Ethiopia Rejects Egyptian Proposal on Nile as Dam Talks Falter


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31 Responses

  1. Alemgena Taye says:

    Egypt is not ready to give Ethiopia a drop of water from the Nile while it originates from same. Egypt also is not ready to expend a coin in order to utilize its abundant under ground water enclosed in its vast aquifers. On the other hand, Ethiopia has the right to use its share of the Nile water, be it legally or naturally. So, why do the Egyptian close their ears and eyes but stick to their cliche referring the 1959 colonial treaty that didn’t have the Ethiopia’s say in it. Shame on some of arrogant personalities among the Egyptians.

    • Dukule says:

      Who has exclusive power over Nile River? Nobody. Who can fairly use without causing major damage to the others? All countries that have access to the river.Is that fair in terms of any reasonable standard for Egypt to claim exclusive ownership over the Nile river? No.Does colonial era laws make Ethiopia bound to the terms? Absolutely no. Why? Those laws were made for the interests of British for plantation purpose at the time. At this time British has no legal right to tell Africans what to do with their resource.That is an old history which Ethiopia don’t care about it.Because Ethiopia has been a sovereign country since its inception.If peace is not a solution , does Ethiopia fear of death? No. WhY? Because they are already dying due to unfair usage of river Nile till the present time.So it doesn’t c matter if the choice of war is coming.Are the two countries going to fight? Is that possible? Is that likely? No. Why? Geographically they don’t share borders. It will be a missile based war which no body let them use by causing disaster to other neighboring countries. Why Egyptians are so busy now to divert their attention to Nile river? They want to stabilize their internal politics by diverting to Nile issue.Do Egyptian feel Africanism after all? No. They think they belong to the Arab world. So they don’t care in friendship and cooperation . They are always hostile to others. Why did Egyptians feel exclusive power over Nile river? In the past they have been treated as a good ally to the Western because of their strategic position in Northern Africa.They used to use different strategies to halt any ideas of Nile river usage by Ethiopia creating obstacles.Are they important to the western at this time? No. They are the source of problem and instability in north Africa at this time. Who is the best country to be supported in East Africa at this time? Ethiopia. Why? Because they are better stable internally and able to stabilize East Africa in the future. Does anyone in this 21 century support Egypt’s egoist thinking? No. This is shame to argue in front of international community to get support to stop Ethiopia not to construct the dame while around 85% is coming from its land. Egypt contributes nothing but claiming it is the master of river Nile. This shows all the unfairness of colonization era. Does Ethiopia care? No. Why? They didn’t have colonial master like Egypt who still believes in their master’s policy. That is damn idea.

  2. Tes says:

    No drop of water come out from ethiopia . Get hippos need water more than any country , the dry place in afar , Tigray , Somalia Region the water can be diverted with little cost or sell the water to whom ever he want it , but not for free enough is enough

  3. HornofAfrica says:

    Negotiations with Egyptians can be characterized as a one-step forward and a two-steps backwards affair. Their aim is to remain at square one, the 1929 and 1959 agreements, which gave Egypt the Lion’s share of the waters of the Nile and denied Ethiopia her rights over her own river. With these defunct and void colonial agreements, Egyptians try to tell us shamelessly that they are owners of all the rivers in East Africa, as if the whole region, from Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya to Ethiopia and Sudan are Egyptian colonies.
    Ethiopians should not be naïve. Whatever Egyptians say are empty words, never to be trusted. They are Ethiopia’s eternal enemies, and Ethiopia should be ready for any eventualities. Egyptians should know that the GERD is the brainchild of 90m Ethiopians, and they are ready to defend it tooth and nail.
    The arrogance and audacity of Egyptians has no limits. They are telling us that every drop of the Nile waters belongs to them, and Ethiopians should ask for permission if they want to drink even a glass of water from the Nile. In addition, they are trying to intimidate Ethiopia and they are telling her blatantly that Ethiopia should succumb to Egypt’s bullying.
    Ethiopia should never divert from her course, i.e. finishing the GERD on time, come rain or sunshine. The ball is in Egyptian court. Egypt should come to the negotiation table and not Ethiopia, because Ethiopia is not demanding for somebody else’s property as Egypt has been doing for centuries. Contrary to Egypt, Ethiopia has shown all through that, she stands for a win-win situation. It is up to Egypt to take it or leave it, Period.

  4. Chala says:

    I remember when meles replaying about exteremist diaspora and he answered they are like a fake cloud that will disappear when the wind shows up. and he said let the dog bark while the camel still going.
    Now the same is happening to Egypt let the dog bark while the camel is moving.
    Just do the job properly and gorget about egypt they are trying to frighting us by saying they have nuclear bomb did they know that we don’t need the bomb we need only the nuclear waste then we can put in the water as soon as leaving eth.
    So they are the one need to be beg us not the other way round. we are using our right .
    They were laughing with fool of food in there home in 1977 by ethiopian water while a million people are dying in ethiopia starving.
    so as we are just using the water for electricity why did we even need to talk to them.

  5. teshome says:

    Definitely Egypt will strain with Ethiopia in a way not seeing for decades, and compounded a growing political instability in Egypt will take matters from bad to worse. Information coming for Egypt heralds that Egyptians are gripped with all kinds of fear and pain about Ethiopians Renaissance Dam. In Every print and electronic media in Egypt frustration mounts and as a matter of fact, Egyptians now are burdened to live a life which is inexplicable to contemplate, let alone easily engage with.
    But Egyptians should understand, Ethiopian government and Ethiopians are responsible than ever before concerning Nile Dam. We have at all no plan to open an old wound, but rather prefer to move forward working together with Egyptian government and Egyptian people.
    On the side of Egyptian, there is still something needs to be worked through. It is only an open negotiation between the two parties, Ethiopian and Egyptian would bring long lasting solutions on every issue on Nile. Trying put pressure on Ethiopian government through a proxy war, is something won’t be effective post cold war. We knew very well that there are Egyptian politicians, who are still stuck in this muddy politics. It was not long time ago, ESAT and Eritrean government were financed with beef check to work against Ethiopian people interest….
    ESAT went even a great length to convince its supporters that Egyptians were the best men to come to the opposition side if Jesus of Nazareth fails to show up at the battle field….
    What is there for ESAT and few of its supporters more than interfering the ‘Abay Bond’, unless they are playing the role of Mercenaries. Who would with rightful mind would think these are Ethiopians???
    Ethiopian new year, started as a horrible year for ESAT and Ginbot 7, so long as they are serving the interest of Egypt, the reward will be definitely harvesting crop of disappointments. And we start the beginning of it, when ESAT collects money in the name of Ethiopians repatriated from Saudi Arabia…..There are imperative evidence coming from inside staffs, that ESAT is committed to invest every drop of their sweat to collect money but they didn’t understand that….
    If money talks, Ethiopians aren’t listening.

  6. SEYOUM777 says:

    In June 1967, the combined armies of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan attacked Israel with the clear purpose expressed by Egypt’s President: “Destruction of Israel.” At the end of what is now known as the Six-Day War, Israel, against all odds, was victorious and in possession of the territories of the ’West Bank’, Sinai and the Golan Heights.
    The tiny Israel defeated the Arabs. What will Egypt do against Ethiopia. NOTHING.

  7. Gezaee says:

    So what TPLF must provide Egypt another 30 billion cubic meter water? What did TPLF say? Nothing, nothing, TPLF shaking with fear. It can never stand for Ethiopia. You will see TPLF Begging now Egypt? Mark my Words. TPLF will go to Cairo and kneel on its knee begging them. The only option TPLF has to stop the dam. because it can not defend. Because TPLF attacking Ethiopians who wanted to defend using hyperbolicism. Curse TPLF.

    • Alula says:


      You are a person who have no life at all! You are simply a person with a brain disease that can’t be cured! You are simply an old Dog who can’t behave like a human being! This government believes in deplomacy , but not in “Are goraw” doing nothing!

      My advice to you is: you are old enough now, & you better get closer to a church than ranting all over the cyber space 24/7 like a mad Dog!

      You are a cursed human being!

    • Hermi says:

      U missed an opportunity to come out of your hate cocoon and yet proved that the extent of your hate unfortunateley is a malignant one it will consume you.

      GERD will be build with or without Egypt or the extremes blessing. It was just nice to have as it is a nuisance. If anyone of this nuisance escaltes to become in a way with our development, we will fight it tooth and nail. This is not an empty bravado or we we are better or less armed, it is because it is our right and it is the right thing.

      NO ONE can stop it- even without your bond purchase-LOL.

    • Yohannes says:

      I think you are an Ethiopian so I do not want to tell you the courage we Ethiopians have. history will tell you and we never ashamed of before and we will never be
      regarding GERD, it is not a dam of TPLF it is a dam of Ethiopians. this is a 21C where every thing is possible through discussion and if the Ethiopian government goes to Cairo for discussion then whats the big deal. however you should clear your mind think as Ethiopian, where we Ethiopians never compromise our national interest in any ways. if not it is not your word I will mark by the end of GERD construction, it is my word you are going it mark it well. because the dam is going to be completed.
      do not put yourself in to judgment by stating illogical and far from truth words

      “long live Ethiopia and Ethiopians”

    • Tom says:

      @gezaee, Tigreans never abandon Ethiopia and never beg any dogs. Read the history of emperor yowhanes, general alula , libnedingle, ezana, Caleb, Abraha weatsbeha, hayelom, meles and many other heros of Ethiopia that are known worldwide.
      Hatsabi meakor

    • Hailsh says:

      You shabiya, this is non of your business. This issue only belongs to Ethiopia and Ethiopians and we now how to deal with it. Why you cry this much? Anyway the residual effect of the colonial period has already poisoned your mind like that of Egyptians. Shame on you.

  8. Alula says:

    Egpyt’s fear isn’t about the Nile water,but about the electricity that Ethiopia will produce! Electricity is the major source of industrialization, therefore industrialization creates a lot of employment opportunity , the employment opportunity wil create stability & stability creates peace & prosperity! Egypt knows that whatever water Ethiopia uses the rest of the water exits Ethiopia is enough!

    In my opinion, Egypt isn’t a threat to Ethiopia , but these paid agents of Egypt like , G7/D & their medias! Egypt tried Ethiopia in the 1870s supported by the British empire & American military experts at that time , nevertheless was crushed very badly by Yohannes’ with Ethiopian fighters organized from Tigrai , Wollo & Gonder! If Egypt wants to attack Ethiopia , Ethiopia will win with heroism never seen in the world!

    We know Egypt needs more water, but the way forward is sharing the God given water in an equitable manner, no less !

    • ethio says:

      you think Ethiopia will win? i hope we don’t get there but if we do we have NO chance at all to win.
      – Egyptian ranked the 14th powerful army in the world with 4.1 billion budget for defense
      – Ethiopia ranked the 28th powerful army in the world with 286,000,000 budget so there is NO way to defeat Egypt.
      – The other thing that we need to think about is,is all military force willing to defeat Egypt?(Ethiopian Military is NOT happy about lots of stuff)
      – If Egypt wants to go to war, our Dam will be gone in seconds!

      • HornofAfrica says:

        if indeed you are an ethio, you should have known that airplanes, tanks and missiles do not win wars by themselves, but the ordinary soldier. an ethiopian soldier is a gallant fighter, battle-hardy and determined to defend his/her country. in addition, it is much easier for our soldiers to fight a defensive war, in their own land and in their own valleys and mountains. a small army can stop a big invading army.
        look at iraq and afghanistan; the US has not succeeded to control the region, despite its military arsenal. ethiopians know it, egyptians know and you are the only person who is not aware of the reality on the ground. during the 19th century, egyptians had more arms and american mercenaries, when they tried to invade ethiopia. the same is true of the italian invasion. they had cannons and mercenaries. nevertheless, both lost big time at the hands of ethiopian feudal armies of the time, which they still remember. do you think that it will be different this time? No, it will not be. our armed forces are ready for them if they dare to come.
        because many ethiopians hate tplf rule, it does not mean that they hate ethiopia. ethiopia is not tplf and tplf is not ethiopia. ethiopians will fight first the foreign demon and later on their own internal damons. the survival of ethiopia comes first.

        • ethio says:

          First of all if US wants to fight Iraq and Afganistan (to destroy them)it will take only a second but they play with rules and care about innocent people and we both know that doesn’t work in Africa.Do you think African leaders cares about innocent people? they fight to win no matter what so your principle doesn’t work in Africa. 19th century is different..people die for their country but now people die making money..what do you think our land was given to Sudan and others? it is all about the money and securing power. Egypt doesn’t even have to waste one bullet. all they will do is give millions of dollars and weapons to gorilla fighters and we will kill each other. “Ethiopia comes first” that is history now, buddy! didn’t you hear the new single “Oromo first”..anyway Ethiopian government will stop building the dam when time comes…you will see…

      • Alex says:

        Poor calculation Alula, war is not only about budget and equipment’s…Can’t you see the Americans and and the whole world failed to beat Taliban’s in today’s Afghanistan. Had winning war been only to military equipment, budgets and even number of army’s then that is totally a different story.
        Just to ask on your theory, if the Egyptian army invade Ethiopia and control the Nile river, how long they will keep it doing this? how they can stop negative actions Ethiopia would take avenge that? Egypt’s noise is not more that bullying and causing havoc but they know it if they take that step, they will face huge consequences that they cannot face

      • gebre says:

        Who the hell are you telling us. Egypt deployed Eritrea with state of the art weapons. we defeated her in days. Do not you know this. get away.

  9. bb says:

    Dear Mr. Abdel-Moteleb, you said you need 80 billion cubic meters and you will not let go of one drop of water, really you need 80 billion cubic, what about Ethiopia and the other countries? you mean none! Who do you think you are? I think you are acting the decider of all but that is not the case all countries have the same share. Trust me we all Ethiopians are one when it comes to national security it doesn’t matter our political differences so watch out for your own mistake and correct them before too late. Thanks!

  10. kebrom says:

    AWTS yes grown to your original size like this one. You were lost to the hand of some bad people like teshome (woyane puppet) for sometimes, and posting rapish and the idea of hate mongers such as Aba mencha.

    I thought teshome was given the chance to administer the web for sometimes. Com on and discuss such a big issues. Never forge on fabricated issue, such as teddy said holy war—He never said and dawit knew that!! I was not convinced to say dawit did that while knew the truth and that is why i am saying AWTs was in the hand of teshome whose life is based on face!

  11. Woyane leba says:

    Egypt says we will not talk unless Ethiopia licks our asses, well said; They are brave compared to the Kehadwoch. They will go and kneel to soon and lick Arab ass, yetateb yearab kit lick madreg new. Woyane will love licking Arab kit as long as they give some money for licking their asses. Nile is not a big deal for woyane. All that matter is money. Woyanes even sell teens girls for sex trade, why not Nile. The Arab kits just need to throw some petrodollar to woyane Kehadiwoch. Then the Nile deal with be signed behind the door like everything deal in the past. I am waiting to see until Woyane travels to Cairo to lick yetabe arab kit. Kkkk, woyane will love it. You remember Meles Zenawi running up and down with Betros Gali and Mubarak to landlock Ethiopia. Do not expect honey from the fly. A fly is a fly. The fly in Ethiopia does not even like Ethiopians to speak. The fly in Ethiopia wanted to muzzle the mouth of every Ethiopian. Let us wait and see what woyane will do ?

  12. Dereje zewdie says:

    One remember the six days war, Egyptian government stopped the boats of Israel&collaborators including UK from using Suez canal. These restrictions were against the international low which states reflected to UN its opinion on it.
    But the Egyptian ambassador in UN once stated it was becouse the Canal is Property of Arab states.
    Their for 85% Nile water property of Ethiopian people.
    So Egyptian no right to talk&discuse about international water agreement.

  13. Hermi says:

    Here is an opportunity for Gezae to reflect on Ethiopia’s gov’t stand regarding Meles Dam (GERD) and rectify on his previous article that was trashed… and …thanks AT for heeding to your audience and civility.

  14. Abraham says:

    Egypt beleive it can bully the African nations.
    History will be repeated. I think the Egyptian colonial mind set is unaccaptable to Ethiopia or other African nations. We should fight back if there is a need.
    Egypt does not have diplomatic language to make friends but only enemies. The recent comment by the government of Egypt that the dam is a political show and it has not started the work on the dam is provocative or insultive.
    If he believe Ethiopia is not builing the dam or does not have the capability, let Egypt sit and watch. and After 3 yrs they will see the fruit of the efforts the Ethiopian government and the people put on it.
    For me as an Ethiopia, we should be ready for anything or miscalaculation by Egypt. If there is a war from Somalia or Eritrea we should not only retilate in kind but we should punish them by destroying these countries.
    If Egypt can fight directly we should all welcome and assert our will.
    Our air force and ground force should be ready for anything.
    I can trust on the wyani or EPRDF when it come to war.

  15. Ewnetu says:

    Egyptians are playing delaying tactics in the negotiations. They want to hide behand the status quo. That is a non starter. They need to take fundamental changes not only in Africa but also in the world. Gone are the days where Egypt would go around the major capitals and frustrate the efforts of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is changing and changing for the better. The old strategies of Egypt to destabilize and make sure that Ethiopia does not touch a drop of the waters of the Nile will no more deliver any result. They should understand in the 21st century the rule of the game is mutual interest and win- win approach. If not Egypt will be number one loser. I hope they will come to their senses.

  16. Gezaee says:

    To the Kehadi TPLF; do not waste you time, I never read any comments with your nicks because I know your level of thinking. Do not waste you time Gezaee will read your comment. No time to read rubbish woyane garbage, antiEthiopia. You brought nothing to Ethiopian except racism and corruption.

  17. chala says:

    i think the in Ethiopian the rain fall volume increases from time to time because of the forestation program why the Egyptian fear the Renaissance dam

  18. chala says:

    EPRDF is one of the strongest real democracy in Africa because the party is the corner stone for all ethnics ,our government is anti poverty you can learn from great dam implication be reasonable

  19. Kebrit says:

    yenesu lemadachew awroplan yenesu kehone chegere yelewem gen ye ethiopian air telfew befegut bota endaya gaut.

    yemchershaw lekachew ktngerachew.
    atfeteh tefa yemilew mefkrachew
    teleku yemiketlew adega new.

    balefew dabo tefto cairo west beselfe tetaltew andun wegtew gdelut
    yehe hezbe rehab yemibal neger ayakem
    sikemsuat gen sew yiblalu.

    bemnem melku liretun aychelum .

    ke ahun buhala eyandandu ethiopiawi yehageru
    police mehone alebet!!!!!!!1

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