The desperate and hostile nature of Egyptian move against Ethiopia


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46 Responses

  1. Abreham says:

    good presentation. zs people are urging us to war. but we r in another senario which zy dont want to think of…i.e development. so we need to think again before any decision because we r who we r. and we know how to do it.

  2. teshome says:

    It was really an absorbing piece through and through. Thank you very much for taking a part in this forum.
    There is no margin for error here. The Nile Dam for Egyptian politicians is nothing but a diversionary tactic to distract the attention of an otherwise eager Egyptians in the current political turmoil. Sooner or later both the politicians and the regular people will understand that, Egyptians have no facts, only interpretations. There is nothing to be said for demanding unColonized Ethiopians to be abide by the colonial treaty. What kind of mentality is that, Egyptians to view themselves as Lords of Nile. I think this something psychologists called GROUP REGRESSION
    Egyptians claim is completely devastating, depressing and dispiriting for any Africans who values self dignity.
    By the way what a difference would it makes, if the Egyptians took the Nile issue to the UN.
    True Egyptians and their surrogate Intern ate Tv, ESAT have been doing all dirty tricks to obstruct the fundraising for Renaissance DAM BUT Ethiopians are determined than ever before, if someone asks what would be the result of the endless saga of Nile…The answer is simple, Ethiopians will construct the Nile Dam, We won’t need a penny from international donors. Period
    It was a public secret ESAT and some toxic oppositions were taking the role of mercenaries. Concerning the issue of Nile, they spoke with two ends of their mouth. On one hand, they are accusing the Ethiopian government for not working to improve the life of Many Ethiopians and they said ‘Nile Dam is only a propaganda to rub the feelings of Ethiopians”. At same time, when committed Ethiopians were taking a part in Nile Fundraising, they converted the meeting Hall into a combat Zone.
    In the light of this reality, the weight of Nile Issue shouldn’t be viewed from UN perspective but rather the degree of interference using ESAT and Ginbote 7 Mercenaries. Ethiopians in the diaspora therefore should be vigilant and be forewarned of the tasks and objectives of these messengers. ESAT and Ginbot 7 are not only on the wrong side of the river, but what is most disturbing is they are trying to be perceived more than any Egyptians…That is completely bullshit.

    This coined poem is for Ethiopian Diaspora who love their country to support for Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

    እንትፍ እንትፍ አያድርስ እንዲሉ
    እስቲ ዳያስፓራ ሰብሰብ በልና
    ዓባይ ዓልማ እንዳገና

    • binyam says:

      እንትፍ እንትፍ አያድርስ እንዲሉ
      እስቲ ዳያስፓራ ሰብሰብ በልና
      ዓባይ ዓልማ እንዳገና thanks dear teshome,but i have one critiscism for you.there are many amhara ethiopians who support the dam and current govt .of cource,there are many extreme amharas but all amharas are not diaspora(tsnfegna). ይህንን ያልኩህ ከዚህ ቀደም በሰጠሃቼው አስተያየቶች እንጂ በዚህ በላይኛው አስተያየት ላይ ቅሬታ የለኝም ስለ ዲያስፖራ በተመለከተ አንዳንዶቹን ኢትዮጵያዊነታቼው ሁሉ ያጠራጥራል ተመልከትልኝ ይሄንን-

      • teshome says:

        እንቶ ፈንቶ ታውቃለህ…አስተያየትህ እንደዛ ነገር ነው
        You don’t know the person you are talking to. I am a self contained individual. You guys have a huge problem, if we talked about the brutal Menelik then you considered that Amharas are attacked.
        My previous comment I forwarded in Awramab Times are found in ARCHIVES, it is up to you to bring material evidence to convince me that I had Anti-Amhara sentiment and then I would stand corrected.
        If you believe such a provision exists, I don’t know about you but I am ready to have animated discussions. You might have aces and pains about my comments, but that is another issue to be addressed separately. Otherwise blanket condemnation is a mental disorder

  3. east af says:

    When Egypt build those damms didn’t affect upper streams due to the flow, but when Ethiopia do, it does affect the down stream. This should be considered. Every thing else is bullshit politics. Nile is more than enough to be used….
    With respect!

    • papa says:

      East af
      with all due respect I have to disagree
      Because of those dams(the reservoir and evaporation), Egypt has now inflated demand of water. so indirectly Egyptian dam affect the downstream countries and the geopolitics today.

  4. Sol says:

    Here we go people, this dam(Gred) is not Eprdf or the opposition. This dam belong to the Ethiopian people, so please let’s make it a reality. Cotribute, Contribute and contribute…………………not just talk let’s walk the walk with what we have.

  5. Soqraaxis says:

    To our Dear Egypt: Kindly, please think twice, thrice, …. before you act! Whichever way you might think against us, for sure you will be the one to be most hurt!

  6. Alula says:

    We as Ethiopian must stand together to defeate Egpyt’s evil intentions from every corner of the world!

    Egypt is trying to put Ethiopia into square one at this moment! Let’s united & protect our country!

  7. Addis says:

    The more you hear from these people the more you find-out how selfish and arrogant they are. Giving consent on a resource that originates from other nations? I can understand why our politicians have to try and engage with these people but at times I wonder if it is really worth explaining anything, since their motive is clear and there is nothing we can change about people who inherently believe in greed…First of all they don’t seem to have come to terms with the fact that they are no longer slaves for their ex colonial masters and they don’t seem to see the irony of referring to colonial era treaty while they claim to be independent..Secondly they seem to have a problem with the fact that the world is slowly but surely changing in favor of many 3rd world countries including Africa and they irrationally feel threatened by the prospect African nations, particularly Ethiopia asserting it’s right on a resource Egyptians foolishly believe as their own..let’s face it, Their motive is political and Egyptians will never change no matter how much we try to explain things, hence Ethiopia’s diplomatic effort should only focus towards securing domestic and international support and let the Egyptians continue with their dirty old tricks since we can not teach old dogs new tricks..

  8. bb says:

    Dear Mr. Yelma,
    Thank you so much our country Ethiopia needs people like you. Thanks again.

  9. kassa says:

    edgyipitian poleticians of this time must use this signing of nile basin initiative agreement offered by member countries,as this will be the only opportunity to insure thier countries true ounership of the so agreed amount of water,or confirm thier everlasting historical enemyhood of egyptians to ethtiopia and africa ,which will be danger to thier country. not for us ethiopians of all 90milions of us are ready to eat thier raw flesh! I mean it thier flesh!!!

  10. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Dear Ethiopians:

    I have told you the truth many times. Someone Woyanes told me it is because I am bipolar? haha, you will never beleive until they crack your head.

    I repeat again, again and again:

    1. Arabs are not human but they look human being in appearance.
    2. Leave alone to share with you, if they have power, I am 100% telling you they will be happy to wipe you out from the face of earth.Not only Ethiopia, but they would not mind wiping out the entire humanity. You will not beleive me, but if you live you will see what the world face. You do not know what I know.
    3. Arabic Kuran or Arabic islam does not allow or is haram to share anything with infidels. You are infidels and in thier doctrine you need to be wiped out from earth.
    4. For an Arab it is Haram to share or to communicate honestly with infidels. He must talk lies to infidels. This is in their book.
    5. I assure you 100% and again 100%, Arab will never allow to use even one drop of the water. When they mean one drop will not be allowed, they meant it.
    6. I do not like to cheat myself by talking diplomacy. I do not beleive in diplomacy, I beleive in truth; diplomacy is a lie and cheating others or hypocracy.
    7. You have been talking to them for the past 22 years, they never changed or will never change tomorrow or today and in the future. I assure you 100% leave alone you Ethiopians, the world can not change Arab mentality. They are primitive, barbaric, racist, backward, uncivilized, murderer, killers, bloodsuckers.
    8. If you have the illusion they will agree with you, you will be only cheating yourself and also putting the Ethiopian populous in another betrayal like EEBC.
    9. I know TPLF loves lies, but listen, be warned, do not tell me I am bipolar when I tell you the truth. You may not believe me, God has revealed to me a secret of the world. Be warned ahead of time. I have been warning you all along. Everything I have been saying has proven by time. It is not me, it is the spirit me. What God has shown me in real time, you do not know. I am telling you the truth. I am not only concerned about the GERD, I am concerned for the entire world. I know what is going on underground to harm not only Ethiopia, but the entire human being or the entire non-muslims on earth. Be warned again,
    10. Do not form any panel or committee after now; Do not attend or appear before any court regardless whether it is international or UN whatever. There is no law on our planet. The law is the money. They can buy any lawyer, even UN. Do not trust human being, even including yourself. Do not drag the country again to any court. I am telling and warning you dragging the country to any court will be a suicide on Ethiopia today, tomorrow and in the future. you will be killing Ethiopia forever.
    11. Do not attend any UN meeting that gives final or binding agreement.

    12. Ethiopia does not need UN permission or court to use its water resources. UN can not give us oil from Saudi Arabia. UN has no right to deliberate on our natural resources.
    13. There is no international law that says Ethiopians has to give their natural resources and die and Arabs has to live, of course their Kuran says that.
    14. Expel Egyptian investors from the country. Allowing Arab in Ethiopia is 100% mistake and that will destroy Ethiopia completely.
    15. Woyane, TPLF , listen , listen, you do not know what I know. The money you wish to get from Arab is nothing a cancer. Money from Arab is like an orange fruit with a worm in it.

    16. Stop any deal with Egypt, no deal is the best deal. After now we must sell the water and we will sell for them if they only behave like human being. No more free water while Ethiopians dying of famine, diseases, lack of water.
    17. We will cut of the river and piped it all over our country to Ogaden, Harare, Somalia, Gonder, Afar, Tigrai, Eritrea where there is high water stressw. We will use the water not only for power, but for large scale agrictulrue schemes like large fish farming ( aqauculture ) : fisheries the next big economy of Ethiopia using the Nile. We will also build game fields for golf , articial lagoons for our youths luxury.
    17. It is not Ethiopia and Ethiopians fault the Arabs live in a desert. Their Allah put them there; Let thier Allah give them water too. They told us Allah gave them oil and I am sure he will give them water because their Allah must know well oil will not of use without water.
    18. Never trust them, even 0%.
    Trust -100 %. If you have worst enemy on this planet, it is none but them.

    19. Do not cheat yourself.
    20. Get ready with all the ammuniton you need to defeat them. Work day and night, mobilize the use to engage even in Nuke programme. First world war and second world war made Europeans and American smarter because the Arms race tirgged innovations of telecommunication and Nuclear programme and made the white race on top.

    22. Get all the radioactive isotopes and other ammunitions assuming worst scenario.
    23. The only solution is military. Beating them in a battle field and humiliating them forever so that making sure you will ever talk about the Nile.

    24. Again, again, again , again, again, be warned, do not trust them; they will never allow to use the water for anything if they have the power. I am telling you with 100%. Leave alone other things, they are working to change the entire world into islam by force. you do not know what I know.

    God bless Ethiopia. Armed with faith, truth, fidelity, jusitce, honestly, high integrity, commitment, … we will win our enemies. No matter who they are we asre sure 100% we will defeat them. We even defeated Italians arm of 2 million and 600 fighters with no modern army, with no modern weapons, but using spears, Jawars weapon ( Mincha) and stones. We are better armed today and we will humiliate our enemies. I am ready to take an immediate high military training to serve my country. If needed let me know. I am ready to lay my life for Ethiopian. Because dying with dignity is worthy dying than dying with poverty and thirst when your water is flowing out and feeding other people.

    All Ethioipans must put aside and unite, defend their country. This will only make us stronger than ever before. Do not show them your teeth as you do not show your sore to a fly because it will lies eggs on your sore.

    • eden says:

      Bibolar is a less sever disorder. However never type here in this forum unless you feel well

    • Dawit (Down Under) says:


      Stop speaking in tongues and be real and realstic.

      “Diplomacy is more than saying or doing the right things at the right time , It is avoiding saying or doing the wrong things at any time.”

      Bo Bennett

      • Gezaee says:

        Dawit, I am getting sick of you now. If you delete insults delete all insults, but do one to insult and then you delete the response to insult? this is not bad of you. Do you want your website to be clean, then do not allow anyone to insult please.You allow them to insult me all kind of insult but you delete when I response to them. I never started insulting anyone except responding to insults. Shame on you man.

  11. axumawe says:

    i am completely agreed with you ,there is no point reputing your thought full resones and comments.
    But i well like to say my own opinion particularly to all Ethiopians.Special for thous who live abroad.
    Ethiopia needs her children more than ever,any thing,any idea,any observation is needed to protect our nation as Ethiopians. we,each of as have national responsibility regardless of our deference’s,if we can’t show our love,commitment and support to our nation in the time, when our nation needs as the most,forget your political social,technological aspiration of the future,because non of the above well be happened. when our nation and people are in poverty,war,and fear of violence.
    so in order to prevent and destroyed ones and for all.
    This Evil called poverty is our biggest enemy.we need to deft poverty from our nation. we Ethiopians need to be united and do every thing possible to parts pate in the nation building in every aspect no matter what.
    i agree that each of as have different point of view of the lulling party.which is OK it is human Nature to have differences,but we do have to understand logically there is no political ambition when there is poverty,war,and back wardress in society.
    also we need to protect our national interest of our nation before our political interest,b/c there is no political successes with out a can’t expect a plum tree to give you its fruit with out planted it,even after you planted it you have to cultivated it,water it,and nurstio it then you well see the fruit you are expecting.
    in this matter b/c you raised the flag of mama Ethiopia,b/c you shouted and screamed Ethiopia,Ethiopia,it doesn’t give you Ethiopiawent.
    b/c you Spock Amharic,Tegrgna,Oromo or any of the Ethiopian language it doesn’t make you Ethiopiawe.lets do our part as Ethiopiawian.
    if each of as did what we sposed to do, trust me for get Egypt,SHabia,Alshebab,in this matter any body else well not penetrate thru as,bcaous we are Ethiopians,it is a self contious decision.peace be with all of as.
    long live Ethiopia
    long live Eprdf.
    long live Woyen

    • Hermi says:

      Good article but as axumawe stated we need to do our share in support of the Dam in conctete terms. Our engagement should not be limitted to writing articles and responding to everyone who happen to piss us or made us feel better.

      Lets buy the Abbay BOND, volunteer our expertise, ,,,,

  12. Z-ETHIOPIAN says:

    I appreciate your article about the backward and uncivilized behavior of Egyptians over the GERD, but however what is really tantalizing and somewhat amazes me is that, the audacity of their claims of what they call “our historical rights of the River Nile” is there anything of so called historical rights. Rights is never given by virtue of history, its rather naturally given or earned and therefore Egypt does not contribute a drop of water to River Nile, it is at the receiving end of the Nile basin countries, in which Egypt does not and or should not have the right to singlehandedly regulate the Nile water and have the lions share of the Nile water, while the rest of the Nile basin countries have almost zero usage of the water, specially ETHIOPIA, which contributes 85% of the Nile water and therefore the delusional and these monotonous Egyptians needs to stop their nazi like propaganda against ETHIOPIA or I will say to Egyptians to put-up or shut up.

  13. sewerait says:

    Ethiopia has full right to use its water resources with out making appreciable harms to other lower riparian countries . Egyptian diplomacy does not now win win solution. It is takes it all solution. They have only to eat and drink alone at the expense of others. They profited from the unresolved problem of Palestinian people. They are getting about 2 billion and more from the USA for this reason.
    Zero sum solution is not sustainable at all .We need to preserve the wealth and benefit out of it. Ethiopians should be mobilized in support of the Dam , as they did it earlier on
    long live the GERD

  14. Solomon says:

    G7 now you have a chance to disetroy Ethiopian by cooperating with Egypt and shabia Banda eritear.
    Congraglation HODAME BRHNU NIGER(NAGA)Brhnu this is your chance been waiting all you life but do not forget to give it to your master Essayass your big fat ass.

  15. Berhan says:

    If the Egyptians are talking about negotiations then TPLF has to go to the round table. The problem is that TPLF doesn’t believe in that sort of things. Because they rule Ethiopia by force they think they can build a dam willy nilly. Unfortunately politics requires negotiations, diplomacy and far thinking. Unfortunately the current Ethiopian leaders do not posses these acumen. The TPLF fighters are un-educated, backward, racists and don’t trust any one who is more educated than themselves. As a result we will end up with problems. What will obviously happen is that the Egyptians uses their muscles to stop any construction, because they use their BRAIN not GUN. If Ethiopia wants to succeed the regime should appoint highly educated Ethiopians in all technical, political and diplomatic fields.

    • JC says:

      May be some body like u, highly educated hahaha u r funny? I think u are out of touch with reality. See what Meles Zenawi spoke in the Parliament, see what the present PM, FM, and the concerned ministers are doing 24/7 while u sit with ur fat ass and criticize. Do you have any idea about the people leading this project? Do you know the Education level of the people in the government? I don’t think u do. So first search and read even if you are against EPRDF and then you would be ashamed you uttered this pure nonsense.

  16. Abegaz says:

    Well, TPLF-EPRDF must be ready to be inclusive. It is not even respecting its own constitution. you just cannot say TPLF-EPRDF is a democrat when Kilils could not administer themselves: cannot choose their leaders, cannot demote their leaders, cannot administer their land. The so called federalism is fake. Ethiopia is a highly centralized unitary state. I think we cannot blame ESAT and Ginbot 7 when the governing party is not unifying the country. TPLF was robbing banks and destroying bridges before it came to power. ESAT and G7 at least did not do these things. They just refused to get involved in dam construction before the right of Ethiopians is respected. So the ball is in the EPRDF court. Let Kilils get their full right to start with

  17. I would like to educate Ethiopians about the current Egyptians. The current Egyptians in Egypt are not the Pharaohs of Egypt. The Pharaohs were black Ethiopian genealogy. The Arab in Egypt of today settled 7th AD in ancient Egypt. They are colonizers of ancient Egypt. They are not Egyptian proper. If you do not know you must read the history of Egypt.

    I am saying this many Ethiopians call the Arabs in Egypt are Pharaohs. That is a misnomer. You are giving them a history that does not belong to them. Arabs and Pharaohs are not the same. It is black and white difference.

    These Arabs who conquered ancient Egypt and who occupied the Egypt after killing the indigenous people. The Nubians are not Arabs, but Nubia was A Christian kingdom and but it was invaded by the Arab after they occupied ancient lower Egypt and destroyed Christianity in Nubia and converted the people by force to Islam. Today the Nubians are still colonized. All people are now free from colonialism at least politically. But Nubians are still under Arab colonies.

    Ethiopia has played a big role in liberating Africans from colonialism. Ethiopia has one job left to finish and that is free the Nubians and other indigenous ancient Egyptians from Arab colonialism. Most colonialist has gone back to their original place except the Arabs in Egypt.

    Now the talk must be how to kick them out from Africa to go to Saudi Arabia desert. They have no any right to talk about Nile as historical right. Historically, these people do not even belong to Africa leave alone to have right on our Nile.

    Please do not call them Pharaohs because you are giving them something that does not belong to them. God bless Ethiopia.

  18. Gezaee says:

    I here advise TPLF leaders to do something about a man called Teshome. Teshome is playing negative role for TPLF or EPRDF. ESAT or G7 are oppositions, they are not Egyptians. I can not think they will side with Egypt because that will be a 100% miscarriage of their agenda because no single Ethiopians will buy it. It is better TPLF or EPRDF do something about this poisonous man called Teshome.

    ESAT or G7 has done as much as TPLF. TPLF moved up and down to land-lock Ethiopia with Botros Gali and Mubarak. Who are you to point fingers on other Ethiopians?

    TO ESAT or G7, this is the time to show solidarity even of with TPLF because GERD does not belong to TPLF but to Ethiopian people. We can remove TPLF even 2row if we unite with good faith and love, but the dam will be there for at least 100 years. TPLF will go like any others rulers, but the Ethiopian people and Ethiopia will continue to eternality until the next supernova strike earth and all human finished from this planet.

    Think better today for tomorrow. It is time to show solidarity guys. If you burn your house, then what is the point of the struggle? do you want to burn your house and then to build it together?

    This is a good chance to unite, reconcile, and also oversee bad things and unite and oppose them courageously. Peacefully way is cheaper, safer, faster, with no blood. Let us unite. Please remove Teshome from the world wide web. He is playing negative role for TPLF or EPRDF. The diasporas has done anything wrong yet. They have only tried to express their anger; they never opposed the dam. They were only trying to make their point using the dam thinking EPDF will listen to them. They were using the fund-raising as a venue to express their displeasure. Anything more than will not be good for them even. Please remove Teshome

    • axumawe says:

      YAMEHAL ENDE?????
      YOU,need to see a doctor,do you know why
      b/c you are arguing with every body,
      you are the most negative person in this sight.
      you are the most chovinest person i ever now.
      you are UN realistic in your comments.
      you may think b/c you read few books,you are smart.
      but i bet you UN educated street smart is more matured than you.
      you say you live out side of Ethiopia,i can see you are a clay,modosh ras,ymailwet dengay!

  19. binyam says:

    please ethiopian diasporas እድል ሳያመልጣችሁ አገራችሁን አገልግሉ1 እውነት ነው ችግር ሊኖር ይችላል ግን ችግሩን የምትፈቱት መንግስትንም ልታስገድዱት የምትችሉት እዚህ ስታገለግሉ ነው እዚያ ሁናችሁ ማን ይሰማችኋል ?እዚህ ስትሆኑ ግን ትደመጣላችሁ የህዝቡም እንደራሴ ትሆናላችሁ! ነገር ግን በናንተ አገልግሎት ኢሃዴግ እድሜ ያራዘማችሁ ከመሰላችሁ ሞኞች ናችሁል እስኪ አስቡት dr/eng ቅጣው እጅጉ ያለውን ለሃገሩ አበርክቶ ቢሞት ኖሮ የሚጠቀመው ማን ነበረ?ኢሃዴግ ?አይደለም የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ነበረ መንግስታት ይቀያየራሉ ህዝብ ግን ሁሌ ይኖራልና ይህ አገሩን የሚወድ የሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊ ድምጽ ነው

  20. ehaile says:

    The Ethiopian government and Ethiopians in general should be ready for the inevitable war between Egypt and Ethiopia. Let us not kid ourselves that Egyptians will come to their normal sense and abandon their century old backward thinking about their exclusive right over the Nile. The diaspora should stop bickering in endless and childish politics and join hands with the government and Ethiopians back home in order to defeat and humiliate the aggressor. They don’t know or completely forgot the resolve of Ethiopians when it comes to external aggressors.

  21. D says:

    “The good thing is snake does not have a leg” well said Mr. Yilma. Thank you for speaking out the best interest of our country

  22. zenebe says:

    “The African Union must unanimously support Ethiopia’s right to exploit the River Nile however and whenever Ethiopia wants. The African Union MUST EXPEL Egypt and other so-called Arab members from the AU. These racist Arabs have no place in our continent and we Africans, BOTH MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS, support our brothers in Ethiopia against the flagrant blackmailing and threats to use military power to attack a facility located within the territorial borders of a sovereign nation! If it was not for the lack of action on the part of the AU, those dessert-dwelling Arabs – who sustained humiliating defeats after defeats at the hand of Israel, of all countries! – wouldn’t have the audacity to even raise an objection about development projects in African countries. Solution: kick out all of these racist so-called Arabs from the AU. Let us mobilize and sensitize our masses across the continent to defend our brothers in Ethiopia. We MUST tackle Arab racism, once and for all! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

  23. Garo says:

    This project so called GERD did not start out as some big national project usually do. There was no debate in the parliament about funding before the project began. There was no discussion even if this was the right project at this time. How about who is going to buy from us this energy supply when it is completed at reasonable price even to cover the maintenance which can run in to millions?
    We can’t just dismiss competing interests of the countries in the area as nonsense too.

    We can’t go to war with some of these countries on a project we did not have a say in to begin with let alone with a project that may not even serve the interest of Ethiopia as a whole.

    Most of all, there may not even be enough money to finish the project. Some are already raising concerns about the soundness of the design. Given the fact there was no proper bidding done the critics may have a point. The process was corrupt from the beginning. Of course like any other corruption somebody may have already gotten richer.

    • Lemlem says:

      Garo, you go and tell your dad and mam about that; okay, they will listen to u.

    • JC says:

      Don’t u read or hear news man? Just yesterday PM was saying in a energy forum that Ethiopia is negotiating and discussing with Kenya, Sudan, Djibouti and even Yemen about selling energy. For your information the project was discussed in the parliament and even the possibilities of Egypt’s actions were discussed.I understand that you are an opposition to the gov’t, but when it is an issue that concerns you try to find out what is really going on before you criticize. One other thing is, you are concerned about their interest, but if u are true Ethiopian you have to get concerned first for ours first

      • Garo says:

        I beg to differ. There was no debate in the parliament before the project was set in motion.The whole process did not meet the international standard of bidding and that was one of the reason they could not get loans.
        Yes the prime minister said those things you mentioned. But you don’t hear that from those countries. We know those countries need energy but do we know how much energy supply do they need? Was there research done on the demand side? what happens if these countries all of a sudden realize that Ethiopia can’t use all those energy and may decide not to buy at the price that Ethiopia wants? And what happens when the Arabs start giving money not to buy energy from Ethiopia? How many years can Ethiopia wait without selling energy and maintain the Dam to stay operational?

        Do we really believe that a country like Egypt that has only the Nile river for its survival will abandon its interest because we just said so?

        What happens when some regions in Ethiopia start using some of the major tributaries of the Nile for irrigation? After all the water that comes out of the Tana lake accounts only for six percent of the total volume of the blue Nile. Over eighty five percent of the water of the Blue Nile by volume comes from the South of the country. Are we going to force these areas not to use their waters because we are going to sell energy to a foreign country? So who owns those rights? Those issues may not be important for die hard government supporters bur it may be for somebody in Gambella or Diddessa gorge.

        • Rezin says:


          This is an Ethiopian website where Ethiopians discuss about their country. Go to your little country’s websites and talk about rivers/streams in Eritrea where Esayas may build dams one day. Save your energy about lecturing Ethiopians on how we can use our rivers. If you can give any advise to any government the one that needs most is Eritrean government, your government.

      • Gezaee says:

        jc, u are being taken for a ride; Garo is an Egyptian and I can give his address if u want. You are talking to an enemy, there can never be such pervert type Ethiopian, even one in Ethiopia. G

        • Garo says:

          Discuss the issues. Respond to the issues that are relevant. We are here to debate the things that matter the most to us. Name calling does not help our purpose.

  24. Gezaee says:

    It is good the Egytians are saying they will campaign against the dam. Ethiopian governemnt has to mobilize all African countries now. The Ethiopians government also launch awareness campaign in Europe, North America and Asia and letting the world know the water springs from our land but these guys telling us it belongs to them. This is a blessing in disguise. All Ethiopian embassies must be have Abay River unit that engage fully informing the world where the water comes from and how much we use from our river and how much Egypt use, 55.5 billion cubic and who gave them all that? including let the world know what their 1929 and 1959 agreeement is and who is in it all that. Informing all human what they have been doing to us, sponsoring rebels, terrorism in our country for many 100 years. Information is power, inform the world .

    1. As I have stated long long ago, Egypt must be expelled from AU.
    2. Arab investors must be kicked out from Ethiopia, specially Egyptians, they are detrimental to our national security.
    3.Mobilize the entire Africa to support Ethiopia and inform ordinary Africans the truth, tell them all about the 1029 and 1959,
    4. As I said earlier, since they have refused for dialogue, then do not do any deal with them. I am not liking about fact finding by UN. Study has been done already and no more fact finding missions or committeees or panels.
    5. Inform the world about the NBI which Egypt to refuse to sign. They have refused to agree on fair deal, do not allow them to come through the backdoor please.
    6. Do not leave out the other Nine Basin African states from the dispute, put them, because they have equal right. This will also support Ethiopia’s voice.
    7. Do not agree on anything with them because there is no need for that.
    8. The Russian goverment is meddling already in the Nile and ask them to stay away from meddling in the issue.

  25. Amora says:

    Too many sick people here advancing their agenda. As far as I am concerned, if you are an Ethiopian or friend of Ethiopia, you will support the agenda of development of the country. Eritreans, G7 are desperate trying to weaken the current government and they already are cooperating with the Egyptians to give out country treasure information, they are backstabbers and never be trusted. They are the same type of conceptualized mind set who trying to invade the country and sell it to Banda. So, we need to quickly identify them and reject whatever idea they have. It is imperative we do that, because it is our responsibility. Down with Banda, shabia and G7, all sell out.

  26. angereb says:

    የአንተ ማብራሪያ በኔ አስተያየት ጥሩ ነው። በስሜታዊነትና በሆያሆዬ የሚሰራ ነገር አስተማማኝ አይደለም። ግድቦች ቢሰሩ ደስ ይላል። ግን በማኦ ቲዎሪ የአደገ አንድ ግለሰብ፣ የኔ ራእይ ነው ብሎ ፣ የኢንጅነሪንግ እውቀት ሳይኖረው፣ እንዲጠና ሳያስደርግ፣ መጀመሩ ነገሩ አሳሳቢ ሊሆን ይችላል።ለፕሮፖጋንዳና ለሙስና መጠቀምያ ብቻ ነው የሚሆነው። አነድ ትልቅ ነገር ላይ ከማተኮር ይልቅ ሁለት አነስ አነስ ያሉ ትልልቅ ግድቦች ተራ በተራ ቢሰሩስ ኖሮ ምናለ?። የገንዘብ እጥረት እንኩዋን ቢኖር ሁለተኛውን ቀስ ብሎ መስራት ይቻል ነበር።
    ተመሳሳይ ነገር ሲሰራ የነበረው የቻይናው መሪ ማኦ ነበር። ማኦ በዘሱ ዘመን እነዲሁ ራእይ ታይቶት፣ሁሉም ገበሬ እርሻውን ትቶ ብረት በማቅለጥ በወቅቱ በብረት ምርት ከላቀችው ከኢንግላንድ ፣ በብረት ምርት ለመብለጥ ሲል፣ የአርሻ ምርትን በመጉዳት 70 ሚሊዮን ቻይናዎች በረሀብ እንዲያልቁ አድርጎአል።
    የኛም እንደቻይናው ባያክልም፣ በእኛ ህዝ ኑሮ ላይ ከፍተኛ ተፅእኖ አለው።

    • JC says:

      If you have eyes and u can see and if u have ears u can hear, you wouldn’t say this. Meles didn’t design the GERD. Meles visioned the building of the dam, with our engineers, with our money, and with our experts. I think u are confusing the visionaries of a project with the people who are working on it.There is enough study done, even from foreign experts, and the best Engineers and the best international companies are working on the project. So my friend do not think at all the Ethiopian people will starve from GERD. Think positive!

  27. Getu Ayalew says:

    The Gerd is basically hydropower project.It is not even multipurpose.This is the least Ethiopia can do to use the Blue Nile resource.This reality will get global support including from genuine Egyptians.Hence,any effort of bullying from Egyptian government will be total failure.But,he have to expect the worst and get prepared in all aspects.God Bless Ethiopia.Ethiopia always wins because it is on the justice side.

  28. Omar Bassiouni says:

    Dear ethiopians,
    From ur comments i got that ur confusing certain thing here. First that the dispute is political, well it’s not. You missed that Egypt has been completely dependant on the Nile waters since the begining of history bec. of it’s geographical nature which is a desert. we have no other source of water. Unlike ethiopia. You even are building the dam for electricity not for water. So the it’s not about national pride or politics it’s a matter of life or death. If u cholk our only source of water we die it’s as simple as that.

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