Ethiopia Sack Coach Sewnet Bishaw (+Video)


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13 Responses

  1. billfree says:

    the federation is too late to do this. because sewenet bishaw is a dictator person who is not capable of addressing the media .

  2. yohannes says:

    bad news he did a lot of thing we proud of u sewnet I wish for u a good luck !!!

  3. teshome says:

    Sewenet Bishaw, has already put his foot print in Ethiopian football history and he would be remembered as such.
    It is an unfortunate phenomenon football coaches are only measured in terms of success. If we took the European experience, foot ball coaches would be easily praised and easily made down. There is nothing right or wrong here, Sewnet Beshaw might not be sucked for the best interest of the foot ball families of Ethiopia, however we should respect the decision of the football federation and go forward. That is that.

  4. abdurahman says:

    he is not a kind of coach that takes a resp to coach a team repreting 90 mln ppl. He cant give interviews, he blames individual players mentioning their names for the loss of the team. Because of him those players may suffer shame, embarrasement for a while

  5. mario says:

    A man can only do what he can,& hence,Ato Sewnet Bishaw has done great job! remember,most of other African teams included their highly paid international players! I think Ato Sewnet Bishaw should have been prized made him to retire respectfully! He helped Ethiopian to win over East African block for the first time in 31 years,therefore,sacking him is totally unfair! he have done the first phase & reached Ethiopia where it is now! don’t ferget that anti Ethiopia referies have done a lot of damage in the process….probably paid by Ethiopia’s adversaries!

    Mr Sewnet Bishaw,you have done a good business! but the decision passed on you was totally unfair ! there should have been a vote from the public whether to sack him,retire him respectfully or to advice him to do better & continue his coaching!

  6. Mahmoud says:

    It’s not only the coach to blame for the team failure, but the immature and wild supporters as well.

  7. Mario says:

    I am not surprised. It is all use and throw. Nothing less; nothing more.

  8. dembala says:

    sewnet is not the only one one to be asked for the faliure evry one who is involved in the team shold be asked derom “ye ethiopia hizeb werk yinetefeleh sibal fandiya new yilal” good luck sewnet wish you all thebest

  9. dembela says:

    and please eff hiere ethiopian coach

  10. tata tiku says:

    I have a great admiration for coach sewnet.The Federation should made a farewell and make you to leave in dignity instead they make you a skip goat. What U expect FROM WOYANE CADRES.

  11. Swastika says:

    He really tried for ethiopians.Making them proud again and bringing out the boastfulness latent in Ethios out.Especially in their match with Nigeria,where they were convince that they were rob.

  12. Ewunetu says:

    I fully support the decision of the Federation. It was the right decision at the right time. The federation needs new blood the necessary skill and capability to coach a national squad of 90 million people and founding nation of the CAF. We should be grateful for Sewunet did thus far. There is nothing wrong to have some foreign coaches after all many African and European national teams are managed by Foreigners and we witness they are doing well.

  13. Husain says:

    When football improve in one country in every strong man there is strong women as they say give credit to ethiopian leadership zenawi one thing.

    this guy he done well but things has to move on for good he should’t take things for grant .

    one thing for sure he will be rembered as a good coach .

    if he retired from football coach he won’t retaired form doing jobbs .

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