አመሰግላለሁ።

  12. Alula says:

    The power of the people is working very well now! Don’t touch the scars of the people!

  13. Nemomsa Dejene says:

    All human beings are equal, no one is superior or inferior, this victory not for single nation it’s for all, our unity for ever!!!

  14. wbo says:

    Glatomi, thank you for ceo of bedele, hinken beer company.The decision you were made was fair to cancel with tedy afro contrat for sake of your business b/c this stupid guy, tedy has been playing with fire more than what we aspected and if he realy thinks for his future life he has to think wisely. We knew him since he started calling stupid hilesillase and called stupid minliik on oromoo ppl. And oromiya shame on him !!!

  15. ዳንኤል says:

    The mightiest weapon of the Devil colonialist – (todays imperialist and neo-liberal) is divide and concur. They have infiltrated our societies to destabilize them from within. I don’t need to mention countries but we all know which country targets which ethnic group specifically – calling it development. African states need to find its own solution from within as the Western devil has no interest whatsoever in the emancipation of Black people.
    1. Africa needs to reconcile with itself and its past, re-write its own history and establish dialogue amongst its citizens – this is everybody’s duty not only government
    2. we cannot change the past – but we surely can change our destiny – IMF recently released a projection that if Ethiopia was to accomplish its nation-wide train projects, dams, plantations and etc.. this will unlock great potentials of secondary nature and Ethiopia’s GDP per capital will be higher than Nigeria by 2050 – only risk internal divide of its people
    3. We are our brother’s and sister’s keepers – as long as we allow the devil West to divide us secretly we will be no good as a country nor will we be good as people.
    እግዜር ሁላችንንም ይጠብቀን። ተግባራችንን እና ሃሳባችንን ሁሉ ይባርክ።

  16. Alula says:

    Dear Dawit,

    What is wrong with you? You wrote, “Two weeks ago, Ethiopian singer Tewodros Kassahun (aka Teddy Afro) told the local Enqu magazine that he considered emperor Minelik’s imperial expansion a “holy war”.”

    Did not you read the response of Teddy Afro tp this allegation? He mentioned that he did not say it. How come you report as if you are sure that he said it?

    You are keeping on downgrading yourself. Shame on you!

  17. sabboontotaaoromo says:

    @Ethiopia, Stop blaming TPLF and Oromo ppl for every murder thing you have done against innocent ppl, you should have to accept your Genoceder king as an African Hitler not as Heros. Blame your grandfather in the first case for doing that murder things, in the case second case for wrongly programming u. you nefteng ppl are hated ppl. And you also stop learning your history form Kola temar such as ye mender asmeri(teddy afro-holy war), Tekile Yishawma (a man preach hate) and etc. instead learn the accurate history from world class Scholar.

  18. We are oromo ppl we no longer give any fuckng chance 2 someone who want 2 talk about us ni any way we gonna take our action no more inshallah. Even if thy don’t cancele we will get what thy deserved. Yeroon ammaa yeroo oromoon mirgaa ufii isatiif dubbaatu akkkaasumaa bilisummaaf tataaftuu dha malee yeroo gadheen nurrati ufii dhiitu miti inshallah

  19. ET says:

    Must Listen

    G7, ESAT, Tamagne shameful act,

    Want to know how much commission Tamagen get for raising $$$$$$ for ESAT/G7

  20. Bona Gadaa says:

    this is a real action, we appreciate.And we Oromos Love others given that we all respect each other .Hence, it is time for the Amhara groups to do two important things.1.stop praising the old rulers/kings who were opperessing the Oromos and other ethnic groups in Ethiopia.2nd- the Amhara politicians and all others should be ready for reconciliation for the sake of Ethiopians Unity.No need to talk about fake unity unless they settle the old evil deeds done by their rulers ,not to raise again.

  21. melkamu says:

    gard him as “African HITLER!!!

  22. Oz. says:

    Yeah..yeah… Minilik was Ethiopian king more than 100 years ago, and he did what he could In his time, there Is no need to fight now about what he did then, Teddy Afro Is just an Entertainer and he likes to get attention all the time he probably loves the attention he Is getting now, so all Ethiopians should Ignor all this fuzz.. about teddy afro, and start to think how they gonna make their owen life better, how they gonna make more money than they did last year or how they gonne get more pussy than they did 😉

  23. melkamu says:

    It is the right decision, we oromo people know Minilik as the one who committed Genocide against our identity and we regard him as “African HITLER!!!

  24. Andy says:

    F*ck Heinken, meneliken and mendokon azmari. They all don’t know Ethiopia.

  25. eden says:

    We knew that the current remark of Teddy Afero about the Black Hitler was a stupid os all stupids. In Germany, the law completly forbidden to talk postive about Hitler, let alone to encourage his inhuman deeds. I would be happy if Teddy, was imposed with heave fines and jail terms for justifying the Masscare of millions of Oromos lives.
    Good job Bedele Brewery. This is how business works. Teddy Afero named his tour as ‘ Journey of Love’ but what we knew is quite the opposite. He is too much uploaded with hate politics.
    This is completely a blessing news for Oromos society and Teddy Afero should take this as a big lesson. I would say for him ias a wake up call, for the Ethiiopian people in particular for the Oromos is champagne time

    • saw says:

      Hay Eden, I have one question for you though, before you start reading you should know that I am Amhara. So if you don’t want to talk and answer to Amhara people you should stop. The question – were there millions of Oromo’s living before 100 years? So if there were how many of them Minilke actually killed? If you are talking based on facts please give me so number, I am just a poor uneducated Amhara guy who wants to know the facts. And one additional question – were there Oromo generals (fetwaris, kegn asemach, gera asemach, etc), on the Minilk army? Did the Oromo people participate in Adewa war against the common enemy?

  26. No Bedele No holy war says:

    Our Campaign Update: •
    We are proud of our fellow Oromos and Oromo friends who rallied behind this historic campaign that now boasts 41,000+ members. we have only heard rumors that the Bedele Brewery has cancelled the contract. Dear Oromo and Oromo friends, we are not going to be stopped by rumors. As Bedele announced the sponsorship of the tour at public press conference, we call on the Bedele beer company to officially declare the alleged withdrawal in equivalent public press conference. Moreover, we are planning lunge our Campaign more effective, through phone call, SMS and many more to reach our rural supporter in more effective manner.

    #‎BoycottBedele‬ – ‪#‎Bedele‬ Beer (a subsidiary of ‪#‎Heineken‬ NV) must stop its sponsoring of ‪#‎Teddy‬ Afro (a man of holy war), who promoting genocider king Menelik II/African Hitler

  27. ኤፍሬም says:

    በጣም ያሳዝናል ፍቅር ን የሚሰበከው በማወቅም ሆነ ባለማወቅ የተሰጡትን ጥፋቶች በማስታወስ አይደለም። ይህን ጉዳይ ለታሪክ ፀሃፊዎች እንተው አርቲስቶች ግን አንድን ንጉስ ምንም ጥፋት እንዳሌለበት አስመስሎ ደጋግሞ ማውራት ከአርቲስትነት አልፎ ፖለቲከኛ ያስመስለዋል ። እንደኔ ዘፋኝ እና ፖለቲካ ከተቀላቀሉ ለቢዝነስ ጥሩ አይመጣም።

  28. ET says:

    Please Ethiopians listen this phone conversation with x-G7 member from Eritrea. I have cried am sure u will too If you are human.
    G7 Brhanu is kkoshasha person.


    please listen till the end

  29. hayelom says:

    TPLF has succeeded the battle as usual by mobilizing innocent oromo people who think that teddy has committed mistake about saying holy war but from his personality he is not a man of such kind, so please don’t be foolish about the politics of TPLF which allows one to stand over the other so that their dictator admin will proceed for a century which they missed in the era of “Yohannes”

  30. Chala says:

    I think what the oromos did today need to be appreciated. they have showed the extremist diaspora how you can be successful with organised peaceful struggle.
    The diaspora politices is ruled by one ethnic and avoids oromos, tigres and most from south so thats why didn’t succeed until now.
    About menelik ormos didn’t start this. they have been quite knowing there history about menelik however it is too much to hear some one saying you families killed is in holy war and deserved it.
    even after this they didn’t try any bad to any one. they only exercised there right no to drink beer sponsering a holy war or not to go to concert to hear a song about a holy war.

    Where is the crime why is the diaspora media have hate about oromos.
    didn’t they been teaching us about boycott telling us not to eat enjera and use ethiopian airlines now when some one said don’t go to teddy concert it become against the country.

    funny funny funny

  31. As it should says:

    I would say its a good Business decision that Bedele Brewery made. Their product should not be associated with an individual whom support “holy war”. It’s unethical and immoral. How can some one admire someone that has bruitaily killed and suffered thousands of civilians.

  32. daad says:

    Teddy Love concert is renamed as Minilik breast cutting Festival. Any region celebrating this Festival is the danger for the unity. If they are really for unity which I doubt.

    Celebrating about breast cutting Festival in Oromia Capital will initiate and energized oppressed nation to demolish the Minilk II monument

  33. Mahder says:

    No, wonder…Oromo are looking for excuses in every step of nation building so far. They often act like teenagers among the wise… The denial of Ethiopian history won’t hold back Ethiopia, but it definitely is excluding them from the Ethiopia we are continually building. I don’t understand how this uproar and sort of total dismissal of existence of heroism,including that of their great grand parents, can forward their cause in any form. If anything, my conviction that the Oromo can lead a big and strong East African Ethiopia is fading by the day… Bunch of cowards trying to hijack history to their own low self esteem and confused identity… They are looking for power to be handed to the Oromo in a silver plate because they are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia…how pathetic… How will I ever be willing to be governed by these people when they couldn’t even accept their own history? If you don’t have a realized past, you won’t have a controlled future as well. You always are on the wrong side of history. Menelik killed oromos, yes…he also killed amaras, Tigres…etc. Why should we be asked to participate in offering special grievance for the Oromo? If you can read a bit of your own history, Ethiopia was colonized by the Oromo…invaded and looted by oromo cavalries and guerrilla barbarians squeezing from south to the north, and from west and the east in the 16th century. Menelik simply took back the countries territory lost during the 300 years of internal conflict, and he gave this people a country of thousands of years, instead being pushed out of their lands. If the Oromo truly want to claim their own terittory, they have to get back to the region of Lake Turkana and the Omo valleys…bragging to split the EPRDF drawn loose territory of Oromia from Ethiopia will not happen, not only because anyone will fight you against, but because you don’t simply have what it takes to nation building…leadership. Unless you are blindly hateful, Menelik is your hero as well. Chelenko and anolle are not what you want to make of them. They are no different from Weyna Dega or Shimbra Kure…they were places where civilian blood was shed, Ethiopian blood…not just Oromo blood. If you are looking for special treatment in Ethiopia, you simply won’t get it… the only thing you will get is, the more you protest on non-sense and anti ethiopian sentiments, the more you will loose it. I like the Oromos less in the last few days. In any case, nobody gives a rats ass if you hand on discrediting Menelik II, unlike your war mongering attribution, he is an internationally well documented and highly acclaimed Ethiopian leader. Nobody can undo that.

  34. oromia says:

    Bravo Qube generation! Jiraadhaa bulaa!

  35. fetle says:

    The so called “Oromo activists” barking on the wrong tree and pro government media speading hate in the name of free press. Living in the 21 century with a “Zemenemesafit” mentality. What a shame?

  36. Meaza says:

    Congratulations to Oromo activists!! This was what you want and struggled for. Are you happy and feel proud now? You are too small and always small minded people get happiness in small things like this one. Your struggle is for nothing just only against music and musician. Congrate Abo Jahwar, congrates OLF leadres and memebers who claim your self as Oromo first and do not know Ethiopia. Either you like it or not your will be under Habesha through out.

  37. Solomon says:

    Teddy is #1 ever best Musician and richest man so who cares if it is cancel?
    He is our hero and brilliant guy!
    We love you Teddy Afro!

  38. bendo says:

    Teddy should be better than this. for him to worship h/selasse who that think been sent to rule ethiopia by God and Menelik who did a lot good and killed a lot of ethiopian including making money by doing slave trade to be lionized by teddy day in and out because of the same reason why lemagne beyene or abebe belew admire and preach as those leaders are sent’s is funny.

    Atleast Lemagne and Abebes are not educated and the are making a leaving by begging from the fool diaspora but as teddy looks a bit wiser than them for him to stick in this old day thinking of politics that says one is born to rule and the other to be slave mentality is funny.

    I think lessen learned now it is not the time to undermine the majority and want to become popular in ethiopia.

    If you want peace to all ethiopian recognise all ehtiopian equaly don’t be sided one way and try to preach as to worship the x-leaders choosed by you becouse of there ethnics.

  39. dave says:

    Why is it that awrambatimes decides to repeat the same mistake that teddy said ‘holy war’ while teddy denied it, the magazine enqu itself denied it ? what does awrambatimes gain from this ??

  40. Gelchu says:

    I support boycot but the real enemy is not Amhara or Ethiopia. The west, China, Saudi, etc. love when Africans fight ethnicity. If Oromia gets independence we will find a new way to fight each other – religion, region, class, etc.

  41. Yohannes says:

    Besai Dawit – Instead of digging this useless story (which brings nothing to the Ethiopian people) as an ‘award’ winning journalist you should have investigated and covered the big story in town right now: the mass grave found around Jan meda area in the capital city. Given TPLF’s known atrocities revealing the truth about the grave would do much to Oromos than your ‘bedele’ story. We will see if you would post the message or censor it as usual practice.

  42. moss says:

    this racist..teddy afro will be stopped …if he thinks it was a holly war…he should be ready b/c the war is not over yet….pause your premature ”victory celebration’ get ready for the war solider…the mighty force is coming…

  43. sam says:

    In a country where jelousy resides over admiration, it it no surprise that one of the most talented artists of our time, Teddy Afro, faces challenges. But Teddy is no ordinary man who surrenders for haters. In fact, Teddy is an expert in handling controversies. He keeps his cool and simply moves on! I heared from a trusted source that after the cancelation of the contract Teddy said ‘Everything happens for a reason. It is okay!’ This is the Teddy Afro we so much admire! A man who in the midist of all this controversy would say ‘Everything happens for a reason!’ Teddy Afro is a man who doesn’t get scared easily. He is a man who has a huge faith in GOD. A man who is wiser than those that boost saying they are graduates of top universities but spend their time hairsplitting what a celebrity didn’t even say. But then again this shows you Teddy is not only a man but he is THE man! You have made everybody from little to old, from dummies to acadamicians disscuss you! You have been at the heart of the Ethiopian music industry for over a decade and you are still leading it with an unmatched grace! So as usual, hold your head up, stick your chest out and move on! And while moving on, be sure there are millions of us cheering you on, watching your every step as you become the legend we always knew you would be! Remember Teddy ‘Haters don’t hate you. They hate themselves because you are a reflection of what they wish to be’!

  44. Meron says:

    This is a great achievement for all the nations and nationalities of Ethiopia.

    Long live the New Ethiopia (NETH)!

    • ዲነግዴ says:

      hahahha you better rename your name to Moron ,,,, how do you call this silly concert as a great achievement. Is that all you have , lazy ass

  45. Boycott from tplf says:

    I recalling all true Ethiopia’s please boycott from tplf efert companys product
    it is not oromos people problem it
    is late Meles visions
    and stop support eprdf specialy
    please read tplf website
    it is apartheid ideology preaching
    all amhara stand from his bro&sis side
    oromo side
    minilik history is known
    not worries about it

  46. Mike says:

    Bedele Beer Co. made the right decision. In fact, this is the only choice Bedele has as a business entity. I expect Teddy Afro to owe Ethiopians an apology for what he has been doing so far. He has been deliberately fabricating offensive stories and idolizing hitlers – Hailesilase and Milnilik – to incite ethnic hatred between Amharas and the rest of the country. Teddy, this doesn’t help you or our country.

  47. Duresa says:

    Shame on Oromo Elites!!!

    More than any time in my life, i am ashamed of with my oromo elits. May be not all, but majority. For the first time in my life, i wished to be clean of my oromo blood, but have no chance to do that as it is too much. had it been 25 or so like Meles i could get a chance to deny my oromo route. I am saying this not without reason. More than a reason. why on earth;

    When some hate mongers come and told us Minilik made this and that to you oromos, we simply rush and cry, and shout to denounce Minilik —we never ask our own mind if what we heard is right or wrong?. Why we faild to read two 3 books written from both side?

    why when some one come and tell us Ethiopia did that and this to you, we simply come out in group and say Ethiopia out of Oromia? can we understand the meaning of and applicability of this.

    why when some one from Gonder come to us and tell us something, we simply come out and say we cut throat

    now when some one come and told that, teddy said this and that, we simply come out and said donot drink bedele…death to amhara….

    Do we have no time and mind to back to the magazine and check if teddy said that or not. is that not the simplest thing we can do? why we give the opportunity to others who say ormon chu malet yecahals—

    No one can hide that the same magazine has announced, it was by mistake and teddy never said that. But we have no ear and no mind to look for trues.

    I am asking, is Oromo elite CAN’T identify between false and truth????!! Are these two similar to us???!

    Is it not logical to accept the derogatory others assigned to us—oromo is like WIND—so just show them a path and you can mobilize them in any direction you like—even to hell???

    What happen to us, why we are always used by other???? Is this what make us great people—just to be used by others?, such as woyane, shabia, Egypt—I now ashamed more than any times.

    Is denying teddy’s travel for reconciling people of Ethiopia (that of course is what artist all over the world do) help our oromo people? Is this also not something that magnify the other bad word assigned to us several time ago—oromo mikegna new—oromos are jealous???. You should face it. The campaign against teddy is simple what an inferior man do.

    Is that why we oromo children went to school??? we were able to establish an ideology saying that, oromos were weak, and they were oppressed people and have no courage and contribution in the history of Ethiopia? so we are weak, poor, slave? did we trained to reducible the history of our own people? to make then as small as what?? to feel inferior, so that they develop hate, become cruel? this would have been the behavior of minorities, not for majorities. Why we can’t see such a downstairs and jelous on amharas, on the minority tigries? on Afars? why only on us. Why we work day and night to destroy others?? why we cultivate our children to hate others and their country?? do you think you will benefit them, give them peace?? NO way, we are giving them a big burden!!!

    Again I ashamed of oromo elites. There could be some, like Prof Merera who always stand for his own mind. why We behave like a dog?. when someone say something, we simply come out and bark. This is not a behavior of oromo. Hence shame on qube generation!!!! I thought we might bring something useful to our people and our country. Go on, woyane will through to you an issue on which you all come around and bark. Woyane do that in fact when it is under some kind of treat. We are always the scapegoat!! shame on you.

    • Wabi says:

      kkkkk….Duresa??? Are you Oromoo first? “Afaan keenya beekteef lammii keenya hin taatuu?”. “Maqaa Oromoo moggaafateef Oromoo hin taatu!” Are you Ashed of being Oromo? this is non of your business, you all try to merge ethiopian nationalities by force. could you think this will happen? I am telling you that you did’t even read a page about the past history of the so called Ethiopia. Amhara knows about amhara people, gurage about gurage people, oromos about oromo people. so why all amharas say I know all about yours?

    • Molla says:

      If you truly have an Oromo blood in you, it will force you to see issues rationally, because Oromo blood is one of tolerance and forgiving. Oromo blood will also force you to read through the events very carefully. In the past we relied on our subdued emotion to let pass when we were treated less of ourselves. We are not, as a society, hot headed and very likable people (ask any European or other western visitors0 for witness.

      You see we are not like dogs or act like dogs when approached by a reasnable person. Here you are the one who is acting like a dog. You bark a lot. You will not get friends. So dogs like you are our favorites because we know how to treat you. The Qubee generation has changed the game of our fore fathers who happened to express tremendous tolerance even to their enemies. This time we are going to fight back where it hurts more. Expect more.

  48. Ethipiyawi says:

    Viva Ethiopia and true Ethiopian kids, Esey, Ishoo! Ashuu! Elelelelele, ethiopia yehulum nech enje ye neftegna becha adelechem

  49. The Kush says:

    Dear readers,
    If there is any reason to honour Minilik, Oromos have one: Minilik is half Oromo in blood. But this doesn’t make them be proud of him. We need to be proud of a person like Minilik not because he belonged to the same ethnic group(Amhara or Oromo) that we belong but because he did something good enough to ensure the well being and survival of every single individual that lived in the country. But Minilik failed to do this, he rather killed millions of innocent people that would have contributed to the development of the modern Ethiopia. That is why NO HEALTHY HUMAN BEING is proud of the deeds of Minilik, except THOSE SICK PEOPLE WHO ARE OBSESSED OF DRINKING THE BLOOD OF INNOCENT ETHIOPIANS. This is not about being Amhara, Oromo or Wolaita. It is about HUMANITY. So please think about THIS whenever you try to say or do any thing about THE KILLED PEOPLE. AT LEAST LET THEIR SOULS REST IN PEACE! I also wish Tedy felt the same way!

  50. Hello Ethiopians; this is what I have been saying all along. Now it is not anymore about Teddy? do you see? First it was about Teddy? then it became about Menelick? now it is not anymore about Menelick? Now it is about Amhara and Oromo? Do you see the ugliness of tribalism. It keeps on dividing people to ad infinitum.

    The government is evil which promoting this as if this government did not do anything wrong. Everyone is blaming Menelick? Even EPRDF or TPLF? how is that? it is not TPLF which betrayed 100 000 Ethiopian from all the tribes? Is it not TPLF which begged the entire world, EU, UN, … to land-lock Ethiopia? Oh my God, we will see if ethnic fascism will benefit Ethiopians.

    • Hermi says:

      Doro ras,

      This is not about Amara or Oromo, it is about what Menilik and his circles (neftegnas) did to the nations and nationalities in the name of Amara. Remember the Amara peasant was also subjugated to similar atrocities and backwardness in the hands of Menilik. It is therefore natural for the Oromo Activists to stop the re-emergence of the past attitude. This peaceful activism is a sign of a mushrooming democracy where nations and nationalities refuse to be marginalized anymore – by few elit remnant Neftegna ideologies. This ideology has no place and support of the people of Amara nor the other nationalities of present day Ethiopia. So please heed to Suleman’s comment and stop fanfaring your hate mongering.

  51. john says:

    good job bedele beer. teddy is dedab azemari go to hill with minillk 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. yohannes says:

    good job bedale beer next time if u can you have to support Ail mohammed biera !!!!

  53. Can anyone post the audio of Teddy saying “Holy war” I wanted to hear it from him. I do not trust media. Ethiopian media are not trust worthy. For instance, the story about Teddy is only promoted on Tigreans and Oromo websites, and none of the amhara websites posted the story. It is so hard whom to believe in Ethiopian. Most Ethiopians websites are either ethnic biased, or are based on hatred only. You can check the websites, this Teddy story is only promoted on Oromo websites and Tigreans websites. This does not show you honestly and integrity in the reporting. They all post for their own side advantage, not for the sake of the country. It is shameful in the 21 century people so low like this. All I wanted now is to hear myself the audio of Teddy saying “Holy war” This is not Ethiopians culture because there is no holy war. War is bloody not holy.

  54. ዲነግዴ says:

    I want to congratulate those you who work day and night for the cancellation of this love concert of Teddy Afro *best singer of this generation* and we all understand Jawar and his crew activists has been working for the ኦህዴድ so that this gov wing forced the organizers . here we can have two hypothesis based on the joint effort of the Gov and the diaspora activists lead by jawar.
    1. jawar is a spy working for the ኦህዴድ
    2. ኦህዴድ itself has a hidden agenda like it was discovers most of its higher officials working with OLF.

    no matter what, Teddy will keep outshining , even he is a number one singer in oromia too , go to any clubs in oromia ppls dance and enjoy teddys musics, accept it or not Ormia is still part of Ethiopia and Ormia belongs to all

    • Molla says:

      You are misreading the truth on the ground. It was wrong for Amhara exterimists to use Teddy Afro to advance their own agenda particularly in Oromia and the South. I have attended one of Blue party’s meeting un the USA where his presentation begins with a video glorifying Menilik. Menelik’s legacy has been reduced to Amhara extremists. In as much as you hate about the Oromo people’s poltical aspirations you are cornering yourself to an unachievacble goal short of creating a tension that will be hard to stop. In the last decades you have been able to use natives to advance your cause, but no more.

  55. Teferi gadisa says:


  56. meraf says:

    at John

    how you think less than a donkey? do you think teddy or Minilik go to hell as you think?

    You will die while hating Minilik and his legacy will keep flowing. Now is 100 years and will keep flowing while many dogs keep barking. Adwa is a one time win and the world now it. If you unprint from your mind, it will come again and again and fuck your mind. Coz this is not simple achievement to simply forget it. Should you noted it, he tought your father how to develop his land and eat. He tought you father order, incense of a country, rules of low—connected him with technology—he could have remain in the forest. It is in the country of he brought together that you are siting and vomiting today. Fesam hula!!

  57. zico says:

    Thank you !!!!

  58. I am Oromo First says:

    Menilik II was an illiterate. He didn’t have chance to go to school. It is very natural for illiterates like him to commit genocide against humanity. The worst are those who think like the illiterate Menilik II, even today, in 21st century. They are the ones who must be stopped before committing another genocide. Tedyy Afro is among such illiterates who must be stooped in time. That is why Heineken has decided to stop the illiterate Tedy Afro and his declaration to commit further genocide as ‘holy war’.

    • saw says:

      hay, hay stop it right there. Minilk II was actually educated, even more educated than most leaders. He was educated by Atse Tewodros about leadership. And he even learn a lot from the mistakes and the good intentions of Atse Tewodros. He didn’t made that massacre you mention a lot (actually I am not sure how many people there were in Ethiopia at that time, may be 4 or 5 million, and you keep on saying Minilk killed millions of Oromo people). Anyways at that time every country in the world were trying to unify using different theories (see the history of Germany, Italy, etc). And Minilk II achieved alot, and because of his achievement, Amhara, Oromo, Tigray, Gurgage, Gambella, Sedama, and many more ethnic groups came together in a time of trouble and won the Adawa war. When I said in a time of trouble at that particular time Ethiopia was very very weak because of the disease that kill many animals, and since the then Ethiopians didn’t know how to farm without animals there were famine in the country. Inspite of all that Ethiopians came together and won the war and make us live the free life we are leaving know. We are not inferiors to anyone, there is no complex in our behaviors. You insulting the Amhara, the Amhara insulting to Oromo, the Amhara insulting everybody, including the Amhara’s is part of our tradition, the Tigeryan’s insulting the Eritrean’s. We cannot say you people are angles and we love you. We can say whatever comes to our mind, and put it right out there. What do you think Kene is all about? It is part of literature that allow the people to say what they feel about the powerful few in public. So don’t get afraid of insulting your brothers and sisters, it is okay; actually it is showing how you are so close to each other. When you stop criticizing; then that is the time to say we are not one people anymore, and actually that is what some powerful and educated guys are doing. But to all this insulting thing, there is another dimension now created, it is called the Internet. It allow people to talk a lot in public, and insult others without knowing them! Using that power – I mean the power to insult in public – is like crying out loud in public places. I am saying you don’t understand what it means to you Internet, there is a big difference between writing an e-mail, and writing in a blog post. When you write in a blog post you must consider yourself as talking in public, so you should be reasonable, and if you must insult then do it in a right way, insult with reason. Otherwise you are just a crazy person talking out loud. Hiding your true name doesn’t make a difference, because noone wants to know the real name of a crazy person.

  59. chancho says:

    So heneken or bedele believes that Minilik carried out a genocide? They must make their stand very clear. Otherwise the other part should call the boycotts.

  60. @Duresaa, You know, Oromo is not HIV Aids that always stays in someone’s blood; if you don’t like Oromo, its easy to just change your f***cking identity like Mangist Hailmariam and Haile Selasea or even Teddy Afro and become Amhara. No matter infect, nobody wants to have bustards like you in there community, so why you bother so much in saying, am ashamed of being Oromo. timb Amhara, you can’t be Oromo; i suggest you stop using Oromo name and pretend to be oromo to confuse others. these naftagnas have been playing this type of assimilation for long time now. And, for your record, Oromos are the largest educated ethnic group in the ethiopian empire, you can actually take a look at the country’s statistics for yourself, and we studied the caseTeddy Afro before we came and spoke abt it. did Because, we oromos don’t agree with your Amhara ideology, it doesn’t mean we are un educated. it just simply means, we are way ahead of you mother f***cking naftagnas!!!!

    • Duresa says:

      at J.J. the oromian,

      You see. Then with what should one can ashamed if not you?! The one who simply jump to insult than bringing single idea to challenge my idea. I clearly put my ideas that make me frustrated of you oromo elites. Is that what all of you know, to insult, to divide, to cut throat, to through people live???

      By the way when you said to someone who is amahar ante Timb amahar, you defiantly know what his or her reply is, that is ante ki***m G**a. You see, you better avoid such type of insult and better to argue ideas. I am saying oromo elites either talk about killing or about 100 years old and fabricated issues, as they may lack idea. I think some one has to make research what is a problem with us.
      Your argument made me even ashamed more.

  61. Samson says:

    Congrats Dawit Kebede. You’ve reported this one but not the news of mass graveyard found in Addis Ababa.

    No offence!

  62. john says:

    @ meraf do u know history u have to read !! don’t till as about Adwa who give erietera 1900 & who give to aseb 1902 &1908 to Italy & who give to Djibouti to France minilk2nd am not like u minilk he did a good thing the bad thing is too much ? teddy he is one azmari he didn’t Do any thing for his county 90% our population is faremer wach out your self !!!!

  63. Babu says:

    Jawar is half AMHARA.I remember in one of his articles He wrote: person of mixed ethnicity is more dangerous than a full blowen AMAHRA;TIGRE;OROMO..etc.Now he proves his theory by becoming one.He wants to show Oromos that he is more Oromo than the 100% Oromos by his extreem views.But he also said once:my mother is from menz,amhara and a christian,his father from Arsi,Oromo and a muclim and concluded he is more Ethiopian than anybody.What is he smoking?

  64. Chabo says:

    How an Ethiopian slave became a South African teacher, Sandra Rowoldt Shell
    University of Cape Town. Bisho was one of a group of Ethiopian slaves freed by a British warship in 1888 off the coast of Yemen, then taken round the African coast and placed in the care of missionaries in South Africa.

    “We were overawed in her presence and by the way she would mumble to herself in this language none of us understood,” recalls Mr Alexander, now 74.

    This was Ethiopia’s Oromo language, Bisho’s mother tongue, which she reverted to as she grew older.
    If you need read about Menilik II, please read this BBC Article.

  65. Gulele12 says:

    urban rastafarianism of north america is a tool for cuddling with beady blondes. (love). tedros, an intelectual derelict and misunderstood what it was all about and like a fool took it too seriously.

    now afro centrism is different…let us change the emblems logos and stuff and we will see if we can make use of him.

    why not sing about “free energy”, “train around the continent”, vegetarianism and stuff?

  66. ethiopian nation except semetic says:

    minilik was work only for one province the so called amhara nation and hurt all Ethiopian nation nationaliy such as southern nation,oromoo,somale,afar…. he made genocide on all this nation especial on oromoo people. tedy afro called this selfish stupid man as holy.not only oromo all Ethiopian nation except amhara must be raise on this issue.

  67. Tatek says:

    Colonel Gezaee,
    I am surprised that you, who at times seemed to be none other than a regime mouthpiece, happen to go to the extent of claiming this fiasco is a TPLF gimmick against Amharas. Can you please shed any light on that? Do you understand how grave this is? Much as I always go every possible mile to take this regime by its horns, only because it doesn’t have any legitimacy to the Ethiopian people as it assumed public office at gun point—I beg to fully reject this accusation of yours against the regime as a blatant fabrication that doesn’t hold any volume of reality in it. Amhara and Oromo, as you claim will never see each other as enemies—they have never been and will never be. No one will be targeteed because Bedele Breweries cancelled the so called concert, and life will go on. TPLF understand fully that they don’t have the kind of Oromo support they want, and at the same time they know very well that their support among the Amharas is needle-thin. Despite all these, they ruled the nation for 25 years and will rule for more years—not because they are strong but because the opposition isn’t strong enough to delete them out of office. But I don’t understand why some people act like crazy—I will give you what Colonel Zenawi once told a local Newspaper in an interview when asked about the Ethiopian clergy’s opinion about his regime. He said, ”The Ethiopian Priests say Ethiopia was a nation of God when the rulers were from Bahir Dar and now that the the centre of power crossed a single river to Mekelle, Ethiopia became a nation of Evil.” There are a lot of us who think like this and Mr Zenawi was right. The sky is not falling as a result of this fiasco and the nation will live beyond this date. But we as a people need to exercise restraint and avoid enflaming unnecessary ethinic tensions, and in my opinion, if the regime is really committed to keeping peace and public order, they may need to lock people like you up in the interset of national security—and believe me, if they ask me for one, I will be the first to hand them a chain.

    • Gezaee says:

      Fascist Tatek, we have a lot of fascists like you and racist to the bone. I never preached war between Oromo and Amhara. You can reread my comments. So you reading what is in your dirty mind. See your doctor clean your brain please. Who are you to tell me who I am ? idiot, you have a big mouth and you also think you smarter than others and trying to give judgment from dirty court in your mouth. You wanted to lock me? dedeb, you better lock your dad and your mam. I do not care about Meles bla bla. All I have been saying is stop racism in any form and I am pointing fingers on the government because racism is being called democracy? Tribalism, ethnicism or racism can not be an element of democracy. you big mouthed hiding behind your pc and behind your nick name you become the judge.

      You do no qualify to talk to me, if you want to talk to me, come with your real name. Denez

  68. Abeje says:

    Enante ASKEYAMIOCH… KEFAFI HULA… If I had any chance to get red off my nationality from my conciousness I would do it right now.
    I start hating being Ethiopian… Enquan zer wendimih kalirebah waga yelewum. Zer hareg sitikotiru tinoralachihu. The past is past and done. Enquan Minilik Meles laderegew kifum hone deg bitinchachu yemikeyer neger yelem.
    Weregna ena le alem hullu shekim hizib binor Ethiopiawi new. Yetignawum zer keyetignawum ayileyim.
    Maninet bezer ayilekam. Whenever everybody coundn’t resolve a conflict raised in his mind …. mamilecha zer kotiro melefaded yimertal…
    Le alem hullu shekim ena ende kebit yemineda binor enanite nachihu. You all Ethiopians…
    Merzam Eshohoch.
    Ebab Hodun Awuko Egir nesaw yilihal yih new.
    Alem lay egziabher yetetalaw HIZIB BINOR ETHIOPIAWI NEW.

    • Duresa says:

      at wabi and molla,

      that is exactly what i am saying. Oromo elites are like a robot. Once instated, they know to play only that particular music, and you are like that. Did i mentioned anything in my message about amhara? i have written my feeling about oromo elites, you are asking me about amhara. that make you—feyel wedezi kezezem wedeza. That is also one of the behavior of oromo elites. Do you get me right?

      My friend mola, i would have very much encouraged if oromo elites talk about tolerance of oromo people. You are tooooooooo late to talk about that. What you told us over 50 years is that we are slave, we are poor, we are marginalized, we are not part of—–that is what make me ashamed of you. I never said i am ashamed of oromo people and oromuma. I never heard my akaku and ababayu talking what you are talking now and then. They never talked about hatred of what you are propagating now. They love, they help, they live with others, and they fight when they find it right.

      They never told me about:
      1. cutting throat,
      2. through helpless people to gorge alive. This is what has been done by oromo elites today.
      3. They never told me separating oromia from Ethiopia—how it comes? how majority cry for separation? this is the behavior of minority. Oromo is majority and majority never cry for division. That is why i ashamed or oromo elites.

      i know it is too late to teach you!!

    • Horus says:

      The fire Tedy Afro ignited with “Tikur Sew” has clearly posed the cardinal question for the 100 million generation Ethiopians. Knowingly or unintentionally, Tedy has framed the Ethiopian national question. The Ethiopian national question is not about this or that ethnic group and their visionless elites. It is about the defining characteristics of the Ethiopian nation – ever free and independent with proud and resilient people. The great spirit of Ethiopiansim is out of the bottle. The youth has now the opportunity to fight for something they can be proud of as their own. Those who want to take away their pride and glorious identity can make a noise here and a noise there. That is always part of the process, growing pain as it were to see those who are guided by smll stars and not gifted with a vision of what is to come.

      Menelik is the metaphor, the conceptual frame of the new phenomenon – the rejection of tribalism and deep desire of the 100 million youth to be one people. Woyane and its slaves can use their current ‘kilil’ resources to make last temper tantrum but the trajectory of the Ethiopian nation is refocusing. Nobody can stop it. 50 years of tribalsm has failed. It is being rejected by the very tribes themselves. Tribalism is now the business of Woyane cadres and handful of hired demagogues. There is no oromo or any other tribal uprising for identity and what else.

      There are atlest 4 types of oromos – Jima, Arusi, Welega and Shew. Each is living its own life. Jawar can talk for its chore folks and collect his payment from Woyane. The Shew oromo built Ethiopia with Menelik. This is a fact not Jawarist fiction and demagogery.

      Tedy Afro had put the central question center and front – Atse Menelik is the definition of Free and Independent Ethiopia. The world witnesses this fact. The really real issue is not about Bedele or beer. Personally, I don’t even like the idea of Tedy’s mission to be associated with alcohol. He has with Tikur Sew declared the agenda of the decade for the 100 million youth. And, it just begun.

  69. Abegaz says:

    Heard the reason for Heineken to withdraw? It was the pressure from government and local OPDO chiefs. Heineken people were told no security protection for the concert tour.

  70. Tsion says:

    Abeje, your writing does not sound like Ethiopian, your sourness, negativity and stuff…OMG!What is the problem with acknowledging the past? S.African boers have acknowledged the wrong-doings of the past (at least the majority of them); German did same thing for the Jews; Canada did for the Aborginals..I can go on and on. There may be so many things to honor Menelik (and all the other kings) but brutal conquest of the south is definitely not one of them. So, my friend, you are the one who is driven by raw emotions (devoid of logic), hate, and chauvinism. You are one of those morons who think one has to be an Amhara (or fake amharanism) to be called ‘true’ Ethiopian. Guys, please accept the inevitable, Ethiopia belongs to all of us regardless of Ethnicity. It is okay to be proud of ones Ethnicity…it is not a crime. BY the way, as long as we respect each other, Amarignya is there to stay…So, please be positive buddy!

  71. Tsion says:

    Regarding, Mr. AFRO, not more than a few weeks ago his loyality to the extremists and chauvinists has been questioned in a number of occasions (one may remember azmari Tamagn’s rants). They were starting to believe he was a ‘sell-out’ to the ‘woyanes’. So, this recent PR stunt was his way of re-affirming his commitment to chauvinism. AFRO likes controversies and sometimes wants to weigh in in to politics. Unfortunately, he is imbecile and retarded when it comes to political issues. So, why the hell does he not stick to the thing that he is good at, i.e. singing (Bw, I am still his fan!)

  72. Hagos (BOYCOTT BOYCOTT) says:


  73. Emiyee Menlik says:

    The Galas’:

    For how long you continue being fooled by the weyanes???

    1. The Galas have 180+ parliamentary seats in HPRs but Weyane has only 38. But, who served as PM for the last 20+ years??? Wake up the Galas!!!

    2. What is the prison language in Ethiopia? Wake up the Galas!!!

    3. How many Gala cabinet members do we have from Oromia? Wake up the Galas!!!

    4. Can you count or even mention active Gala general? How many? Why? Wake up the Galas!!!

    5. Are administering the great Gala people? Really? Wake up the Galla people!!!

    6. Are you being used by Weyane???? Wake up the Galas!!!!

    I wish the great general Gobena Dachew is here to answer some of your questions.

    By the way I am from the great and proud Gala people!

  74. Ibsaa says:

    Oromos know the history of brutal and cruel Minilik.Tedy must have known that his saying of Miniliks war with other ethiopian ethnics was “holy war” was wrong and stupid way expression.This may be because he considers other ethnics in Ethiopia as enemy and also how much he hate them. But he lives even in Oromia and southern peoples nationalities region even he is not living in Amhara region. Thanks to peoples struggle most people know their history very well and they don’t give their right to some body or group.This occasion will also teach the Amahara leaded orginizations like Ginbot 7, Kinijit, or Ethiopanic named organizations to consider them selves foreward rather than trying to bring backward system of Naftegna rule in Ethiopia. If they don’t consider individual and group rights of Ethiopian peoples language,religion,culture,history and others,people will fight you..

  75. LIYA LOVE says:


  76. EYOB says:

    Please do not be narrow,first teddy did say like you perceive,he never differentiate any ethnic from the the other, he is love preacher not a politician he is the one of a few ICONS who Ethiopia proud.we might have bad or good history we should appreciate the good and avoid the negative and walk on the good way.Making division is not important for us please do not say oromo,tgray,amhara………like that call only Ethiopian. Teddy tries to unit us so let us encourage him….. whether bedele interrupt the agreement or not it does not matter teddy carry on his love preaching because he had been doing it earlier.Your activity seems POLITICAL PROPAGANDA,BECAUSE THIS ISSUE IS NOT THE ISSUE OF ALL OROMOS RATHER A VERY LITTLE ONES WHO ARE DEPLOY OF TRADERS BY THE NAME OF OROMO. TEDDY YOU ARE THE LEGEND KEEP YOUR PEACE AND LOVE PREACHING,WE ETHIOPIANS ARE ON UR SIDE

  77. HAILE says:

    yea waga birasa yata waga airasam oromia is our country at chanaqu wada oromia yamtmaxut ba DV waym ba sidat i am oromo first 10q badale jawar is our voice CHAWO ANTI OROMO

  78. Embasoleda says:

    TEDY should avoid a such kind of controversial so called “selle Fiker” concerts. Instead, he would be better off just to concentrate on singing the kind of “gaul Asmera” love songs. In addition, he should refer to Tilahun Gesese, Mehamud Ahmed or other Ethiopian legend singers if he wants to attract a wider oudiances…
    Most of all, he should never undermine the concerns and opinions that different people have toward past Ethiopian Ethiopian history…

  79. bruck says:

    does anyone knows that AMHARA is not an ethnic group, that only people who speak amharic are called amhara? does anybody knows that amharic language was created in aksumite kings palaces during the time of the AXUMITE empire as a secret language to be spoken by the rulers & their fighters? i dont think many the idiots know that. also, do the so called OROMO activists & bunch of idiots know that the YEJU OROMOS ruled ETHIOPIA behind the curtain for almost a century in gonder & debre tabor? i dont think so. does anybody know that people from south (kaffa & hadya) were among the administrators of the country during the time of the ZAGWE dynasty? the AGEWS are kushitic people so they favored people from the south over people from the north(TIGRE & AMHARA). does anyone knows this & how people of this country are intertwinned? i say this based on evidence. actually Afro is an opportunist. deal with him ETHIOPIAN GIN LEKE you idiots

  80. Teddy's fall says:

    If Teddy Afro thinks he was wrongly quoted, then it is only appropriate for him to sue Enqu Magazine and demand compensation not only for the financial loss but for huge loss in goodwill which will affect him personally in years to come!!

  81. Mario says:

    If what Tewodros Kassahun told Enqu magazine is true and is ethnically-motivated, why is it that his remark deeply offensive to Oromos only and not to other ethnic groups? An explanation on this is appropriate from the editor for making such a remark, unless the remark is designed to cause further division among ethnic groups.

    As far as I am concerned, the official Bedele brewery decision is going to have greater application/implication on the peaceful struggle (civil disobedience) of Ethiopians against woyane/TPLF Apartheid System.

    If my Oromo compatriots succeeded in the cancellation of such an event, a boycott of woyane/TPLF businesses is also highly possible to put pressure on the regime to release thousands of Oromos languishing in prisons for just expressing their opinions and as suspect of members of “illegal” political parties or fronts.

    This is an eye-opener for year 2014 not only to Oromos, but to all other ethnic groups who are languishing under woyane/TPLF Apartheid system. This an opportunity not to be missed ever again.

    Important questions that we should ask are these: Has Bedele brewery submitted to Oromos demand on its own or is woyane/TPLF behind it? If yes, could there be any other motive behind that too? This is the first time when woyane/TPLF responded to popular demand, although this time it is under the cover of a Dutch Brewery. Why is woyane/TPLF in favor of the cancellation? Is it really in response to Oromos quest for freedom and equality?

    It is now time to boycott woyane/TPLF businesses or never!!!

  82. Mario says:


    You are one typical lost soul who denies that anything that happened in Tigray region has nothing to do with Ethiopia and non-Tigrayan Ethiopians.

    You and your likes have already started lying and spreading falsehood that the battle for Badme has nothing to do with Ethiopians. You reasons: because the battle took place on Tigray soil and fought by Tigrayans and nobody else. How impressive that can be among other peoples of Ethiopia? BTW, why did you fail to tell us most of the wars coming onto Ethiopians are from that direction, from the north?

    Your lies have no limit, even with something that happened 15 years ago as we live through,observe and learn. We know who died for Badme’s war, although we do not know the accurate number thanks to your warlords. Same is true with all the wars you mentioned. It is a lie and please get over it. No single country or people on this earth fight a war on its own in the true sense.

    Thank you for the lie. It is one way of exposing oneself absolutely naked mistakenly or unintentionally.

  83. Solomon says:

    What I have a prabelem is with poeple like jahewar they opposes gancide or masscar by minlk onl when it is convent to them politically .
    The same time the tell you to pray five time a day to the worst killer in history of the world so called praphet Mahamed .He killed milones of poeple .His hatefule teach still killing thousand everday all over the world. So I Challenge poeple like jahewar the areb papett to stand against all killing .spacialy lately what the your master apartid country Saudi doing to poor black Africa
    To poeple like jahewar when the arebes do the killing it is ok because the hitler mahamed say it is ok .so poeple like jahewar stop the hypocrisy
    1 boycott praying to Saudi arbia
    2 stop sporting Areb causes and sport Africa causes or black Africa causes
    3 rejecte religion because it been used by Arebs to divided black Africa .
    Than we ethiopia can take poeple like jahewar series but know when they critase Minlke for what he did or did not do they look aportulnstic rather patriotic Ethiopian .

  84. Timerga says:

    Dear fellow ethiopian citizens like me. the issue of stopping Tedy is not ethnic based game. we are talking about Minilik as the culprit king against humanity. so we need ethiopia in which we blame individual by his / her content of his /her character rather than by his/her ethnic Amhara or Oromoo. The Oromos are right but you pro tedy are wrong in my view. Do you support Hitler if you are German by birth. if so azenyebachihalew.

    • abel says:

      1-If you are proud Ethiopian now happy with the status quo,then the credit belongs to the men and woman who shape Ethiopia, Menelik II is at the forefront.If u wish u where not part of Ethiopia then ur right.
      2-Hitler has never been credited with nation building.It was to the contrary.
      Narrow thinking is not the way out.

  85. Tatek says:

    Mad Gezaee,
    Your crippling situation is franklly disturbing. You happen to bite any one you see or interact with. Now that you are told your trule colours and saw your baseleess fabrications don’t fly, you retreat to dirty rants and personal attacks against me. I have a response to you about this too. If you feel you are man enough to face me, just come out of the woods and I will tell you your true self. You say I am not qualified to talk to you. But you are only a sick man suffering from chronic mental disease that may require urgent treatment. This response to you is FINAL and I have no time to waste for your stinky personal rants that have no room in the 21st century. You have an issue with me, with Chala, with the TPLF, with the UN, with Oromos, with Amharas, with any one you see. You need help. Leave people alone and go to the bungallows by yourself.

  86. Gezaee says:

    Tatek, backward, primitive, sting your finger into you arsehole. I have no problem with anyone. You wanted me to have problem only ? That is your evil wish only, it is gonna bounce back on you. I did respond to your ignorant and idiotic comment; I did not wish you illness or curse. Only evils wish bad for other. The reason is simple, they seek attention? I told you already you damn shit that I know who I am and I do not need you to tell me who I am. Leave alone to know Gezaee, you do not know yourself, your problem is you think you are smart? But you 100% fool. All I want you now to do is to stick all your fingers into your arsehole. I have no problem with anyone including you, my problem is only your backward and primitive attitude. Barbaric

  87. Moyata says:

    lets make this thing about oromo and amhara thing for once lets take look at it Ethiopian point of View . what “teddy Afro” said was really offensive to every body . he should ashamed of it for SAYING what he say , because one man mistake every amahara sshouldnt pay for it its not fair ”

  88. abel says:

    There is no justification whatsoever to the uproar and condemnation.This is yet another classic example of appeasement. Appeasing the narrow nationalist and extremist will have its dividends in the coming years.

  89. dawit the sellout says:

    To all stupid TPLF supporters.
    Don’t celebrate this news. It will backfire on you. It will set a precedence.OLF and other oppositions will use the same technique to boycott TPLF related businesses (such as EFFORT). I can’t understand why you people are always short-sighted like your leaders.

    • Molla says:

      Amharas had tried before. It didn’t work. Now Amharas are suggesting that others will follow them? Funny, you guys have lost your mind.

  90. Mulubrhan says:

    Bedele/Heineken should have given the opportunity to singers like Aster Aweke, Mahammud Ahmed, Abrham Gebremedhin and others, who know true love and true love songs. This singers are also true lovers of their country.

  91. Mario says:

    What do you guys make of this? I also commented on the news item as below. It has been there for 4 day and no one is saying anything. Why? Why? Why? Am I missing something?

    Mario January 3, 2014

    If what Tewodros Kassahun told Enqu magazine is true and is ethnically-motivated, why is it that his remark deeply offensive to Oromos only and not to other ethnic groups? An explanation on this is appropriate from the editor for making such a remark, unless the remark is designed to cause further division among ethnic groups.

    As far as I am concerned, the official Bedele brewery decision is going to have greater application/implication on the peaceful struggle (civil disobedience) of Ethiopians against woyane/TPLF Apartheid System.

    If my Oromo compatriots succeeded in the cancellation of such an event, a boycott of woyane/TPLF businesses is also highly possible to put pressure on the regime to release thousands of Oromos languishing in prisons for just expressing their opinions and as suspect of members of “illegal” political parties or fronts.

    This is an eye-opener for year 2014 not only to Oromos, but to all other ethnic groups who are languishing under woyane/TPLF Apartheid system. This is an opportunity not to be missed ever again.

    Important questions that we should ask are these: Has Bedele brewery submitted to Oromos demand on its own or is woyane/TPLF behind it? If yes, could there be any other motive behind that too? This is the first time when woyane/TPLF responded to popular demand, although this time it is under the cover of a Dutch Brewery. Why is woyane/TPLF in favor of the cancellation? Is it really in response to Oromos quest for freedom and equality?

    It is now time to boycott woyane/TPLF businesses or never!!!

  92. mike says:

    meta and giorgis are the best beers anyway they will sponsor him go teddy

  93. Etetu says:

    Calling any war, a “holy war” is an offense against humanity….an offense to those who lost and are losing their lives (on all sides) to such senseless act, and is like celebrating violence.

    • Billayee says:

      what Teddy call “Holy War’ the holocaust which devastated the peaceful south people. Kafa from 1,500,000 to 20, 000. Oromo from 10 million to 5 million. others also. it is more than what Hitler did in Europe. Please don’t play with the pain of humanity. don’t intensify hatred in the heart of human person. let us take care for what we are doing. I believe Teddy is not aware of this devastation in the history of the Horn. May the God forgive him.

  94. ቄሴና አንገረብ says:

    ደስ ይላል ዝንጀሮ ፣ በራስ ፍቅር ሰክሮ፣ ለአምስት ተጠንፍሮ
    ወንድሙን ላሞራ፣ እሱን ወደ ጋራ
    ሽቅብ ሲንጠራራ፣ ያውም ባንድ ጭራ
    ከዚያም ደግ ሆኖ፣ ለገደለው አዝኖ
    እኔ አላይም ባይኔ፣ የራሱ ጭካኔ ፣ ከዛ ወይኔ ወይኔ
    አይኑን አበስ አርጎ ፣ አፍንጫውን ጠርጎ
    ምን አገኘሁ ይላል፣ ዝንጀሮ ደስ ይላል
    ለሱ ሁሉም ቀላል ፣ ህዝብ ያፈናቅላል
    ቢሻው ጠብ አጭሮ፣ ሌላው ከተፈጥሮ
    ዘር ቆጥሮ ዘር ቆጥሮ ፣ ምድርን አሸብሮ
    እልል በቅምጤ፣ ይኸውልሽ ወጠጤ
    እጁን አንከርፍፎ፣ ህመሙን ታቅፎ፣ ሜንጫውን ወትፎ
    የስቃዩን ሲሳይ፣ ቆሞ ላንቺ ሲያሳይ
    ተጋድሞ ሲያቃስት ፣ እንዴት አያስደስት
    እኮ እንዴት እኮ እነዴት፣ የዝንጀሮ ንዴት
    ይማርካል አቦ፣ አንዱን ላስር ከቦ፣ ጠብ ያለሽ በዳቦ
    ያውም ጋራ ዞሮ፣ ዛፍ እንጨቱን ሰብሮ
    በአየር ተወርውሮ፣ ደስ ይላል ዝንጀሮ
    ምን ሊሳን ለነሱ፣ እንደ ድንጋይ ኩዋሱ፣ ሆ ብለው ሲነሱ
    እማ ብቻ ለፊ፣ እምዬ ተከፊ
    ከዝንጀሮ ጥፊ፣ ከመንደር ጨፍጫፊ፣ ግልገሉዋን አትራፊ
    ልጁዋን ይዛ ጠፊ፣ ልፊ ያላት ከንቱ፣ እሱም እነደ አባቱ
    እድሜ አለሙን ቆጥሮ፣ ፀጉሩን አጎፍሮ
    ሜንጫውን ጠፍሮ፣ የገደል ዝንጀሮ
    ያውም ነገር ጫሪ ፣ ልጁም አጫፋሪ
    ለጠብ ላምባጉዋሮ፣ ደስ ይላል ዝንጀሮ
    ደሞም አያስደስት፣ የዝንጀሮ ስስት
    እስኪ እምቅ ሀብቱን፣ የተንኮል ብቃቱን፣ የመዋሸት ስልቱን
    ለቢጤው አስተምሮ፣ ይኸው አምባ ጉዋሮ፣ ደሞ በዚያ ዞሮ
    ጭው ባለ ገደል፣ ይሄን ሰው መግደል፣ በሰው መደላደል
    በሰው ጫንቃ መስባት፣ አውርሶት እንደ አባት
    ሰጥቶን እንደወገን፣ ጭራውን ነፈገን

  95. Tatek says:

    This issue shouldn’t have gone this far. I am not sure who is behind this but if given a chance to vote on this, I am for dropping the ethnic card out of this fiasco as it doesn’t do any good in helping the nation come together. I am puzzled by some of the opinions I read here. If we assume there is a regime hand in this controversy, who will benefit from this? For me it is unquestionably, the regime itself. If as some of us preach here, we had to push the Oromos too much close to the regime, we are helping none other than the EPRDF—-which was desperate for the last two and half decades to win Oromo support at any cost and they will receive them with open arms. Who will lose here? The opposition, Change seekers, civil society and all others who are calling for real change—and most of all Ethiopia. If or not some hard line thinkers boycott TPLF business empire, in my view, is not going to cripple the regime . How on earth would a good team push its own good players into conceding a red card and exiting a playing field? May be it was high time that we just left this inferno between Bedele Breweries and Tedy Afro and move on. Even if we had a chance to hold a free and fair election today under current scenario, as long as we kept playing this dirty ethnic card, it was highly likely that the regime win by a land slide—-for if EPRDF win all Oromo votes and Tigray, it’s game over and the opposition had no one to blame but its own supporters. I have not lost sight that we are a large country, and as such we have diverse opinions about how to play a political game, but I just found it so hard that this is going to be a winning formula in any case.

  96. fransy says:

    H-Huwala ker
    A-Aganinti’ malet newu, AMHARA eyale hager endet yadigal?

  97. Mario says:


    The ethnic federal administration in Ethiopia is good in preventing hyenas Ina sheep skin! Don’t you understand??

  98. Mullataa says:

    the fate of future Africa, specifically the Horn, not only Ethiopia, is in the hand of Oromo people. be ware of this fact. They have their own worldview and cosmopolitanism, which i believe is acceptable for other people. that will come soon. believe it. as they have not only human and material resources, but also a moral duty to take the Horn one step ahead to catch the tale of modernity in this era of postmodernism.

  99. jtuufh says:

    To Every body!

    Please be aware of the TPLF drama to create a clash between Ethiopians in order to sustain Tigrean power!!

  100. negassa says:

    Out of control emotions make smart person stupid.Are there ways to create a true unity in Ethiopia with justice, equality and freedom, where regard for human life and dignity will be the first priority? Is it not better to tie our selves to our limitless potential than our limiting past? Is it not much better to seek to understand and then to be understood? United we stand divided we fall.Please let us think the better ways of communications.

  101. negassa says:

    hayi Teddy Afro zefenih yamir neber
    lekas dimtsih sayihon nebere kumneger.

  102. muhhamed says:

    don’t think such Ethiopia is one.such things will repeat past evedents.

  103. disappointed Ethiopian says:

    From the above comments I have deduced that as a nation we have problems that need solving.In the case of ethnicity all Ethiopians spilled the same blood in the same mud starting from Adwa ,Adwa isn’t just a war it’s the first stage of brotherhood and harmony between many nationalities.During the derg regime red terror crushed many brave people irrespective of ethnicity,he didn’t say amhara oromo debub tigrai guraga afar Somalia gambella benshangul harari,he bulldozzed everyone to the ground ,the ground is my witness that my Oromo brother is burried next to his amhara brother and all his Ethiopian people.Shame on us for poisoning the memories of our brothers and sisters.Our enemy is EPRDF the system is using the ehnicity and religion game to divide us but we should be wise,the day we started talking about ethnicity and religion is the day we failed ethiopia and honour EPRDF,don’t you get it when we are united we are powerful beyond measure.Some people say EPDRF stand for tigrains don’t be mistaken it only stands for itself,the tigrains are mad by the system,they are our brothers.To my upset brothers I would like to say that Menelik is a figure that did many good and bad things to secure unity but I shit you not when I say History isn’t always fair ,many Jews were massacred but u don’t see Israel complaining about it,Europe was a nation swarmed with violence but now they are at peace and united as the EU.Everyone has found the secret to existance except us ,why do we Ethiopians always waste our time on meaningless bullshit ,let us bring our kids in to a hate free Ethiopia ,the past is in the past we can’t do shit.Put your eye on EPDRF not on eachother.Ethiopians you are going to miss the bus to freedom while fighting over the past,wake the fuck up.

    • Mindful says:

      @Disappointed Ethiopian, after reading all the comments above I found your comment very sensible. What do u guys want Amhara to do? Don’t be so quick to blame. Amhara is poor, this an that? How stupid is this. Yes ur brothers r hungry, yes Oromo is the majority so what, they are also our brothers. And so is the Tigre and all Ethiopians. Why can’t we be united and strong and creat a better life? Is if the government u don’t like, then fight against it not against ur ppl. We all sit here n call each other every name under the sun, none of us knows the full story of Ethiopia as we think we do, but all we need is love for each other, respect and protect. If oromo’s feel offended by what Teddy said then we should all feel offended that our brothers and sisters oromo’s are feeling this way. Why r we against oromo’s or Amharas? Think as one. God bless u all and ethiopia

      • motholomy says:

        Let us have one rocky language for unification that is English; one common country that is our universe;family homosapians saphians;culture of all the world;then we can live in peace.

  104. Ethiopian says:

    Love always wins!

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