Egyptian officials arrive in Addis Ababa to resume dam talks


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22 Responses

  1. w .yilma says:

    The Ethiopian government should clearly and boldly inform the Egyptian counterpart that the 1929, and 1959 what the Egyptian are calling “agreement” is an illegal and Ethiopia will not be abide, and will not negotiate on this past and forgone illegal colonial backing brutal agreement.
    Any negotiation with regard to the GERD should not be contradicted to the basic principles of the Nile Initiatives frame work agreements reached between the upper Nile riparian countries. If the Egyptians are willing to negotiate honestly (which I doubt) the negotiation frame work should include and assess other comprehensive confidence building issues such as peace, security, economic, social and scientific. The other important issue the Ethiopian government should strive to know is the true motives of the Egyptian animal farming type diplomacy? and where is its end? Are they serious in this and the coming negotiation?. or it is a tactic to buy time? Where are they in these issues? Is it worthy for Ethiopia to continue negotiation with them? what is their clear stand to the GERD? They have to be told to stop their demonic campaigns against Ethiopia. With clear words the Ethiopian government should tell them that negotiation will stop unless and other wise they stop their negative campaigns against Ethiopia, both locally and internationally. I do not see the importance of having negotiation with the country which has been and which is a hostile country for our well beings, and existence. However, the civilized world order forced us to do so.
    Listen what their ignorant junta general said during his recent meeting with his Sudanese counter part; what the head of the now delegation and others officials has said recently. As I said above diplomacy is a prerequisite for any nation, but we have to be very careful that we are dealing with historical sworn enemy, very hostile country, dedicated to do whatever is necessary to see our demise! a sneak egg will never hutches a chicken!
    Egyptians are busy to damage the images of Ethiopia by decimating false and baseless information against Ethiopia both to their blind folded population and to the international communities. They are busy in campaigning to stop any kind of loan or assistance from the international financial institutions. This must be stooped before any negotiation. I think this is the basic precondition for any kind of negotiations. No productive negotiation reached with hostile environment.
    In any way in the current circumstance the Ethiopian delegation should not accept any invitation to go to Cairo for further negotiations. It is their business and should come to us if they need to reach workable negotiation with us.
    The best grantee for us is our unity, and be strong in both fields, including our military strength. That is the only remedy for Egyptian military junta circles who who came to military power built by America tax payers.
    Ethiopia is a nation of fighters, never defeated by her enemies. This glorious spirit is in the hearts and minds of millions of Ethiopians.
    Long Live Ethiopia!

  2. Gezaee says:

    The Sham woyane invited the enemies. Enemies = woyane = 1. As long as the sinister woyane is on power, Ethiopia will gain anything is a pipe-dream. They said no talk? but woyane beg them? Hell, no woyane, u are the enemy of Ethiopian people.

    • dere says:

      you know what you are worthy of? Just yedoro kus. you are a super idiot entity who should have perished while you were in the womb of your mother. Its bad that your mother has given birth to an evil – Gezaee

    • Sewit says:

      Gezaee; Are you in your mind my brother or you are Vuvuzela of Shabia??? One thing am sure is your idea is the reflection of immaturity and poisonous that only be reflected from enemies of the GREAT Ethiopia. Ethiopia very well knows how to deal with Egyptians.

    • Solomon says:

      To remind you ,if I am going to talk like you this dame is been build by Wayne .not by stupid so called king H/selasse who could not even mange to get in to meeting about Nile river meeting in the 50-60 E.c..
      The stupid king who you love was out menvered by the Arbes and by Egypt former leader Gemal Abel Nasser. so people like you don’t care what leaders do as long as they are Manzey.or the part of the country .I say this when I talk like you ,but when I talk like any regular Ethiopian with love of the country no mate which part of the country and no mate if you are Oromo ,Tigrayan,wirga,kambata or Amara this dame is build by all Great Ethiopian people.

  3. Gezaee says:

    … the people who tell you can not use a drop of your water? what are you talking about if you can not use a drop of the water? what is the talk about?

  4. welwallo says:

    Ethiopia respect per colonial agreement, Interesting! What the word mean to us to Ethiopian. There is no documentation that high lights about this colonial agreement signed between Ethiopia and Egypt. For simple matter we never had colonized to each other. Of course, there was an attempt which was aborted from its inception. Do you mean the colonial agreement that was signed among Egypt, Sudan and the great Briton, and we are breaking the low which was ratified in the UN charter Interesting. We had enough about you; you were our source of instability and lack of peace. You strived hard to engage Ethiopia in sense less chaos and turmoil so this country couldn’t raise her head to see the world. You have done it from the creation of Egypt until now by Sending from pseudo orthodox patriarchs, supporting EPLF later the Eritrean government mercenaries, and creating religion and ethnic tension in the country, so as to immerse the country in internal conflict. I don’t mind and I don’t have any blame about that, it is Darwin theory the fittest survives. What I am saying is time is up for playing this game. I am fit to face the challenge of your dirty trick. For Egyptian brothers who see the world differently, let face the truth and scrub the old myth from our society. I don’t think there is no one who can challenge the principles of physics (water flows down ward) unless individuals who are intentionally interested to see people suffering. I don’t think there is an intention to harm the people of Egypt. Probably, there might be some up and down until the reservoir fills apart from that nothing will happen to it, unless our curse mounts and destroyed by GOD. Don’t try to twist my arm, I am stronger than ever. A willing mind is much stronger than evil mind. Let see the big picture and sorted out solution to minor problem.

  5. Ema says:

    ” Egypt’s irrigation minister Mohamed Abdel-Motteleb will go to Addis Ababa on Monday, but has already said that Egypt is not ready to compromise on its previous stance to the Ethiopian dam project”

    From Egypt’s Ahram news site:

  6. Ken says:

    I don’t think Egypt should be able to continue in between sending conflicting messages. One day it is ” negotiations with Ethiopia has hit a dead end” next sending delegations. Here is for the Ethiopian government challenging pragmatism!

  7. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    EPRDF is farting too much; they suck in their insult everyday. There is nothing much worse than to be told you can not use a drop of your water? I think EPRDF are deaf?

    Again again, I assure you 100% they will not allow to use the water if you are still hoping they will bless you.They wanted neither to build the dam nor to use any of the water. They have been very honest in their stand.They did not hide anything. The problem is now only is in Ethiopia. There is no any clear stand. EPRDFites are farting. They were not prepared for this. Listen guys, leave alone you, the entire humanity cannot change them. Stop bullshitting begging them day in and day out. They even told you clearly all options are open? why the hell are you cuddling with them? Momot Yamarat ayt yedemet afncha tashetalech? that is the only reasons. Can you change them? if you can change them? why u did not do it in the past 22 years? Begging food, money, medicine, even your own water? shame on you, why you did not buy weapons than stealing 11 or 13 billion dollars? you could have been set up nuke programme. You are a burden to the country. You spend 40 billion dollars in the past 22 years to buy ports? All that money could have answered all the problems of defense, financial needs. Fuck woyane

    • hermi says:

      Gezae time for u’r pill? I think U missed 2 days worth over the week-end?

      Meeting or no meetings, the building of the Dam shall go on. It is wise for EPRDF to try to negotiate with Egypt not only now but even during the completion ceremony and beyond!

      “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”…chil man!

  8. noah says:

    Ethiopia! dig in your heel.

  9. Alula says:

    Deplomacy is a tool to show the world about the greediness of Egypt ! What is Ethiopia going to be benefitted by refusing to talk to Egypt? Nothing! The best way is to keep talking to Egypt until it walks away in front of the world community on its own! ብልጥ ልጅ ኣየበላ ያለቅሳል ይባል የለ! Therefore Ethiopia should continue to discuss with Egypt while building its Dam! Not even for a second , the renaissance dam must be built nonstop!

    It is our water, & hence, we will use it in an equitable manner!

    God bless Ethiopia!

  10. yohannes says:

    I believe our government do a good thing for the county!!

  11. SMARTY says:

    To me, being smart in 21st century is looking ahead not rely on Past pain and conflicts. The difference between Egypt and Ethiopia is that Egypt may try anything to stop the GERD; whereas Ethiopia may or may not strictly continue the GERD project: the reasons as follows;
    1) Ethiopians are divided and busy dealing with Master’s assignment i.e ethinic issues provided by Egypt via EPLF&TPLF.
    2) Economically Ethiopia can’t afford it to complete the project.
    3) There is no smart leardship within Ethiopa at the moment as most of the leadership is filled with ethinic lines &loyality rather than performance and experiences. To do job, the experiences and skills are key whether you like or not. At this front, Egypt is not better than Ethiopia at the moment. But Egypt will use all the Ex-patriotic Egptians who are working at high level in UN and the states.
    3) It is true Egypt has many options to exploit to stop the DAM as we are easy to be manuevered as they did it before.
    4) TPLF is only serving their own survival rather than the Ethiopian’s interest as we have seen it many times.
    5) I would therefore suggest that Ethiopians who are expert on the field on diplomacy front as well as on technical front, they should organise themselves pretty quick and start act very swiftly otherwise it will be too late again.

  12. bruck says:

    I agree with you alula. bilt lij eyebela…. i think that is what our gov’t is doing. but for those who are shouting on EPRDF, it is silly how you forget that it is the EPRDF that started this project. now you are crying that it is going to give away the nat’l interest of the country. my god! do you think you are the one who started the dam. pls shut, the gov’t knows what it is doing. soon after the project started MELES said this “ye gibts(egypt) balesiltanat yiwerachalu….”

  13. Alula says:

    The only way forward is; sharing the Nile equitably! Ethiopia is growing , & hence, it needs more power to accommodate its growing economy! If Egyptian have the brain to think, the renaissance dam will help regulate the river Nile through out the year! There is no need for Egyptian to freak out! First of all, the glow of the river is more than enough for all raparian countries! Therefore, they better relax & live instead of looking for trouble with Ethiopia !

    God bless Ethiopia !

  14. solomon says:

    We Ethiopian are the one make the government to talk boldly, when the enemy come’s against Ethiopian interest. Some of as let as look our stand in (1)Badema war, (2) let remember the war of Eritrean and (3) let as remember the war between Somalia and Ethiopia in all of these wars there are groups standing against Ethiopian government. Somalian war they called it eastern Ethiopian people war and telling to the people of Ethiopia they are fighting for the improvement of the central government of Ethiopia. Badema war, they advise the people not to fight, when Eritrea was fighting to take Badem. When Esaias and his group fighting to divide Eritrea and trying to make Ethiopia land locked and weak country by making wrong history and brain washed the young Eritreans, laying them Ethiopians are bad to Eritrea, there were groups in Ethiopia supporting Esaias by laying to Ethiopia’s, they are not fighting to divided the county. We have to stop these groups and fighting them lawful and stop flowing. Until then they are the back bag of Ethiopia pride. Egypt is saying Nile is belong to her and doing thing against it, is it true? Yes ask them to make demonstration to let the world know and listen what they are going to say. They never try to stand in any moment in history is defending there country.

  15. Nesru says:

    If the eritrean mafia start any time war then all the get fighters will be egyptians
    for sure watch out for worest!!!!!!!!!!

  16. MOHAMMED says:

    There are hundered of dams around the world today the biggest one is in china if egypt can send a message to those country to stope building the dam then we can do it the logic is the same the water doesn’t belongs to egypt as simple as that you have no control on it.its not in your teritory even not your neghbour like sudan.if you have shortage of water you talk with sudan not ethiopia begger can’t be choosers or force .



  17. mohammed says:

    shebertegna yemiketelew ilamachew ke abay weha gare beteyayaze axum and lalibela the biggest tewedadari turist attraction be wegebachew tatkew gebtew yehen yemiyahel hawelt endaigendesut keahunu lek addis abeba edtederegew federal headquarter mexico we should block the gate far from the axum gate and lalibela a single blow can creat big damage.

    every ethiopia shuld protect historical sites.

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