Prof. Mesfin Speaks out on Ethio-Sudan border demarcation Issues (Video)


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54 Responses

  1. Abegaz says:

    Semayawi party should also get some advice from the Ethiopian border committee in the US. They are knowledgeable, expert and know the law on border issues. The good professor is aging and he needs to be assisted. Let us not put pressure on him except occasionally seeking some advice.

  2. derebew says:

    He is afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease. On one hand he says he doesn’t know what the TPLF has given to the Sudan and on the other hand he claims if it is given it will be Setit Humera and Wolkite Tsegede which are still part of Ethiopia and will remain Ethiopian.
    What is this brouhaha? It is much to do about nothing.
    He would do and kill any one to be heard leave alone fabricate a story.
    Now he wants Godre Ethiopians to contribute $5 each and hire him. Of course he is the “expert” Derg’s expert.
    It is amazing to see a so called Prof. mumble so much with out substance to talk about, besides hearsay.

  3. yonas says:

    Thank you professor.
    You are an iconic figure who tirelessly and fiercely defended Ethiopian interest.
    The current government is ready to give anything to any body as long as it helps them stay one more day on power.

    • Alula says:

      Whose icon? Tell us if he has done anything useful for Ethiopia ? What did he do for Ethiopia ? Anything to mention?

      As far as we know about the professor , during Atse Haileselassie , he has been helping in the exploitation of the Ethiopian peasant! During the Derg, he was there helping the Derg in the extermination of the most important generation of the Ethiopian revolution! Had these killed in the red terror had a chance to live , I believe Ethiopia could have avoided all the blood shade that our country passed through! In my opinion I prefer one Ethiopian farmer to the good professor! At least a farmer can produce a food for the people every year! How about the professor ? Nothing that anybody can mention!

      • eyoas dawit says:

        fyi…..weyanew alula!
        for the question that you ask for the only “professor mesfin woldemariam” OK!
        we know for the people like you,icons are the rotten meat meles zenawi….the septic sibahat nega……and all the son of bandits and collaborators! ps.

      • Selam Mekonnen says:

        well Aula, what have you done for your country to come out loud and clear and insult the professor???? let me just mntion one simple fact that he did and that you can’t denied… he spoke in favor of his country rather than sitting there watching evil doing bad and pretend like he can’t see…. which is what you are doing.

  4. teshome says:

    What is right today with this Monster professor?
    …I have been joking on you with my dear friends that you are suffering a major memory lapse. But the professor in this video clip looks get back his memory.
    As you rightly said it ” የWashington DC, San Fransisco or ESAT or የጽዋ ማህበር ፓርቲዎች ቀረርቶ የትም አያደርስም… ” The decision you reached at to draw a fine line between Ethiopian oppositions and TOXIC DIASPORAS is not only a wise approach but also a paradigm shift we have been waiting for long from real oppositions.
    There is no gimmicks here, it is just my way of saying that you started to be a civilized man and committed for a civilized politics….. That is it!!! Capital I capital T and exclamation mark.
    Professor what is now left with you, is to continue your treatment on the infection of hyper-nationalist euphoria and disease. This is the only way to show how Ethiopia matters to you.
    Concerning the boarder dispute you raised with Sudan Republic, you have no facts but interpretations. Ethiopian government is the most responsible and brave government Ethiopia ever seen in history. It is known, Ethiopia has boarder issue with all corners of the countries. We have it with Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea and both Sudans’. All of the boarder dispute have a common denominator, they will be solved under international standards. Thus, there is nothing less when its comes to Sudan Republic.
    Living in the last leg, please never be consumed with rumors of ESAT, fully trained idiots. And more importantly, you are expected to rest this baseless rumors.
    By the way I am very happy that you said good bye to ESAT, a Trojan horse of schizophrenic party Ginbote 7, because soon or later that could have invited unintended consequence

  5. kebede kassa says:

    though i was interested to listen to the presentation, i can not go beyond 10 minutes. it is too boring and has nothing to capture. he is old enough not to tell what is what rightly and directly.

    • sis says:

      He did his part. It is yours to read all the history and the study in the volume he studied about it. He is now weak enough to do your parts. He is not responsible for that.

  6. noah says:

    Dear Awrambatimes editor,

    I am not sure why you omitted the questions put to the Professor?

  7. yosef says:

    it is better to be here with us dawit. thank u for what u did here,in mother land.

  8. Cherkos Woldegeorgis says:

    It is good that the old Professor has finally resorted to where he knows something, to the maps. He is a geography professor, but has been engaged in the writings of ‘history’ for a long time.I wonder when this hate-consumed man stops talking and writing politics.

    • Dagne says:

      And you think you are the right person to comment on this? Who is (in your opinion)is the exact person to involve on politics, or leading a country?

    • samuel says:

      @cherkos zim bleh ende hitsan lij beyebotaw yematchlbetn lemn tilefelfaleh??? kift af ante ewket binorh sew ataregm egzerm awko denkoro aregeh enji!!!!why don’t you go back to fuck yourself??? shameful man!!!racist and idiot!!!

  9. Wassihun says:

    ፕሮፌሰር መስፍን ለሰጡት ምሁራዊ ትንተናና የጥናት ውጤት እናመሰግናለን! ለሃገርዎት እድገትና አንድነት እንዲሁም ብልጽግና የሚያደርጉትን ጥረት አደንቃለሁ! ታሪክን ወጣቱ ትውልድ እንዲያውቅና ወቅታዊ ሃገራዊ ፖለቲካዊና ኢኮኖሚያዊ ትችትና ምሁራዊ ትንታኔ ሁሌም የመስጠኛል! ረጅም እድሜ እመኛለሁ! የሃጋረችንን መሬት ለባዕድ መሰጠት ከታሪክ ተጠያቂነት አያድንም!

  10. Banjaw says:

    To blind TPLF supporters:
    People have the right to express opinions on issues that are of national interest.
    The government has already given land to Sudan in 2007. Ask people who work for Zeleke Ersha or Zeleke mechanized agriculture (ANDM’s parasatal, part of Tiret). The land this company used to cultivate was given to Sudan in 2007. Part of the company moved to Aware(Kobbo, North Wollo). Land confiscated from the local people was given to this company as a substitute.

  11. Teshome.
    Most of ya, seem very educated, but hatred consumed you alive
    Think out of the “box” and try to look the picture.

  12. Alula says:

    While there is no disput or demarcation on the ethio-Sudan border , this professor is dreaming in hopes of getting some kind of political position that he can brag about!

    The problem of some power hungry entities is:they don’t understand Ethiopia is changed for good! These former dictators have done nothing for Ethiopia at all, but just crying a foul cry for Ethiopia!

    • Banjaw says:

      Do you think Prof Mesfin wanted any political power at this age? Semawi party leaders are too young to be ‘former dictators’. Instead of shouting slogan, it is better to listen.
      The government has to be transparent about this border issue. How many people died for that useless piece of land called Badme? If you think citizens have no right for demanding information about border issues, the government shouldn’t ask citizens to sacrifice their life or money to any border war.

      • Alula says:


        Of course the people have the right to know about their torritorial integrity, but instead of simply talking & blackmailing the government , it would have been better to post the proof of agreement ,so we all can ask the goverment about the agreement whether it respects our torritorial integrity or not! This is an open world now! Nothing can be hidden!

        Preaching about border issue without a proof can’t help to respect our torritorial integrity! The professor has been in a hate politics for over 20 years now! He should have done better than what he has been doing & doing at present! he has been preaching a hate against Tigrian, even though to no avail! He should have acted in a manner that reflects his status! There is nothing personal here at all!

    • Rasu says:

      kkkkkk this sick Tgries are crying though selling our land. their culture is insulting intellects everytime the good eg. is the dead evil monster idol(meles)on etv and addis raey. we message u Abebe’s sound to kill all of u. hope ur idol is in hell, thanks Abebe Gellaw.
      Vomiting their gimgema from this gegema Tgries is boring. Cancers!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. yohannes says:

    we know semyawie party it is the messnger of genbot 7 & esat genbot 7 is the messnger of sabiya .sabiya is the messnger of Egypt right know the 200,000,$ it is working pro mesfen he don’t know about the border am lived before in bensangul gomuze reagion I know the border we work in bensangul gomuze & Sudan border any way it is poltics our government he know very will how can to lead the country one pro mesfen u have a negative mined we know u

  14. Alibira says:

    Democracy at work even for profess Monster . You can tell that election is coming all the goons are out. Was the news on Sudan from Egypt or Asmara? Any news abut ante professor goon. Prof goon says every on who knows any this is is dead exept him please don’t die

  15. Mario says:

    A few of you are talking trash by calling Prof. Mesfin old and all that jazz. You call him names because you have nothing inside of you to appropriately criticize his opinion on the issue in hand.

    Yes, Prof Mesfin is old, but as Golda Meir (Israeli PM) once said, “Old age is not a joke, but experience”. Let alone calling him old, the harsh and hostile environment created by woyane/TPLF is not able to silence him. That is the truth and deserves admiration.

    Shame on all who are bashing those Ethiopians who worked hard all their lives for their people and country and now are aging gracefully.

    Full health to Prof. Mesfin! Shame on all his blind haters!!

  16. Mekdes says:

    I have agreed only today with this old goose. He told for those Gonderes ” hier somebody who knows the history, by contribuiting five dollar each and get your facts together” certainlly, he is right when he said ” if it is given to the Sudan the land given to Sudan, then you can talk, so far I have no information” that is exactly he told to them and ESAT. They are echoeing this issue as a source of income. Good luck toxic DIASPORA.

  17. Kebede says:

    Mekshef ende mesfin weldemariam. He now tells us that Ethiopians need to think twice. He intends to preach us that the diaspora is irrelevant in Ethiopian politics. Yes, you are right. Diaspora is scum and has nothing to do with our internal affairs. Even many of them have sold their Ethiopian citizenship to get US certificate. But, they still want to rule Ethiopia. Though too late thank you for telling them the truth. The Ethiopian government has been doing this. But, you were one of the opponents of the Ethiopian govt and as well you were supporting the dead politics of diaspora. Anyway, though it seems that you have forgotten your geography and your presentation was just like story telling with no evidence, it is good that you have learnt from your experience to tell truth at the eve of your death. The so called semayiwi has got also lesson from your story telling lecture that boarder issue is beyond hearsay. Man ahun endante yekeshefe ale professor. You and the so called diaspora politicians are cancer to our to our country.

  18. ash says:

    what is the soultion go to war

  19. Kulfo says:

    Dear Prof;

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. You stated that you and your friends did a wonderful study about the Ethio-Sudan boarder in the 70s. I’m wondering. If you believe it is such a masterpiece, why are you shy to post a copy of it online (at least the summary /recommendation?) Shouldn’t the material speak for itself? Telling us the number of pages and volumes does very little merit for the audience.

    2. You mentioned about Dr. Abdul Mejid Hussien’s BA thesis as a “study” conducted. Are you kidding? Since when did a BA theses considered as a resource to shape a national policy? Isn’t BA thesis a desk work? Did Abdul Mejid traveled to the Ethiop-Sudan boarder to write his thesis? If you really take BA thesis seriously, then you should have continued to read the MA thesis and PhD dissertations in that department? Have you? … or was it to wow your audience that you were the thesis supervisor of Dr. Abdul Mejod?

  20. Hagos Seyoum says:

    To start with p. Mesfin is a Power hunger criminal he was the advised Mengistu hailemariam to kill the emperor Haileslasie’s Genius Misters and respected Generals to kille them, and they did. Mesfin is a poison . Mesfin a hunger of power, but he will nevier never will get , because is the worst professional liar, one day, bishop, the 2nd day humanright, Historian, and so on -so on.

  21. GETACHEW REDA says:

    Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
    Thanks Professor Mesfin for your strong defiance against the Mercenary Tigrayan and Eritrean group calling themselves TPLF sitting on government sit to destroy Ethiopia for their selfish and temporary power control and greed and collection of illegal wealth.
    I have a great respect for you my professor Mesfin. Long live to you, short life to those who betrayed and sol Ethiopian territory as Meles Zenawi did. And he paid dearly and punished for it by God of Ethiopia!
    Denial is the trade mark of TPLF as we always are familiar. Here is their deceived liar leader said regarding the border issue that he wanted to deny just the present monotonous ‘EthniQo’ puppets of TPLF are trying to go with their liar leaders.
    Read this record of the liar x- mercenary Meles Zenawi’s record on Sudan Ethiopia border……
    “As the Ethio-Sudan Border Affairs Committee began to aggressively investigate what was really happening on the ground in the western border areas, Ethiopians victimized by land giveaways began giving interviews to the Voice of America and other international media outlets. They complained bitterly that they had been driven out of their ancestral lands by occupying Sudanese forces. Their farm machinery and tools had been confiscated and scores of Ethiopians had been arrested and detained in Sudanese jails. The victims also reported that they were attacked by helicopter gunships of Zenawi’s regime for defending their homes, farms and towns. At that point, Zenawi had no choice but to ‘fess’ up, and on 21 May, Zenawi publicly described his agreement with al-Bashir of Sudan:

    ‘We, Ethiopia and Sudan, have signed an agreement not to displace any single individual from both sides to whom the demarcation benefits… We have given back this land, which was occupied in 1996. This land before 1996 belonged to Sudanese farmers. There is no single individual displaced at the border as it is being reported by some media.’
    It is important to underscore the fact that ‘the agreement’ Zenawi ‘signed’ with al-Bashir, by his own description, has nothing to do with the so-called Gwen line (setting the ‘frontier between Ethiopia and Sudan’) of 1902. It also has nothing to do with any other agreements drafted or concluded by the imperial government prior to 1974, or the Derg between 1975 and 1991 for border demarcation or settlement. Zenawi’s agreement, by his own public statement, deals exclusively with border matters and related issues beginning in 1996, when presumably the alleged occupation of Sudanese land took place under his watch.

    Why has Zenawi kept the actual text of ‘the agreement’ secret from the public and the ‘Council of Representatives’ in violation of Art. 55 (12) of the Ethiopian Constitution? Zenawi as a ‘public official’ has an affirmative constitutional duty to perform his official responsibilities in an open and transparent manner. This duty is unambiguously mandated under Article 12 of the Ethiopian constitution, which provides, ‘The activities of government shall be undertaken in a manner which is open and transparent to the public… Any public official or elected representative shall be made accountable for breach of his official duties.’ Article 12 applies to all ‘activities of government’ and to all government officials. It makes no exceptions for secret deals by ‘prime ministers’. Transparency and openness in government is a mandatory constitutional duty of all public officials, not an optional or discretionary one. The refusal to make public an agreement that gives away a large chunk of Ethiopian territory to another country is a monumental breach and evasion of constitutional duty.——————

    ————There is one question that needs to be answered now that the world knows the truth: Why does Zenawi keep secret and refuse to make public an agreement that gave a ‘large chunk’ of Ethiopian territory to Sudan?”
    This article was first published by Open””””””’

    Finally, TPLF embassy in Washington admitted by their man called Mulalem, he admitted “there are prisoners in Sudan related to the border issue”. That was denied by Meles Zenawi. Even the TPLF parliament was in dark moment with no information about those detainees.
    TPLF lead by Meles Zenawi even denied there was no conflict in the Tigrayan and Eritrean border or there is no conflict between Eritrea and TPLF/Ethiopia before the war ignited. He accused the opposition as Ye Tela Mender Wore/NefteNga worie, who wants to create conflict that will never going top happen. There we saw a war and eviction right after one week he accused us. ———–

    ——-Thanks professor. TPLF is built by denial and still will end up being mercenary in the Ethiopian history. TPLF/Meles group for their shame even agreed to give Badime in “principle”. What a ashamed! Failed to have the gut to say “Go to hell, this our land, it is Tigrayn land , it is been Tigrrayan in history!”. What did these group said instead? “okay, we agree to give the land in principle” . Badits have no shames after scarified over 70 thopusand Ethiopians for nothing to only agree in principle the land that never was Eritreans. I am sure there are puppets and cults that will still agree with TPLF even if Woyane sell their mother to Eritreans or Arabs. As long as TPLF said so, they will go for it. That is why the TPLF puppets are now insulting this prominent Ethiopian scholar by TPLF “EthniQo” cults. Thanks Professor- Mercenaries will go fast and leave this earth by the God of Ethiopia while the genuine Ethiopians will see the death of their enemies sentenced by their God! That is a pay back by God .
    Getachew Reda (Ethiopian Semay)

    • Mussie G says:

      Getachew Reda,

      It is good decision that sometimes you are visiting warm websites rather than freezing in the cold island of the lonely-man’s «Ethio-semay». I wonder how many visors have so far noticed the existence of the website. I sounds that the number of the few reprinted copies your books are still intact and waiting for buyers. May this is reason why are wandering from site to another in search of potential buyers and promoting your books. Your targets are those with high number of pollution number. It is good strategy. But it should not be at the expense of the cultural and historical values of the people of Tigray. Please take care of your mouth and refrain from spitting whatever is coming out from it.
      Good luck with your book promotion


      • Alula says:

        Mussie G

        Anti Ethiopia entities are paying any Ethiopian who blackmails Woyane! Therefore ,it’s not about Ethiopia! he is doing his job! Money talks!

  22. Kifle says:

    Thank you my hero professor Mesfin. This is historical presentaion. History will be in your side.

  23. Mesfin Ayalew says:

    I didn’t expect to hear such substandard speech from a professor whom I used to respect. From his speech I deduced that:
    1. He doesn’t know the history of the Gwynn’s demarcation. Major Gwynn didn’t start the demarcation from Sobat/Baro River, it was rather from Setit, i.e. from north.
    2/ He said that we have got land which measures about 15 km to the west from Humera area. Yes, that is correct, but he didn’t mention what we have lost after that. We have lost a vast mass of land after that, in the area of Delelo, Abderaffi, Mettema, Quarra, Benishangule and Gambella. The Land that the Sudanese called Al Fashaqa and which they boast that they have got it after 100 years is in the Delelo and Abderafi area.

    3/ I do not think he understood which one is the Gwynn Line.

    4/ Finally, I didn’t like his attitude towards the Gondarie. First of all that land is not only for the Gondaries, it is the land of every Ethiopian. Secondly, Gwynn took land not only from Gondar area. I cannot understand why he always treat the Gondaries that way? He always attack them at every opportunity he got. You Gondaries, what have you done to him to make him treat you always in unfriendly manner?

    • Abebe says:

      Well his late grand father Mr. Kumbi was in Gondar and mistreated for some reason and the other reason is that when he was in DC many years a go he failed to draw many audience and he blamed Gondarian for his own failure.

  24. Mario says:

    Mesfin Ayalew,

    Please do not spit your poison here in the hope that Gonderes will retaliate against what you called “Gonderes bad treatment by Prof. Mesfin”.

    This is a new/another version of woyanes/TPLF divide and rule/conquer tactic: incitement of an entire group of people against an individual. As we know it, the old and tired version was inciting one ethnic group against the other.

    You really work hard to divide our people at individuals level. Don’t you? Is the old way of divide and rule/conquer tactic running out of steam?

    Please leave Gonderes and Prof. Mesfin alone!!!

  25. Abebe says:

    I totally lost about Mesfin Woldemariam Kumbi who becomes a low level of tplf cadre: the border affects only a particular region? really? I think tplf has finally recruited Mesfin w/Mariam Kumbi as a low level cadre that lost all shames like that of aboy sebhat. Awuramba although I know where you stand on tplf, however, still shame on you for omitting questions raised on that meeting. At any rate, we will see where mesfin end-up very soon.

  26. Meqdellawi says:

    Thank you Prof. Mesfin for informing on a very important issue. Ethiopian groups should expose the sabotage Eri-TPLF is planning. We should not give an inch of our territory to Sudan and Eritrea. We should think our children’s future.

    Sudan has no right to claim any Ethiopian land. What is now Ethiopia has been formed long before Sudan became iindepedent. In the future we will open the borders so that both Sudanese and Ethiopians could live where ever they prefer. We have to be friendly with our neighbours but not at the cost of our sovereignity. Eri-TPLF is sabotaging Ethiopia, but this is daydreaming. Ethiopians will form a government of their own soon. Eri-TPLF will have to be overthrown.

    Thanks prof. Mesfin for enlightening us about our history and the boundary between Ethiopia and our sisterly country, Sudan.

  27. Aksum says:


    You sound anti-Ethiopia. The are some boundary issues which Sudan has been raising. The prof. has explained what he knows about. He seems to have mellowed. The borde with Sudan is much larger. Me=tema, Qara have always been part of Ethiopia. The prof. seems to be confused, compromising Ethiopia’s sovereignity. It seems he is supporting Sudan by purposely confusing the audience. His comment about Ethiopian-Americans being counterproductive is unacceptable. The Ethiopian Diaspora is a very important factor in the democratization and liberation of Ethiopia. As Irael was built by the Jewish Diaspora, so will Ethiopia benefit from the involvement of the Ethiopian Diaspora. Some groups say that prof. Mesfin is an agent of Shaebya and Woyane. Shame on you Mesfin Woldemariam for betraying Ethiopia. We do need such an old man any way.

    In general, we should be very cautios and stand for our country and people. Traitors like Mesfin Woldemariam would not affect the course of history.

  28. ኤፍሬም says:

    እኔ ይህ ንግግር መልእክቱ አልገባኝም ። የተረጋገጠ ጉዳይ አይደለም ይላሉ ደግሞ እኛ ተሰብስበን የምናመጣው ለውጥ አይኖርም ደግሞ ይላሉ ። ለ30 አመጧት ዋሽንግተን ሆነው ቀረ ርቶ በማሰማት ምንም ለውጥ አልመጣም በማለታቸው በጣም ተደንቅያለሁ ። ፐ/ሮ መስፍን በሰሜን አመረካ ያደረጉት በርከታ ቅስቀሳ ዎች ስህተት ነበር ማለት ነው? ባጠቃላይ መልእክቱ ወጣቶች ተነሱ አመፅ አንሱ ማለት ነው። ይህን ችግር ደግሞ ግብፅ እና ኤርትራ ይፈልጉታል ። ባጠቃላይ ከሱዳኖች ያለን መልካም ግንኝነት ለማደፍረስ ይመስላል ። ይህ ደግሞ የማይታሰብ ነው።

  29. donaw says:

    ሰውየው እኮ ከሞተ ቆይተዋል የእድር ማጣት ችግር ነው እንጂ……………….እንድህ ዓይነት ሰው ፖለቲካ ሳይሆን አማኑኤል ቢሞክር ይሻላል

  30. beaman says:

    ፕሮፌሰር መስፍንን ሳስብ የሚመጣልኝ….
    1.ፕሮፌሰር መስፍን ከሀሳብ ይልቅ ግለሰብና ግሩፕ ላይ ማተኮር ይወዳሉ፣
    2.ያለውንና የነበረውን ከመተቸት ውጭ አማራጭ ሀሳብ አያቀርቡም፣
    3.የሚሳተፉበት ድርጅትም ሆነ ማህበር አድሮ ሲቆረቁዝ እንጅ ሲጎለምስ አይታይም-እንዲያውም የነኩት ሁሉ አይባረክም-ስለክሽፈት ብቻ ማሰብ ስለሚወዱ ይሆናል፣
    4.ከምክንያት ይልቅ በስድብ በማጥረግረግ ለማሳመን ይጥራሉ፣
    5.ስለኢትዮጵያዊነት አጥብቀው ይነግሩናል ግን እሳቸው የሚያወሩት ኢትዮጵያዊነት የቱ እንደሆነ ለይተው አልተረጎሙልንም፣
    6.ስለኢትዮጵያዊነት ብዙ ሲጠበቡ ከቆዮ በሁዋላ ኢትዮጵያውያንን ከዚህ በመለስ ባንዳ ከዚህ በመለስ አርበኛ እያሉ ሌላ የሀሳብ መስመር በመሀላችን ያሰምራሉ፣
    7.ከእሳቸው ሀሳብ ያልተስማማ ሁሉ ያልተማረ ደንቆሮ ነው-እሳቸውን ተቃርኖ ደንቆሮ ያልተባለ ካለ አሳዩኝ፣
    8.ስሜታቸውንና እውነታቸውን ቀላቅለው ያቀርቡታል፣
    9.ሲፈርጁ በፈረጁት ግለሰብ ብቻ ሳይሆን ከፈረጁት ጎን የቆሙትንም አይምሩም፣
    10.ማእረጋቸውና አዛውንትነታቸው ስለማህበረሰብም፣ስለታሪክም፣ስለፖለቲካም፣ስለሃይማኖትም፣…..ወዘተ በስልጣን እንዲያወሩ መብት የሚሰጣቸው ይመስላቸዋል.

  31. Mussie G says:


    I couldn’t see any comment from Alula that makes him to be labeled as anti-Ethioia. Can you show me, please?

  32. Tasew says:

    What a waste of time. The guy didn’t even know what he is talking. He doesn’t know what is going on, he doesn’t know if any land will be given to either countries, he knows nothing as he admitted!!!!!!!!!

    And if what he said has done is official, I hope not, we are going to loose a chunk of arable land as I understood it. B/s Omhager is just a few KM north of Humera. I think the government is not interested in his study b/s it is going to play against us. Professor; for God’s sake; Do the right thing for ones in your life! Hid your pictures/maps. We better trust our Government!!! F.Y.I. I have been to the border towns of Metema, Abdurafi etc. everything is as it was 10 years back.

  33. koya says:

    Thanks to EPRDF,23 years of peace progress and resolving the probleme of boreders with the neighbouring country reinforce this peace and developpment policy in the Horn.

  34. Mahmoud says:

    እኔ እኔ ትምክህትን ካልተማረና ትንሽ ሰው ነበረ የምጠብቀው። የፕሮፌሰሩ ዲስኩር ከሰማሁ በህዋላ ግን፣ ትምክህት ተማረም አልተማረም ልክ እንደበሽታ ማንነም ልያጠቃ እንድሚችል ተገነዘብኩ። ይህንን ለማለት ያበቃኝ

    ፕሮፌሰሩ ስለ ዶክተር አብዱልመጅድ ሁሴን አንሰተው ስያወሩ ” አብዱልመጅድ በድንበር ጉዳይ ላይ ጥናት ብጤ አካሂዶ ነበረ” ብለው ከተሳለቁ ብህላ መልሰው የተማረ ሰው መሆኑን ሊነግሩን ይሞክራሉ።

    በሳቸው መንገድ ያልተመራና የተጠላ ሰው ማዕረጉም አይጠራ:ከቤረታም የለው። እንድያው ለነገሩ እንጂ በፕሮፍሰሩና በዶክተር መካከል ያለው የእውቀት ልዩነት ሰፊና ሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊ የሚያውቀው ሰለሆነ እዚህ ላይ ማንሳቱ ጉንጭ አልፋ ነው።

  35. Hagos Seyoum says:

    Mesfin Wldemariam, a criminal Advise of Mengistu Hailemaia, And he advised Mengistu, to kill all the E. Haileselasies cabinet Ministers and many others.however he is Loser. Let me say this WINNER VS LOSER The WINNER IS always part of answer; The LOSER is always part of the problem,The WINNER says Let me do it for you , The LoSER says that is not my Job, The WINNER always has a program; The LOSER has an excuse,The WINNER Sees an answer for every problem, T LOSER Sees problem for every answer, The WINNER says ” IT may be difficult but it’s Possible, The LOSER says It may be possible” but it’s too difficult.

    • axum says:

      Thank you professor You are an iconic figure. who is iconic figure What did he do for Ethiopia ? in my opinion the professor tried many times to destabilized Ethiopia. any way i don’t expect any thing positive from him

  36. Alula-tedros says:

    Hi mesfin. it was better to say pro.mesfine but u are not an educated man however u count a spelling.

  37. Afarman says:

    I just cant understand professor Mesfin Woldemariam, he seems to be enjoying his retirement time by indulging himself in every matter. he is trying to justify his hatred to the EPRDF by spreading fabricated rumors in every media outlets. This time the professor is dealing with border after he failed to promote human rights ” prof Style”, after failing to overthrow the regime ” prof Style”, after failing to promote economic development and democratisation “Prof style”. he seems to be a born again loser.

    Border issue is one of the areas which is closer to his fields of study but again he failed to come up with palatable argument. Its just a vuvuzela politics “prof style”.

    The Ethiopian government has not undertaken any border dealings or treaty with the Sudanese authorities, the treaty signed during Emperor Minilks time is still in its place, both parties the sudanese and ethiopians do respect the treaty and gradually there will be border demarcation.

    Prof Mesfin will continue to talk about Eritrea, Tigray, Sudan, Somalia, human rights, democracy, economics,displacement of people, CIA etc, I just cant bear listening to such nonsense. he is fooling himself and his followers with his arogance and I know it all philosophy. He is a man who talks the talk and had no idea as to how to implement his ideas on the ground, he is a daydreamer who try to take us back to the darkages.

  38. Getnet says:

    እንዲህ ነን እኛ….!!!
    ፩ ፡ የእኛን ካልተናገሩልን የምንሳደብ ፣
    ፕሮፌሰር መስፍን እጅግ በጣም ታዋቂ ምሁር ናቸው ፡፡ አራት ነጥብ ፡፡ ደግሞም የሚገርመው ነገር ፍርሃታቸውን ፣ ደስታቸውን ፣ የግል እምነታቸውን በአደባባይ የሚያቀርቡ የትውልዱ ትልቅ ሰው ናቸው ፡፡ ነገር ግን ዛሬ የእኛን ስሜት ሳይሆን የራሳቸውን በምክንያት የተደገፈ ትንተና ሲሰጡን ጭቃ ላይ ጥለን ለመርገጥ ሞከርን ፡፡ በቃ! እኛ እንደዚህ ነን፡፡ ስሜታችንን ጥለን በምክንየት በመሞገት የእርሳቸውን ሃሳብ መሞገት ስንችል መድረኩን መናኛ አደረግነው ፡፡ የእኛ ፍላጎት የነበረው “በደርግ ወቅት የኢትዮ-ሱዳንን ድንበር አጥኝ የነበሩት ፕሮፌሰር መስፍን ወ/ማሪያም የወያኔ መንግስት የኢትዮጵያን ሉዓላዊ ግዛት ቆርሶ ለሱዳን መስጠቱን አጋለጡ …” ምናምን ማለት ነበር ፡፡ ግን አልሆነም ፡፡ እናም እርሳቸውን ማጣጣል ጀመርን ፡፡ ቆይ እስኪ ጎበዝ “መቃወም ማለት እኮ ሁሉንም ነገር መቃወም” ማለት አይደለም ፡፡ እንደ ድመት እና አይጥ ለመጠፋፋት የሚፈላለጉት የግብፅ የፖለቲካ ኃይሎች ለግብፅ ጥቅም ሲሉ በአባይ ጉዳይ ላይ በጋራ ሲመክሩ ያየን መሰለኝ ፡፡ እናም ታላቁ ፕ/ር መስፍን ወ/ማሪያም አገራዊ ጉዳይ በሆነው የኢትዮ-ሱዳን የድንበር ማካለል (Demarcation) ጉዳይ ያላቸውን የግል ምልከታ ማቅረባቸው ነገሩ ተገጣጥሞ ደግሞ የእርሳቸው አቋም እና የመንግስት አቋም መገጣጠሙ እርሳቸውን ለትችት ፣ ለስድብ ፣ ለወቀሳ ፣ … ወዘተ ዳረጋቸው ፡፡ እንዲህ ነን እኛ !!! ከኛ ኃሳብ ለተለየ ሰው የሚሆን ቦታ የሌለን ……
    ፪ ፡ ቆሞ-ቀርነትን የምንሰብክ ፣
    ምንም እንኳን ከላይ ያነሳሁት ቢሆንም ጥሎብን እኛ ኢትዮጵያዊያን ሁሉም ነገር ባለበት እንዲኖር እንፈልጋለን ፡፡ ለውጥን ማስተናገድ የማንፈልግ ሰዎች ነን ፡፡ ፕ/ር እንዳሉት መክሽፍ እንጂ መለወጥ ፣ መሻሻል ፣ ማደግ የእኛ የኢትዮጵያዊያን ባህል አይደለም ፡፡ እናም በተቃዋሚው ጎራ የምናውቃቸው ኢትዮጵያዊያን ሁሉንም ነገር እንዲቃወሙ ስንፈለግ (የትኛውንም ያህል ትክክል ነገሩ ቢሆንም) በገዥው ፓርቲ ያሉ አባላት ደግሞ ሁሉንም ነገር እንዲደግፉ እንፈልጋለን ፡፡ ታዲያ አንድ ቀን በተቃዋሚው ጎራ የምናውቃቸው ግለሰቦች አንድ መንግስትን የሚደግፍ አስተያየት ከተናገሩ አሊያም የድርጅታቸውን አሰራር ከተቹ በቃ አለቀላቸው ፡፡ እንትን የነካ እንጨት እናደርጋቸዋለን ፡፡ እሱኮ መንግስት ፓርቲውን ለማፍረስ አስርጎ ያስገባው ነው ከማለት ጀምሮ እነሱን ለማዋረድ እና አኮስሶ ለማሳየት የማንፈነቅለው ተራራ የለም ፡፡ የገዥው ፓርቲ አባላትም እንዲሁ የተለየ ሃሳብ ካነሱ እነርሱ አለቀላቸው ፡፡ አንጃ ፣ የሰምዓታትን ትግለ የረገጡ ፣ ፀረ-ልማቶች ፣ ትምክተኞች ፣ ጠባቦች ፣ …. ወዘተ ናቸው ፡፡ አቤት እኛ ፤ አቤት ኢትዮጵያ ………….

  39. ይርገጣቸዉ says:

    ፕ-ሮ መስፍን መቃወም ብቻ ሳይሆን ተፈጥሮንም ይክዳሉ።ቅርብ ጊዜ ብሄሮች ኢ-ያ ዉስጥ የሉም፤አማራ፣ኦሮሞ፣ትግራይ—የሚባል ነገር የለም ብሎታል።ሌላ ብቀር ቆንቆዋዎቻቸዉን የፈጠሩ እሳቸዉ ናቸዉ? shame?

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