Graduating students of AAU, Journalism School discuss with Awramba Times editor (Video)


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6 Responses

  1. billfree says:

    It seems an interview made between a government official and a government journalist because dawit were not asked challenging questions like his controversy with the diaspora after he went to America.

    • Mekdes says:

      Billfree, you see this is civilized way of discussion unlike the uneducated diaspora girgir. They are asking him the way they want him to ask. The diasporas should get a lesson from this.

      • billfree says:

        Mekdes, “They are asking him the way they want him to ask.” I doubt this because it seems he is asked the way he want to be asked like the press conference of EPRDF’s officials.
        1.why did he wants to be the fault finder of Ginbot 7 rather than criticizing faults made by government.I think EPRDF is more exposed for criticism than Ginbot 7 since it is a ruling party which leads this big country.
        2. why did he came back from America ? what is the reason behind his controversy with the diaspora?
        (even though he tries to answer this questions on different medias still it needs extra explanations and every one who will get chances to talk with Dawit should ask this.)

  2. Mario says:

    Is this joke of the first week of the new year!

    With Dawit Kebede, every single new graduate of journalism will ask a question she/he were afraid to ask in her/his entire life. What a moment and opportunity!!!

    Why? Because, Dawit is a true journalist that discharges his journalistic obligations responsibly and consistently and they want to learn from him ASAP. That is why he is beside them and for them in a time when they need someone like Dawit to start their troubling career and journey in life.

    Good luck journalists!!!

  3. Misikr says:

    As a biginer i like to admire and proud of zat cmpus student coz am part of dat! Simply we r free 4om poltics and we stand 4 truth…z school is public property nt ruling gov’t!

    • yohannes says:

      This is an educational guys…..don’t look this like “HARD TALK” of BBC.i wish an excellent grade from our talk show instructor and happy x-mass for all students of journalism in addis ababa university and also myself sinc e i am one of z students in journalism school in AAU.

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