‹‹በኤርትራ ሕዝብ ላይ ከፍተኛ ጥፋት ከፈጸሙ በኋላ የኤርትራ ወጣቶች ከአገር እንዲኮበልሉ ካደረጉ በኋላ አሁን የምን ዕርቅ ነው?››


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20 Responses

  1. Kidane says:

    President Isaias did not even consider the Woyanes a pin.What it has been siad is directed to the US Administration.Not to Ethiopia.The WOYANES are nothing to PRESIDENT ISAIAS.It is the US Administration behind the WOYANES.Had it not been for the WOYANES without the full support of the US Administration,the WOYANES would have never existed. Should you read PRESIDENT ISAIAS between the lines the WOYANES would not survive the year 2014. Be PRESIDENT ISAIAS ye WOYANE MENGISTIM mengist tekotro!!!

    • JonasYosief says:

      Well we know that you are brain less child
      of isayas

    • Goblel Agame says:

      What a foolish analogy.”Tsimlalie’ya niresa zeykedenet nimdri kedenet.” Who is Isayas, Ethiopia after all to confront Ethiopia. You have been defeated in utter humiliation, the entire wold knows this fact. Kulunegerkum moytu melhas tirah terifa. You know why are living in a precarious condition? B/se you speak too much evils out of your capacity. Try to know your capacity.Understand the reality, respect others as people.Get rid of the propaganda inculcated by your Godfather”Itali”. let alone u(poor and needy, we defeated your mentor and Godfather. Ethiopian had never been colonized b/se of heroic deeds of our forefathers and this was your history too.But u are now victim of an Italian/your Godfather & the evil HIGDEF. Let me add one important fact which you will understand it in the future, Isayas is US as a pretext because he used to tell u that he was superiour to Ethiopia which is nonsense and false. By the way Isayas is malignant lair and you do not have the capacity and the honesty to pinpoint his lies. I would have said a lot of facts, but I do not think u are in a position to analyze and understand facts. The world is praying for you.

    • messi says:

      That is how the world of political science works, interesting. Institutions, countries, organizations build alliances around issues to increase their decision making and executive power. President Isaias probably had to learn the hardest way on how the world operates.

    • Aba_chegora says:

      Kidun, kkkkkkkkk but our president was defeated by the weyanes.

    • Shimels says:

      Kidane who is behind us now on the current problem with egypt ? eritrea is like an ant regarding our foreign policy ok .Know urself

  2. sahle says:

    ere mane’u endih yemileu? ere tesastew Ato Desalegn inday honu bitcha? Ato Issayas’ma Ato Desalegn afachew kemekfetache befit neber Irk yemibal negher yelem yalutn…H.E. President Issayas and to the matter of fact, the whole eritrean people have said and stick on the point that there won’t be any IRK (Peace) unless the Ethiopian government moves out their soldiers form our territory. Period.

  3. Oz. says:

    Why not ! After all Eritreans are our brothers, so If they want peace full relationship It would be the best thing 😉

  4. wedinakfa says:

    Let me repeat my previouse comment sorry decent people
    “eyebeduwat tanqelafalech” is the case of woyane.

    Kidane, you are right Eri gove said “we speak with the messega sender not the messenger” but woyane, typical like his predecessors dergue is conducting its self a reckless brat child, simply they are sleep walking to disaster but i fear the innocent lives will be the victimes as for the neferiouse leaders they have made thier bed in the west and the west will oblige to accommodate the killers amonget them till the time comes for the west to recriminate itself! watch

  5. Golbo says:

    Hi you guys, do you think Eritrea as a viable chiefdom of Isayas? You must come to your sense before you lose many things. We do not think Woyane and Shabia are different things, they are two sides of the same coin. But the Ethiopians, including the “so called
    Eritreans”are the same. It is a matter of time. Don’t you think what comes if the Eritrean youth flow to Ethiopia at the current rate? Do you think these youngsters are going back to Eritrea as liberated “Eritrean” citizens? NO WAY!! They have joined their motherland for ever!! Do not full your self with an disillusioned Shabiate “Eritrean” nationalism, which was fabricated by the Arabs.

  6. destiny says:

    we ,,,will receive aid from Essayas and wipe out Weyane,,,,what u going to do about it DAwit,,,kikiki

  7. chala says:

    when issayas response for aljezera interview,every body can remember what he was said… nobody leaves his country but now he gave a testimony as the eritrean youth migrates to other country.

  8. kassaberihun says:

    eritrea is acountry betraid againest its strugle for freedom just by one person. every dogs barking above through thier comments are all sons of beach esayias afewerki who are looking for overthrowing him by ethiopian heroes,but we will do it iff he comes againest our interest untill then stay son of beach esayisa afewerki; eritrean poeple is and will always be brother of ethiopian as is naturally being!!

  9. addis chala says:

    no need of revenge ,only seeking the benefit of the two countries. God will help us….. amen

  10. Tegadalay says:

    Shabia was financed by Egypt and its allies to stick Ethiopia in a lengthen war and made Ethiopians couldn’t think development of using its natural water resources- building Abay dam. While Eritrea referendum was declared free country the Egyptians were upset by Shabia b/c they were not interested the two nations to develop that is why Eri did’t get any fund from Egpt and its allies bieng a new country under war for 3 decades.
    That is why continue making Eth to stay in a length war in Badme. Even the courts boundary dispute RESOLUTION is a time BOMB.
    Anyway the Eri has to be developed economicaly, socialy and morally. Now while Eri gets freedom the number of immigrants were 1 million now after freedom they reach 2 million. Who will built Eri. The next fate of the Eri being poor- no moral obligations they will be messengers of the Anti Eth foreign forces as their forefathers did.
    Let Agree and develop be computation nations with the world.
    EPLF fighters marital has abolished our common enemy DERG. Now Eri is looking for your efforts to develop. Don’t scape to abroad you have to fight as the former marital bathers did
    with out economical stability there will no political stability in the brother countries. let develop together.

  11. sant says:

    Hey guys don’t complicate he will say different thing tomorow ! I always laugh at his speeches it’s emberacing to call him a leader ! Some of act as if this guy has ” a point ” just lough pls ha ha ! Can’t wait to hear next funy thing he says

  12. erty says:

    I worry more about Ethiopian youth sentiment how weak the national felling they have than Eritrea. Ethiopia has no national language, has no military service, has no national identity that glues people together. The youth has grown with out national identity. This is crating problem in Ethiopia. Regional identity that has been used to bring local people to revolt against the Dreg is still in place as a policy which needs to be revised. Somalia has one language and one religion, Kenya and Sudan have one language, Ethiopia is trying to unite its people on vacuum. Ethiopia need national language, military service we the youth turn 18 and strong education program from kindergarten to high school to create strong nationalist sentiment among citizens. The recent riot in oromia has a lot to do with national sentiment than anything else.

  13. jonysnc says:

    hahahaha thinkin setankelafa!

    • Dangchew Bekalu says:

      We Ethiopian’s are very united, regardless of our ethnic & religious difference we willn’t split we are one more than what we had before and joined hand to hand to fight against poverty and it’s parasites who have not good wish to Us and our country like Shabiya/Issayas/ and his dirty political gamblers/opposion/ groups. SHABIYAWYAN Pls. try to build your own home, save your house and mind your own business don’t interfere take off your hand from our beloved country you rascals.
      Long live Ethiopia and her kids.

  14. Dergu temelese says:

    ወያኔ እና ሻዕቢያ የአንድ ሳንቲም ሁለት ገፅታዎች ናቸው ! ቢለያዩም ስለ አማራ ከሆነ ሁሌም አንድ ናቸው ! ኄኖክ አሺጥላ
    December 2, 2016 – ቆንጅት ስጦታው — 48 Comments ↓

    ወያኔ እና ሻዕቢያ የአንድ ሳንቲም ሁለት ገፅታዎች ናቸው ! ቢለያዩም ስለ አማራ ከሆነ ሁሌም አንድ ናቸው ! ኄኖክ አሺጥላ

    አማራይ ሃድጊ ወዲ ሰበይቲ
    ሪኢካዮ ዶ እድቂ ናይ ተጋደልቲ

    «አማራ አህያ የሴት ልጅ
    አየኸው ወይ ትጥቅ የተጋዳዮች »

    ይህንን ዘፈን ሻዕቢያዎች አማሮችን ሲያባርሩ የዘፈኑት ዘፈን ነበር። ጉራጌ ወይም ኦሮሞ ብለው አልነበረም የዘፈኑት። እውነት ለመናገር የኢትዮጵያ ሰራዊት አማራ ብቻ ነበርን? የጦር አዛዦቹ እና አማካሪዎቹ በአብዛኛው ኤርትራዊያኖች፥ የትግራይ ሰዎች ፥ የደቡብ ሰዎች እና ኦሮሞዎች አልነበሩምን?

    የአስመራ ተፈናቃዮች ይህንን ዘፈን የት ነው የምታስታውሱት ? የቃኘው ልጆች ? የ 35ኛ ክፍለ ጦር ( ገጀረት ) ልጆች ? የ 12ኛው ብርጌድ ልጆች ? ትዝ ይላችኋል ?
    ሲቆይ ይረሳል!

    የኢትዮጵያ ጦር ሰራዊት ( ቁስለኞች ) እንዴት እንደሞቱ ትዝ ይሏችኋል? በቆሻሻ መኪና ከነ ህይወታቸው እንደተቀበሩ ታውቁ ይሆን? በኤርትራ ይኖሩ የነበሩ አማሮች ከኤርትራ ሲባረሩ አህያ ኮፍያ እና ከረባት አልብሰው « ነይ ዘመዶችሽን ሸኚ» ብለው በአደባባይ አማራን ከአህያ ጋ ማዛመዳቸውን ረሳነው ? የመቀሌ ትግሬዎች ከኤርትራ የተባረሩ አማሮችን በድንጋይ ይደበድቡ የነበረውንስ ረሳነው ? ዛሬ ማን ከማን ተሽሎ ነው እያወዳደርን ያለነው ?

    የአማራ ህዝብ ( በይበልጥም የአማራ ልሂቃን ) ይህንን እውነት ወደፊት መጥቶ ለማስረዳት ስንት ዘመን እንጠብቃችሁ ? የአማራ ወጣቶች « ሲደምቅ እንገባለን» ከሚል አመለካከት ወጥታችሁ ህዝባችሁን ከጥፋት ለመታደግ የምትነሱበትን ቀን ንገሩን ? !!!!!

    አማራ ፈሪ አይደለም! አማራ ቂመኛ ህዝብም አይደለም! በደሉን ግን አይረሳም!
    ኤርትራ የአማራ ህዝብ መቀበሪያ እንጂ መጠናከሪያ አይደለችም ! አማራ በራሱ ምድር ፥ በራሱ ቋንቋ እና በራሱ ህዝብ መሃከል የሚያደርገው ትግል ነው ነፃ የሚያወጣው!

    ወያኔ እና ሻዕቢያ የአንድ ሳንቲም ሁለት ገፅታዎች ናቸው ! ቢለያዩም ስለ አማራ ከሆነ ሁሌም አንድ ናቸው !

    አማራ ተነስ!

    ኄኖክ አሺጥላ

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