South Sudan rivals in nightclub row at Addis Ababa’s Sheraton Hotel


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8 Responses

  1. Kebede says:

    Even they do not deserve such luxury club. They should have discussed the issue at the bush in south sudan where many innocent people are living and suffering there because of these stupid politicians. Please take them to the bush or jungle and let them see how the people are suffering there.

  2. Sol says:

    So what if it is a night club, people you need to bring peace no matter where you are there are so many people suffering. Even it is under a tree, complain for what look on tv and see the people crossing the Naile river drowning. It is a shame to see this negotiators complain where they are than where their people are. It high time for South Sudan , do what you are sent to do.

  3. sera says:

    bla! bla !

  4. teshome says:

    I can’t understand why the delegates were stacked in Sheraton Hotel, which was already over booked. There are many beautiful five star hotels in Addis better than Sheraton. Poor coordination from Ethiopian government side, may be this some how tells the out come of the meeting

  5. Akalu says:

    Ayeee Africa. Dirom eko keber aywediletem!!!

  6. Dana says:

    If it is true as published, the shame is on the organizers of this Important meeting. While the Organizers are trying to reward the club operator, tens of thousands of south sudan citizens are getting massacred at the same moment. I think the meeting should be moved to another country. Why not held the meeting at the Eyobelyu (at the useless presidents residence at least make it usable for a good cause “TO STOP KILLINGS IN S.SUDAN)


  7. Birru says:

    They better focus on the peace deal’s agenda rather crying about the. nature ,color …etc of the venue ,where the peace talk is taking place.I think these people forget that they have bld their hands and and acountable for the lose of 1000s lives directly or indirectly with their evil and immoral acts.If they are not happy with the venue please let them to discuss under the threes like their grand dads did…Shame on you!!!!!

  8. Teshe's Friend says:

    Hi Teshome, tefah? you’re ALWAYS the 1st to spit-out your shit in here. Oh, i know why! – it ain’t to DO WITH EthSAT.

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