Ziway: A piece of hell for political detainees (Woubshet’s Desperate Letter)


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11 Responses

  1. Johnny Jakobsson says:

    Why would anyone submit this in english, when the article is in.. amharic?

  2. Gezaee Hailemichal says:

    Dawit, this will not help your friend.This leaked letter will actually criminalizing him more. A person in prison is not supposed to communicate with the outside world, other this letter by itself begs many questions why is the writer sending letter outside? who is going to save him? Does it mean that there is no prison rule? I am not advocating for imprisonment, but you have to respect the law and the authority in the country. Writing letters to outside will not help him,but make it difficult. As I said already, all prisoners should be released because I do believe in liberating people by education than keeping them in prison for many years. However, writing letters by breaking laws is another offense for the writer.They might keep him there because this would not be acceptable. He is breaking law. Why cry now anyway? why he get involved with G7 ? I hope they will release all but it is bad they try to think CPJ will set them free? Not good attitude.

    • Ermi says:

      Are you stupid or what? How come writing a letter from prison illegal? DO you know how many prisoners are accomplished authors from within prisons in the world?

      You said “… you have to respect the law and the authority in the country.” Who is the authority and what is the law? If you are suggesting woyane to be the authority, then they are the ones disrespecting every law they enforced on the people.

      The law says “thy shall not steal.” Every woyane is a thief. A 500 birr salaried woyane owns a several million dollar worth of buildings. I can’t go on with this shit, I rather stop here.

      Peace to all but woyanes!


      • Alula says:


        The bottom line is they are Ethiopian & working day in day out to extract our lovely Ethiopia from poverty! You can see the fruition of their hard work! Almost every Ethiopian is working day & night to revive the forestry of Ethiopia voluntarily!

        There are over twenty huge factories built in the last ten years creating thousands of people…..!

        30 universities plus many private colleges ,,,! Farmers are producing & harvesting 3 times a year! Ethiopian are using every water to produce fruits & veggies all over Ethiopia! Fruits & veggies are very cheap in Ethiopia at this time!

        There is no more famine in Ethiopia! Remember: there was a famine every ten fifteen years in the pre EPRDF eras …. during Atse Tedros, Atse Yohanes ,Atse Minilik,1966,1977…. But it’s been 22 years now & Ethiopian is getting better by the day!

        Finally, your hate politics isn’t going to do anything! You know why? Because haters are always losers! No one can do anything with a hate! If you are Ethiopian , the best way is; get out of your hate politics, constitute a better political plan, attract people , so you can be better than the EPRDF!

        God bless Ethiopia!

  3. sewkentu says:

    yerasua eyarere yesew tamesalech.
    weyane was number one in support of south sudan opposition suporters to be released from prison whats happning at home.

    yegnawochu laye aynetla ale ende.
    ere tewo september 11 american yasheberu enkuan ferd agtewal.

    are you better than isaiase?

  4. Cherkos Woldegeorgis says:

    ‘ሰው ለሆኑ ሰዎች በሙሉ!’What does he mean by this?

    • Arawit Gezaee Hailemichal says:

      I think it is very clear. Sew lehonu sewoch bemulu means sew yalhonutin endene Gezaee Hailemichal aynetochun aychemrim

  5. Orion says:

    I actually feel sad for this guy. He has no idea what he is talking about / has no a clue in how to articulate his complain. Someone needs to remind him that he is in jail not in a rosey picnic….I was expecting him to compalain about physical and psychological torture of the worest case ….rather, he is ranting and complaining about prision strip search and payment….to weak. Anyways, the government needs to realse him considering that the guy is clueless and poletically dam….he is simply “Ye Sefer poletiKa chewer”

  6. yoyo says:

    @ orion u don’t have no idea what ur talking…. he is innocent guy unfortunately he is in jail by criminals tugs weyanne… so pls orion think twice before u vomiting ur dirty idea

  7. yoyo says:

    @ orion even if the real criminals have a right to get medical attentions or provide regular meal & so on…. I don’t know why woyanne stick with dedebit mentality

  8. Alula says:

    The EPRDF IS CREATING a country led by the rule of law from scratch , where there was no law! Remember: Ethiopia was led by family, friends , in laws….with out a rule of law!

    Rule of law must be respected! This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about! He must be glad that it is not a Derg time! These so called journalist are an opposition supporters in the cover of journalism! We haven’t heard them criticizing the failed kinijit! We all know each other, therefore, be better! Time had changed! You can only cheat the innocent!

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