Egyptian Irrigation Minister: We have several options to defend our rights over Nile Dam


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72 Responses

  1. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Dawit: you removed my article, but you so low and post this rubbish article that insults my country. You are useless idiots; You love licking the asses of your enemy. I am definitely sure, you guys will signed the agreeemnt of colonialism. You are all colonial slaves. You all trash generation of Ethiopia. This Arabs dogs have been threaten and terrorize our people for 200 years. You love begging everything. You are begging them to give you what you have. You have the water and they are supposed to beg and pay money for the water. But it is the opposite, shame on you. Why post insult, is this ethical Dawit? They telling you accept and listen what we tell you otherwise, we beat you up. Is this ethical for you professional journalist? but my article counters this dogs, is removed because the bandas in Ethiopia told it is an ethical. For them to lick yeareb yetabe kit is okay or ethical. Good luck Kit licker Habesha hula. I am tired of you begging everying from the world, money, food, medicine, freedom, your own water, … you love begging everything. If the 100s of billions of dollar wasted by woyane could have been used to arm Ethiopia, Ethiopia could flatten all the dams just a retaliation for the above statement of insults . You all have no dignity and human value. You have reduced yourself to subhumanity. I am sure woyane will now call them and sign whatever they ask you to do. The best thing to do was to give power to patriotic Ethiopians than suppressing and subjecting Ethiopians to colonialism by the barbaric arabs. These dogs have been colonized for more than 1000 years by all human on earth, but they have a got a gut to threaten us. If the money stolen by woyane could have been used to defend the country, we could have blown all the dams which is storing our water. What surprises, the woyane dogs are crying on Egytpian websites asking brothers, sisters , we love you , let us talk, the water is not ours. It is yours we just wanted electicity only. we will not touch the water. We love you Egyptian brothers or sisters, bla bla, crab scum-bag. Go and see Egytians forums invaded by Ethiopians scum-bags begging them please please ours brothers or sistersw, let us talk, talk to my ass, dedeb denez. You were stealing money upto today from the poor Ethiopian, now you are shitting on your pants. Shekem, denkoros

    • Meskot says:

      Gezaee Hailemichael a.k.a Getachew Reda a.k.a Halafi Mengedi,

      You are a sick SOB.

    • Blata afar says:

      Gezaee my response to you is short and to the point. “Sidib tesadabiwen yimeslal”::

    • KG says:

      Mr. Gezaee can’t you civil discourse at this forum. I guess you are older man that should never insult other people who just happen don’t agree with your points. YESEW AFU SIKEFET CHINKILATU YETAYAL . The vocabulary that you are using vividly shows who you are . OMG insulting others will not make you more Ethiopian than others or a nationalist.

    • Gebez says:

      I wish stray dogs eat you alive after stray cats with sharp claws scratch you till a bleed to death. lol. what a pitty Neanderthal.

    • Jamal says:

      @Gezae, Please I understand the pain that Weyane is doing bad to Ethiopian people. Why Woyane lost gut to speak out series position this idiot Arabs. Weyan has shown us art of killing that did to Derg. He has no gut to face Egyptian. But don’t be emotional, Moya belib new. Weyane minalbat moya belib new bilo yihonal

    • yoni says:

      you idiot…you are the one who is gassing out every time Egypt farts. The world predicts that this dam will be done without a single fire from Egypt. your goal is to have Ethiopians get emotional every time Egyptian official pulls a verbal stunt.
      Get over it dude…
      Egyptians will barf till dam completion
      Ethiopia will play its diplomatic obligations
      The Dam will complete
      Egypt will nose dive into more political quagmire
      You and your shabia friends will cry

    • bekelech says:

      at Gezaee

      Though i donot agree with your insults, i agree in one of your point—-hod it been the billion Birr stolen by woyane and woyane loyalist went to the country’s bank, we would have finished the dam in short. Extended construction will have several effect, both on quality and diplomasi. It has also affected the poor civil servant who are told to contribute, while they still have lot of gap to reach from one month to the other.

      We have to contribute, as not contributing means, means, you may considered as G7 member. hence, i have to give from my gap—sleeping deep into poverty. I love to contribute, but i haven’t even the minimum for self. When woyane and its loyalists (including the thin-edgers) spend 10s of 1000s in a night for birr and party, children of the large majority of civil servant go to bed (if it is bed) hungry. In the morning they go hungry and hence have to sleep in the class. Come and ask teachers who are now tired of buying breads for these too much week boys and girls. You think this is false, just go one morning to one of the school in addis and will see. If the teacher talk about it, the next day he will be fired—becuase there is no poverty in woyane addis ababa.

      • Zeleka says:

        Bekelech if what you are saying is true why do we ask the teachers it’s best to ask the children if they come to school without breakfast dedeb

      • Mekdes says:

        Bekelch, you are such a balatant lier G7 like your masters Esayas, Birhanu and Andargachew.

      • Gezaee says:

        I will hesitate to believe you what you are saying. I used to go to school hungry in addis because there was no bread to buy. I do not think there is much change even today with majority. Look, South Africa economically the richest country in Africa and still is, but bet what? 95% the population did not have a housing, water, electricity. There is development does not really mean there is real development. Almouldi has 50 companies in Ethiopia and that capital is considered development. What will do Sanlam’s multibillion dollar in the South African bank? Nothing, the money belongs to Sanlam, not to the poor. But in economy index, it is considered as national capital and it is considered as per capital which is not per capital. Such development is like a mirage in a desert for the majority. I have no doubt people go hungry in Ethiopia. That is the situation I know. I think we failed so to address our people because woyane held us hostage for another 22 years now. They said they know everything and excluded the entire nation and made nation decision without consulting citizens and become an other burden of our poor people. Look the money we pay to Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Djbouti, … close to 2 billion dollars? why while our ports are sitting idle for 22 years? is this not a curse of TPLF? Why they fell in love to lay a heavy burden on the poor people? who is paying for the port? Who gave the right TPLF to landlock Ethiopia? You can not just take power by gun and force people to be slaves like that. What TPLF has been doing so far is nothing but only suicidal. They are so narrow, short-sighted and extremely arrogant. We could have built a lot of dams using the money they are throwing away to Djibouti, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, ere bakh twegn, when I think of TPLF I feel nauseating and vomiting. I do not know how to describe them. I prefer Mengistu Hailemariam, reasons, he was a high graduate, never went to University. Never travelled anywhere except 6 month in USA and 6 month in Russia for military training. He had very good position on Ethiopian sovereignty and national interest and he had better policies. He addressed most of the questions of the day. There was only problem because he did not have time and also the old system was difficult to change. What we go today is mess, Kilil Oromia, Kilil Amhara, kilil tigrai,… very ugly name in the 21 century. I think they did this because that is what they know. They were inspired by ethnic injustice, but they made it even worse now . Anyway, we need to unite and tell them we want better system. If we unite we can tell to do what we want to them to do, not them telling us what to do. We have seen them in the past 22 years destroying the country by promoting dirty copies from outside and human trafficking never seen before in Ethiopians history. Money corrupts people. They were sleeping on the dust , hungry, with no water, … but human is being so corrupt they forgot they objective and ended up the most corrupt leaders in Ethiopian history.

        22 years * 2 billion for port fee = 44 billion years plus 13 billion dollar stolen = 57 billion dollars plus 8 billion dollars to keep the sodiers at the non-existing no war no peace border, = 65 billion dollars, what about the cost of lives lost? 100 000 souls betrayed during shabia war? can you imagine, as a result of the betrayal, shabia started war in Ogaden? how many our people in Ogaden dies because of Shabia sponsored war? without mention the death, …. 10 000 ogadenis orphans as a result of the Ogaden conflict? Why TPLF saved Shabia for this war to continue. Ere Bakh Tewyen, TPLF is head-ache to conscience. I feel nauseating by the think they have done and still doing. But we allowed them to ride on us.If we were united they would not have done to country like that. Thanks also to few Amhara chauvinists who divide us and help TPLF to get support by chasing people because they have no program except hate and chasing people. We have to blame ourselves also, TPLF would not have done all that if we were united with good faith. Even now it is not too late. We need to get united and say, hey, enough is enough now. The 65 billion dollar wasted could have harnessed the entire Nile and piped to Ogaden, Harare, Afar, Tigrai, Wollo, Gonder, … other places where our people have no water. Who really cares about Arabs in Egypt. I damn damn care if Egytians perish thrist. I did not put them in the desert. It is not Ethiopians business to take about an Arab who settled in a desert.
        Anyway, we still need to stand united, there is no other better way to help our people. Ethiopia is more than woyane or EPRDF.

    • Ber says:

      Gezaee you are great.

    • bendo says:

      Hi guys
      Gezaee is looking for attention and he is getting it so he feel as a winner. he is a child mind with good english that is it. try not to read what he write or don’t replay to him this one is my last one

  2. yohannes says:

    Egyptians are enrmy of Africans of east and horn Africa. In realityethiopia was Egyptian colony through Religion. Alexandria fir the Cristisns and Alharam Univerdity for the modlomes to divide these people.
    In Egypt they eat animsl slsuted by mudlomes, but in rthiopia they forbiden to do so.
    the used to destsblised thes region for many years.
    some times, religious prople ofvthevregion, samtimes by cresting pokoticsl issue snd dividion.
    Duting yohsnnes time they tried to fivided the muslumes of wallo and then fividing the cridyisns of Hsmssirn by Arming woldemkal to kill all his btothers snd sister. Shame upon him he sided the Egiptisns during the battel of Gura in actual eritrea against his brothrrs.
    so the egiptians are the enemy of these region, it is not new.
    for me ethiopians should be unit snd forget egiptians snd continue to work whst is necessary for them. Egiptisns are poor nation like rthiopia ,and their ability is limited .
    If the Arbes they wsnt we have to deviate the water for ever and ever, that they will have never it

  3. HornofAfrica says:

    “We have several options to defend our rights,”
    Bullshit!! What rights do you have on an Ethiopian river?

    What the hell can they do? Bomb the dam? They might try to do it. Ethiopia can construct a thousand mini-dams, this time for irrigation and not for electricity and cut the water flowing down stream. Short of occupying Ethiopia, there is no way whatsoever to control the Blue Nile. An Egyptian soldier who dares to set foot on Ethiopian soil will not live to tell the story. Ethiopia has shown it in the 19th century; and surely, she will do it again.
    If foolish Egyptian politicians think that they can intimidate Ethiopia, they should know that they are making a grave mistake. Ethiopia cannot be intimidated. She has the power and the determination to defend herself. Ninety million Ethiopians, men, women, young and old are ready to fight for their country. Nobody should doubt it in the least.
    If Egyptian politicians are planning a proxy war using Eritrea, Somalia, OLF, ONLF, etc., they better not put all their hopes on these, because these forces know very well, what the consequences will be. Ethiopians are not as divided as they used to be in the past, when they were an easy target. Egypt cannot continue to harm Ethiopia for a myriad of times, as she has done for centuries. This has to stop; and now is the time.
    If Egyptian politicians think that negotiations is a zero-sum-game, all or nothing, with them gaining everything, or if they are of the opinion that they can export their internal political problems using Ethiopia as a scapegoat, then, they better understand that surely they will be on the losing side, because truth and world opinion is with Ethiopia.

  4. Michael says:

    We are sick and tired of these freaking Egyptians. I do think we need to further negotiate with these morons. Like Albert Ernestine defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, negotiating with these people won’t bring any fruitful result. Ignoring them would definitely give them a good lesson that they will never ever forget in generations to come. God bless Ethiopia!! God bless our late Pm Meles and EPRDF as well!!

  5. Yekefaw says:

    I really don’t understand why the Ethiopian government is so scare about this dam issue. The Egyptians wanted it the colonial era way. You couldn’t thrust the Sudanese either. They associate each other with religion rather than their color. Other wise the Sudanese are more similar to Ethiopian than to Egypt and they are equally beneficiary too. Any way,for what ever reason, the Ethiopian government is very embarrassing to say the least. The Ethiopian government is only brave on terrorizing its own people. What a shame

    • Gezaee says:

      Yekefaw, you said it well. EPRDF only good at terrorizing Ethiopians. But when Egytians insult them, they go to their websites and forums, and say our brothers or sisters. Sister and brother of my ass, wondimina eht baltefabet ager , arab degmo kemichie new yeagnea wondomna ena eht yehonut. Fuck the nomads

  6. mulat says:

    Dear admin

    Thank for removing Gezaee Hailemichael
    posting I was one of those who complained
    and asked you to remove it. A lot also asked
    for that article to be removed and you listen to reason and acted bravo.As usual his is spraying his venom ignore him and your job.

  7. Gezaee says:

    Arabs are good at suicide bombing which is coward.

  8. Gebez says:

    Things are getting serious guys. It is time to show a real spirit of national unity. 90 million Ethiopians=one fist!!

    • Gezaee says:

      we are 97 million but woyanes wanted to make us nothing by dividing us; when we preach unity, woyane sends Teshome the Italian ascaries, Egptian foot soldier. I hope if woyanes has any brain , they will remove this guy called Teshome from online. He is just born evil and meseri. He is against unity of Ethiopians. His hate to Ethiopia deep rooted. All love is stealing, leba Teshome.

  9. Gezaee says:

    “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
    – Mark Twain

    • challa says:

      Mr G ezae
      Show your Mark Twain quotes on your articl.Be as big as your ambitions , do not go low.Do not get disturbed because the egypians said something.We are on the right path.we are doing our dam let them talk until it get finish.By the time it is done.the game is changed.the water will be for the benefit of us , sudanese and egypians , too.Of course without any signature.we have to appreciate our govt for the track they choosebecause it is the right path.They are sure of themselves, their people and the completion of tha dam in time.

  10. Bahiru says:

    ” We have several options to defend our right.” EGYPT
    We Ethiopians have several options to DEFEND your “options.” ETHIOPIA

  11. w .yilma says:

    Ethiopia should stop negotiation with these DOGS!

  12. Mekdes says:

    What kind of srcurity they need from Ethiopia. They were intimidating Ethiopia in the past, no also they are trying to do the same thing. They were manipulating in the past, meddling in Ethiopian politicd by using the neighboring Somalia and Shabiya. Those ignorant Arabs must ne told this kind of rhetoric doesn’t help them because Ethiopia is not a country of the past, it is a country of present. Ethiopia was not consulted when they build Aswan dam so why the Egyptian want have their say on our Hidase Gidib

  13. ቄሴና አንገረብ says:

    እስቲ ተመልከቱ።

    መሬት፣ባንክ፣ቴሌ፣መብራት ሀይል ወዘተረፈ የመንግሰት ነው።
    ንግድ፣ድርጅት የኢፈረት ወይም የአላሙዲን ብቻ ነው፣
    አባይ የግብፅ ብቻ ነው።
    ህዳሴ ግድቡም የኢንጂነሮች ውጤት ሳይሆን የአንድ ሰው ራእይ ብቻ ነው።
    ተሰደን እንኩዋን በሰው ሀገር መኖር አይፈቀድልንም።
    ለዝናብ መጠለያ ቤት ብንሰራ እንኩዋን በግሬደር ያፈርሱታል።
    ለኛ የቀረን በብሄር ብሄረሰቦች ተደራጅተን ወደ ላይ እየዘለልን በየ ጅጅጋው መጨፈር ብቻ ነው።

    • Gezaee says:

      To be honest, I prefer derg than woyane. I meant it; At least derg was killing us at home; he did not allows us to go to middle to hang ourselves or throw ourselves from skyscrappersw. Derg, did not land-lock us like Woyane did. Derg did not sell land to any foreigner. Derg was giving Gambela to Tigreans, Amhara, Eritreans, they were there until 1991. Derg did not sell the land to Arabs for 100 years. Derg did not traffick teens girls for sex to middle east. Derg did not sell any national asset. Plus, Mengitu was uneducated man; He never travelled and he did not have any experience. But he did not steal 13 billion dollars. I think he was killing the useless Ethiopians when he found them stealing and corrupting. The man did not even dress a proper dress. He was cladded in Kakiki. He tried to promote local products. He was patriotic; Can you compare the Nebse bela woyane with derg? how ? there was no ethnic or racism. He was targeting Tigreans because of the meseri TPLF. Even Erirtreans are saying Derg the best for them. Imagine, derg did many bad things because of Shabia, butr yet the people now appreciate than Issayas. Woyane more ignorant than derg. They are smart ignorant only. They use race or ethnic to control everything ; is this really sustainable? I do not think so. I would not be happy in today’s Ethiopia where you are asked what ethnic you belong when you arrive at the air port. My friend went home after 30 years. But he was arrested at the air port for refusing to disclose his ethnic origin. The guy is from Tigrai. He left to Russian for studies during derg time. He then migrated to Europe and then to North America. He travelled to Ethiopia after along time. He was held at the airport as a wanted criminal. He was asked his ethnic. He says he was very uncomfortable after all living outside Ethiopia for long to talk about his ethnic. He said he refused to tell them. They put him under arrest for the whole night. The next day he agreed to tell them he is a Tigrean. But that did not help him either. He was asked to bring witnesses. He called his family members and he was released after two days hiccup. He came back from Ethiopia. I met him; Hey, how Ethiopia? He told me Ethiopia is hell. He said he will set his foot again in Ethiopian and he told me that story.

      Another, my own relatives, he was born in Eritrea; he lives out Ethiopia; he want to go to Ethiopia. But the embassy denied him and took away his passport; the reasons they took his passport was that his passport says he was born in Eritrea. His father worked for Ethiopian train from Massawa to Asmara all his life until the train track was destroyed by Shabia. They used to live in a small town between Asmra and Massawa. They had lived there and 4 children there. Because he was born there he is now denied Ethiopians citizenship and he uses a European passport. This is just tips of the iceberg. To your surprise, Eritrean get passport of Ethiopia with no problem, but Ethiopians considered as enemies and treated as second citizen. It is unfortunate, he would think those people who told us they fighting for freedom end up like this? To your surprise, even the way they treat their former fighters is a subhuman. They have no respect even for themselves. They talk about their maryrs, but it is lie; they do not care about their martyrs either. They just use them as business. Woyane has to be remove peacefully. This is why I do not believe in armed struggle. They killed the country, but what they brought us more racism, prostitution, more corruption, theft, sex trade, child trade, …. we need to unite and remove them .

      • Rezin says:

        Gezaee, here is my advice to you: Instead of burning everyday why not you hang yourself.

      • yohannes says:

        Gezae I like to read your comments, but you prefer Derg to weyanie, a think you are in the wrong truck.
        Some people are blinds , you want Derg, where there was only suffering. It is amazing compere Weinie with Derg or other rulers of Ethiopia. we have to recognize and able to divided good from bad and bad from good. Weianie have done good and bad things, how you compare weianye with Derg. you are completely mad. If there are wrong doing of weanie criticize them but open your eys and be honest , you hate them because they are from Tigray.

        • Gezaee says:

          Woyanes turned thieves of the 21 century. They are not helping the country, hey are just sucking the poor people. The people in Tigrai are covered by dusts. Nothing changed, this woyanes are the Kehadi of all Kehadi in Ethiopians history. I prefer Mengistu Hailemariam than woyane, the curse of the 21 century. This is the stupid of band who landlocked my country force? fuck them, idiots.

    • Mekdes says:

      KeseAngereb, sim Merteh Motehal. YeESAT fiction sim des biloh new. You guys are living in Fantacy of your own. Hidasie Gidib is the true Ethiopians vision. No person take credit for that but all Ethiopians except you.

      If you built a house without a plan I think it is better to destroy it before it ruin the country’s image. That’s why the west is so beautifull.

  14. kebrom says:

    at Gobez

    I fully agree with what you said–unity! But how comes? you donot understand what how much woyane has disintegrated us? Or you donot know how they, including dawit work day and night to divide us? You donot understand how dawit propagated the issue related to the oneness-love concert of teddy, simply for the sack of sheet ethic politics? how comes,

    Donot you think that such a movements are globally accepted approach to bring people more close to each other? Do still think that minilik (died 100 years ago) was a problem for woyane? No that is not. Minilik is a catena to tie fest and strong the oromo people under the slavery of woyane. Woyane has no problem with Minilik, but they picked it to slave oromo, to grave deep enough goarge between oromo and amahara. Otherwise, they knew that Minilik never said i am amhara and and he is mixed. I am sorry they were able to fool my oromo people. Of course people like juwar are not fooled, but doing their job on purpose—to divide Ethiopia.

    By brother Gobez

    How Dam will make us one, when the government use all its resources tactics, and skill to divide us in to several pieces??

    Tell me, how possible to convince those over 30,000 poor amharas simply dismantled from their livelihood and thrown to sufferings by shiferaw shigute and Naser of benishangul, simply they are amharas?

    How can we be one, when woyane (tplf) give all kind of benefits, job, business even cobblestone work to only and only first to its adewa select, and then to its loyalists, leaving the rest go hungry?

    How can you convince the military when majority knew that, for over 20 years they are under abuse of generals from one tribe,

    how you can convince the urban residents when they knew that woyane purposely make them heavily suffer by introduced artificial inflation, to the extent they can’t buy break for the kids?

    How can we become one and guard our dam and country when every body can only think as either as oromo, or tigire or afar or amhara FIRST, and hence ethiopia is something second?

    Pls guide me in case you still have some opinions so that i will join you!

    • Gezaee says:

      Kebrom, I fully agree with you. But Ethiopia is more than Woyane; It is our home land. We have no other places. We can not burn our house because someone whom we hate lives in it. It is true; woyanes are not good people, they are selfish people and very short-sighted people.

      I really feel your pain. It is heart-breaking people are persecuted because they have a name tag given to them as amhara. This is disgusting to be honest. But the remedy for all that is unity. If we unite with love, good faith; we are powerful than them. We can control them. They division only works for them, not for us. Who is benefitting now? it is not ordinary Ethiopia, it is woyane officials who are harvesting the fruits of our division. The more we get divided the more they control us and the more they will abuse the country because they will think no one can stop them. That has been the reality in the past 22 years. Woyanes has been doing everything they wanted with no resistance.

      I am pro unity based on humanity not on tribe. I do not wana lives in a tribal place. I wana live anywhere in Ethiopia, not in an ethnic enclave. Anyway, the solution is unity only based on mutual trust and transparency and brotherhood. Ethnicism is not for the 21 century. Ethnicism is for primitive communal society. Let us unite and say no together to abuse of our country and our people. Armed struggle will not set us free; because woyanes armed struggle killed one generation of Ethiopians and made us refugees for our entire life. We do not want more war again. If one believes in shedding blood freedom? it is not freedom anymore because for freedom, blood must be the price to pay, but peace civil movement that does not require investment in blood, and war and money and time. Let us unite, say no to apartheid system.

  15. Alula says:

    Egyptian have better to solve their internal problems than interfering in Ethiopia’s sovereign water!

    Staying around Egypt in the name of negotiation is wiser in order to show the world for any eventuality!

  16. Gezaee says:

    Dear Dawit; please repost my article. What do you want them to tell you than this? I am serious; they insulting you man. Please post it, be a man. The only way we can use our water is if we defeat them, not fear them. Repost Dawit; Do not hear woyane, Woyanes are a curse of Ethiopia. They are stupid. Whether you agree with or not for now, you will agree with me later. Ethiopian and Arabs can not make a deal. They Arabs, do you know what they believe in? The entire earth belong to them, not only Nile. Their aim is to kill all human being or Kafirs and to form one country called Arab where the world speaks only Arabic and worship only Allah. This is real. If they had power, they would kill all of us. This what they teach to their followers. That is why they cut heads of people. If you people you can agree with Arabs? you are wrong. Please repost it. The main reasons I wrote that is on purpose to make my point. Do not be scared man. We will die one day. It is good we all work to make this world a better place. I was campaigning against Cyria strike by USA. We convinced USA not to go to war again. It worked. The only way to fight Arabs is to expose them what they do and who they are to make the world peaceful. Otherswise, they will destroy us. You may not agree with me, but they are working to make the world an Islamic nation. They work underground and they underground cells in every country. You may not believe me, but they plan to make USA , UK, …all the countries Islamic states. That is why I am against Arab Islamic politics. Please post my article, do not fear anyone except God. We must tell the truth and stand for justice and equality. We must not allow Arabs to intimidate human being.

    • mekdes says:

      WOW !!you said you were campaigning against the Syria strike and finally you convinced the USA not to go to the war! very surprising !!OMAG!You are such a powerful and capable person to influence the white house not to bombard Syria ! how many times did you meet president Obama?
      I beg you to do some favor for your country Ethiopia.Please convince the USA to give or lend $15 billion dollar to Ethiopia so that we can build two more additional dams on the Nile river(our Abbay) !
      As to the Egyptians don’t worry as such.They know the Ethiopian people very well starting from the Time of old testament !!It is only through peace that they can control our heart and our spirit !!We are known in surrendering for Peace .Historically they had been sending bishops for thousands of years.We have a great respect for them! They were our moral leaders!!In a similar way there were also historical instances when they crossed the red line drawn . AS we are known in surrendering for peace , we are also very very aggressive for those who cross the line drawn and act against our national interests !! They know us !!
      Gezaee you are a great person .We Ethiopians are very proud of you!! An individual like you Convincing white house no to take a military action !! what do you mean! It is unbelievable ! what the whole world, including the UN, fail to do ,you did it my brother and the true son of Ethiopia!! Did you tell president Assad about this ? may be he will have a reward of millions of dollar for your favor?
      I am really extremely eager to meet and greet you and Getachew Reda in person.Especially when you recover from your problems!! I don’t think this time you are both in a normal state of mind !! This can be understood from what you are commenting and saying on different public media forums.please in as much as possible try to help your self to relive out of these problems !I wish you both a very quick recovery!!

      • Gezaee says:

        Mekdes, do not be negative like the woyanes and diasporas.It is not only me who convinced USA not to strike Syria. It was the entire world. If you have attended the forum you have known about it. I was one of the active antiwar activist online. We engaged with USA pro wars and expressed views. They took us seriously. This is real.

        we must not keep quiet when injustice done by any human in whatever name. There should respect for all human on earth. No human being should be treated unfairly or racially or religiously You see, I am pro peace, pro love, pro respect of human being. I do not believe in race or ethnic or religion. I am Orthodox Chhristians, I do not believe God only knows Christians. God loves all; we are his creature regardless how we worship him. God is a universal love. He is the author of all human being. If God was to come on earth, he would not calling us you are Muslim or Christian or budhists or anything. I am indebted to the country that respect all human with equal eyes.

      • Gezaee says:

        Mekdes, you need to focus on ideas than on attacks on people whom you perceive are not with you. I do not know about Getachew Red. I can not say much. I have no clue to be honest. You know him; it is your story, not my story. I do not talk about people. If you see my comments; you do not see me talking about individual people or ethnic or … It is only people like you and Teshome who drag me to small talks as you are doing now. Do not twist things to fit your twisted imagination. Learn how to respect different ideas that is not in your favour.

        Ordinary people talk about people, great people talks about great ideas. You are one of the ordinary people who love to chew people. Go and read my comments you will not find me attacking people apart from attacking ideologies or wrong policies. I do not damn care what you think of me, it is your business or your twisted brain. I do not know Getachew Reda. It is not my business to talk about him or any body else. People have right to express themselves in whatever they like as long as they do not breach the right of others.

        1. People do not drag me to talk about people , you better find your likes buddy.
        2. Go to USA and beg them. I do not believe in begging.If were you I would ask them to tell me how they make money instead of begging them to give 15 billion dollars.You see you think you are smart, but you are not. Anyway, weizor Mekedes, please do not invite people to talk about people.

        If there are things you do not agree with me, you need to tell me this one you do not agree because of this and that. Otherwise, you are this and that, only exposes your narrowness and foolishness. Who are you to tell people who they are ? do you know them? Please desist from labelling people whatever you want. Learn and grow up. The world is too fit into one persons mindset. I hope you learn something than thinking everyone to be Weizor mekdes.

        • Mekdes says:

          Gezaee, you raised some good points. I didn’t say we have to beg money but we should have access to international capital. This time Ethiopia and most developing countries don’t have access to international capital market and insulated from trillions of money circulating in London, New York and Tokyo. We are restricted to the limited capital coming through development banks like World Bank. You will make money only when you access to money and develop the potentials to create money. If they lend Ethiopia some billions of money we can create the miracle with in very short period of time! let me give you one example! To generate 26,000MW of electricity it require about $30 billion dollar . however when you make that marketable ,you will sell 13,000MW electricity with $30 billion
          in the current market every year. Once you build the infrastructure , collect the fruit continuously for long time That is how Brazil make a difference within 20 years. Development will not come through food aid and some financial support provided by the World Bank and IMF . Money is important, Think big brother Gezaee!

          • Gezaee says:

            If you are weak, you will not have access to international money. You can have access international money if and only if you are smart, dynamic, innovative , powerful. No one likes weak, beggars. Our ancestors did not get money from USA, UK, … when they build Lalibela, Axum, Fasiledes,… the mythic thing is not money ,but innovation. Do you think the WB, IMF,… will give you money by begging money? big no, IMF, WB, … financial markets, not charities. They do not care damn about Ethiopians or Ethiopia. All they care is only business. They will give you the money if you show who you are. Specially this time, it will be hard for Ethiopia to get money from WB, IMF, … because they are not happy Ethiopia allowing China to be in Ethiopia. The Arabs would not mind wiping us from the earth. They have a big power in WB, IMF,… they have the petrodollar and they can corrupt any European by throwing some petro dollar. Why do you think Saudi Arabia is a member of Human Right commission? I have a friend from Saudi Arabia, I betting with him, Saudi Arabia will be kicked out from UN, he made a joke to me. He told me money rules. He said we have money and it does not matter how we treat people, we will be in the UN human right commission. He was right. When Suadi were killing Ethiopians in the streets of their country, they renewed their membership in the UN human right commission. The solution for our problem is no one, but ourselves. It is true we owe the white race a lot because the white society has done more than anyone to support our people in time of need for the past 40 years. They have been our survival kit when we need it. But the political system is not in our favour. The western politics is pro Arab because of the petro dollar. They will be the first victim sooner or later, but they are now with them than with us. So what Ethiopia needs to do now is invest in its citizens and promote home grown innovation like South Africa did during apartheid. South African whites did well when they were under sanction because they became more innovative when they were saction during apartheid. We are denied access to money because of only racism or skin colour. We must see our forefathers and get inspired and become innovative and overcome all man made and natural obstacles. People will love you when you do well and progress only. It is human nature.

            However, we are enough to help our country and our people, but the government in Ethiopia is the main obstacle of development. Because the government is active in dividing Ethiopians and weakening Ethiopians just to protect power. This is the big problem. If we unite, we can pool enough money to help our people. However, this government we have is antidevelopment. That is the only problem. If we unite, we can raise more money than we can beg from IMF. by the way, there is no free money anywhere because you have pay it back. If Africans cooperate and do projects, Africa could export food to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, there is neither national or continental strategy to do integrated farming scheme planned by African apart from selling land to the lowest bidders.

          • Gezaee says:

            Mekdes, I forgot to ask one question? instead of looking for Usury money? why you do not stop stealing? You wanted 15 billion loan? I am wondering why you wanted to borrow all that money? Is it for stealing? EPDF stole up to now 13 billion dollars? is it not better to stop stealing than to beg ?

            The other things, EPRDF spend to buy ports in the past 22 years 44 billion dollars? why you do not use the port of Ethiopia instead of begging for money from other country? 44 billion dollar could have built 6 Hidase dams plus 13 billion dollar could have built 2 Hidase Dams in total 8 Hidase dams? The profit could have been double of that. The short answer for you question must be stop stealing because EPRDF is a leba political party. You have the money, but you wasting it by buying ports while your ports are still sitting idle.

  17. KG says:

    Historically Egyptians have slaved Israelites for 400 years, now they are trying to slave Ethiopians the same way they did Israelites by putting their will on us. Egyptians should leave the notion that Nile belongs to Egypt since it is a wrong assertion. Egypt will be a big loser if they try military, proxy war, or going to International Court. The only solution they have is a win- win solution ,and constructive engagement with their Nile basin African countries . Military solution is never a solution. US is withdrawing its troop from Iraq and Afghanistan without achieving its goals because extremists still on the rise ,and extremists are on the run but not defeated . Egpt you cant think like the past think like the present, and you will get out of the stalemate your poloticians are trying to divert you attention from the political crises they are in , we Ethiopians want Egypt to be our partners in development where all our children of both Ethiopia and Egypt live together in peace. The world is coming to unity such as Europe , you need to break the wall of mistrust, hate, the sentiment of being more Arab than African .

    • Gezaee says:

      No Egptians, they Arabs. They settled in ancient Egypt in the 7 Century AD that was yesterday. These are arabs, not Pharaohns. Pharaohns who enslaved Israelites Africans (Ethiopians). These Arab are colonizers from 7 century AD. They do not belong to this continent. You are wrong to think they are Egyptians. They are not part of ancient Egypt. If u do not Egpptian history, then read please. Do you know the Nubians are now colonized by them? Changed to islam by force? their culture destroyed. Please Egypt history and you will find they do not belong to this continent and we must chase them out from Africa.

  18. welwallo says:

    I don’t think Egyptians left with option that debilitate the wish of Ethiopian people. they exhausted every option what they think will help them to undermine Ethiopia from being stand on its feet to tackle the Burdon of poverty. we had enough of their propaganda of war mongering and direct treat to destabilize Ethiopia, but needs ability to do so. political and economic wish is different from political and economic aspire. we are living in different time zone and political array of history. Ethiopia and Ethiopian are in different platform than what most people of the world think of, including Geaze hailemical. do you think Egypt will subjugate Ethiopia? I don’t think it is all about water rather it is about the geopolitical shift that the Egyptians saw it as a treat to their survival in near future. I don’t think Egyptians will limit their effort from sabotaging any progress made in Ethiopia by engaging in a proxy war with Eritrea and some neighbors, so the government of has to deal with Shaibia before doing any thing with Egypt. trust me there is no way that you can change this mind set of Egyptians by discussion unless for some photo ups and to buy time. Be strong prepared well to deter for what ever appears to be a treat for national security in particular the mad man from the north. this is a fertile ground for him to deflect the political tension in his country. sheep can’t spend peace full night while a hyena is screaming around, so deal with hyena before you deal with wave of Egyptians night mare.

    • Gezaee says:

      Walwalo, I assure you 100% Egyptians will never accept for Ethiopia to use its water. I repeat 100% Egyptians will never agree to share anything with infidels. It is not them. It is their religion that forbid them to sharing with infidels and Kafirs. It is inconceivable bro. Ethiopia has been talking to them for the past 22 years. But the results show they are getting worse than better. It is in the Kuran. They must not allow infidels to share anything with them. They would not mind killing us all in one day. They do not only believe the Nile belongs to them? they believe the entire world belongs to them. People will not agree with me, but this is the fact. If we have to use our water, what we need to do is to defeat them and we hit them hard on their head. They are human snakes. I am telling you people do not know what I know. People will not take me seriously. But Islamicists are working underground to islamize the entire world.

      There is no justice wherever there is Islam. There is no equality wherever there is Islam. There is no freedom wherever there is islam. Ethiopians who think they will make a fair deal with an Islamic country are 100% wrong. It will never work. They do not believe we have right to live on earth leave alone to use our resources. It is the teaching of their religion man. you can see now things got worse even. They have said now they do not believe the dam is under construction? Is that not evil? They are human snakes. The only solution is to hit the head of the snake with no mercy. No deal or babysitting. If I were Ethiopians leader. I would have prepared myself and flattened all the dams in Egypt and divert the Nile 100% to Gonder, Wollo, Harare, Afar, Ogaden, Tigrai, Eritrea and release regulated water to Sudan, Kenya, others according to their need. I would not babysit these human snakes. By the way, they do not belong to our continent; They are not African. They colonized Egypt 7 century AD. They are colonizers. The Nubians are still under their colony. If I were an Ethiopian leader, first I would make sure everything in place like military, if they miscalculate and do anything war like, I would flatten all their dams with no mercy. I am kind and love all human being. I am against selfish and human snakes. The only remedy for Ethiopia is to defeat them holding the water until they beg on their knees or if they attack us first, flatten and all the dam or pollute the water when it leaves sudan. Anything less is waste of time only.

      • welwallo says:

        Well, I can take as an argument that you forwarded in relation going to the international panel of experts to evaluate the nature of the dam by setting a tripatriate committee including international expertise is totally a betrayal to the members of the Nile initiative countries which vow to defend their interest in relation to river Nile. Why the government of Ethiopia excluded them from the panel of expertise? They are part of the intention and active participant in decision making in regard to the faire use of water share. The government of Ethiopia failed diplomatically and trapped in a cycle of confusion what to do with this tripatriate committee realizing the axis of Egyptians motive. The other mistakes that is repeatedly forwarded by the representative of Ethiopia is I quote <> What is the implication of this phrase? Don’t you think you are fulfilling their demand and dragging yourself in to Deep Ocean? This is a big mistake, you don’t need to mention about water quota. How we couldn’t learn from BADME? Do you think we will get fair justices going to the Haig or international arbitration? That is what the Egyptians want. There is no justice in the Haig. Justice is money, justice is power, and justices’ is a lie in this world. Make no mistake, Justices is yourself, your people, your land, your water and your fact. History will repeat itself; I hope not in this case we have enough lessons to draw from the invasion of fascist Italy to our recent memory BADME. From the beginning no need of setting a tripatriate committee, rather it would have been better to set a committee from every Nile initiative member states. Most Egyptians claim to say being they are the gift of Nile, well we say; ETHIOPIANS are a gift of ABAY. So, we have every opportunity and right to utilize as much as our feet carry us to break the back bone of poverty so we can embark to the new era. For Egyptians learn from your great grand fathers who attempted to invade Ethiopia for the same reason who melt down on the hands of great worriers of Ethiopia. If you try, expect unexpected. Keep doing what you are doing; no bother whatever the government of Egypt says. We are up to the challenge and decide our destiny by ourselves. We are the Iron bare, we are the cement, and DAM. I can say, the Dam is our pillar in socio economic and political maneuver in the east Africa corridor. GO EPRDF/TPLF

        • Gezaee says:

          Dear Welwalo, you are the only single person whom I could talk in this forum.

          I squarely opposed the formation of that international panel. Time has proved me right. I do not need to fight with TPLF stupid TPLF cadres. The results how my prediction is fantastic.

          Whatever I say in this forum is not based on hatred, or biase or prejudice or racism or … It is based on my own real life.

          There is no even law in this world. The law is money and power, period. Interntational law, … is fake only to control other countries. USA do business with Saudi Arabia. They have no any problem doing business with the most barbaric state on the planet. You can not have another religion in Saudi Arabia. You can be stoned to death for having a natural God given sex. you penis can be cut for looking at a women or for taking her phone number. I have a friend from Europe who is doing business in Saudi Arabia. He is young. He told me he loves the Arab women, but unfortunately he can not date them. He told me if he communicate by email or phone or Skype, they will trace him and cut his penis. I swear; he says it is hell on earth. He says women are like forbidden fruits in that country. But USA, the Charlatan country does business with them for monetary gain. They have been arming Egypt by their foolishness.

          At the end it will be them the first victims.

          What I want to say; Dawit removed my article, but it is an honest article that will benefit Ethiopian. No need to fear them.

          All I said in the article is stop any deal after now and they must pay for the water. They have no right on our land. I says based on my deeper and deeper knowledge of Arab mentality. They believe the earth belongs to them. Allah gave them. We are Kafirs who deserve to be killed. This is real. I am not making up this. Arabs have hidden and underground net work to completely islamize the world. Ethiopia has been making meetings with them for the past 22 years; they never agreed on anything. They will never agree on anything even tomorrow and in the future. I am 100% sure there will be any good intention from them. I know them 100%. I am not making up this. Probably you think they are our Muslims? no, our muslims know nothing about them. That is why our muslims are hanging themselves in the middle east and throwing themselves from skyscrapers. Ethiopians think Allah is like the Ethiopians GOD. But the Arab Allah is not God. he is a bloody God who is hell bent to destroy our world for his Arabs. If there is world war III,it will be between Allah and the other GOD. They have set up network across the globe and it is a matter of time only when they will strike everyone with their lethal sword.

          If I was an Ethiopian leader. I will not allow them to have any right to be honest. I meant it. I will the water for them. I never thought of selling water, but now they have radicalized us and we will sell the water for them.

          I was Ethiopians leader;I would beef up my air defense system, surface to air, air to surface defense system , the latest Russian s-6000 defense system.

          I would store up extremely toxic radioactive isotopes.
          I would tell them, fuck off.

          If they do any attempt or miscalculation, I would pollute the water. No mercy for this selfish and human snakes.

          Even now; be advised and be ready to strike them on their head when they eve try anything. They will agree on fair use, is nothing but cheating oneself.

          They look human being; but they are not; there is no selfish human being like them. Again, invest in your military, defense system, and deny them windows.

          Whatever negotiation after now must include all the other parties like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, …because all the countries have equal right like everyone. Stop licking yetateb kit of Arab. Let them lick their sand and their arsehole. Be ready, stop dividing our people by digging dead people. Stop it.

          • welwallo says:

            I am pretty sure that the government of Ethiopia realizes now the direction and intention of Egypt in regard to the great renaissance dam. They are firm on this stand, not to allow any single drop of water for Ethiopia. My wonder lays her, who are those people to decide my fate by interfering in my house hold affair? How in the world, you can change the mind set of someone who see you as simple as he thinks. There should be mutual understanding in both minds to reach in to concession. I really agree Geaze hailemichal that someone who is strongly affiliated in deep religious doctrine is hard to see the world as it is. He sees the world as he understands according to what his religion doctrine and belief orders him to see. But, make no mistake; there are moderate Arabs who see the world differently. I myself don’t have any objection to the religion of Muslim. However, I hate individuals the way they interpreter the theology of Muslim and act to justify the truthiness of their belief by killing innocent people across the world. So, let’s be careful in our judgment and argument, we can’t generalize by individuals act as an act of the mass. That is deadly wrong! I totally support you in the sense that Ethiopia has to beef up its military capability and intelligence in particular in cyber technology. Our world is changing; probably we will not see traditional war faire this time. Do you think that is easy to get Sam 600 from Russia? It would have been better if we get Sam 300 leave alone Sam 600. I don’t think so though, Egyptians air forces able to strike Ethiopia using the in land run way of Egypt, unless they use some neighboring country (Eritrea) or buy Air refueling tankers. I know the government of Ethiopia is trying to show a good gesture to the people of Egypt that their intention is not direct threat to their live hood of Egyptians people, but this approach has a consequence. Egyptian politicians are attempting to manipulate this approach as a playground to kick their dirty tricks. Not this time though! They left with one and one option to accept the Nile initiative treaty, forget about what ever agreement you had before with whatever you call them. I don’t know them, they never been part of my house hold. If you tend to twist my arm, well I leave it for time and historians.

          • Gezaee says:

            Dear Walwalo, you do not know what I know.Trust me, I am not biased, or hateful to any human or religion or race or whatever. Leave alone human, I even fight with people when I see them squashing a cockroach because I respect life in any form.

            I am not against Muslim. Rest assured 100%. I will never discriminate any human for whatever reasons. However,I do not like diplomacy or lies just not to disappoint some one or some group. I tell you the truth, it is upto you to take or reject it. By the way, I grew up with Muslims in Ethiopia. All friend of my childhood friends in Ethiopia muslims. I never knew what I know today. They never knew what we know today. They are Ethiopians. Ethiopian muslim only know Allah is God. But the truth is Allah is not God. Allah is an Arab God. You may not believe me I have Somalian Ethiopian friend, very close friend of mine. He tells me he thought Allah was God for all human, kind, mercy ful when he was in Ethiopia, but after living in Suadi Arabia; He tells me Allah is an Arab God. Now he says Erebakh Tewegn, enie besalem linure. It is not muslim the problem. The problem is Islamic teaching is an evil teaching. Anything teaching that promotes exclusion of others humans is devilish. So the problem is the teaching of islam. The teaching tells them they are chosen one and the rest deserves to be killed or die. If a non-muslims die of thirst they would not give you water. They would rather make more thirsty and make your life die quicker. Have you ever seen an NGO that is Islamic and helps human being like Luthran world services, Caritas International, Luthran world services,…? no, you will find an Islamic NGOS that helps all human. If there is an Islamic NGO, they will ask if you are muslim? if you say you are not, they will not help you. They will tell you this is only for muslims. This the fact of islam. It is not the people or the muslim; it is the evil teaching of the religion. If I am trained that only my religion is the right one, the rest is wrong? then that is what I will believe in. Islam is based on that evil teaching that Islam is the only truth religion and the other is devils or infidels or Kafirs. The is the fact on the ground. This is why people being terrified now; There are 10000s of religion, none of these religion are engaged in violence or terror against islam. You say there are an Arab moderates? well, it is true, there are those who even rejected it.I know many people who go to mosque without their will, but because of fear of judgment by their Mollana’s or communities. But the general doctrine or the creed of islam is antihuman being. you may not agree with me, but they working now to change the entire world to become one Islamic nation. If they succeed the entire Europe, North America, Africa, Asia,… is expected to become muslims either by will or by the sword. This the grand agenda of Islam. They work under-darkness so that the Kafirs do not know what they are doing. It is called nation building, nation building project is to change every state to an Islamic state and then to unite all Islamic states to become one nation called Islamic nation. An Islamic nation is the entire earth with only muslim in it, no other religion or language or culture or God, but only one Arabic language, one Arabic God Allah. They are working around the clock to realize this grand agenda. They use democracy in Europe and North America to promote and expand, implement their agenda. You can not build a church in Saudi Arabia now, but you can build mosques in Europe, North America as much as you can. Reasons, democracy allows you in Europe, North America.

            We must not be afraid to stand for truth; I am not on this planet because of Arabs. I have a right to live my life without them telling me how to live.

            Rest assured, 100%, you will get empathy from an Arabs,it does not exist and we can not change that is who they are. We have to get the S-600 even with line of credit. And getting a couple of them is good and then reverse engineer it at home.

            Marks, fair deal with Arab is will never happen. Everything they talk with infidel is lies because they are not supposed to tell their truth intention to infidels. No Ethiopians can change this and fair deal is 100% impossible. Trust Arab is liking putting a rope around you neck and hanging yourself. It will never work. I know this 100%. If you have noted in the past three meetings. Three times, they went with different new agenda. While Ethiopian government says or talk about recommendation of experts, they were talking about forming new panel and starting new agenda about the dam, controlling the dam, if you saw their draft? their main objective to make Ethiopia sign the 1959 and 1929 colonial agreement. Their main aim to make Ethiopia will not use a single drop or will never touch the river. They experts from Cairo University put it clearly. They wanted the dam to be controlled by Egypt and the size of the dam to be changed and also to force Ethiopia to allow Egyptian companies to invest in Ethiopia so that in the long run they can control the country forever. The government we have just useless and have no faith in this government at all.

  19. kill.terrorist says:

    I have one word “Kill terrorists. The Dam will built as scheduled. We know the arabs more than they know about themselves. Long live EPRDF.

  20. solomon says:

    Mr geezee wayan did not sell ower land to white men italian or french.the only leader in ethiopian history who sold land to white men is your hero so called king minlke.
    Banda minlke sold ethiopian tigray land (now ertirea) to italian &Djbuite to french .
    So mr geezee if you want to blame who sold ethiopian land it is your hero band minlke not wayan .
    Now let me tell you about wayane even though i disagree with wayan about ertirean policy .wayan is doing very good job bulding abay dame you mr geezee like it or not.
    Mr geezee when you talk about unity. Why do you have a prablem with all ethiopian having the same rightes like you milkawuan and H/salaswian.To people like you when you say unity it meanes ethiopia is only minlke or h/selasas or mangistu .
    Mr geezee minlke and h/selase is gone ethiopia is going forward there is no going back .mr geezee please stop dragig ethiopia back with yor back ward thinking 100 years old .
    In ethiopia there is a new day they bulding the country in side out.
    WHEN i say this, I am not naive there is a lot of prablemes spcialy poverity .But i believe this is the only way to go forward for now.
    And i understand people like Mr geezee and band milkawian they
    do not hate bulding Ethiopia but they hate who is bulding Ethiopia.
    God bless Ethiopia with all her people !
    Dame backward minlkawin and h/slasawian !
    Ethiopia is for all Ethiopian!

  21. habtu says:

    The government of Egypt even in Hosni mubark era they are trying to lobby the nation in their side for political purpose but the Egyptian today they are not like Anwar sadat or jamal abdinasir time the information is there to know what is on the ground today.

    Our Government is doing the right thing like PM MELESE ZENAWI RIP.
    And we can achieve our goal by going to Egypt and negotiate.

  22. Solomon says:

    A lot of people want to talk about Abay dame in this website .most of the comment are nagetive .
    What I would say to those people with negative opinion on the dame is .if you can’t see any positive on this dome .you not even cabibel to comment.
    Even though I disagree with pm Meles zenaw on a lot of issue .
    God bless him .He did very good job on Abay dame issue better than H/selass and land selling Banda stupid Minlke
    Come on Ethiopian let us bee men enaghe all .and give cradit to the greatest prime minster Meles zenaw.

  23. Solomon says:

    A lot of people want to talk about Abay dame in this website .Most of the comment are nagetive .
    What I would say to those people with negative opinion on the dame is .if you can’t see any positive on this dome .you not even cabibel to comment.
    Even though I disagree with pm Meles zenaw on a lot of issue .
    God bless him .He did very good job on Abay dame issue better than H/selass and land selling Banda stupid Minlke
    Come on Ethiopian let us bee men enaghe all .and give cradit to the greatest prime minster Meles zenaw.
    Most of you I know love Ethiopian seeing build but you hate how building Ethiopia.So you are hateful losers .little Banda Minlke Childer shabia puppy dogs .

  24. Gezaee Haiemichael says:

    Message to Ethiopians who have ears:

    When Meles Zenawi decided to form the international experts before he died. I did oppose the action. I clearly stated my reasons then the panel will be used against Ethiopia later. Again , and again, every time I oppose becomes a reality with time. Today the intenational expert findings is 100% rejected by Egypt. Egypt did not accept anything from that finding as I foresaw it long ago before it has happened.

    Today the intentional experts recommendation has served Egypt or used by Egypt as window to undermine the project itself. Egypt has now said the dam does not exist and will be recongnized and will not be built because Egypt will not allow. In my opinion, having the useless TPLF as leaders, I am doubtful this dam will be realized. I am doubtful. The reasons, such project requires patriotism. But Patriotism in TPLF world is dead and does not exist. Under such situation, Ethiopia will not able to realize the dam. TPLF will not dare or have no desire for Ethiopia’s interest. If Egypt promise them some money they will abandon the dam. All TPLF wanted is nothing but money. It does not matter for TPLF whether the money comes from a devil or from angel. The behavior of TPLF is scary also. You can go and see in Egyptian forums. The Egytpians do not say anyting. But TPLF have invaded Egytpians forums and websites; Wht are they doing in Egyptian forums and websites? well, you can go and see them. They say our brothers, sisters, Egyptians, the water is not ours. The water is yours; We only wanted electricity nothing else. We will not use the water for irrigation. We love you; we are dying with love for our Egytians brothers and sisters. We can not live without you. You are our breathe. Forgive us please. we love you. You can kill us even. You eat our body alive. We live for you. We are not human being like you to use the water. We worship you our Arabs brothers. wWe worship; We love you and we love . Please understand we love no one like you. Please do say war with us. We love you. We do not war with you. Our Egtpian brothers, you are our alpha and omega, without you we can not live. We want win win, which means lose lose in TPLF parlance.

  25. bruck says:

    yetewededk GEZAEE ebakhin hashish ena cocain yewesedk ken comment atitsaf. bematiwesd ken bicha tsaf. sew betenaw ke misrak eske mi’erab, ke semen eske debub america hogne hagerun anekankalehu,USA wede tornet endaygeba adrgeyalehu bilo ayaweram. wey yihen hashish tew wey ye RENZIN mikr tekebel

  26. Dana says:

    It is Ethiopia who have thousands of option.

    Egyptian politicians new found pacifier for their grave political mess is to say at least once to rant about Ethiopia.

    Oh; talking about Egyptians ministerial meeting, it is only good to ask Billions of free petrol dollars from you guess who.

    Ethiopia should completely stop any meeting with Egypt concerning the Ethiopian river and spend its energy to work a dam for a dam.

    God bless Ethiopia.

  27. Dummy says:

    You mad cow you are out of your mind
    what a nuts you are.(geaze)

  28. Gezaee says:

    1. Stop any deal with Egypt
    2.Be ready for any scenario and defeat them.
    3. Never fear them.
    4. Put all the dams under target, and get ready where to put the poison , probably when the water leaves Sudan, Sudanese have shown their sanity.

    I myself I am ready to go anything against Egypt. That country made me live in war all my life. I hate their wickedness,, selfishness, primitivity, narrowness.

  29. Gezaee says:

    Dear Walwalo, Ethiopia has still exit from the tripartite. The recommendation is not binding. Recommendation is recommendation, there is no any agreement on it. Luckily Egypt is not using it even. It has rejected it because Egypt wanted to set up a new panel and buy the new panel and then sabotage the dam. Now Ethiopia must we have had enough. We did what you never did. But you are not grateful. We are done now. We will do whatever we deem is necessary to help our people. We have no any obligation to make any deal or negotiation; what did we moral obligation, because there is nothing that can force us to do what we did. We have talked to you for the past 22 years; you did not accept anything or agree on anything. We have no time now; We have poor people to help and we have no money to waste to make useless meetings year after year. Thank you we are done. we will use our water depending on our needs. You did not consult us when you build all the dams in Egypt. Thank you good luck. There is no God or law that says Egytians has to eat , other people has to die. If Egypt has water problem, It is not Ethiopian fault. Ethiopia or Ethiopians did not force Arabs to settle in a desert. It is their problem. Egypt’s water problem is not Ethiopian problem. Israelites water problem is not Ethiopian problem. It is their problem. they are meeting their water needs by hard working not but threatening other countries. The only solution remedy is to defeat Egypt militarily and humiliate it and then we give water depending on the amount of money they pay. My official policy is no deal is the best deal for Ethiopia.

  30. Yakob says:

    Here is a problem and the clear danger. It is not Egypt or its loco par time ministers. It is the the so called a panel of experts called by the ethiopian themselves.

    Ethiopia have to strengthen its military might at any cost, even go nuke. Only with strength that any diplomacy of willingness or imposed necessary measures to defend a country or its interest and protection of its citizens well bring can be assured. Do not be a full, its not only beggar nations like egypt who is waiting to dissect Ethiopia, it all arabs with the blessing and the help of Euhuda. Ethiopia have to prepare for a military showdown and must be a bully if necessary to hammer its biblical enemies. Ethiopia have to build an army of hell to its enemies and only then it will stay in peace.

    Zerea kebre Ethiopia

  31. Moyata says:

    A Time Like this calls Trus Leadership, Patraioc leadership that represnts Our people. some Day we will get a True Leadere thats Makes us proud as Ethiopain

  32. Abebe says:

    A Time Like this calls COl. Mengistu

  33. mekuria says:

    Guadegna setama lenam belh sema .
    gobez eytestewale egyptn twuat gen gorebet endanskeyem.

    egypt endehon midebkut neger aydelem afachewn keftew we are prepared yemilut.

    melaw africa yiskebachew neber ediaw torenet bikeftu.

    it makes me lough like mike tyson preparing for a year to fight some one across the atlantic.ledula keziagnaw teb yadresgn.tegab eko new.

    sudanoch benageru gorebet nachew yamral endet endet new menasebew keyt yemta neket new beman nebret man yazal.

    God say in all both religion lechegrew setu ketrefachu.

    Engede enesum yakutal metfiachew dersual
    ejachewen yezergu leta.atfeteh tefa new.

  34. bruck says:

    Dear gezae, now you speak the truth about the arabs & their agenda of world islamization. they are trying to change people by any means, for them the truth is decided at the point of the sword. it seems they are suffering from inferiority complex. they are not are not proud of their religion as christians. jews, hindus…are. so if they can they force you to change by any means. but only a stupid & unintellegent person can be changed in to islam. we know what they are doing in our country. changing the poors by money. by the way the problem might not be of the prophet & his teachings. his teachings might work in his period where people burried their own little girl alive for the sake of culture & cult. but now this is twenty first century but the stupid arabs the only ones who think in the old mentality.

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